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I am grateful to our teacher Mr. Jahangir Ali for teaching us Human Resource
Management. His versatile knowledge in this course and unique teaching style
has developed our knowledge and cleared many Human Resource Management

I am most grateful to him for assigning this report, which has further helped me in
evaluating many interrelated dimensions of management.

Finally I bestow thanks to all who has directly or indirectly supported me with
their assistance and guidance to compose this report and accomplish broader
vision to visualize things in Human Resource Management.

Executive Summary
The primary objective of this report was to examine how to improve our HR
activities as well as multinational required by effective manners.
A significant finding from this report was the urgent need to establish a standard
wide professional system, a strategy essential to the implementation of HR rules.


After a short period of independence, Pakistan decided in 1951 that it needed a

national flag carrier airline; the government of the country accordingly established
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in this role, and on 25 May ordered three
examples of the Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation four-engined airliner
as the new operator's initial equipment. PIA flew its first service with the Super
Constellation on 07 June 1954 on the route linking Karachi and Dacca (now
Dhaka), which were the main cities of the country's western and eastern halves,
of which the later is now Bangladesh. On 1 February 1955 the airline flew its first
international service, between Karachi and London via Cairo.
On 11 March 1955 PIA formally took over the assets and routes of another
Pakistani operator, Orient Airways, which had in effect been part of PIA since
October 1953.The consolidation of the two airlines meant that PIA could enlarge
its domestic network with 11 Douglas DC-3 and two Convair CV-240 aircraft,
which left the Super Constellation machines wholly free for international services.

Modernization of the fleet used for domestic and regional operations was now a
matter of high priority, and in May 1956 the airline placed an order for three
examples of the Vickers Viscount 815 four-turboprop airliner, the first of which
was accepted in the UK on 2 January 1959 for a debut in revenue earning
service on the service linking Karachi and Delhi on 31 January 1959. Further
enhancement came in 1961 with debut of the Fokker F-27 Friendship twin-
turboprop type, of which the first was received on 3 January 1961.The availability
of the F-27 for operation on the routes linking the major Pakistani cities freed the
DC-3 fleet for use on new services to the remoter parts of East Pakistan.

PIA was the first Asian airline with pure-jet aircraft, in the form of a Boeing 707-
321 machine leased from Pan American World Airways for use from 7 March
1960 on the London service that was extended to New York on 5 May 1961.On
21 December 1961 PIA began to receive its own jet aircraft when it took delivery
of the first of three Boeing 720-040B aircraft, whose availability permitted the
operator to enlarge its international route network.

In 1963 PIA called off its New York service, but on 29 April 1964 became the first
non-communist airline to operate a service to the Chinese city of Shanghai. A
notable feature of PIA's domestic routes in East Pakistan for some time was the
helicopter services operated with Sikorsky S-61N's. PIA ordered four examples
of the Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 1E to replace Vickers Viscount
815s.First of these four Trident aircraft was accepted on 1 March 1966.The
Trident aircraft were later sold to the Civil Aviation Administration of China in
1970.In 1971 East Pakistan secured its independence as Bangladesh, and PIA
ceased operations to that country. The airline's fleet and network were both
reduced, but the service to New York was resumed in 1972.
The first wide-body airliner used by PIA was the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
three-turbofan type, which the airline first received on 1 March 1974.A pair of
Boeing 747-282B four-turbofan aircraft (initially leased from TAP Air Portugal)
followed in April 1976, and on 3 March 1980 the airline accepted its first Airbus
A300B4-203 two-turbofan type. In 1985 PIA became the first Asian operator of
Boeing 737-300 aircraft, a total of six Boeing 737-300s were ordered to replace
aging Boeing 720B aircraft. PIA received first of its six Airbus A310-308 aircraft
on 25 June 1991 from Airbus Industrie.

In the first half of the year1999, PIA acquired five Boeing 747-367 (leased from
Cathay Pacific) for its European and North American destinations.
The A300, A310, and Boeing 747 are currently the mainstays of PIA's medium-
and long-haul operations, with feeder and local services provided by the Boeing
737-300 and Fokker F-27 Friendship.
Life has never been easy for PIA, as the flag carrier of a young and developing
nation which has had an eventul history to date, but it is a worthy ambassador for
Pakistan and its people.

Air transportation for people and goods.

Passengers all over the world and Pakistanis living abroad.

PIA to be a world class profitable airline exceeding customer expectations
through dedicated employees committed to excellence.

• Offering quality customer services and innovative products.

• Participating in global alliances.
• Using state of the art technologies.
• Ensuring cost effective measures in procurement and operations.
• Achieving adequate returns for all stakeholders.
• Being an equal opportunity employer.
• Providing competitive compensation and a congenial working environment.
• Adhering to business ethics and zero tolerance for corruption.
• Linking remote regions of Pakistan and
• Fulfilling our corporate social Responsibility [CSR] in all fields.


PIAC stands position in the international market of aviation & targets on the
areas and regions where it can get profit with least expenses.

Recruitment & Selection:

The company regards employees as its greatest asset. Therefore, it is of
particular importance that the right applicant is employed for the job. The correct
procedures for engagement and selection must be clearly understood by Human

The company will recruit, train and promote staff on the basis of their ability,
according to relevant legislation and company policies and requirements.
Due to constant changing legislation, it is important that at all levels, it should not
enter into correspondence or discussions which could be construed as
representing offers of employment, or terms and conditions which could affect
our image without prior consultation with Human Resources.

Corporate Personnel (CP), guidelines issued from time to time will continue to
form the basis for recruitment and selection process within PIA. Such policies
have any implications, HR will inform CP accordingly.

The steps flowed in the selection process by PIA are
• Initial Screening
• Completion of the Application Form
• The Weighted Application Form
• A successful Application
• Employment Test
• Assessment Centers
• The comprehensive interview
• Background Investigation
• Physical Examination
• Job offer

Training & Development:

Training forms an integral part of the management system to update and improve
the level of knowledge and productivity in the company.

Training must be directed towards the company objectives and towards meeting
divisional, BU, departmental and individual goals. This will be achieved by staff
attending internal or external training programs.
Competencies describe what is needed for each employee to perform his or her
job successfully regarding the expected knowledge, experience and capabilities.
The Competency Model defines the competencies that are required by the
Organization in various positions as the requirement of a competency varies from
one job to another. Please refer to the Competency model for assessing the
training needs of your BU/Department. The form to be used in this connection is
Training Needs Analysis.

Compensation & Benefits:

PIA is a multinational company, in which 18642 peoples are working in different
areas of company they provide benefits of their employees which details are

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Articles, news, calendar, vendor index.

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copied from there.

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Job Analysis:
Job Analysis is a process to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of
employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and
performance appraisal. Job Evaluation the methods and practices of ordering
jobs or positions with respect to their value or worth to the organization.

Pakistan International Airline performs all activities in this regard that’s way
employee of PIA relay on PIA and performs all their responsibilities as well as
required by PIA management.
Employee Planing:
Employee planning process to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of

If your organization trains or hires a large number of employees per month, HP

education services provide an e-learning service specifically designed to
increase employee retention while reducing training costs.

• Selecting Training Methods

• Principles of Learning
• Delivery of Training
• Evaluating Effectiveness

Pakistan international airline prefer employee training to run their organization

successfully, PIA management realize their employee are real assets and if they
will groom their employee by training, results will achieve automatically. For this
purpose they make plan at start of the year and discussed with their employees
to schedule for future.


The company should open more international station to maximize the circle of its HR
department. The recruitment process can be improve that it is at current time by just
injecting more people in the employment department and changing the application
pattern or using the wed base selection system. Give more precise information in the
advertisement can also give the right people flow at the time of induction.

As PIA has its own training center called PTC (PIA training center), first it should
improve the training center by putting much of its training test on computers rather then
old paper system. Also to improve the structure and modernize the building its self. The
induction of more teachers is also necessary so that more courses could be done in a
short time.

Though PIA had started the development work it should remain constant so that
continuous improvement goes on for better quality.

PIA does gives many benefits to its employees and the employees who are permanent
enjoy more of the company’s benefits. The company should give same benefits to the
contractual employees also to give them motivation at work.
There are very few people in this world who have the ability to make others comfortable
to them and you have that very gift. I guess that’s your friendship built on mutual trust
has grown in to some thing very special. Thanks for trusting and giving me this
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I know you have a lot of dough’s in your mind but been with you clears every thing for
me. I have a long road ahead of me which might be a rocky one but I hope with your
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The only request on this day I have from you is to trust me as I promise to base our
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I have never been able to express my self very openly but I hope I have shown some of
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only for you