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“A New Era of Civil Engineering with

Innovation and Technology 2”

01 September 2018
08:45am - 08:50am Opening Speech
Ir Ian Chung, HKIE CVD Immediate Past Chairman

Session 1
08:50am - 09:20am Cloud Platform for Real-time Monitoring and Impact
Assessment for Construction-induced Vibrations
Dr. Songye Zhu, Associate Professor, CEE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic

09:20am - 09:50am Smarter City, Better Living: New Era of Work, Live, Play and Learn Empowered
by Innovation & Technology
Ms. Emily Kong, Managing Director, Greater China, Cisco Systems, Inc.

09:50am - 10:20am The Use of BIM on Infrastructure Projects Focusing on Data Collection and
Analysis, AR and VR
Ms. Michelle Shun, Associate, Arup

10:20am - 10:35am Discussion Panel

Facilitator: Ir Michael Fong
Dr. Songye Zhu, Ms. Emily Kong & Ms. Michelle Shun

10:35am - 10:55am Tea Break

Session 2
10:55am - 11:25am Construction Waste Management Research Revisited: A Big Data Approach
Dr. Wilson Lu, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong

11:25am - 11:55am Meaning of Innovation on Building and Construction Materials

Dr. Ivan Sham, R&D Director, Nano & Advanced Materials Institute
11:55am - 12:10pm
Discussion Panel
Facilitator: Ir Michael Fong
Dr. Wilson Lu & Dr. Ivan Sham

12:10pm - 12:15pm Closing Speech

Ir Alfred Leung, HKIE CVD Chairman

The HKIE Civil Division Half -day Seminar 2018

Topic I
Cloud Platform for Real-time Monitoring and Impact Assessment for
Construction-induced Vibrations

Dr Zhu received his BEng and MSc degrees in Structural

Engineering from Tongji University (China) and his Ph.D. degree
in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University (USA). Currently, he
is Editor of Advances in Structural Engineering (an international
journal) and President of American Society of Civil Engineers
(Hong Kong Section).

His major research interests include vibration monitoring and

mitigation, seismic response reduction, structural health
monitoring, and smart materials and structures. He has
published over 70 peer-reviewed SCI journal papers and over
80 conference papers. His research works have been
recognized by numerous international awards, including Takuji
Kobori Prize 2014 from the International Association for
Structural Control and Monitoring, Nishino Prize 2017 from The
Dr. Songye Zhu East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and
Associate Professor, CEE, The Construction, and several best paper awards in national and
Hong Kong Polytechnic international conferences.

Abstract of Topic
Construction works generate excessive ground-borne vibrations that adversely
influence structural and service safety, human comfort, and equipment functionality.
For example, it is clearly evidenced by the unprecedented challenges encountered in
recent hospital construction projects with extremely stringent vibration control limits.
Online vibration monitoring system has been regarded as an inevitable and cost-
effective tool to guarantee the safety and serviceability of nearby sensitive and crucial
buildings and facilities. However, the development of such a system is a highly
specialized technique, which presents a great technical obstacle to local construction
industry. By leveraging the recent advance in cloud computing, the project team
developed the first cloud-based real-time vibration monitoring, assessment and alarm
system, which will provide a once-for-all solution to all construction projects with
stringent vibration control requirements. The System was awarded the Highly
Commended Award in the Digital Innovation category from the International Innovation
& Research Awards 2016 organized by the Chartered Institute of Building. This
presentation will introduce the R&D, basic structure and functions, real applications
and benefits of this advanced platform. P.3
The HKIE Civil Division Half -day Seminar 2018

Topic II
Smarter City, Better Living: New Era of Work, Live, Play and Learn
Empowered by Innovation & Technology

Ms Kong has over 26 years of experience in business

management, professional services delivery, information
technology strategic planning, architecture design and software
application development, programme and project management of
large-scale systems integration solutions in multi-vendor and end-
user environments, with diversified industrial experiences.

Leading Business Innovation Group at Cisco Systems Inc., Ms

Kong is managing a strategic professional services practice
specializing in Digitalization and Internet-of- Everything Solution
comprises of a vast portfolio of products ranging from hardware,
software, services, and third-party offerings.

Ms Kong has championed many iconic Smart City and Internet-of-

Things engagements in the region, including Cisco’s flagship
Smart & Connected Communities projects in South China,
Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She also possesses in-depth
expertise and experience of China marketplace with strong
understanding and relationship with local government driving
innovation projects at provincial and city level in the mainland.

Prior to Cisco, Ms Kong held various directorship and senior Ms. Emily Kong
management positions at renowned global companies. She holds
Managing Director
membership at several industry forums and chapters, and serves
Greater China Cisco
as the technology advisor to government boards and committees.
Systems, Inc.
She is also a frequent speaker at public events.

Abstract of Topic
In today’s highly interconnected world, Innovation and Technology are of vital
importance for building a more sustainable, resilient, and liveable community. New
infrastructure underpinned by information and communication technologies (ICT) and
Internet-of-Things (IOT) enables Smart Cities to achieve sustainability goals, boost local
economies, transform public services, and improve citizen experiences. Innovative
technologies harnessing big-data analytic, artificial intelligence and machine learning,
are profoundly changing the way people work, live, play and learn.

The HKIE Civil Division Half -day Seminar 2018
Topic III
The Use of BIM on Infrastructure Projects Focusing on Data
Collection and Analysis, AR and VR

Michelle Shun is an Associate at Arup. She is a Member

of HKIE Civil Discipline and obtained a Master of Science in
Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on automation and

Her experience covers project management and design of

infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and overseas. She is one of Ms. Michelle Shun
the BIM Champions in Arup with a mission to develop and
promote the innovative use of BIM and technologies to achieve a Associate,
total solution for clients. Arup

Abstract of Topic

Digital Transformation - The use of BIM as an integrated design tool to enhance

performance, in particular on the use of BIM in multidiscipline facilities, including T.Park,
the first sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong, Organic Resources Recovery Centre
(ORRC) Phase 1, the first large scale anaerobic digestion facility for food waste in Hong
Kong. These projects involve complex interfaces between process, MEP, structural and
architectural disciplines, whilst providing a high quality facility to enhance the reputation
of environmental infrastructure for the public.

The HKIE Civil Division Half -day Seminar 2018

Topic IV
Construction Waste Management Research Revisited: A Big Data

Dr. Wilson Lu is the Associate Professor of The Department of Real

Estate Construction in the Faculty of Architecture from The
University of Hong Kong. He is also the Associate Dean (Research)
in the Faculty of Architecture and the Director of iLab: the urban big
data lab in the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Hong

Dr. Lu received the HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award

2014-15 and The Top 1% scholar (by Clarivate Analytics).

His research interests include (a) Construction waste management

(e.g. big data, public policy); (b) Construction informatics (e.g.
Building Information Modeling, smart construction); and (c)
International construction (e.g. corporate social responsibility,
competitiveness). Dr Lu is a prolific writer of journal papers and an
enthusiastic public speaker to share his research. Based on his
research, he aims to make a real impact to the industry. His
research on CWM appears on New York Times, The Economist,
Dr. Wilson Lu South China Morning Post, and many other media. He won many
CWM-related grants including Public Policy Research (PPR),
Associate Professor, The General Research Fund (GRF), and National Science Foundation
University of Hong Kong of China (NSFC).

Abstract of Topic
‘Big data’ has been rapidly sprawling in various research disciplines such as biology,
ecology, medical science, business, finance, and public governance but rarely in
construction waste management (CWM). The CWM community around the world
generally relies on small volumes of data collected via active solicitation such as
sampling and ethnographic methods. This ‘small data’ is intrinsically limited by its
inability to account for the totality of CWM. Research findings generated from the small
data cannot be accepted with a high level of confidence. With the growing interests in
big data, it is reasonably expected that the CWM community will augment efforts to
develop big data and its analytics. However, the efforts are currently constrained by the
limited knowledge to do so.

In this talk, Dr Lu will share his research on big data in CWM. He discovered that the
large volume of big data can alleviate the potential bias inherent in small data and
provide a fuller picture so as to have a closer claim of objective truth. By analyzing the
big data that he derived from Hong Kong’s prominent CWM practices, he is able to
discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful actionable information
that have overturned some previous research findings. The big data analytics also has
the potential to help with devising more informed CWM approaches and public policies.
Dr Lu will also share his views on the prospects and challenges of big data in CWM. P.6
The HKIE Civil Division Half -day Seminar 2018

Topic V
Meaning of Innovation on Building and Construction Materials

Dr. Sham is responsible for the strategic technology developments

of the sector and collaborations with the construction industries and
academia. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from
the HK University of Science & Technology and he continued his
research at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. He has diversified
research interest, from advanced fibre reinforced and
Dr. Ivan ML Sham nanostructured composites materials to biomechanics, and recently
on advanced concrete materials. Dr. Sham also received his MBA
R&D Director , from the University of Strathclyde (UK), with major in innovation
management. He has 50+ publications in international peer
(Construction & Building reviewed journals/conferences, 12+ granted patents in US/CN, and
Materials Sector), Nano & 10 local/international awards.
Advanced Materials Institute

Abstract of Topic
In general, construction industry is considered conservative in adopting new
technologies since safety is always our primary concern. Nevertheless, new
technologies definitely are not contradictory to safety in construction particularly when
new technologies can provide better productivity during construction and more
durable building envelope. In this presentation we will first discuss what innovation
may mean to us and we will use our previous experience in developing new
generation building materials to illustrate how we pursue innovation with local parties
aiming to bring impacts and benefits to the industries and the society.


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