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1. As a Friar, how did Juan de Plasenciadescribe the religious belief of early

Answer: Fr. Juan de Plasencia takes into the pres-spanishFiliponosthey a
rudimentary. Some of the Filipinos also adored the stars, although they did
not by their names. They also practised divination to see whether weapon,
such as a dagger or knife, where to be useful and lucky for their. If the
woman, contained by these means were abandoned, it would bring sickness
upon her, and on account of the desertion she would discharge blood and
matter. Fr. Plasencia categorically branded all types of pagan practices as
devil worship and divided their practitioners into twelve categories.

2. How did Morga describe the religious belief of early Filipinos?

Answer: Morga describe the early Filipinos, Morga observed that Filipino
marriages were unnulled and dissolve for slight couse, Antonio de Morga
observed upon the examination and judgement of the relatives if both
partners and of the aders in his success. “ Delasislas Filipinas” in 1609 morga
considered one women whom they married. The children of the first were
regarded as legitimate and whole heirs of their parents.

3. How did Loarca described the religious belief of the Pintados?

Answer: Miguel de loarca describe the religios belief of early Filipinos that
loarca give graphic description of the supernatural. Loarca belief that ancient
of the Filipinosof the soul. Itis belief that the death on soul go directly to
informal direction. They say there is the sky and other
Term of is god called sadipa which are the sacrifices and offering made.
There be measure the lives of all the new born, and places a mark on the tree
they believe that and soul by means of magnitos.

4. Yes, Was Chirinos observation of early Filipinos religion influence by a friar?

Answer: The early population made by the Spaniards in 1591, Spanish friars
arrival in the Philippines. Father chrino tell us one learned sufficient tagalog in
seventy days it influence of the hindu race over the Filipino. Chirino observed
that the alliances formed by visayas are not marriages but rather the taking of
concubines, considering the readiness with which they divorce and marry
5. How similar or different were discriptions of Chirino from Plasencia’s account
of early Filipinos religious beliefs.
Answer: The description of chirino is similar to Plasencia because both of
them believe the worshipped of the spirit of their ancestor called anitos. Also
they have an different descriptions Plasensia believe the omens and pagan
as a devil worship while chirino is a supernatural believer Chirino have belief
on ancient of Filipinos in the destiny of the soul.