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15-second Question

1. Find the value of 1/32-4/5 Ans. 16

2. Factor completely: 4x3 + 9x2 -4x – 9 Ans. (x-1)(x+1)(4x+9)
3. The legs of a right triangle have lengths of √5 and √7 cms, how long in cm is median to the
hypotenuse Ans. √3
4. Find the sum of the numerator and denominator when the decimal 0.21212121… is written as a
fraction in lowest terms Ans. 40
5. Let a and b be two distinct points on a circle. If major arc ab is 40* more than minor arc ab. Find
the measure of major arc ab Ans. 200*
6. Set A has 4 elements and is a subset of Set B which has 2022 elements. How many sets is/are
possible if Set A is a subset of S is a subset of B. Ans. 22018
7. Find the measure in degrees of a smaller angle formed by hands of a clock at 9: 20
Ans. 160*
8. Find the fourth term of an arithmetic sequence whose first three terms, are x+3, 2018, x+13
Ans. 2028
9. An ant on plane is travelling from the origin (0,0) to the point (5,3) and each move, it can only go
one unit up, or one unit to the right at each time. How many possible paths of 8 moves can the
ant possible take? Ans. 56
10. The sum of two numbers is 1 and the product is two. Find the sum of their cubes. Ans. -5

30-second Question

1. Given an arithmetic sequence with a positive common difference, the 3rd, 6th, and 10th terms
form a geometric sequence, find the common ratio. Ans.
2. Find the number of positive integers less than 500k which contained a block 678 with the three
digits appearing in this order. Ans. 1, 500
3. Solve for x in the eq. x2 + 4/x2 = 9+ 4/9 Ans. +-3, +-2/5
4. Find the cosine of the smallest acute of the triangle whose side have lengths 4, 5 ,6.
Ans. ¾
5. How many ordered quadruples a,b,c,d of non-negative integers are there such that a+b+c+d =
10? Ans. 286

60-second Question

1. Let Sm denote the sum of the m consecutive arithmetic terms. If S2n / Sn = 3 for some integer n.
Find S5n / S3n. Ans. 5/2
2. Find the sum of two positive integers if their quotient, sum and product is in the ratio of 1: 6: 16.
Ans. 12
3. A polynomial has a remainder 20 when divided by x – 18 and remainder 18 when divided by x-
20. Find the remainder when the polynomial is divided by (x-18)(x-20). Ans. –x+38
4. Triangle ABC has sides AB = 6, BC = 9, and AC = 9. Point P is chosen on side BC such that AP = 6.
Find the ratio of BP to CP. Ans. 4:5
5. A sequence a1, a2, a3, and so on satisfies the property that an+1 is the average of the first n terms
if n >= 2. If a1 = 1 and a2018 = 2018, find a2. Ans. 4035