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Proclamation ‘Whereas, one of the largest birds of prey, the bald eagle isthe revered symbol of the United States of America's independence and strength; once endangered with possible extinction, the bald eagle has made a strong and impressive comeback to the skies of New York State; and Wherend, we bad cagle was federally classified as an endangered specie inthe lower 48 state under the Endangered Species ‘Act (BSA) in 1973, and ova upgraded to lee operiled, theeatened statu unis that actin 1995; it was clasfed as endangered in New York State, in 1972, and subsequently relasiied as threatened, due to recovering population numbers and Whereas, ine recovery of the bald eagle was accomplished through the eavizonmental stewardship of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Bald Eagle Restoration Program, and has resulted i the restoration of more than 549 terttoral pairs and 309 active neste of ald eagles throughout che state in 2018; and ‘Whereas, sue New York Sate Bald Eagle Restoration Progam tingly began in out Nation's Bicentennial Anniversary year of 1976, in an atempt to reenable a breeding popeltion tarugh hend-earing Hedging egies to independence, inown au beokng and ‘Whereas, ie New York State Bald Eagle Restoration Program’s focus has now shifted to finding and protecting nesting pairs in New Yotk State and monitoring their productivigy; currently, bald eagles continue to do well and, each year, New York State's bald eagles ledge about 0 percent more young eagles than in the previous year, and Pepe eae oe ealeghe 6s eg red sd wis «poche ope face a 0 ys et foes yenesageyn Se yearald bat cake rs fond deotused sete Roshstn eu band saber ines thet twas oldetcagie ever ound heaton by re yet ts lsd in New York State the ite 170; tis cord le estament othe dligent Conervaton and estorton efforts ebed deetuaned we New Vert tara bald Nags Resort Pogary mad ‘Whereas, the recovery ofthe bald eagle remains an environmental priority of New York State and there is much optimism that the bald eagle population inthe future will continue to increase in New York State and elsewhere, returning to areas ftom which they have disappeared; alll New Yorkers are encouraged to join ia support ofthe bald eagle's enduting presence in the state, the protection of valuable natural habitat, and the commemoration ofits living and symbolic presence; How, Theretore, 1, Andrew M. Cuomo, Govemor of the State of New York, do hereby proclaim June 20, 2019 as AMERICAN BALD EAGLE DAY in the Empire State, and with a commitment to securing sufficient suitable eagle habitat and limiting human disturbance within these Givem under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State at the Capitol in the City of Albany this fourteenth day of June in the year two thousand nineteen. Governor Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa