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Selection Decision


Guide to Select New Cisco Routers

How to select and identify the right Cisco router for your needs?
When you’re acquiring a new Cisco router, just read and check a few simple questions below and get your results.
8. Do you need
4. Do you intend to use 5. Do you want 7. What is the size of SM slots? (Do you
this router in a rugged or SD-WAN support? the branch? (Is your need Services
3. Do you need
1. Are you M2M environment? (Is (Does your router need branch small (requiring Module slots that
2. Do you need an hardware flexibility? 6. How many
purchasing a new this router going to be to support a hybrid less than 100 Mbps provide increased
on-prem physical (Do you need a router users do you
router or installed in a machine- WAN connection, performance), medium power and Recommended Product Alternative Product
or cloud-based that is modular and can have in the
upgrading an old to-machine or rugged application visibility, (requiring less than 300 throughput
virtual router? be configured as branch?
one? environment that needs performance routing, Mbps), or large capabilities as well
protection from harsh and/or application (requiring more than as connection to the
environments?) acceleration?) 400 Mbps)?) Multi-Gigabit Fabric
Yes Cisco 4451 ISR ▬
No Cisco 4431 ISR ▬
Yes ▬
Medium ▬ Cisco 4351 ISR Cisco 4331 ISR
Small ▬ Cisco 4221 ISR Cisco 4321 ISR
Yes ▬ Cisco 819 ISR Series ▬
New Router
Yes ▬ Cisco 1000 ISR Series Cisco 890 ISR Series
No 0---10 Cisco 860VAE ISR Series ▬
No ▬
10---20 Cisco 880 ISR Series ▬
Cisco Integrated Services
Virtual ▬ ▬
Virtual Router

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