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Introduction to Inter loop

Inter loop - one of the world's largest hosiery manufacturers with Hosiery being its
core business - has an annual Company turnover exceeding $250 million. Besides
Hosiery Inter loop is a reputed manufacturer of quality yarn. It is a complete vertically
integrated organization with in-house spinning, yarn dyeing, knitting and finishing
facilities. Inter loop houses over 4,000 knitting machines, 46,704 ring-spinning
spindles and has more than 13,000 employees. The Company offers a wide range of
socks with various quality levels and price points in line with all types of customers
including brands, retailers, specialty stores etc. besides quality yarns for Denim,
Hosiery & weaving industry.
Their manufacturing facilities are in Pakistan (Faisalabad and Lahore) and
Bangladesh. With a Global focus on customer service, we have product
design/development, marketing & distribution network in Pakistan, Bangladesh,
North America and Europe.
A glimpse of the capacity is as follows:
Knitting per Month: 3.3 Million dozens
Finishing per Month: 3.5 Million dozens
Spinning per Month: 2,400 tons
Yarn Dyeing per Month: 285 tons

In-house designing & product development facilities and well established Research &
Innovation Center, with a team of technical experts, have paved the way to serve
Interloop customers' needs well in time. Being a full service supplier, Inter loop offers
a unique set of services besides offering a quality product. This includes but is not
limited to market intelligence, trend projections, product design and development
support, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services and distribution centers offering
pick & pack services across the Globe.

Interloop processes are designed to deliver best value to our customers. Production
planning integrates the whole supply chain through Monthly sales & Operational
planning process. Merchandising, Marketing and planning teams closely review
demand forecast for current quarter and for the whole year, develop rough-cut
capacity plan and create a balance between demand and supply. Long-term demand
forecast is critical for material planning, Manpower planning and also provides basis
for future Business planning.

Their Vertical Product Development Facility is one of its kinds in the world. All
equipments from knitting to Boarding are laid out in Flow. Going forward it will have
the capacity to produce 1652 samples in a week. Product development facility is
equipped with dedicated Testing lab to meet chemical and physical testing
requirement. Their textile engineers, chemists and knitting technologists work day and
night to bring product concepts in to reality.
At Interloop they have vertically integrated Value streams in Hosiery operations. This
vertical integration goes beyond Hosiery operations and includes INTERLOOP
SPINNING, Interloop Yarn dyeing and Interloop Filament dyeing. Their Hosiery
value streams are connected with Planning teams through Master schedules.
Production Plan is provided to Knitting process and then material flows from Knitting
to shipping based on FIFO Lane Principle.

Our Visit
Our visit was carried out at Inter loop Lahore on 15th September, 2017. The main
objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various activities
related to in-house spinning, yarn dyeing, knitting and finishing are carried out in
company and give them feel of managers as soon as they start there course. I along
with 40students left for visit at 8:15 a.m. and took about 2 hours to cover the distance.
The company is located in Manga Raiwind, Distt. Kasur-Lahore, Pakistan.

EHS Department
EHS Department is committed to operating in a manner that reduces environmental,
health and safety risks to all its stakeholders. The department is organized in four
sections, each containing various numbers of functional work groups and providing
assorted services.

The four sections are:

 Compliance of Customer Code of Conduct (COC) and Certification

 Safety
 Medical Health Unit
 Environment
We have visited the ETP Plant of the industry. Interloop Limited has state-of-the-art
effluent treatment plants at every manufacturing unit to effectively undertake
treatment requirements. The operation of these activated sludge based effluent
treatment plants is round the clock; it is meeting not only the National
Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) but also the more stringent parameters
from the world`s leading brands. The largest effluent treatment plant has the capacity
of treating 180m3/hour. They have a centralized laboratory to closely monitor the
parameters and ensure that the effluent discharged into the environment is within safe

We took almost 2 hours to see complete set of activities like spinning, yarn dyeing,
knitting and finishing which was followed by questions of students.We appreciate
staff member who guided students with each and every question with detailed
Experience from the Industrial Visit
 Exposure to better industrial and business practices in progressive economies.
Interaction with Guides and other person from the industry is motivating.
 Know business skills in a global context encouraging cultural interaction to learn
better coordination between various Departments.
 See & know’ is better motto than ‘read & learn’.
 After completing the industrial visit, we have upgraded our knowledge at a very
great level.
 It was a good learning experience.
 In each & every department, we got new ideas and new thinking which was very
necessary for our Personal development.
 We have visited the entire process department. They are using new technologies
that helps us to understand about the role of advanced technology in productivity
of Manufacturing goods.
 They are strictly following quality & safety aspects. It is desirable to review
various aspects & sum up the industrial visit.
 During industrial. visit, we feel very much satisfied by acquiring information of
various department & knowing many new things.
 The industrial visit helps how to translate theory into practical.

Me along with students would like to extend our gratitude to company for permission
and support they gave to make our visit a success with accomplishment of objective
and our respected Sir Dr. Zaheer for arranging this visit for our student.