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I. MULTIPLE CHOICE (circle the correct answer)
1. Running down the hill is a complete sentence/ fragment/ run-on sentence
2. Putting together two or more complete thoughts linked by and, but and so as one sentence is
called complete sentence/ fragment/ run-on sentence
3. To fragment /proofread/ complete is to look over your work carefully, checking spelling.


1. ______ word with same meaning a. denotation
2. ______ word with opposite meaning b. antonym
3. ______ emotional overtone of a word c. synonym
4. ______ exact meaning of a word d. connotation
5. ______ confusion e. ambiguity
III. Rewrite these sentences to make the thoughts clear.
1. Melinda painted the picture sitting by the river.
2. When eight years old, my mother had my baby brother.
3. I saw three cars walking down the lane.

4. Is Christy the man who owns the garage's daughter?

5. Mrs. James had lots of photographs to show her friends, so she decided to get them together soon.
6 I saw the building running down the street.
7. When ten years old, my father died.

IV. Match the word to a synonym

1. _______ entangle a. affect

2. _______ unhappy b. heavy
3. _______ burdensome c. involve
4. _______ shabby d. sad
5. _______ frighten e. disregard
6. _______ influence f. cheap
7. _______ ignore g. scare

V. Which of these sentences is completely correct?

1. ______ Mrs. turner gave my mom her favorite recipe?
______ Mrs. Turner gave my mom her favorite recipe?
______ Mrs. Turner gave my mom her favorite recipe.

2. ______ Did you see Nathan yestarday?

______ Did you see Nathan yesterday?
______ Did you see Nathan yesterday.

3. ______ I went to Dallas Satirday

______ I went to dallas Satirday?
______ I went to Dallas Saturday?

4. ______ On Sunday Sherry wanted over to the fairgrounds.

______ On Sunday Sherry wondered over to the Faregrounds.
______ On sunday Sherry Wandered over to the fairgrounds.

VI. Match the word to an antonym.

1. ______ outgoing a. happy
2. ______ sad b. timid
3. ______ neat c. sloppy
4. ______ rude d. gracious
5. ______ ceiling e. floor

VII. Answer the questions

1. You proofread in order to _______________________________________
2. What relationship do these words have?
Communicate/talk __________________________________
Difficult/easy __________________________________
Ridiculous/serious __________________________________
Pause/wait __________________________________
Conversation/silence __________________________________
Accent/stress __________________________________
Important/essential __________________________________
Statement/question __________________________________
Name: ____________________________ Grade: _______Date: _______ Score:


1. John learned the hard way to __________________ his paper before handing it to the teacher.
2. Genial is a __________________ for friendly.
3. The _______________________of Martha's words indicated something much deeper than the
words themselves.
4. The colors of the rainbow were so _____________________that they took my breath away.
5. When giving an account of an incident, be as _________________________ as possible.
6. Jeremy had learned to ____________________ classical music at an early age.
7. Janice displayed great ______________________ of style in her writing.
8. Elizabeth's painting showed incredible _______________________.
9. My first ___________________________ of Judith was that she was extremely kind.
10. Charlie learned to use a __________________________ to vary his adjectives.
11. Matt found that his ____________________ as a camp counselor helped him find a job.
12. The Wright brothers made an important ______________________ to aviation.
13. The ____________________of the situation was quite different from that described by Bob.
14. Jane picked up each __ ____________________of broken glass.
15. Ben's writing was confusing because it contained a great deal of _____________________.
16. The word love is an ________________________ of the word hate.
17. The exact meaning of a word is known as its _____________________________.
18. Teri used a variety of _______________________ adjectives in her paper about Italy.
19. Steve gave an __________________________ description of the lost child.
20. John found that being ______________________ is not always a key to automatic happiness.
21. The hall was not large enough to __________________ the crowd that gathered for the talk.
22. The critic's review of her latest book was _______________________.
23. Sue obtained her ______________________from a very reliable source.
24. Katie's _____________________could run wild at times.
25. If you must criticize someone's work, please make that criticism ____________________.

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