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I want to join SAEINDIA and take advantage of all the member benefits


Sponsor The Engineering Society
For Advancing Mobility

Name : SAEINDIA Office :

No 1/17Ceebros Arcade, 3rd Cross, Kasturba Nagar,Chennai -600020
Telefax : 91-44-24411904
Membership No. Phone : 91-44-42152280
E-mail :;

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Member Details :
First Name Middle Initial Last Name

Age: Date of Birth : Date Month Year

Sex :
Name for Communication : E-mail Address :

Educational Record – Professional Engg. Degree Received

Years of study
Degree / PG / Dr. Institute / University
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Home Address : (Block Letters) Business Address : (Block Letters)

Designation : Dept. :

City : State : City : State :

PIN : Telephone No: PIN : Telephone No:

Mob No: Mob No :

How do your co. product or service relate to mobility Engg :

My preferred mailing address : Home / office :

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Payment Details
Amount in Rs.: DD No. / Ch. No.: Date:

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One of the following magazines is provided to each member. Please give your choice: Automobile Engg. / Aerospace Engg :
SAEINDIA dues are Rs 1400/ for members above 28 yrs and Rs 1100/ if below 28 yrs of age. Membership is for a period of one year from the date of admission. Dues
to SAEINDIA are payable in Chennai by DD. Dues can also be remitted to any branch of ICICI Bank in the name of SAEINDIA
A/c. No : 000101202792. Please enclose a photo copy of the bank payment Counterfoil with this application Please visit

Please see overleaf for other instructions. P.T.O

Note :
1. To facilitate filling up the names conforming to International requirement an illustration is provided for the applicant’s convenience.
Name for communication : M.S.KUMAR
First Name : MANICKAM, Middle Initial : SIVA, Last Name : KUMAR

From the lists below, please enter the one code which best classifies your business.
AEROSPACE 28 Bus Mfg. 26 Motor Homes Mfg.
03 Agric. Tractors/Equip. 65 Military Ground Veh.
06 Military Aircraft Mfg.
55 Lawn & Garden Tractors/Equip. 66 Electric Hybrid Vehs.
36 Commercial Aircraft Mfg.
59 Forestry/Logging Veh. Mfg. 72 Locomotive/Railroad Vehs.
37 Business & Sport Aircraft Mfg.
04 Construction Equip.Mfg. 29 Other Veh. Mfg.
07 Helicopter Mfg.
05 Industrial Veh. Mfg. ------------------------------------------------
08 Missile Mfg.
60 Utility/Veg.Mgf. (Please Specify)
38 Spacecraft Mfg.
61 Generators/Generator Sets
11 Aircraft / Aerospace Powerplant
62 Mining Equip. Mfg. OTHER
13 Electro-Mech. Sys
63 Other Off –Hwy. Veh.
39 Hydraulic/Pneumatic Sys. 14 Materials
40 Flight Control & Instruments --------------------------------------------
(Please Specify) 15 Fuels, Lubes & Rel. Chem.
30 Avionics/Elec. Components & Sys. 18 Plant & Engrg. Equip. (including computers)
32 Ground Support 19 Consulting Engrs.
33 Air Trans; Trunk, Regional & Intl. 09 Self-Propelled Recreational VEH.Mfg.
56 Snowmobile Mfg. 43 Science, R&D Services
34 Air Trans; Bus & Genl. Aviation 20 Education
17 Opers. & Maint 57 ATV (All Terrain Veh.) Mfg.
58 Motorcycle Mfg. 21 Tech. Writing & Other Comm.
44 Other Aero Mfg. 22 ISRO
10 Engines Diesel/IC/Gas Turbine
------------------------------------------------ 31 Govt.-DRDO
45 Veh. Elect. Components & Sys. Mfg.
(Please Specify) 49 Govt.-DOE/DST
46 Drivetrian Components & Sys. Mfg.
47 Chassis & Susp. Components & Sys. 41 Govt.-Other Fed./State
GROUND VEHICLE 42 Govt.-LB/Transport
48 Braking Components & Sys.
01 Passenger Car Mfg. 68 Veh. Interior Components & Sys. 35 Marine
51 Lt. Trk/Sport Util.Veh.(SUV) 12 Other Parts, Accessories or Components 24 Student
52 Med. Truck 16 Fleet Oper. & Maint. 23 Others
02 Heavy Truck. 25 Truck Trailer of Body Mfg. ------------------------------------------------
(Please Specify)

No 1/17Ceebros Arcade, 3rd Cross, Kasturba Dr.P.K.Bose, Director, School of No.204, Leela Nivas,
Nagar,Chennai -600020 Automotive Engg.,& Professor, 155, 4th main Road,
Telefax : 91-44-24411904 Dept.of Mech Engg., Jadavpur University Malleshwaram
Kolkatta - 700 038. West Bengal, INDIA Bangalore- 560 003.
Phone : 91-44-42152280 Cell No: 9433051580 Cell No: 9449060369
E-mail :; Off – 91 – 33 – 24146927 E-mail : E-mail :
Room No 1 ISTE Professional Centre # 1401 (Basement), Sector-15 Part-II C/o ARAI
Gurgaon-122001 (Haryana) INDIA Postal: Post Box No.832, Pune 411004
Gandhi Mandapam Road
Phone: 91-24 -2324337 / 91-24 - 4301277. Courier: S.No.102, Vetal Hill
Chennai -600025 Phone: 91-20-30231136
Cell No: 9911206277
Phone : E-Mail :,
E-Mail :
E-mail :


Listed below are the qualification for each grade of SAEINDIA membership as stated in the Bylaws:
Member Grade
This grade shall be composed of person having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering and Technology and a minimum of
five (5) years of professional technical experience or having the required equivalent years of technical education from an approved institution
and adequate professional technical experience or who have rendered distinguished service and are having noteworthy accomplishments in
the area of Mobility Engineering or who have been members of SAE International or IAE (India).
Associate Grade
This grade shall be composed of persons having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering or having the required equivalent
years of technical education and from an approved Institution and professional technical experience but have not yet attained the experience
and level of responsibility to qualify for grade of Member or who have been Associate Members of SAE International or IAE (India).
Affiliate Grade
This grade shall be composed of persons whose affiliation supports the objectives of SAEINDIA but do not meet the requirements for
Members and who have been Affiliate Members of SAE International or IAE (India)

Applicants who are elected to either Associate or Affiliate grade may apply for a grade transfer after they have obtained adequate
qualification and/or experience in the mobility engineering field.

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