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Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. For correct keyboarding, what is the 6. Which key moves the cursor to the
recommended placement of fingers on beginning of the next line of text?
the home row keys? A. Shift
A. Fingers of the left hand on A-S-D-F B. Tab
and fingers on the right hand on J-K-L-; C. Enter
B. Fingers of the right hand on A-S-D-F D. Backspace/delete
and fingers on the left hand on J-K-L-j
C. Fingers of the left hand on A-S-E-F and
the fingers on the right hand on J-K-O- 7. To create a capital letter, you must use
P which special key simultaneously with
D. Fingers of the left hand on Q-W-E-R the letter key?
and fingers on the right hand on U-I-O- A. Enter
P B. Esc
C. Tab
D. Shift
2. You have finished your travel brochure
for social studies. How can you see
what your document will look like 8. For correct keyboarding, which finger
before printing? should be used to depress the Enter
A. View the brochure. key?
B. Print preview. A. Thumb
C. Open the brochure. B. Pinkie
D. You can’t – you must print it first. C. Pointing finger
D. Ring finger

3. Label each of the following devices as

input or output. 9. What type of software would you need
A. printer _____________ to create an invitation to your birthday
B. scanner ____________ party?
C. keyboard ____________ A. Spreadsheet
D. touchscreens _____________ B. Database
C. Word processing
D. Desktop publishing
4. Laura needs to design a brochure for
her French Club. What type of
computer program would she most 10. In a word processing program, word
likely use? wrap refers to:
A. Word processing A. Typing that extends beyond the right
B. Virtual reality margin then automatically continues
C. Simulation onto the next line.
D. Desktop publishing B. Finishing a document.
C. Words that are unacceptable.
D. Words with too little space between
5. A word processing program could be
used to do all of the following tasks
except which one?
A. Develop a table of historical events.
B. Calculate the expenditures for a candy
C. Create a letter to a friend.
D. Create an essay for history class.

Circle the letter of the correct answer.

11. In a word processing program, what key 17. The backspace key is used to:
should you press to begin a new A. indent
paragraph? B. double space
A. Tab C. back up and erase/delete
B. Shift D. move to the next line
C. Alt
D. Enter 18. Efficient keyboarding techniques
require you to:

12. Yesterday, Randy wrote a poem using A. key while watching your hands.
his word processing program. Today, B. key at least 75 words per minute.
he wants to print it. What must he do C. key without watching your hands.
D. use all function keys.
before he can print the poem?
A. Choose a File, then Print.
B. Proofread his handwritten copy.
C. Save the poem. 19. Spell checkers work by looking up
D. Retrieve the poem. words in a _____________ stored in the
word processing program.
A. Thesaurus
13. Renee wants to create a newsletter for B. word list
her English project. What type of C. file
D. Dictionary
software should she use?
A. Database
B. Spreadsheet
C. Desktop publishing 20. What are Times New Roman and
D. Communication Arial?
A. Points
B. Fonts
14. Which key must be depressed in order C. Templates
to use the 10-key pad on the right-hand D. Graphics
side of the keyboard?
A. The Num Lock key
B. The Control key
C. The Caps Lock key
D. The Shift key

15. Which key do you press to create an

A. The Enter key
B. The Insert key
C. The Tab key
D. The Esc key

16. Which of the following would be picked

up as an error by the spell check
feature in a piece of software?
A. I am to years old.
B. Mr. Smith is my teacher.
C. We is going to the movies.
D. My favorit color is blue.

Circle the letter of the correct answer.

21. Identify the main computer hardware

components pictured below. Use the
word bank to correctly label each part.

printer cpu monitor keyboard

mouse scanner floppy disk drive
floppy diskette CD-Rom drive