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At Sparkonix, we strive to deliver valuable business
results to you in the face of changing business realities.
Being strongly rooted in the emerging markets and
building on exhaustive experience, Sparkonix is able
to meet all your business requirements by combining several
unique values for you:

Quality AND Cost-effectiveness

Growth AND Profitability
Robust perfromance AND Economical
Advanced technology AND its Best utilization...

...our solutions characterize these unique values to

deliver an equally unique benchmark in performance.




Sparkonix has pioneered the EDM/Spark erosion technology in India since the launch of first indigenously developed Metal
Arc Disintegrators back in 1968.
Building on this rich experience of over four decades, Sparkonix now offers a comprehensive range of EDM/Spark erosion
machines with cutting edge features. With continual investments in R&D, Sparkonix has been leading the way to set new
benchmarks for EDMs in India and several other key markets across the globe.

Pioneered EDM in INDIA

Indigenous development and launch of Metal Arc
Disintegrators in India to provide import substitution.

Export of EDM across the globe

Launched EDM technology to cater to
requirements of the Indian industry and those of
international markets through exports.

Comprehensive range of EDMs

Introduced MOSFET technology for Pulse
Generators. Launched the first indigenously
developed EDM Drill.

Performance benchmark
across industries
Serving several applications for more than 3,800
customers across the globe.

Product of
decades of EXPERIENCE
Exports to 32
High speed drilling for small holes
The Speed III from Sparkonix is an advanced (CNC) high speed small hole drilling
machine with distinctive features in its class. Ideal for precision hole drilling of
diameters upto 3.0 mm, Speed-III is able to repeatedly size and accurately
produce the jobs as per your requirement.

Speed III

CNC Controller
Siemens 828 D control unit
Controlled/Programmable Axes: Standard X,Y,Z,W
Simultaneous controlled axes: X,Y,W
Monitor: High quality 10.4” TFT color display
I/O of programs & data transfer: Ethernet, USB port & CF card
Minimum programming increment: 1 µm
Program/Data storage capacity: 3 MB
Electronic hand wheel: For manual axes movement

Pulse Generator
Sparkonix Microprocessor Pulse Generator 35 A
On time Setting: 10 Steps
Off Time setting: 10 Steps
Power Booster (Gap C): 10 Steps

Technical Specifications: Speed III

Machine Tool
Electrode pipe Diameter 0.3 to 3.0 mm
Max Drilling Depth 300 mm
Work table size ( L X W ) 600 x 450 mm
Travel -X axis 450 mm
Travel - Y axis 350 mm
Travel - Z axis 300 mm
Travel – W Axis 230 mm
Daylight 310 mm
Shut Height 80 mm
Throat Min. 185 mm to Max. 535 mm
Measuring system Absolute Encoder
X ,Y & Z axis feed rate (max) 1000 mm/min
Resolution of X,Y & Z axes 5 µm
Maximum workpiece weight 350 Kg on machine table
Maximum workpiece height 300 mm
Power supply AC 415 V±10%, 50HZ ±5%, 3 Phase
Power 5 KVA
Net weight of the Machine 2300 Kg
Machine Floor Area 1750 mm (2500 Arm Extended) x 1950 mm

Robust construction with FG 260 Cast structures
Machine designed for high stability and accuracy
Better flatness and wear resistance to avoid scratching with Granite T–Slot
table (Grade Zero) for placement of work piece
High sensitive & fast response with, form and fit Linear motion Guide ways
with AC servo system for X,Y, Z, W axis
Accurate positioning and repeatability owing to precision ball screw with pre-
loaded angular contact bearings
Compact controller with interchangeable insert-Card type design
Built in safety features such as software, hardware and mechanical limit switch
Intelligent arcing sensor for auto adjustment of functional parameters
Indigenous high pressure direct drive Plunger Pump, with stainless steel body,
controlled by solenoid valve
Effective debris removal with additional wash away port near drilling point

Dielectric System Programming Capabilities

Pump Unit Type: Direct drive Plunger All four axes are programmable
Pump (Stainless Steel Body) Tool/electrode path simulation for
Flushing: Internal flushing through verification of NC data
rotating spindle
Dielectric used: Deionised Water accessories (Optional)
Pressure of Dielectric: Max 100 Kg/cm2 Scales for X, Y, Z Axis
Capacity: 60 L Rotary table with A & C Axis
Die electric tank material: HDPE
S Series
Smart machines for high performance
The S-Series combines cost-effectiveness with robust performance to offer an
unmatched value. Available in a range of options, the S-Series comes with both
Manual and ZNC type Pulse Generators.

MANUAL EDMs (Microprocessor Controller)

Sparkonix's Manual EDMs in the S Series use Microprocessor based controllers.
The range of EDMs include compact table top model to heavy duty machining
models for large moulds, especially recognised for highly cost effective Hand Pendant
performance for a variety of spark erosion machining needs. for Manual
Pulse Generator

Manual Type: S 35 Manual Type: S 50 Manual Type: S 65

Mechanical Specifications

MANUAL S 35 S 50 S 65
Work Tank (mm) 800 x 500 x 325 900 x 550 x 375 1150 x 660 x 450
Work Table (mm) 550 x 350 600 x 400 700x420
X Travel (mm) 300 350 450
Y Travel (mm) 200 250 350
Z Travel (mm) 200 250 200+200
Max. Job weight (kgs) 300 500 600
Machine Tool Features
Compact design that needs minimal Double door opening to provide ease
floor space in job alignment
Low working height for easy loading/ Best sparking conditions and
unloading of workpiece maximum life for Dielectric with Two
Ball screw for X, Y & Z axis providing vertical Filters of 10 microns for
highest repeatability in travel filtration
In-built filtration tank for efficient Manual lubrication pump provided
filtration for Z axis travel

With advanced Controllers, Sparkonix's ZNC EDMs offer faster material removal
rate, greater accuracy, lower electrode wear and several other intelligent features to
aid your productivity. The ZNC EDMs come in a range of options and are the
preferred choice for all types of customers, small and large, from more than 20
diverse industries.

ZNC Type: S 35/S 50 ZNC Type: S 65

Mechanical Specifications

ZNC S 35 S 50 S 65
Work Tank (mm) 800 x 500 x 325 900 x 550 x 375 1150 x 660 x 450
Work Table (mm) 550 x 350 600 x 400 700 x 420
X Travel (mm) 300 350 450
Y Travel (mm) 200 250 350
Z Travel (mm) 200 250 200+200
Max. Job weight (kgs) 300 500 600

attachments (Optional)

Side sparking attachment

Travel extension slide
Electrode rotating attachment
Orbit cut system
F Series
Precise solutions serving comprehensive needs.
An ideal solution to serve all your heavy machining needs for in-house or job-work
production. Exhaustive range of machines also designed as custom made-solutions
to cater to your specific requirements.

Machine Tool Features Electrical Features

Two part design provides greater In-built dielectric storage tank Easy job alignment and reduced
flexibility reduces floor space area workpiece setting time
Multi fold increase in workpiece Ease in operation with front drop High speed, motorized X and Y travel
weight carrying capacity with Fixed down and right open work tank door Auto pos facility for X, Y and Z axis
table, moving column design arrangement Manual Lubrication pump for X,Y and
Ball screw for X and Y axis provides Efficient flushing with Multiple Z axis travel
excellent repeat positioning accuracy flushing ports on work tank Hand Pendent for easy job setting

Pulse Generator - Manual Type: Pulse Generator - ZNC Type:

F 50 plus, F 65, My EDM F 50 plus, F 65 & My EDM

Machine Tool: F 50 plus, F 65 & My EDM

Mechanical Specifications

MANUAL/ZNC F 50 plus F 65 plus My EDM

X Travel 500 mm 800 mm 1200 mm
Y Travel 300 mm 500 mm 600 mm
Z Travel 250 mm 250 mm 400 mm
Max. Job weight 2000 Kgs 3500 Kgs 4500 Kgs
Motor for X/Y travel AC Motor with AC Servo motor AC Servo motor
Gear box and VFD with drive with drive

attachments (Optional)

Side sparking attachment

Travel extension slide
Electrode rotating attachment
Orbit cut system

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Unit ‘S’ Series ‘F’ Series

Machine Tool Unit S 35 S 50 S 65 F 50 plus F 65 plus My-EDM

Work Tank mm 800 x 500 900 x 550 1150 x 660 1200 x 600 1500 x 800 2000 x 1000
x 325 x 375 x 450 x 450 x 500 x 400

Work Table mm 550 x 350 600 x 400 700 x 420 800 x 500 1000 x 600 1200 x 800
X Travel mm 300 350 450 500 800 1200
Y Travel mm 200 250 350 300 500 600
Z Travel mm 200 250 200+200 250 250 400
Max Job Wt kgs 300 500 600 2000 3500 4500
Max Job HT mm 275 325 400 400 400 600
Daylight (With mm 295 385 480 535 535 820
Elctrode Holder
Shut Height mm 95 135 80 285 285 420
Throat Min mm N.A. N.A. N.A. 135 135 120
Throat Max mm N.A. N.A. N.A. 440 540 720
Pump Motor HP 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 - 2 Nos. 0.5
Die. Electric Tank Liters 170 240 525 635 900 1280
Filtration-Vertical 10 µ – 2 Nos 10 µ – 2 Nos 10 µ – 2 Nos 10 µ – 2 Nos 10µ - 4 Nos 10µ - 2 Nos
Net Weight kgs 1000 1250 1600 1600 2000 2800
Machine Floor Area mm 1500 x 1200 2150 x 1600 1450 x 2900 2400 x 2000 2500 x 2600 2780 x 2200
x 2000 x 2100 x 2150 x 2100 x 2150 x 2400
Sparkonix can design and manufacture custom-made EDMs with key parameters and sizes as per your requirement

Pulse Generator Manual-Microprocessor ZNC

Current Amps 25 35 50 65 50 70

Power Supply 415 V, 3 Ph. 50 Hz 415 V, 3 Ph. 50 Hz

Display system Hand Pendant with Digital Display 15” LED
Control systems Micro Processor based PC BASE
Power KVA 3 4 5 7 5 7
MRR Gr-St* mm3/min 180 280 400 700 440 600
MRR Cu–St* 3
mm /min 140 230 300 400 360 560
Best Surface finish µ Ra 0.5 0.7 0.7
Min Electrode wear % 0.3 0.3 0.2
Pulse on time micro sec 1-2000/11 steps 2-2400
Max Electrode Wt Kgs 50 70
Floor Area mm 600 x 650
(for standalone)
475 x 650 555 x 1000

* As per standard trial conditions

Pulse Generators
Precise solutions serving comprehensive needs.
Designed for versatility, the MOSFET based Pulse generators provide several cutting
edge features along with Sparkonix's acclaimed technology, delivering a benchmark in
performance for EDMs.
The Manual Controllers come with Anti-arc buzzer and Safety interlocks, Power saving
with 'sleep mode’ , Reverse polarity changeover and Reverse spark machining features.

Stand Alone Table Top Stand Alone

Convenient soft touch keypad to set pulse time, voltage, Large program storage memory (over 20,000 programs)
current Z axis auto and manual speed 10 segment auto editing function with Manual or Auto
Hand pendent with compact digital display to set multiple Z auto edit facility
parameters Servo Motor
Immediate error intimation message in case of operation Automatic adjustment for unstable discharging condition
errors Auto detection and adjustment of machine parameters to
Highly reliable, easy to maintain circuit with advanced prevent arcing
design Industrial class PC BASE controller with new DOM type
Faster deep cavity machining with high speed jump function memory for faster and steady program reading
Lowest electrode wear with faster, intelligent pulse control Auto reset of machining conditions in case of Power off
High speed lift

accessories Axis Corrector with
Dial Gauge - 1 No.*
Micrometer Head - 1 No.*
Individual Degree Machine Lamp - 1 No.
*Accessories NOT offered with and Fine Adjustment ‘V’ Electrode Holder with C Clamp - 1 No.
ZNC Pulse Generators Shanks Set - 1 No.
Float Switch Assy - 1 No.
3 Axis Digital Set of Clamps with T Nut & Studs - 2 Nos.
Flexible Flushing Tube - 2 Nos. & Flushing Pot - 1 No.
Read Out (DRO)
Plastic Flushing Tube - 2 Nos.
M. S. Leveling Pads - 4 Nos.
Toolkit & Inst. Manual - 1 Set

Customised EDMs
Precise solutions serving comprehensive needs.
Sparkonix offers highly customised EDM Spark Erosion machines to suit the specific
needs of your process or job. Leveraging on Sparkonix's proven EDM technology
and four decades of application engineering expertise, the customised EDMs are
designed to deliver a significant improvement in quality, finish and productivity.

Sparkonix has developed customised EDMs for several diverse applications in EDM
machining and small hole drilling.

Customised Tyre EDMs to manufacture An example of customised EDM for machining of heavy jobs/moulds
Moulds for Cycles, 2/3/4 wheeler
as well as off-highway tyre moulds

Customised EDMs from Sparkonix offer several unique advantages:

Lower cycle time

Custom EDMs came with specially designed fixtures/holding tables, dielectric tanks
and sparking systems that significantly reduce the set-up time and cycle time as
compared to standard models.

Better finish and accuracy

Custom EDMs are specially designed keeping all the unique needs of the process
and came with unique provisions to place, hold and shape the job as required.

Higher productivity
EDMs in-built with integrated automation systems and customised programming to
deliver greater productivity for your specialised processes or jobs, as compared to
standard machines.
EDM Drill Swift drilling into tough metals

Sparkonix has been leading the way for the EDM Drill technology in India over the last two decades.
Sparkonix's EDM Drills have been extensively used for several specialized applications in Indian and international markets.

Machine Tool Features

Rust free, high strength Stainless
steel bed
Open work tray
Linear Motion guideway for Z axis to
ensure high accuracy linear travel
Direct drive plunger pump in
Stainless Steel body
Variable pressure setting for Coolant
from 0-100 kg/cm sq. depending on
the need of workpiece
Stainless Steel accumulator
enhances quality in deep drilling

Pulse Generator
New generation analog controller
100% indigenous pulse generator
All spare available in local market
DC stepper motor with belt drive
Safety interlocks
Current booster for high speed
drilling operations

S.S. tray and S.S. cover for

NEW X/Y table

Capacity of Hole
Indigenous development and manufacturing Diameter
0.3 to 10.0 mm
Custom-made Easy availability of spares
Superb performance

standard accessories
DRO - 3 Axis with PCD setting facility Stud and nut along with strap clamp-
Brass Electrodes - Dia 1.0 mm, Dia. M12 x 250 mm length (2 nos.)
Length 400 mm (10 nos.) *Machine Lamp (1 nos.)
Ruby quick guide size - 1.0 mm (1 nos.) Operating Instruction and
Rubber stopper (5 nos.) maintenance manual
Tool Kit *Accessories mounted on the machine
Technical Specifications
Machine Tool Unit Speed I Speed II
400 x 300 550 x 350
Work Table mm
(Stainless Steel) (Stainless Steel)

X Travel mm 200 350

Y Travel mm 150 250
Z Travel mm 300 300

Guide Travel Z2
mm 150 150
Electrode Pipe Dia mm 0.3 ~ 3.0 0.3 ~ 3.0
Max. Job Weight Kgs 300 350
Daylight 330 340
Shut Height 180 190
Throat mm 310 380
Max. Job Height mm 310 310
Max. Drilling Depth mm 300 300
Dielectric Fluid Liters 50 50
Pulse Generator
Current Amps 25 35
Power KVA 3 5
Power Supply 415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz 415V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
On Time Setting Frequency 10 Steps 10 Steps
Off Time Setting Frequency 10 Steps 10 Steps
Power Booster Gap C 10 Steps 10 Steps
Net Weight Kgs 800 900
Machine Floor Area mm 1100 x 1700 x 1850 1200 x 1900 x 1900

Pumping System: Direct Drive Plunger Pump (Stainless Steel Body)

Job Showcase

attachments (Optional) applications

1,000 mm Electrode Start holes for wire cut EDM
holding arrangement Gas escape holes
Suction arrangement for Drilling in super alloys and
deep cavity drilling tungsten carbide dies
Drilling operations for spherical
shaped, curved and tapered
Consumables (Optional) workpieces
Ejector pins, cooling pins of
Ruby Guide 0.3-3.0 mm pen moulds
Brass Copper electrode Air vent holes for forging die
0.3-3.0 mm
Special electrodes for drilling
from 3.1 to 10 mm
Rubber stoppers
Metal Arc Disintegrator
The absolute machine to remove broken drill or tap
Metal Arc Disintegrators was amongst the first line of products developed by
Sparkonix and continues to be the preffered, one-stop shop for providing flexible
solutions to remove broken tap/drill.

Removal of broken tap/drill/makind slots

Removal of holes in wear plates
Removal of seized, frozen, rusted bolts and tools


(portable accessories)

Portable head with Portable head with manual

Electromagnet operated Hydraulic Trolley
Technical Specifications

Machine Tool SK III DMS X DMS XX

Power Rating 3 KVA 10 KVA 20 KVA
Suitable Electrode sizes and
Working Voltage 415 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz approximate time taken in minutes
for disintegrating Broken Tools
Electrode movement 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm (Length of Broken Tool 25 mm)
Work Table 700 X 600 mm 1050 X 750 mm 1050 X 750 mm Tap/Drill Electrode Time in minutes
(mm) Size (mm) SK III DMS X DMS XX
Max Distance between
Table top and Electrode 320 mm 750 mm 750 mm 2.6 1.5 5 4 2
4.0 2.0 6 5 3
Max. Job Height from Floor 1050 mm 1750 mm 1750 mm
6.0 3.0 8 5 3
Column Height 750 mm 1250 mm 1250 mm
8.0 5.0 9 7 4
Max. Height of Cross Arm
from Table NA 900 mm 900 mm 10.0 6.0 11 8 4

Motorised Vertical Travel 12.0 7.0 14 10 5

NA 700 mm 700 mm
of Cross Arm
14.0 8.0 18 12 6
Distance between Min. - 280 mm Min. - 280 mm Min. - 280 mm 16.0 10.0 22 14 7
column and Electrode Max. - 280 mm Max. - 650 mm Max. - 650 mm
18.0 11.0 25 15 8
Length of Cross Arm NA 850 mm 850 mm
20.0 12.0 30 18 9
Horizontal Travel of NA 350 mm 350 mm
Electrode on Cross Arm 27.0 15.0 38 20 10
Swivelling Movements NA 35 deg 35 deg 35.0 20.0 50 25 13
Servo Slides 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg
Cross Arm 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg 40.0 25.0 60 30 15
Vertical Coloumn
Coolant Tap water Tap water Type of Electrodes: Copper Tubes, Tungsten,
Tap water
Copper and Graphite
Coolant pump capacity 10 LPM 10 LPM 10 LPM Max. Distance between machine unit and
job with portable head to remove broken
Coolant tank capacity 50 L 100 L 100 L tap/drill (optional) - 15 meters

standard Copper Electrodes - 10 nos.

accessories Strap Clamp, M12 Stud and nut - 2 nos.
Operation and Instruction Manual
Tool Kit

accessories (Optional)
Used to remove broken tools in
unapproachable places or In-Situ condition
Provided with 15 meter control cable
and water pipe

Electromagnetic base Hydraulic trolley

with portable head with portable head
Sparkonix is a manifestation of passion for Engineering.
A vision of three enterprising technocrats, to bring the best of technology to Indian
industry, has steadily evolved to be a ‘performance benchmark’ today in emerging
markets across the globe. Sparkonix, now provides several advanced technologies
in select areas and exports to more than thirty countries.



Nation Wide Sales

and Service Network





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