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Curriculum Vitae

I. Contact Information:


Address: 1/6 Calmette street, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, district 01, Hochiminh city, South of Vietnam.
Telephone: Home phone – 08-38211528 or 08-66587072.
Cell Phone: 0983-827640
Email: internet email:
II. Personal Information:
Date of Birth: July 05th, 1957
Place of Birth: Saigon – South of Vietnam.
Id. No.: 020043525, issued at Hochiminh Police Department, dated: 08/04/2009.
Citizenship: Vietnamese.
Visa Status: N/A
Gender: Male

III. Optional Personal Information:

Marital Status: married.

Spouse's Name: Tran Thi Thanh Van.
Children: 03
1. Huynh Thanh Nhan, 1992, junior at Melior College.
2. Huynh Thanh Nghia, 1996, student at high school.
3. Huynh thi Thanh Ngan, 2005, student at Khai Minh elementary school.

IV. Employment History:

1. Saigon Shipchandler Corporation (Government Company):

* Address: 18-20 Ton Duc Thang street, district 01, Hochiminh city.
* Position held: Marketing & Logistic supervisor.
* Duty: daily coming to the foreigner ships, given the list of supplying commodities to the captain,
discussing about the product quality & price, getting orders from them; then coming back sharing the
orders to respective departments; together with them create pull product schedule, random check to
ensure the goods to be produced at the right quality/quantity/price and will be delivered right time as
customers’ wants & needs. And prepare export documents/custom clearance; arrange specific
transportation to carry products to customers’ premise. Handle products, get cash or cheques and give
to account department to fulfill the job.
* Time: 1978 – 1992.
* Reason for leaving: business economic transfer to another stage – no more exclusive company
then the result government & big company cannot compete with small/private ones; must change to
another industry and I don’t want to do the new job offering by them.

2. Peregrine Capital Group of Companies - Vietnam ltd.

* Address: 08 Alexander De Rhodes, dist. 01, HCM city.

* Position held: Logistic Manager.
* Duty: Logistics department having 13 im-export & forwarding officers and 06 warehouse
keepers; doing im-export procedures & asking for quotas; receiving, storing & transferring them to
customer premises or group company subsidiary warehouses in North/Central/South of Vietnam;
preparing goods & documents & shelves/stands… for exhibition and sale later; check to ensure normal
performance; inspection for compliance & safety /sanitary working environment on the whole group
of supply chains warehouses...
* Time: 1993 – 1997
* Reason for leaving: all 13 junior companies belonging to Peregrine were dismissed by

3. Natural Environment Vietnam Ltd (Pottery & Ceramics Australian Company).

* Address: Trung An village, Cu Chi district, HCM city – South of Vietnam.

* Position held: Production & Logistics Manager.
Achieves financial objectives by participating in annual budget; scheduling expenditures;
analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions and maintains professional and technical knowledge
by continuous self-study; attending educational training; reviewing professional publications to
complete the tasks.
+ Logistics:
- Performs day to day logistics operations such as picking orders/Goods Receiving
Notice from QA team (outsource & indoor); receiving & checking incoming goods; notify the priority
according to Master schedule and consider about the volume & weight and location of products, then
decide sending respective trucks to collect them.
- Distributes forklift, workers to specific warehouse loading & unloading goods.
- Distributes workers to pack & stuff outgoing shipments, and other tasks as required
to fulfill daily orders.
- maintains receiving, warehousing, checking & distributing operation by initiating coordinating
and enforcing program, operational and personnel policies & procedures.
- complies with international & company warehousing, materials handling & shipping
requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising
management on needed actions.
- Safeguards warehouse operation & contents by establishing & monitoring security procedures
& protocols.
- control inventory level by physical counts & setting up maximum-minimum storage qty;
reconciling with data storage systems.
- maintains physical condition of w/h by planning & implementing new design layouts,
inspecting equipment readiness; issuing work orders for repairs & requisition for replacement.
- assigning workers, following up on work results; interviewing new recruits, orienting &
training new comers; monitoring & implementing discipline to complete w/h operational
- According to product tech/spec. planning to buy carton boxes/bundle pack cartons and other
related packing materials.
- making Packing List, Packing & Stuffing Quality Assurance Report; records & reports as
- re-order point & monthly stock take must be applied.
+ Production:
* Costing : before any customer place their order, according to their choice, will cost the products,
and suggest to them the way of packing, what kind of container will be needed, how long we can
deliver products...and distribution environment...
* Make sample product: sending list of products already been chosen to sample section to make
sample product & record the product specifications, material consumption, productivity &
instructions/ pitfalls...
* Settle up Master Schedule: according to PO from Sales dept., check materials available at w/h,
settle up Master Schedule, BOM and Production Schedule; giving notice on quality level if any;
prepare to produce goods, ensure complying with QCS circle.
* Start Pre-production meeting: call a short meeting to let all related departments aware of what
kind of products, quantity, quality, delivery time, safety notice, productivity & cost expectation....
* Pre-packing list: according to the incoming goods, make a draft one, then apply Pull system as a
tool to pull the products from the Wet department/outsource to Export w/h.
* Checking: random check quality/quantity of product; checking readiness of
machine/equipments; checking materials available and workforce capacity ensure meet customers’
wants & needs.
* Technical related: pottery distressing, metal/rattan added (Terrazzi products); punching, hand
painting (hand paint products); Terrazzo & Mosaic products etc…
+ Time: 1997 – 2000,
+ Reason for leaving: company changing too many directors, lead to change too much labor
policy affect too much to production site & worker benefits.

4. MTS Knitwear Limited.

* Address: factory: 543/1 Phan van Tri street, ward 7, Go Vap district, HCMC.
* Position held: Vice director & Factory manager.
* Responsible:
+ As Vice director:
- Ensure normal performance to reach company vision & objectives; compliance with company
rules & regulation, labor law & other related as Iso/Wrap & Customer policies...
- Approve manpower requisition form;.
- Approve Skill Certificate Program for new comers; make judgment & decision on disciplinary
hearing; appraisal supervisors/staffs on annual basic through their previous & current performances.
- Decide salary & allowance for new recruits & periodic salary review for old ones according to
company salary ladder & next door pitfalls; piece rate unit for workers. Check & sign on the company
monthly payments.
- Decide to need sub-contractors or not, and which factory we will deal with; also for unit price,
quantity/quality matters, delivery date & payment term...
- Instigate & manage change by implementing new work culture & practices (Kaizen).
- Introduce effective management systems which improve productivity & reduce cost (Lean
- Develop strategy plans & budgets.
+ As Factory Manager:
- Supply chain management: when getting a draft design from Japan, I have to learn what materials
we need; how many of them available or must order from local/international market; arranging means
& time of transportation; production lead time & respective shipping, then send a whole plan to Japan
to get new order.
- Customer sample: when getting confirmation from customer, making customer sample & sending
to them to get comments; taking notes the set up time, productivity, materials consumption, washing
recipe, quality concern & warning preparing for Pre-production meeting/production
- Input control: prepare receiving processes & check when goods arriving as SOP. Protest if any.
- Flow control: using 5S technique, Pull system, Total Productive Management & random
Visual checking quality/quantity/SOP/cost/machine/maintenance/absentees & bottle necks
solving if any to make sure product flow smoothly through production line. Do the replenishment if
- Get experience: hold a meeting after shipment to analyze what gains & failures, keep record
redundant materials & left over products for future use...
* Time: 2000 – 2002
* Reason for leaving: order from Japan at that time moving to China, company will move to Binh
Duong to reduce expenditures without pick up cars for HCM staffs.
5. Esquel Garment Manufacturing Vietnam Co. Ltd:

* Address: 9 street no.05, VSIP, Thuan An dist., Binh Duong province, VN.
* Position held: Finishing manager.
* Responsibility:
+ Ensure to ship all orders in time, sufficient in quantity & meet company quality, balance
in color.
+ Ensure maximum utilization of all related resources with minimum materials usage;
deal with leftovers/2nd garments to reduce wastage.
+ Meet all customers’ wants & needs when doing production final checking at factory.
+ Ensure all workers/staffs understand & strictly follow company rules & regulations &
SOP. All finishing processes must be complied with Iso-9001/2000; Iso 14000; Wrap and
government labor & safety sanitary laws.
+ Safety/Emergency cases must be implemented as Iso procedures.
+ Ensure all effective management systems are implemented & get great results.
* Reason for leave: skilful technicians be withdrawn back to China to compete with other group
when US remove quota barrier, left behind too much “ holes “ in technique site & GM can’t fulfill his
promise when I joint in.
* Time: 2002 -2005.
6. Theodore Alexander Group Ltd.
* Address: Linh Trung epzone, Thu Duc district, Hochiminh city – Vietnam.
* Position: Special Assistant to the President.
* Responsibility:
- Generally doing projects set by the President.
- Currently using Six Sigma method to improve Packaging results in reducing cost & giving more
satisfying to customers through product safety & professional in packaging method & using
- Using Lean Concept to create Future State Value Stream Map, Pull components to factory in time for
- Help to re-sizing company & settle new building construction.
- Help to establish production standards of efficiency, minimum wastages and maximum utilization of
resources (machines, raw material and manpower).
+ Reduced employee turnovers, re-launch Quality Control Circle & Kaizen Suggesting System.
+ Review QA, Training, and Costing & Safety performance. Review ERP results.
+ Involve & report the progress in Akzo Nobel replacement project.
+ Step by step, consider which departments can be implemented with effective modern management
Time: 2007-2008

7. Interwood Vietnam.

Address: Uyen Hung Town, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province.
Position: Factory Manager of Factory II (Chair & Upholstery factory).
Responsibility: According to the MPS plan, follow up, pushing Purchasing to bring all wood, outdo
parts, materials, hardware, carton, leather etc…to factory in time for Chair frame making (carcass) and
control Upholstery section by planning to receive materials, cut, sew, upholster leather/fabric/PU in
time for inspection/packing/shipment.
On the way to apply LEAN PRODUCTION at this factory.
Time: 2008 – 9/2009

V. Education:

* Elementary : 1963-1968 Xom Cui school, district 08, HCM city.
* High school: 1969-1976 Luong Van Can high school, district 08, HCM city.
* Technical : 1976-1979 Electrical & Mechanic engineering & Construction, study at Government
Construction Department School at Hochiminh city.
* University : 1989-1993 General University of HCM city – English Department.
* Enterprise Management Institute, Hochiminh City. 2004 "Enterprise Management Course".
* Binh Duong People Founded University, Binh Duong, Vietnam. 2005. Enterprise Management
* Computer: B level. Good enough for documents creating; production graphic report; internet
exchange and presentation training purpose in ppt format.
* Job training & self-study:
- Foreign trade - 03 months (1986)
- Warehouse & Logistics services - 06 months (1992) – Danvas company.
- Forwarding services - 06 months (1993) – request University teachers to train at company
- Accounting principles - 01 months (1993)
- Pottery & Handicraft industry - 01 month (1997) – Australian experts.
- Terrazzi distressing; Hand-paint punching; Terrazzo & Mosaic making (1997) - Phillipino
- Iso 9001-14000 & SA 8000 & Wrap - 01 week (1997); 3P principles; QCDSS principles...
- Recruitment skill - 01 month (1997)
- Office Management - 01 week (1997).
- Operation Management; TQM; TPM; 5S - 01 month (1997).
- Apparel industry - 01 month (2000)
- Gemba Kaizen; 5S; JIT; QCC, KSS, QCS circle, Lean Manufacturing - 03 months (2000) –
Japanese experts.
- Total Cycle Time; Total Quality Control; Total Productive Management; MPPC circle
(Marketing-Project- Production-Consumers); PPM tactics (Planning-Preventing-Monitoring); Skill
Certificate Program; Work study; 07 Support Control Quality Tools; Statistical Process Control;
Planning Technique; 6 sigma etc... - 03 months (2003) – Hong Kong experts.
- Elastic Webbing industry - 02 months (2004) – Malaysia experts.
- Resin - 01 week (2005).
- Mechanic products (racking system) – (2006) – Canadian expert.
- Code of Conduct & FSC (2008)
- Antique Furniture & Indoor Metal & Resin Accessories. MMM (Management for Middle
Manager) (2007); Chair & Upholstery development (2008).
* Self-study: all the management books from Business Edge; search and study on Internet ( Lean
Manufacturing; Lean Six Sigma; Lean Supply Chains; Theory of Constraint; Enterprise Resources
Planning; Visual Brainstorming;…); study through foreign management books as: Quality toolkit
(John Marsh); Toyota Production System (Yasuhiro Monden); other final graduated essay from
university as Warehouse Management at Phong Phu Coating etc...
* Foreign Language:
+ English – Good enough for speaking; discussing through phone/fax or mail or interpreting in
meeting; translate document into Vietnamese…
+ French – poor, long time no use.
* Office equipment usage: can use all office machines & equipments.

VI. Professional Qualifications:

* Computer Skills: can make use of MS-Office to create documents, graphs, and presentations to
serve meetings, production or trainings.

* Graphic utility: can use graphic tools as Pareto/Fishbone Diagram/Gant Chart/Matrix
Diagram measure production performance or to support decision making.
* Statistics Process Control: can use quality tools as SPC or Six measure, handling
solutions & consistent product quality.
* Effective management systems: can use Work study/Problem Solving Method/5S/JIT/Gemba
Kaizen/TPM/ Industrial Engineering technique & manage/improve the workforce; getting
higher on productivity and eliminate wastes.
* Capable of training: can create teaching materials and train about Labor law/Union
Law/Safety/Sanitary/ Environment/Fire fighting & Fire Prevention & Fire Execution…and production
* Standard Operating Procedures: can create SOP for office & production usage.

VII. Interests:

* Like jogging, playing table tennis, reading management books or studying new method/theory
through internet…

I declare all information & fact above is truth and correct; and learn that if giving falsifies data will
lead to dismissal later.

Hochiminh city, Sept. 21th 2010.