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Communication has been fascinating to man since the advent of time. Sounds, words, vibrations- all come
together to form change, the biggest impact that can occur to mankind. I too am guilty of joining the
bandwagon- change, evolution and growth through communication is too alluring a concept for me to not
delve into it academically, and professionally. But the language of communication that has compelled me
as far back as sixth grade is Binary.
My journey began from LOGO and branched into the intricacies of Linux and I learn some more words
and sounds of this language of communication to add to my dictionary everyday, as I spend more time
surrounded by the ones and zeroes that I have come to appreciate. The pathway has been an eventful,
passionate and heartfelt one and not a day goes by that my fascination for the simple combinations of the
two digits doesn’t grow.

My determination lies in achieving the skills your prestigious university will equip me with after I achieve
my Master’s degree that will then pave the way for me to work with influential companies such as Tesla,
Alphabet, Facebook, DeepMind to garner the necessary experience and learn from their professional
know-hows before transitioning into entrepreneurship. I aspire to bridge the gap between my thorough
interests in stocks and computer systems by developing marketable products and applications which
notice share market patterns, gather data and automate various intermediate steps along with other
banking, educational and financial applications and products. Investing in developing countries, helping
people back here in India who don’t have access to basic education by working with startups such as
Butterfly Fields and Ignitor are just some of the many exciting things I am sure to explore through the
academic outlook that your program provides.

Pursuing my passion by undergoing a four year undergraduate program of computer sciences helped me
acquire an overall perspective of my choice of field with significant interest in artificial intelligence
amongst other courses such as computer networks, data structures, theory of computation and Microsoft
.NET technologies. My inclination towards these courses led me to take up a small project for my college
called “Online feedback system” which I developed using MYSQL and visual basic and a small game of
tic, tac, toe which was based on the “minimax” algorithm.

Amazon’s impactful introduction in India ubiquitously presented its vast cloud services which were
created on a whim just to use the servers they had for their primary online shopping business. It inspired
my final year project which was a linux based prototype that allowed various users to create a virtual
machine with customized specifications. Each user could choose storage, operating system and RAM.
This project enhanced my conceptual knowledge and having engineered this project to life gave me an
overview of how practical implementation works. Prior to this creation, my learning was restricted to
creating small applications and algorithms whereas integrating a user interface with a functional back end
for the project was a challenge that I readily accepted and worked on, henceforth yielding impressive

Securing two job offers during on campus placements, I decided to join Infosys because of it’s extensive
foundation learning program in which I stood out as a high performer- the top 1% in a class of 1200
students- learning python, C#, Microsoft .NET, HTML, CSS, MYSQL and computer networks. I secured
the first of my many prestigious projects at Infosys after cracking a technical interview in their Boeing
account where I worked on a .NET application. It included various case studies of all the possible aircraft,
route combinations, various database functionalities and migration of the application from MVVM to
MVC architecture. I also automated various functionalities of the applications after directly interacting
with the client, gathering the requirements and yielding the desired outputs. My time at infosys as a senior
systems engineer has helped me understand how contemporary technologies can be used to make
corporate entities and change lives, one code line at a time.

I have always tried to go beyond curriculum by involving myself in other learning experiences in order to
develop a well-rounded personality. As the senior coordinator of my department’s society “Compuwave”,
I organized various college fests and orchestrated the fest website for two years in a row. I was also a
student representative for the training and placement committee of the college where my role was to
facilitate visiting industry leaders, interact with them along with overseeing on campus placements. Being
a share market enthusiast I participated in various mock wall street competitions and secured winning
positions in almost all of them. As an active member of the National Service Scheme, I have organized
several blood donation camps and cleaning drives. All these experiences brought my leadership abilities
to the fore while honing my social skills.

At this juncture, I feel that pursuing MS in computer science will shape my career graph in the best
possible manner, and the program offered at PennState with it’s numerous interdisciplinary courses will
serve as the perfect medium for me to work towards my goals. I look forward to acquiring a clear
understanding of the subject and the skill set required to execute it under the guidance of your erudite
faculty like Professor Conrad Tucker and indulging myself in their various research ventures. Also, the
culturally rich university experience will help me inculcate various social perspectives in my work.

My academic achievements, along with my invaluable learning experience at Infosys have honed my
character and skill set while preparing me for an MS graduate program that will provide the suitable
platform for the goals I am resolved to achieve. The outlook your program provides is a perfect reflection
of what I see as an integral part of myself in my future endeavors. I am hopeful that the admissions
committee will acknowledge my enthusiasm to learn and excel in all challenges I partake in and looks
forward to providing me the guidance for the great aspirations I have set for myself.

It would be a huge honor for me to start the next part of my journey towards fulfilling my ambitions with
such an esteemed institution.