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 Facebook has a matrix organizational structure.

 Facebook’s organizational structure is a variation of the traditional organizational
structure adapted to suit this technology company’s needs.
 The nature and characteristics of the company’s social networking website partly
dictates the company’s needs, which are translated to the features of the
organizational structure that Facebook Inc. uses to support its business.
 The key characteristics of this structure address the company’s organizational needs,
especially the need for creativity and innovation.
 The following main features of Facebook’s organizational structure are notable:

o Corporate Function-Based Teams - Facebook Inc. maintains corporate

teams based on their business functions in managing the operational
activities throughout the organizational structure. This structural characteristic
is based on the various needs of the online social media business, such as
Research and Development (R&D). A Facebook senior manager or executive
heads each team

o Geographic Divisions - Facebook uses these divisions in light of the

differences in social networking and online advertising market dynamics. This
characteristic of the organizational structure also addresses differences
among the behaviours of people and advertisers in using Facebook’s social
networking website. Facebook has the following geographic divisions:
 North America
 Latin America
 Europe, Middle East & Africa
 Asia & South Pacific

o Product-Based Divisions - This structural feature involves corporate or

global teams that manage the operational activities pertaining to specific
products of the organization. Facebook is headed toward adding more
product-based divisions into its organizational structure, as new products or
ventures are added to the business. Facebook’s organizational structure
includes the following main product-based divisions:
 Facebook Messenger
 Mobile Products
 The matrix organizational structure provides flexibility to Facebook’s Inc. and its
global operations, this flexibility is a structural advantage that enables Facebook to
easily respond to market changes and trends
 Another advantage of this organizational structure is significant corporate control
 A disadvantage is the possible difficulty in implementing corporate directives
throughout the organizational structure, considering variations in regional
management initiatives.