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4/8/2018 North West Europe - QA

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Rashwan, Osama (IE - Dublin)
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North West Europe - QA

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West Europe - QA
This QA is put together based on the questions our practitioners in Finland presented to Tomi
Deloitte Pitkänen, Country Managing Partner, and Eero Lumme, Chairman of the Board, in October 2016.
G “All nine countries joining North West Europe are working hard to make Deloitte the undisputed
Läpinäkyvyysraportti leader globally, not only as in NWE. We are all playing for the best of Deloitte’s clients and talent
globally, not just in NWE markets and NWE headquartered clients only. I hope these answers bring
( more clarity into the upcoming North West Europe integration, Finland’s and Nordic’s role in it and
deloitte/articles/lapinakyvyysraportti- the opportunities we all want to turn into reality together. Keep your questions, ideas and thoughts
coming!” says Tomi Pitkänen.”

Strategia ja johtamismalli
g Integration Structure Talent Clients Culture
1. What can Finland as a small member firm bring to North West Europe?
We have very good growth opportunities and capability to capture those opportunities
together with North West Europe. We are also good at providing our clients and markets
Henkilöstömäärä multidisciplinary answers and solutions to their needs. Finland as a market has great
growth opportunities and we can tap into those as we live and breathe this market every
day, understand its dynamics best and also know the people in this market best. 
g One example of our major opportunities is that our special advantage of having a very
strong base of globally operating manufacturing companies headquartered in Finland. 1/5
4/8/2018 North West Europe - QA

Videot Our expertise in the area and our great connections with these clients bring a valuable
expansion to the other industries represented in the North West Europe.

Another important area is our private / mid-size enterprise client segment, where we have
strong growth potential. We in Finland are best equipped to build relationships with and
serve these clients.
2. What is the role of Deloitte Nordic once North West Europe integration is completed?
Deloitte Nordic will be the second largest geography in the NWE, other geographies UK-
Swiss, Netherlands and Belgium. NWE will be a 5+ billion euro member firm. For NWE to
operate successfully, it is seen very important that decisions related to local markets and
talent, investments etc. must be made as close to the market as possible. One geography,
like Nordic, will work as a so called connected autonomy region within NWE. This means
that each geography will be sufficient and operationally efficient in size and market
proximity to lead and deliver the NWE aspirations, jointly crystallized by all the nine
founding countries.

3. Is Deloitte North West Europe just one step towards something else?
Member Firm combinations are a priority of our global 2020 strategy and yes, we believe
the integration journey will continue and expand to include more countries in the coming
years. Deloitte NWE was designed as a scalable platform for more firms to join. The
creation of NWE has generated a lot of interest in EMEA, and we can expect other firms to
join us in the coming years.

4. When will North West Europe and South West Europe merge as one?
Basically, the same answer as above applies here. As a global company, we are evolving
towards a more integrated Deloitte.

5. What are the biggest risks linked to this integration and how those will be tackled?
We’re not approaching North West Europe from the risks’ point of view but rather looking
at the opportunities which are very significant for our clients and us. The most important
matter is to merge in the market, not in the office i.e. maintain our 100% focus on our
clients, markets and on developing our talent. An integration can cause some disruption
and we need to avoid that. Together, we’ll be able to mitigate any risks better, too, and we
don’t see any immediate risks involved as for now. 2/5
4/8/2018 North West Europe - QA

6. Will Brexit impact North West Europe integration some way?

The impact of Brexit on the integration was considered as part of integration preparations
and our review found that the rationale and business case for combining our firms was
reinforced by the prospect of Brexit. Deloitte NWE will provide us with a strong foothold
inside and outside of the EU and will allow us to better respond to our clients’ global
needs and challenges, which won’t change regardless of the outcome of the Brexit
process. By being one combined firm we will be better placed to help clients navigate the
political and economic changes, and realise the opportunities resulting from them.

7. Aren’t you worried that we (especially the leadership) use too much time for internal
planning and forget about our clients?
Of course integration planning and implementation like this takes a lot of firm
leadership’s time and it is a significant investment. However, the results of these
investments will benefit our clients as well as our practitioners and will pay off. In the
meantime, it is imperative that we make sure our clients stay in the spotlight of our daily
actions. We actually see very positive development happening already now; just look at
the increased joint activity in our own client and opportunity pursuits.

8. Are the other Big Fours going through anything similar?

Yes, our Big4 competitors have considered or are considering member firm integrations.
We also know that the other three firms are very interested in understanding what
Deloitte is doing in this area. I think all the professional services firms share the same
view that this is the direction from e.g. a client service, talent and quality assurance
perspectives. The question is rather how and when should other firms do it. We have
designed and are implementing the integration in a way that we believe gives the best
outcome to our clients, our talent and Deloitte.

9. When will we see the first NWExit?

We are going to North West Europe to work closer together and bring more advantages to
our clients and opportunities for our people. We don’t expect to see NWExits.

10. Why haven’t there been strong efforts earlier to drive North West Europe integration?
There have been discussions about integrations for quite many years already. It seems
that now the time was right. The world is becoming more and more global, fast moving in 3/5
4/8/2018 North West Europe - QA

its disruptions and challenging for us and our clients. This is the time to make major

11. How will North West Europe and Nordic be visible in Audit?
Audit is one of our core businesses and very important to our positioning and brand in
the markets. As you know, audit regulation including a mandatory audit firm rotation
provide us with a significant opportunity in the NWE, Nordic, Finnish and even global
markets. Winning in the opening audit rotation market is critical to our success and we
have already now seen excellent teaming and success e.g. in the Nordics. The fact that
Fortum’s board of directors is proposing Deloitte to continue as their external auditor is a
good example of strong Nordic teaming and client leadership. There will also be further
initiatives to increase audit quality, efficiency and win rates in the pursuits that we will
look together with NWE and Nordic.

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4/8/2018 North West Europe - QA

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