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Capilla de Cochabamba

Adverbs Test
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I. Answer the questions

1. What does an adverb do?

2. Give two examples of the 4 different kinds of adverbs we studied:

a. ______________ ______________________

b. _______________ ______________________

c. _______________ ______________________

d. _______________ ______________________

3. Do all adverbs finish in -ly? ___________________

4. What questions do adverbs answer to?

II. Each of the following sentences identify the adverb, then draw an arrow from the adverb to the word
it modifies. Tell whether the word modified is a verb, adjective, or adverb.

1. __________ The young man spoke sharply to the two fighting dogs.

2. __________ My sister heled me to paint my room. We have done it very nicely.

3. __________ The students answered somewhat enthusiastically to the idea.

4. __________ He was fully aware of his wrong doing.

5. __________ The concert was extremely wonderful.

III. Underline the adverb in each sentence and tell to which question does the word answer.

1. _________ Sharon artfully avoided answering the rude question.

2. _________ William usually laughs at his brother’s antics.
3. _________ Does Kevin like to wear his coat inside?
4. _________ I often wish you’d share your opinions with us.
5. _________ Jenna recovered quickly and won the game.
IV. Complete the sentence with the write form of the word.

1. Jon held the plate ____________________ (careful) for his Mom.

2. You sound __________________ (happy) today. What happened?
3. The music sounded __________________ (beautiful). The concert was uplifting.
4. Your room seems ________________ (tidy) today. Did you work all day?
5. The novel is ___________________ (interest) written.

V. In the following sentences tell whether the word in bold is an adjective or an adverb.

1. _________ She plays the piano quite well, considering her age.
2. _________ Is this i-pad or that tablet better?
3. _________ Dorothy is the sweetest of the three sisters.
4. _________ How hard did you work yesterday?
5. _________ The hamburger tastes awfully salty.

VI. Write a short paragraph. Use the 4 different kinds of adverbs we have learned and underline them.

How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?