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Requires the use of the Dungeons 6r
Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast®

an aPu
Norse Colony

An Adventure Module for Characters
of 2nd ~ 4-th Level

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to anyone living, or dead less than 500 years, is purely unintentional.

Text: Dr. Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.; Art Direction: Peggy Coleman; Cover: Lorenzo Sperlunga; Interior Art: Peggy Coleman;
Editing: Doug McNair; Additional Character Design: Tommy Jones, John F. Morris; Playtest, Advice and Assistance: Peter Adkison,
Ryan S. Dancey, Marcelo A. Figueroa, Brian L. Knipple, Tommy Jones, John F. Morns; Plotline Combinations: Doug McNair;
Character Instigation: Bricn J. Miller; Special Thanks to Peter Adkison and Ryan S. Dancey

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During the last decades of the first millennium, Viking
adventurer Erik "The Red" Thorvaldsson sighted the
massive, snow-covered island of Greenland. Erik,
considered rough and violent even for a Viking, had a
bad habit of killing people and being banished for the
crime. First he had to leave his home in southern
Norway, settling in Iceland. It wasn't long before he
got angry and killed again, and had to depart his
adopted home. Not allowed to return to either place
for three years, he set sail for some islands an earlier
seafarer had spotted west of Iceland.
Erik and his comrades found a large landmass with
inhospitable, rocky shores. Sailing around it, they came
to a series of fjords similar to those of their Norwegian
homeland. Though Greenland is mostly known for the
massive icecap covering almost all of the island, some
areas experience warm summers, sport pasturage for
livestock and contain small groves of trees. The Norse
arrived during one of the Earth's periodic warm spells,
and so the climate was less harsh than the 21st Century
and certainly an improvement over Iceland. Erik s naming
of "Greenland" represented an early form of real estate
promotion, but he did indeed see green lands. Meadows
could support sheep and cattle, and the nearby seas
teemed with fish, seals, whales and sea cows. Norse
settlers came to this new land and set up colonies that
endured for almost 500 years. And then they disappeared.
Just what happened to the Greenlanders is still disputed.
But the image of a small group of settlements on the
fringe of the known world disappearing under mysterious
circumstances is a powerful one in fantasy literature. It
is a staple of the genre, and of fantasy game play, and
now players can experience the original version.
GREELAND SAGA is an historical adventure for four to
six 2nd through 4th-level characters, based on the still-
unexplained disappearance of the Norse settlers. The
material included will give you the information necessary
to conduct the game, though players may want to stop
reading after the "Background section to help maintain
the sense of adventure.
Norse belief includes a powerful sense of magic, and
so magic-using characters would be appropriate for
this adventure. However, the Greenlanders have been
Christian for c e n t u r i e s and t h e i r faith frowns on
displays of magical ability. This is very definitely a
"low magic" setting. Non-human characters are also

not advisable; the adventure is designed for a small in the southwest. Beaches are ogravel rather than sand, and
party of low-level western European characters. valleys often contain gravel beds as well. It is a beautiful
At Avalanche Press, we firmly encourage you to use your landscape. North of the colony, the icecap approaches
own discretion when guiding players through an adventure the sea until it merges into the Arctic ice. Temperatures
rather than simply depending on the roll of the dice. are bitterly cold, but Eskimos live in this region.
To build an exciting story that keeps players interested,
it is sometimes necessary to force the action. This Hunting and Wildlife
adventure has several possible plot lines. Hunting Greenland's abundant wildlife is the most
important factor in the Norse colony's survival.
Hunting parties of a half-dozen or so range hundreds
of miles from the settlement in search of meat, fur and
ivory. Using lessons learned the hard way or adopted
from the Eskimos who began to filter into Greenland a
little over two centuries ago, the Norse hunters coat
themselves with a thick layer of animal fat to help fight
off the intense cold. With heavy fur clothing and eye
covers as protection against snow blindness, these
hunting parties are as well-equipped to handle the
Part One: severe cold as anyone in this age.
Greenland Background Fiercest among Greenland's animals is the polar bear,
Climate and Landscape known as the Ice Bear to the Norse. The polar bear is a
massive, fearless creature, weighing over 1,000 pounds
Most of Greenland is covered by a thick sheet of ice,
when full-grown. These bears are sea-oriented creatures,
and temperatures in the interior never climb above
rarely venturing more than 30 miles inland. They are
freezing. On the southwestern coast, where the Norse
extremely fast over short distances, and can run down a
settled, summer temperatures rise to j u s t above 60
frightened caribou under the right circumstances. They
degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are extremely cold, but the
are excellent swimmers and very strong, capable of
climate is s t i l l less harsh than that of Iceland. Rain falls
grabbing a seal's nose and squeezing the 200-pound
sparsely, but as the Greenlandcrs grow few crops t h i s is
creature through a small breathing hole in the ice,
not a serious problem.
crushing its bones in the process.
Greenland's predominant features are the bare mountains
Norse hunters report cunning behavior from these
of gray granite that cover most of the country. Grass grows
predators. Polar bears have been observed picking up
huge chunks of ice and smashing them down on the
heads of hapless prey, or standing on their hind legs to
throw pieces of ice at their victims. They stalk seals by
filling in the seals' breathing holes in the ice, then
guarding one remaining hole, knowing the seal must
Cold and Exposure eventually poke its nose through the hole or suffocate.
The party's journey to Greenland rakes place during Polar bears will also camouflage themselves by packing
the brief summer. There are no cold penalties in snow on their black noses, the better to blend in with
place in the settlement area. If the party ventures their surroundings.
onto the icecap, treat this as extreme cold for purpose
af determining Cold Dangers. Eskimos and Polar bears are loners. Males will fight one another savagely
Greenland Norse are exempt from cold checks during their brief April mating season, but otherwise
(due to innate toughness not represented by the ignore others of their species. The bears will eat most
game stats, and lifelong experience on the island). anything, including dead polar bears and wood chips, and
will stalk and kill humans. The Norse in turn hunt the
polar bear both as a test of manhood and for its white
coat, which fetches high prices from European traders.
The only Arctic creature with an outside chance of

Though nominally miss this requirement. As a result. are water. Mostly thrived. They feed on shellfish. the Greenlanders have had no priests for Feeling abandoned by their church. who has taught them to during summer. Though not strictly within the bounds of In a habit shared with Norwegians and Icelanders. clergy and members of religious orders worship a and the Norse hunt them. and uses its mighty tusks to stab its enemies. They prefer shallow Roman Catholic clergy. but spoke their sermon in the common language. with rocks or ice nearby where they can haul substantially different than the clerics who inhabit themselves out of the water (again using their tusks) fantasy campaigns. and some Greenlanders under crosses and will describe themselves as Christian have peculiar ideas. and their whaling is training has deteriorated while corruption has usually limited to animals trapped in fjords. as standing among the Greenland Norse. the weapon of choice for the cleric. A large bull walrus can weigh 2. However. Greenland priests celebrated the a despairing emptiness felt by many of the inhabitants. Mass in Latin. source of these tusks. though any inhabitant of this period is unlikely to recognize Following the caribou herds come packs of wolves. which grow up to 18 feet in need of such guidance. the Roman Catholic practice of the time. But unless they feel threatened. Highly prized is the white whale's cousin. Christian. All races and classes of to the west of the region the Norse call Markland. walruses are not aggressive creatures. at least in theory. and the Greenlanders continue to bury their dead family rather than learned in church. Lack of clergy has also meant Christianity came to the Greenland Norse very early in lack of enforced tithes. this is a rapidly-thinning veneer over Iceland and Norway. sentient being are potential worshippers. Roman Catholic clerics also abhor magic. the Society of Jesus) a cleric has no proficiency in the use of weapons or armor. A very rare handful achieve the Greenlanders will take whales if they have the such holiness that they wield spell-like abilities. which the Greenlanders trap with large nets. which they dig up with their tusks. what in the colony. and no spell-casting abilities. beliefs they do hold have been passed down within the however. Roman Catholics (like all major religions of this period) do not ordain women. They are only found here God of peace and love.fighting off a polar bear attack is the walrus. Roman Catholic Caribou feed in the meadows of Greenland's southwest. Unless the character has a history to rest. in the recently-pagan North to help cement the bonds between church and people. backed by logical narwhal. and they consider in the example of St. However. A priest is expected to serve as spiritual guide to his flock. Clerical ing or fishing from boats or ships. as they migrate to winter grounds far abhor the study of war. perhaps. chance. and in hard times are even than a clever animal. as relying on an animal to do their killing for them does not appeal to their sense of honor. the Greenlanders do very little hunt. Following the usual practice in if asked. noted for its long and twisted tusk (up to ten argument and religious intimidation. The anyone obviously not human as anything more wolves prey on weak caribou. and claim that unicorns inhabit the inner regions of their island. The narwhal is much less likely to enter to inflict bloodshed could well bring on insanity. White falcons are another pricey export item. Playing a Cleric and need huge quantities to survive. Ignatius Loyola who founded walrus tusks and skulls to hold vast symbolic value. In Greenland. Christian symbols retain their power. known to attack lone men. Gentle persuasion is the length. the fjords. The Greenlanders will not readily admit the harsh. this instruc- tion did give families some basis on which to teach their Losing Their Religion children about their faith. and will use its tusk to defend itself if Make the penalties for such behavior extremely attacked.700 pounds. some years ago the several decades and thus most of them are unbaptised Greenlanders responded by smashing every church bell and have had no religious instruction. and Greenland is in desperate these are white whales. and the Greenlanders do not the history of the settlements. They rarely engage in falconry themselves. Any attempt feet in length). and have Seals form an important part of the Norse diet. The church is at a low point in its history. The walrus has gained an almost mystical jf non-clerical pursuits (a former soldier. this was allowed Greenland Norse often carry small crucifixes about .

For a detailed historical overview of runic magic as with them for use in prayer. atheists. or at least so the Greenland Norse believe (as do their Scandinavian cousins. Offenders are burned at the Greenland walls are made of wood or turf) for safe. and a feeling of inner peace. Effects: those practitioners hauled before courts have been • Protection from evil. and carved runes are still encountered. Greenlanders. as when a + 1 character is lawful good + 1 player confesses to Roman Catholic priest priest's words convert bread and wine into flesh and blood. terminate in a sharp point. and THE NORSE GODS module from Avalanche Press. Rather. If a prayer attempt succeeds. Catholic church. much like a modern rosary. There Each player character should have a designated are no nobles in Greenland. Thor's hammer is still a common character/NPC sign of power. For over a century they were popular better sword or sexual prowess. there being little else to amuse them Inner If a prayer attempt succeeds. these are buried with their the northern peoples do not drug the convicted man or . The Greenlanders throw and declare it successful. -1 player character has harmed iinv human characrer/NPC who never fully abandoned the use of some ancient -2 player character has harmed good practices and tokens. like other religious affiliation. day. if a player prays tor a Eastern Settlement. Vengeance against a disliked neighbor — bringing Fortitude modifier by + I for the remainder of the disease upon his cattle. Priests are not considered vital to contracting a legal marriage in Greenland or anywhere else in Europe. the people of this time pray simply for grace. While a religious blessing on the union would be pagans or Moslems. though unlike the practice in the rest of Europe keeping. consider a proper marriage to consist likely to recruit Roman Catholic adventurers. cathedral or chapel Norse magic is still practiced by some Greenlanders. Carving runes upon objects can have a magical effect. Do not hesitate to punish blasphemous and an Augustmian monastery were founded in Greenland s use oi prayer (for example. answered on a result of 20 or greater. Evil characters may not pray. subject his character with those seeking isolation in which to pursue communion to a string of bad luck). As a personal token. With no new personnel coming from Europe f a v o r on them. preferable. increase the character's Will modifier by +1 for the remainder of the day. and of an exchange of promises in front of witnesses. with + 2 prayer is performed in a consecrated Roman spoken words and carved runes forming the basis of spells. highly unlikely to have signed up Jews. stake. the owners jam them into a nearby wall (as most art" by the Greenlanders. a Benedictine convent goodies. This has two possible effects: and no practical way to recruit local monks or nuns. Prayer is eyes of the Greenlanders. and pnuer should not be used to request religious types. are a lusty people. though they are rarely skilled priest in using the power of Norse magic. that God will bestow with God. -? praying without presence of Roman Catholic Sorcerers are not unknown. When not being carried Use of magic to influence others is considered a "black about. though the church has had more luck stamping out this belief in the mother country). see the RAGNAROK: TALES OF These crosses are made especially for their owners. doubtful that either institution remains in operation. caught using their powers for seduction of others' overrule the dice on the character's next failed saving spouses or to achieve sexual prowess. much of the year. its lack does not invalidate marriage in the Roll one d20 and apply any modifiers. Msgr. owner after death. If a prayer attempt fails. Prayer Table though nobles usually marry before a clergyman. for example — is also common. About 250 years ago. Modifiers: Magic Roman Catholic character One of Christianity's advantages in converting the Norse + 1 request intercession of saint was its reliance on the power of spoken words. Greenland held a certain attraction for Glaus. Most commonly. Marccllo is much more northern peoples. immediately before prayer Pre-Christian Norse magic worked in a similar fashion. and this use of magic is obvious to increase the character's Will modifier by +4 and them. Remember that the people of this age do not believe in Santa As a forsaken spot. it is protection from evil. practiced by the Norse.

the Greenlanders do very little fishing. The black rat Typhus. Each time a character consider the most important part of their diet — mead drinks water. grain or honey used to make it. but Steam rises from hot rocks dropped in a bucket of Norse cleanliness makes this a fairly unusual condition. similar to a modern Finnish sauna. spread by lice. Grain does not ripen this far north. and even honey is scarce thanks to the lack of Poor sanitation is a ma]or factor in the rampant illness of the period. berries and edible plants. animals. though a human are supplied by dried seaweed (considered a delicacy). On a result of All Greenland farms raise cows and sheep. . bubonic plague has spared the colony. Their other dietary needs Life expectancy is not especially long. helping the bathers sweat profusely. very +4 water is mixed with wine. -4 water drawn from river in urban area. Most arc not so fortunate. The frigid climate and isolation have protected the The cold doesn't stop fleas and lice. All modifiers are cumulative. where neighbors to contract the "walrus sickness" from eating raw meat. known to Europeans of this time as "the attached or nearby. though unrelated men and women are water before drinking it. They rely on a The Flux diet heavy in seal and dried fish. and making a living by chancing them on a daily basis does not appear to them to be a rational wager. though they often mix their discouraged from doing so unless a chaperone is present. the Greenlanders import most of what they to avoid 15th-century perils. and do dry a little of it. player characters they make weak fermented beverages from native should not be allowed to use 21 st-ccntury knowledge berries. the Greenlanders are usually able to follow a long session of this by plunging into a nearby draw their drinking water from springs or streams free pond. Note that/the people of the luxury of" gender segregation. Bathers are generally naked. They take some fish for immediate use in the fjords. The summertime meadows provide plenty of forage plus dried grass for winter fodder. Despite living near abundant sources of cod. water with alcohol to achieve much the same effect. there are none in Greenland. and with a painful intestinal disorder caused by pa/asites. As much as possible. Men and women this age are not aware of simple techniques like boiling sweat together. and even the dreaded Greenlanders just as they do everyone else of this period.woman before consigning them to the flames. but the Greenlanders are not fisherfolk. They often Living in isolation. the Greenlanders several weeks to land and infect the Greenlanders. stream or lake Greenlanders. Food Sources and Livestock Greenlanders are not able to raise substantial food crops during the island's brief growing season. sweat and gossip. though these 4 or less. -2 farm or draft animals share water source." is easy to contract from contaminated water. milk and wool. rhc character is afflicted by dysentery are rarely eaten but instead provide a steady source of (known as "the flux"). which a small population the Greenland Norse do not have a later age will call trichinosis. which inhabit the Greenlanders from most diseases. The nearby seas can become violent very quickly. can expect to live 70 or SO years it they are fortunate enough to avoid disease. -2 water drawn from well in urban area. Most farmsteads have a bathhouse Dysentery. Though the Greenlanders know of horses from stories. and they take a special fondness in their in rural area. are a clean people. lake or stream to rinse clean in the frigid waters. naming them and lavishing great care on them. hunters are known The bathhouse is a social gathering spot. a point not understood by plant life to support large colonies of bees. Though Europeans. of human or animal waste. Fort modifier plus any modifiers from the F l u x Table. However. breaks out from time to time. cannot survive Greenland winters (though the people of this time have no understanding of disease vectors) Personal Hygiene and no infected sailor could survive the sea voyage of In keeping with their Norse ancestry. roll one D20 anci add the character's and ale. water. and the malt. valuable commodity in Europe. Flux Table Livestock are an important symbol of wealth to the -1 water drawn from river. flux.

Norwegian spoken in Bergen (where the adventure and is familiar to the Greenland Norse but again is not very common among them. The Greenlanders speak a Norse dialect somewhat closer Crossbow to the Old Norse of their Viking ancestors than the The crossbow has been used in Europe for centuries. a handful of privileged children. Norse-Eskimo relations are extremely arrows or bolts from wounded of their own side. in the tongue outside the island's monastery. Repeating and begins). But few traders come to Damage: I d 12 Greenland. language. they arc but even t h i s knowledge o is severely / limited. they have no pressing need to purchase them (the Language primitive firearms of this era arc not useful for While in fantasy tales all characters speak a common hunting) and could not afford them if they did. should not be allowed in this setting.000 lb. Headache. There is no Ship's Cannon need for written records in their colony. takes five rounds to reload. ing skills to a few children. in practice few of them received useful training Range Increment: 50 ft. who have an idea that such things exist thanks to contact with traders. Most victims whose fever breaks will survive. and gestures are used to reach agreement action. hostile. the arquebuse English and Portuguese (trade terms and obscenities). What l i t t l e likely to be warped beyond use or splintered by armor. Greenlanders are overwhelmingly illiterate.on a result of 14 or better the projectile is usable. Though Greenland had priests supposedly fluent in Latin. Gunpowder weapons are extremely rare among the and Greenland is no exception. handled by primitive barter — each side lays out what . but are subject to relapse for the rest of their lives. and the two peoples are far more likely to light than to talk on the rare occasions when they meet. but t h e i r reading s k i l l s are by a crew of eight to ten. Hacking an arrow or bolr out of a body consumes one it is offering. Eskimos than comprehend any other European language. Arquebuse though some use Latin as well. no matter what their skill or strength. rely on their native tongues and employ translators. However. Some ol the early settlers and the next couple of generations participated in the last raids of the late . The two tongues are related enough to be small "hand" crossbows are fantasy items which mutually understandable if spoken slowly and clearly. War and Greenland Greenlanders have not participated in open combat for centuries. Greenlanders also have picked up smatterings of Special: A primitive hand-held firearm. as in many things. Runic inscriptions are still taught to Range Increment: ICO ft. rusty from disuse. Greenland Norse. Some Weight: 35 lb. However. Some of these children still Special: Mounted on a fixed carnage and manned l i v e in Greenland as a d u l t s . Characters In the rest of the northern European world Latin serves also should not be allowed to fire a crossbow one- as the language of scholarly discourse. Merchants usually handed. and with the Damage: 2d 12 harsh life they lead there is little time to waste on Critical: x3 frivolous education. Arrows and Crossbow Bolts More Greenlanders speak the tongue of the Thule These are not destroyed when they hit a target. and they would find few Latin-speakers Critical: x3 there. Weapons About one in four of those infected by typhus typically Arquebuse die. trade takes place w i t h these enigmatic people is usually Roll one d20 to recover an arrow or bolt from a body. Life. Leprosy is also common in all the Nordic countries. human flesh is extremely soft. skin rash and delirium accompanied by a very high fever last three or four days. real life is not this way. after which the fever drops. and while a bishop still sat in Gardar some priests taught very basic Latin read- Weight: 1. Player characters may not attempt to recover on exchanges.

Head coverings are practically the Norwegian crown. and the Greenlanders especially prize the large minutes anyway. When at the waist over thick trousers. Greenland's isolation has also made it the target of English and Portuguese pirates. English. close-quarters weapon. the hope to die sword in hand. Almost all clothes are woolen." Byzantine children usually learned to swim before Periodically Norse hunting parties clash with Eskimo they walked (sec Last Days of Constantinople. the Greenlanders engage in feuding. sons of Vikings determined to save their homes. As a result. the Norse usually win these skirmishes. Neither shave any parts of their body. and most of those owned by Greenlanders are Water Sports ancient family heirlooms. hoods attached in the mainland kingdom is rarely seen here. The Greenlanders know the concept of money. they curiosities from the settlement period. True to their arrive exhausted from a pounding sea voyage to face the Norse heritage the Greenlanders practice with arms. in disarray for decades and has made no attempt to Men also go about clad in wool. an unprotected man would be dead in valued. Sailors especial!}' did not do so. the Greenland Northern Europeans had a d e f i n i t e Icar of the Norse prefer to arm themselves with weapons that can water. Both sexes wear a minimum of jewelry. these duties were usually paid in luxury items like unicorn Armor is known to the Greenlanders from their stories. and few swam. Though not as obsessed as their ancestors with Greenlanders cannot afford. violent. remnants of deeply plunging necklines. in battles that are usually fairly where even rhc prostitute NPCs can swim ). and again have usually come out but only a handful of pieces remain as historical ahead. but in what passes for the European traders. In colder weather they don Viking hoards and all manner of currency brought by more woolens underneath.Viking era — loot from these expeditions still adorns some of the oldest farmsteads. Women wear dresses it rarely in dealings between themselves. German etc. Iron knives are highly Atlantic. to the woolen tunics. Swedish. believing that to learn this skill was to tempt also give good service in hunting game — they are usually fate at sea. And in the cold waters of the North very good with the spear or bow. In practice. beards trimmed to medium length. who have also plagued Iceland with their raids. The Greenlanders have fought these sea raiders. (narwhal) tusks and white falcons. they favor actually paid. Few NPCs in this adventure have heavy working knives popular across northern Europe the "swim" skill. with long sleeves and array of coins circulates in Greenland. and the tall conical caps with Greenlanders are theoretically subject to fairly severe streamers falling behind known as liripipes. Like the women. until they ceased . but use and are dyed a variety of colors. as they refer to these as "Finnish knives. Men sport death in battle as preferable to slow illness. 1 hunters on the open ice. Swords are luxury items. which fell royal taxation. and individual fights are fairly common. Byzantine characters may take this skill for free. and like their Scandinavian Diverting large amounts of metal to military hardware cousins its people have developed a disdain for death as that might be used once in a generation is a luxury the a result. Though the foreigners are better armed. the taxes must be in the form of cash. Like all Nordic peoples of this era. With their iron weapons and a far more bloody- minded cultural heritage. the Greenlanders count Women wear their hair long and usually braided. Life is harsh in Greenland. wearing tunics belted collect from Greenland in several generations. but the Norwegian government has been out of fashion in Europe centuries ago. Clothing Greenland styles have diverged somewhat from the Cash and the Economy northern European norm. but also a fearsome for any Northern European (Norwegian. both of for much of the year. Like most northern Europeans. and though Greenland is nominally subject to skin by European standards. they feel the need for contrast. the gold Norwegian mark used universal — small round woolen caps.) player characters. and triple the cost of this s k i l l — useful in countless farm tasks. No coins are minted in Greenland or Greenland summer they display a substantial amount of Iceland. A bewildering with full skirts and narrow waists. as bright colors — with so little color in their environment is the case with the church's tithe. but iron remains extremely difficult to obtain.

they call Skraelings. or trading vessel. though one or murdering most of her own party with an axe while two have been fitted with rudders copied from foreign they slept. the American Indians and Eskimos No ship has officially visited Greenland since 1406. they are disposed to accept armed female adventurers. it is in no way the r e . the mystical state of Norse hauling large logs. about armed or participate in hunts. The lack of titles. Only a council of elder deep-hulled variant on the famed Viking raiders. and seal oil coats example. example. for of ship is capable of long-range voyages. two or three European vessels arrive every are willing to accept. Erik the Red's old farm. the item most lacking in Greenland. Life is Norwegian king as their overlord in 1261. battle-madness. Greenlanders have knowledge of what they consider Trade and Foreign Contact outlandish peoples. The Greenlanders accepted the three. then back to Iceland). between men and women. however. But that is as strange a folk as they Unofficially. the Greenlanders usually a foreign woman. Greenland is governed by an alping. Since to death on the docks of Bergen long before they reach Norwegian traders would face stuff punishment for Greenland. However. import Norway's system of grants and titles. Raise t h e i r constitution by one and dexterity by one. the Greenlanders Not much larger than a whaleboat of later times. Like the government. According familiar with the more modern ship designs of foreigners. They do regularly cross the waters later Gender and Reality known as the Davis Strait to Markland (Labrador) to Fantasy games often describe a world of equality cut timber. Women in the prc-machinc age The Holy Trinity: Race. before slaying countless foes. this type women can condemn a woman to death for adultery. the Roman speak in the assembly. medieval Europe. A superstitious lot. They can easily be sailed by a crew of a half-dozen. and the title of lawspeaker is also Catholic Church has seen no income from Greenland handed down by birthright. and are likely to be beaten Greenland dock first at Bergen to pay taxes. lower Like Iceland. A male alping does not interfere. and sometimes to trap for furs. Non-human adventurers will not year. the crew of Pride of flouting this law. Most Greenland ships are s t i l l steered by large steering another saga claims that Freydis' madness consisted of oars fixed to either side of the stern. ID . Thus. Greenland has no formal feudal structure tlie strength score of female player characters by of titled nobility. For Lashings arc made of whale baleen. Therefore. but did not not fair. Erik the Red's daughter Freydis is said to have the h u l l in place of tar. and the exclusively on the traditional Norse knarr. stories include numerous strong female characters. women are held to have jurisdiction The Greenlanders themselves build small ships based over what are seen as women s issues. at Brattahild. does not mean the island is run democratically. but are not likely to easily follow to have forgotten Greenland. but never to less than three. Deal w i t h it. English but also Hanseatic (German) merchants. i l i t . the ship which w i l l take the party to the island. chiefly w i l l not allow non-humans aboard. These are open. who seem Greenland family line. Greenland-built ships do have an advan. Only the heads of certain old and powerful families may being paid altogether. avoid the illegal voyage to Iceland (they would be required to sail across to Norway first. male relative. Class and Gender are not the physical equals of men. usually to the steadholder since the preceding century. However. while Greenlandic women do not themselves go tage of requiring only a small crew to operate efficiently. While t h i s may be a desirable Utopia. Though the Greenlanders are driven of f a host of Skraelings single-handed. she bared her breasts to show contempt for they retain t h e i r open vessels as the most efficient for her enemies and went berserk. trading vessels. to Erik's Saga. will accept a woman's leadership if she is of the proper Anxious to avoid Norwegian tax collectors. Others who never intend to visit Norway. a meeting of family heads overseen by the lawspeaker. A woman's place in Greenland is subservient to her closest make illegal journeys to the island. and Norse and clinker-built (each hull plank overlaps its neighbor). Greenland women have comparatively greater decked except for small platforms at the bow and stern influence than their European counterparts. Sphinx. Norwegian law requires that ships trading with fit their view of the world. they generally avoid Greenland.

than the average human. he is obviously permanently disabled and thus unfit to rule). The Unipeds do not particularly faster and quicker than a human. who and desire to consume their flesh eventually overwhelms rules with total authority and also fathers all Uniped any appreciation for their usefulness as laborers. and occupy an environmental disadvantage in competing with humans. his employed an empathic telepathy of some rudimentary brother Thorvald organized a new expedition. Some Uniped clans two years. the one-footed creatures cannot sustain their losses. A them young and tasty. with an arrow before they were driven off. After sort. The have two arms care whether the victims are from the collaborating village endingo in well-articulated hands similar to a human's. "wretches" or explicit in the Unipeds' use of language to communicate "whiners"). as many According to Eriks saga rauoa. sea cows or other sea creatures. and a Uniped female comes into season only live in the forests of northernmost North America. and even defend them against or mercy. killed eight of them. as challenging prey. Thorvald and his men were attacked to manufacture sophisticated items themselves. but the last ran away.The Unipeds always in the language of the victim. The winner then becomes the new chieftain. the attackers were Unipeds. if the village will provide tribute in the leg. or if they are from some other group. another fierce Arctic predator. Unipeds are capable of speech. They do not swim and also enslave them. and Unipeds are thrilled at the opportunity of single combat with these creatures. Unipeds also niche putting them in direct competition with the polar breed very slowly. The Norsemen among themselves. which they use to torment their enemies with pointed insults. Periodically this dominant Uniped will be challenged for leadership. probably Micmac Indians. but once every five years and never delivers litters of multiple these are rare as human competition has driven them Unipups. They hurl venomous epithets directed toward the victim's insecurities. though they prefer but somewhat larger and tipped with powerful claws. while battles between humans and into ever more marginal lands. who killed Thorvald them to trade with humans. but lack the social organization Soon afterwards. Unipeds enjoy eating humans. This ability gave them some very limited coordination exploring and gathering wild grain and grapes. if the winner is still incapacitated at that point. as the Uniped hatred for the species fealty to the largest and fiercest male Uniped. Thus. Unipeds are tool-users. Their inability to apply their intelligence Thick fur covers the Uniped's protective layer of blubber. Unipeds will also scavenge carrion. owing seldom survive long. best served while still alive. Unipeds usually result in far more human than Uniped and eat seals and caribou. Uniped also boasts a mouth of large. Most of by reinforcements summoned by the escaped Skraeling. Later scholars will come to believe that these creatures must have After Leif Eriksson's successful voyage to Vmland. and can maneuver with great quickness. Polar bears are highly sought dead. the sagas are very called Skmelings (difficult to translate. In a few scattered instances. to technological issues has put them at a serious They are impervious to cold. and II . Uniped and human have The Unipeds are savage beings. they are on the decline and their race is dying out. After a successful raid on a human well and dislike water. and Unipeds live in a loosely-organized tribal society. who they presence and emotions. and may not be challenged again for two lunar cycles (to allow any wounds to heal. They propel themselves on one thickly-muscled other humans. them penned up much like cattle. However. one-footed creatures come to an understanding. Slaves are worked hard. the Unipeds are known to take captives and keep whales. an authoritative medieval Unipeds bear far too much hatred for mankind to allow source. They are form of living victims. as a Uniped fetus gestates for over bear. hauling them out one at a time for slaughter as food. their weapons are seized from human enemies. Unipeds will tolerate small who hop with great speed and have no concept of justice communities of humans. As a result they rarely attack village. Thorvald in battle and allowed them to sense one another's and his men ran into a group of nine natives. young on his tribe's females. Unipeds are carnivores. sharp teeth. and Unipeds prefer to bite their victims to death in order While individual Unipeds are much tougher opponents to enjoy the taste of fresh blood. and a fight to the death will ensue.

and because no developed an ability to justify any act which advances one will miss them should they fail to return. Death Attack and Poison Use as well as the of the last Byzantine empress). with only a smattering of Italians. Pope Nicholas V has received a plea for aid from the Christian inhabitants of Greenland. an ice-covered wasteland far to the west of Norway. He will await the party in a Face/Reach: 5 ft. because they are adaptable. an Italian firm. entering the doomed city of Constantinople in search gf As such. Wis 16. and discussing minor English. In sheltered valleys where grass grows to feed livestock. as over the years he has are tough. Fortitude). Russian. fell to the Turks. brave souls chosen because they neutral rather than good. his vision of the Roman Catholic Church. Dex 16. the carved head of the Egyptian Gather Info +14 Speak Language sphinx. Marcello is the pope's spymaster. by 5 ft. small dining room in the local factory (as trading posts Saves: Fort +6 ( + 2 Great are known) of the House of Sphinx. Greek. Will +11 Most of Bergen s foreign merchants are Germans and Abilities: Str 12. more than a year since Constantinople Speed: 30 ft. The monsignor is a cultured man. his alignment is adventurers once again. House of Sphinx Disguise +7 Innuendo +9 is not its formal name. and adorns the single doorway. English. Cha 18 of Sphinx is a marketing firm. The Greenlanders have been without a bishop for decades. The adventurers have been summoned by the enigmatic papal spymaster Monsignor Marcello di AC: 17 ( + 4 chain shirt. It is (Improved Initiative) the summer of 1454. But now the pope has need of is a fanatic follower of the pope. pleasantries with them. Though Marcello their prior services. Polish. seemingly out of place in this rough commercial port city. Ref +7. a Norwegian port with Initiative: +7 a large walled section of town for foreign merchants. he possesses an assassin's abilities of Sneak Attack. Italian. German. Outside Feats: Great Fortitude Improved Initiative the doorway stand a pair of young toughs./5 ft. but sailors and merchants all Forgery +7 Intimidate +6 know it from its symbol. well-dressed Iron Will Lightning Reflexes in ornate Italian fashion but obviously armed underneath Challenge Rating: 8 their fine lace. thriving from handling a Skills: Bluff+ 10 Diplomacy +10 rich trade throughout the known world. Monsignor Marcello di San Dimas Part Two: 6th~Level Aristocrat Papal Spymaster The Mission Hit Points: ? 8 The adventure opens in Bergen. at the very edge of the known world. as Damage: Dagger ld4+I a wily master of intrigue. But he Attacks: Dagger +5 melee is already known to the party. Turkish. Alignment: Lawful Neutral Marcello will do his utmost to put the party at ease. Con 15. The House Int 17. he will thank them for saving throw bonus against poison. not visible under robes) San Dimas. French. Language: Latin. ordering up food and drink. at least by reputation. descendants of Norse colonists have maintained civilization for close to 500 years. and desperately need one so that priests may 12 . If any of the player characters have carried out missions for him before (perhaps Special: Msgr. The sphinx is carved on the dining room's heavy Sense Motive +7 wooden table.

" he Weapon Finesse Lightning Reflexes writes. German./5 ft. lend spiritual comfort." Diplomacy +16 Forgery +17 Gather Info +12 Innuendo + 4 Many Greenlanders have been enslaved. concealed in the many and determine what is happening to the Greenlanders. Wis 14. baptizing children. gloomy and the world a colder place ever since the infidel AC: 14 took Constantinople. country. These are not times Attacks: Dagger +10/4-5 melee in which to leave Christians stranded in the known world's Dagger +10/+5 ranged coldest outpost. No actual Bishop of Gardar (the Greenland title) has actually set foot on the island in Elisabeth Camilla almost 100 years. Monsignor Marcello will actively recruit at least one cleric for the party. "and invaded the Abilities: Str 12. For a thousand has been without religious comfort for decades. The party's cleric must see that mass is again celebrated celebrating mass. Dex 1 8. The monsignor is far too cultured a man to speak such Special: Elisabeth Camilla carries numerous threats openly. But the pope is not Sense Motive + 1 2 sure what he can do about this. comfort." Challenge Rating: 8 This lack of information has led the monsignor to summon Alignment: Neutral the adventurers. bringing low all the people established in this Int consecrated and Christian worship continue. He expects the party to sail to Greenland daggers about her person. and there are no clergy to offer comfort in these trying times. "Touched as we are by Feats: Great Fortitude Improved Initiative the desires expressed by the indigenous people. Nicholas V. Latin. there will to lapse into pagan belief. for some time now it has been treated as a mere honorific and the bishop has been an absentee. Though the diocese has rarely been vacant. folds of her ornate costumes. Hit Points: 49 Marcello will look out the room's large window and Initiative: +8 (Improved Initiative) indicate the dark clouds overhead. . who will be expected to lead the The plea sent to Nicholas also mentions that Greenland Greenlanders back to proper practice. Ref +8. Saves: Fort +6 ( + 2 Great The monsignor will read the party a letter from Pope Fortitude). his patron. powers and vindictive reputation. Norwegian player characters. If years the church has held that no people should be allowed the party contains a Roman Catholic cleric. jth-Level Aristocrat But now the Greenlanders report themselves under attack Ruthless Merchant Princess by savage barbarians. If the Greenlanders need rescue from their attackers. English. well-known to all the Greek. The skies have been Speed: 30 ft. People are disappearing. French. according to Intimidate +10 Listen +12 the lone report to escape the island. The party must aid the Greenlanders Damage: Dagger ld4+I against their attackers. "Barbaric pagans came by the sea Will + 7 from the neighboring coasts. and is quite skilled at throwing them. While the pope will attempt to raise a crusade to help the Greenlanders. by 5 ft. devastating their Skills: Appraise +7 Bluff + 1 5 native land and its sacred edifices by fire and the sword. back word of what is happening on the island. if he could not convince the princes of Europe to defend Constantinople he is not likely to evoke much sympathy for Greenland. and bring Face/Reach: 5 ft. he'll point out." it reads. "nevertheless We do not have at Our command (dagger) sufficient information about the described situation. Cha 19 island with their bloody aggression. refusing the task would be most unwise. and though these are hard be many tasks for him on the island — providing times the pope does not aim to reverse that policy now. the party is to do whatever they can to accomplish this. giving religious instruction. Con 14. The player characters are likely to be the only help Greenland receives. Given Marcello's vast but ill-defined Language: Italian.

though she will readily admit that she is assigning her most expendable sailors to this Skills: Profession - mission. Teats: None Challenge Rating: . they are to use the resulting gratitude to extract from the islanders an agreement to deal exclusively with the House of Sphinx. Soldier Bergen jau. Warrior . as any survivors of the suicide mission to Constantinople will readily understand. 2d8 +0 S peec/: in Greenland. She will provide a ship along with a crew. She will appear very soon after the guard departs. She is young but considered highly capable. and the House Initiative: 0 of Sphinx is also looking for suppliers of dried codfish.t Tease once per day. 14 . and the background of Attacks: None the leading citizens with whom she will have to deal. and ruthless in advancing her commercial Lawfu] interests. he will ask one of the guards to request >Wi ir1 the house's owner to join them. In past centuries. Alignment. Marcello has had to broker a deal with this hard-charging merchant princess. a rather short but undeniably beautiful red-haired woman. and she is much more abrupt and focused than the genteel Marcello. the Nonp House of Sphinx is headed by a woman. moving directly to her offer with a speed verging on rudeness. In her wake will come several more strapping young men she calls her "entourage. Elisabeth wants detailed information on the Greenland AC: 8 colony — its export potential. If 3o ft strong-arm tactics are required. but less odd among Italian traders." Intensity radiates from her. Unusual this far I north. The church is broke. Growing cities need food. Elisabeth Camilla. that is why C/la n s/ the party contains members with combat skills. To arrange transportation for the party. Speed: toft. These have not been seen in Bergen for 30 years. and Elisabeth desires them for the booming Hit Italian market. o Once Marcello has finished laying out the papal mission. Damage: None If the party is forced to rescue the Greenlanders. Greenland exported a variety of luxury goods to Europe. The Attack^ ' »>0 +5 monsignor will never directly order the party to use force to win religious o arguments.

heavily-stained rag is wrapped around his waist.The leading trading combine in Greenland. If the party chooses to see Roland for themselves. single-story stone building with hair around a bald pate covered with eczema scabs. Roland once confused a 15 . Periodically he shouts. but were known among those who dealt with them for fraudulent practices. that. Skills: Perform 4-11 Jump 4-5 One man who has been to Greenland is present in Bergen Intimidate 4-9 Climb 4-4 should the party wish to question him. The state minions to guide them there. they will find him in Bergen's jail.i 18 the gold should they succeed. the sign of William Abilities: Str II. Ch. "I am the pope of Greenland. she is eager for Roland's execution.'" The retainer will explain Punishments are usually final — execution. Like most medieval cities. William the Coarse. and arc likely ro attack town jail while the local officials determined his mental male characters they believe arc attempting to fitness. shoddy merchandise and ridiculous boasting. when they can no longer herself. who once served as Eugen the Preacher's Language: Italian. with a fringe of scraggly gray The jail is a low-slung. holding pens cut into the bedrock below for especially A thick. Robbing a person of his or her freedom is low wall. and revoked his license to practice law. Con 14. Rcf +1. the guards will spring immediately pay for their meals. Another Damage: Rapier Id6 500 gold marks can be had for the safe return of the Face/Reach: 5 ft. to obey the Sphinx retainer — Elisabeth's power and Roland is an old man even for this time. The merchant princess is especially disgusted by Challenge Rating: 2 this man. is headed by Eugen the Preacher and his brothers Magnus and Thorvald. Norwegian advocate in Bergen. Bergen Roland suffers from incontinence. the Coarse's collection. Will + 0 back of the canvas with an osprey. The three underhanded traders have not been seen Hit Dice: 2d8 + 2 for many years and may be dead. Elisabeth AC: 15 (+4 chain shirt) will mention that delivering him to Bergen's royal court Attacks: Rapier +3 will net the party a hefty I. and in Norway mental illness is no excuse for crimes. The brothers did little business in the wider North Atlantic market. by 5 ft. began showing odd behavior. and was thrown in the to the point of obsession. At the jail. escrow. four cells along the walls and two lies on a pile of moldering straw at the back of his cell. who appears to be utterly insane. with znd-Level Warrior Eugen's minions spreading all manner of outrageous Fawning Admirer lies. paintings. The adventurers are free to keep Int 12. well over 60. dangerous prisoners. be a lunatic. influence in Bergen are immense.OOO gold marks. Elisabeth will detail one of her ever-present considered cruel and unusual punishment. Dex 12. jails people only while their trials are pending. Elisabeth believes that he is only pretending to seduce their mistress. Like many who have had dealings with the spiteful and petty disbarred lawyer. There are six of them. maiming. Elisabeth states. The Norwegian crown has an outstanding warrant against Eugen the Preacher Initiative: +1 for stealing works of art from a collector named Speed: io ft. they are allowed to starve to death. each marked on the Saves: Fort + 3. but will refuse to go does not support its prisoners. Rivals Sphinx Retainer would be attacked with vicious smear campaigns. Royal investigators discovered that Roland had embezzled the money a client placed in Special: Sphinx retainers protect the trading house. a short distance from the House of Sphinx but outside the trading compound's or a fine./5 ft. He is short and softly fat. As an incentive bonus. This is Roland Alignment: Chaotic Neutral of Abbeville. Wis II. Elisabeth and Feats: Weapon Finesse Skill Focus Marcello have both tried to wring information from (Rapier) (Perform) him. He then but otherwise are only found in the presence of Elisabeth Camilla. He a central guardroom. as far as anyone can tell. They arc utterly devoted to her.

See Plotline Language: Norwegian Combinations near the end of this book (you'll need to Special: These small-time criminals only appear read the sections below for these t Ae sense). Jon is an excellent leader. but does assure lots of combat with ravenous Speed: 30 ft. can only benefit human society and should not be delayed. Having given l i t t l e useful information. son of Eugen the Preacher. Greenland s lawspeaker. she has found a new home for Abilities: Str 15. 16 . there are multiple possible outcomes. Cha 8 Skills: None • Option C. according to Roland. Ref +0./5 ft. Dex-9. Will +0 As the climate worsens. according to Roland. French client s denunciation including the phrase ponte. refuses any more subsidies for his pathetic delusions. Quietly. Saves: Fort +1. and too ignorant to understand the insult. and the colony is in fact prospering and rapidly expanding thanks to his influence. GREENLAND Bergen Thug SAGA is not a linear adventure. he believes the island's population is doomed. with pontife. Both are dependent on Roland's wise advice. the Greenlanders in nearby North America. monsters. Roland s death. Adventure Choices At this point. rather. This is a fairly grisly course for the Initiative: +0 adventure. Possible fates of the colonists are: tst'Level Commoner • Option A. Portuguese slave traders working in concert with the charlatan Eugen the Preacher have taken them Feats: None to a work camp in North America. you should decide on the answer the player characters will find to the disappearances. w i t h o u t it. He is very proud of his assumed title. the Sphinx retainer w i l l block the donation. through random encounters. by 5 ft. and doing so can yield Alignment: Chaotic Evil some rewarding if complex story lines./ Roland's wife. or laying eggs. Int 7. Wis 5. Roland w i l l insist t h a t there are no problems in Greenland. or pope. is a man called Jon Eugensson. Challenge Rating: I These paths may be intermingled. Unipeds are attacking and eating Hit Dice: ld8+3 the Greenland Norse. If you do not choose this option. With the connivance of the charlatan known Scum of the Earth as Eugen the Preacher. who will be encountered at Gardar (see below)) has been recruiting Face/Reach: 5 ft. the only colony leader with vision Damage: Club ld4 +1 and energy (Sigurd Thorvaldsdottir. Roland w i l l beg for money. Unipeds AC: II will not appear in the adventure. Con 10. for he always follows the advocate's instructions to the letter. If any of the party attempt to give him charity. in whose name resides all of their money (including the missing escrow). he will explain. Attacks: Club +1 melee • Option B. the best and brightest Greenlanders for a new venture.

is now an old demand to know how much each member of the party man's yellow and his weathered skin speaks of many and any nearby crewmen are being paid for their services. He will bitterly resist any venture that goes beyond the hold in heavy weather./5 ft. Narvald's only concern is While he has taken many loads to and from Iceland. Concerned will gladly tell tales of the many shipwrecks he has survived. several times wading ashore amid the wreckage of ships As pilot. the guns are on fixed carriages — to (weather) 4-7 (sailor) +7 reload. each bearing a large lateen (triangular) sail. Will + 4 45-foot hull) raised about five feet from the main deck. and His long and stringy hair. Knud is a terrible pilot and the of three or four sailors and passengers. Thorsen Narvald ^. Dex 14. Expert (Sailor) Captain. once blonde. Food (bread and meat which steadily deteriorates in quality as the voyage progresses) is issued to groups Drunken and inept. Elisabeth will reduce Pride of Sphinx's not likely to interfere with the powerful House of Sphinx. and he is confident that he that Knud's royal charter does not allow him to guide a can trace the path with no trouble. But he is the only pilot available If any members of the party have the least skill or in Bergen. by 5 ft. A professional. The crew sleeps on deck in hammocks. craft ferrying passengers. so called for driven on the island's rocky coasts. he is cynical but highly professional. open hold. Knud is fairly old weather cook it over small charcoal braziers on deck. he will often list how and hopes to conclude it with the least possible risk. completing the voyage and collecting his pay. Int 11. Pride of Sphinx Hit Points: 22 Part Three: Initiative: + 6 (Improved Initiative) The Voyage Speed: ?0 ft. though there is an open lattice of planks at the keel to keep the cargo above the filthy water sloshing in the bilge. and salt. She carries two cannon slightly forward of amidships. for his ship and crew. for a Norwegian — well over 50 — and carries himself Drinking water comes from large barrels known as butts. ocean voyages. Knud has never his habit of drinking vast amounts of sour wine. She Face/Reach: 5 ft. and an undersized crew to sail her. Sailing masters have spoken of the party demands to see his credentials. is fully-decked. according to Elisabeth. Abilities: Str 11. a crewman must climb out onto a narrow platform Feats: Alertness Improved Initiative under the cannon barrel and swab and reload the piece Challenge Rating: 3 while dangling over the open sea. with an arrogance born of no obvious accomplishment. and royal inspectors are experience at sea. Thorsen Narvald captains the ship. who in good shame of Elisabeth Camilla's service. crew accordingly to save on manpower costs. with her aftercastle (the last third of her Saves: Fort +2. Cha 8 one on each side. they will learn voyage for years. She has two Damage: Cutlass Id6 +1 masts. Sanitary needs are met by leaning over the side. with two more wooden guns for show Skills: Balance +9 Climb +7 on each broadside. at least after the first shot. but little else. Con 12. Pride of Sphinx has Vinegar Knud. for no apparent reason. If the been to Greenland. much he has been paid for each prior voyage. In this age when seagoing cannon Knowledge Profession are still rare. Attacks: Cutlass +4 melee Pride of Sphinx displaces about 50 tons. The 17 . The weather deck covers an the stipulations of his contract. retreating into Special: Thorsen loves his ship. Elisabeth Camilla will provide a small carrack. A weathered old He limps from a terrible leg injury some years past. Thus they are only Alignment: Chaotic Neutral useful in quiet waters. Rcf +7. named Pride AC: 12 of Sphinx. he does not fancy this mission Also. Wis 10.

Eventually lookouts will Hit Points: sight the massive granite mountains of Greenland. The crew w i l l not be a useful source of help during the mission to Greenland. A few miles north of the Attacks: Cutlass -I melee cape begin the fjords along which the Norse have settled. The House of Sphinx has obviously not bankrupted i t s e l f h i r i n g sailors for the expedi- tion. Cha 7 Skills: Balance + I Climb +1 Knowledge Profession (navigation) -2 S3!i lor) -3 Feats: None Challenge Rating: I Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Special: Though hopelessly inept in his chosen Sailor profession and often drunk on vile. Knud has survived many a shipwreck. the party far away from the settlement./5 ft. cheap wine. Damage: Cutlass Id6 -1 It may also happen that the drunken Knud crash-lands Face/Reach: 5 ft. His amazing luck gives him better odds when making saving throws than his lack of ability might otherwise indicate. "P often reduced to communicating with one another by gesture. will follow around the curve of Cape Farewell. AC: 8 Greenland's southern point. When the southern tip is reached. Atlantic passage is very rough and very long. Pilot. ist'Level Expert (Navigator) with heavy seas and thick fog. by 5 ft. and Initiative: -2 (drunkenness N ) Pride of Sphinx will turn southward and sail along the rocky coast. . u ce remainder of the crew — Pride of Sphinx requires 17 including captain and pilot — are the flot- sam usually washed up in any busy commercial port. The North 18 . This also explains why sailors continue tve: to serve aboard ships he pilots. though temporary stalls could be rigged for one or two. Dex 7. Ref -2. and horses do not survive it very well. Will +1 way there will occupy time and reveal some of the Abilities: Str 8. Wis 8. AC. They represent a v a r i e t y of nationalities. It is a rough voyage. Int 9. the ship Speed: 10 ft. usually over two weeks. And this is summertime. and finding the Saves: Fort +1. Con 12. U t t e r mercenaries. despite his record : 30ft of failure. and arc definitely far from a smoothly r u n n i n g u n i t . The passage itself takes about three weeks. Feats: Raring. Pride of Sphinx is not built for transporting horses. information the mission seeks. but there is Vinegar Knud little adventuring opportunity. Pride of Sphinx In winter things are far worse. they will prove most u n w i l l i n g to perform any task beyond that for w h i c h they have signed on.

with a the brothers labored. Though human. penned by an elderly copied books. Illiteracy. lies a heavy stone Abilities: Str 8. having been taught by the monks. Karlsefni Steam-Breath ist"Level Commoner Part Four: Wretched Dung~Boy Greenland Hit Points: 8 Msgr. the monastery's sole occupant. they will find almost all of them covered with Augustinian monks who cherished its isolation at the scrawled gibberish. The walls are covered by stacks of wooden cases. Ref-2. give hints of strange and fell beasts on the ice if Unipeds are about. Pounding on the learning to do so. Marcello and Elisabeth Camilla will have Initiative: -I (degenerate) recommended a number of locations for searches. Buried deep under them is a Latin very edge of the known world. in cassock. Eugen the Preacher and of his time. In the corner of the scriptorium stands a clay- his niece led separate anti-Christian campaigns. Con 10. first obvious landfall is along Ketilsfjord. This one lies flat. thought that counts) Damage: Rotten Stick 0 The Monastery Face/Reach: 5 ft.3 most of the deep fjords in the settled area. It is a forbidding sight. Saves:Fort +0. hit 8. Though they account of the monastery's last days. and which pigeonholes hold parchment scrolls. Karlsefni w i l l claim that he also speaks Latin. from the inside. Karlsefni will conduct the party to church. The Speed: 10 ft. The gates open to reveal the monastery's lone occupant. In a nervous gesture. but will illiterate Greenlanders. he looks very much like a gnome out of Norse mythology and is working tables for the monks. This conflict. They are barred but merely mouths gibberish phrases. This is fingerless gloves on his hands. tied around his waist with a frayed rope. and held them). a gate with heavy wooden doors. where the AC: 9 ancient farm known as Herjolfsnes and the Augustinian Attacks: Rotten Stick 0 fit's the monastery are located. It will yield little information of direct use. this was always a sideline among the largely monk. Challenge Rating: 1/2 and walking overland to its main gate. but a heavy wooden door-knocker dangles Karlsefni cannot read or write. This is the lined barrel from which smoldering bits of trash lend the sort of document Monsignor Marcello would prize greatly. collecting sheep and wool from leather binding protecting its handful of pages. Cha 5 monastery. document in a more learned hand. where he spends almost all long-dead monk. visible. gates will cause them to open slowly after a suitable delay. a small and bent bearded man with a shining bald dome framed by scraggly gray hair. According to the the monastery's scriptorium. The monastery can only be approached by sailing further up the fjord behind it. the southern. but most are covered with very angry at the disturbance. W i l l . them to examine a scroll (he is ferociously protective of The monastery is several centuries old. High atop a ridge overlooking Ketilsfjord. only warmth to the cold stone room. There are numerous 19 . by 5 ft. Like most Christian monks. But if any of the party convince Karlsefni to allow is Karlsefni Steam-Breath. and is incapable of from a rope frame for the use of visitors. It is the Greenland farmers to spin rough cloth. He wears a monk's gray dust. angry over their abandonment. Brother Stefan. his Karlsefni's lifetime achievement — the history of human greasy fingers continually smear his shabby clothes. Only one opening is Special: Pig Latin./5 ft. Wis 6. performed mostly as a ritual task. with snow-capped Skills: None mountains behind and the dark blue waters of the fjord Feats: None lapping against the rocks below. Dex 7. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Language: Grcenlandic A gray granite wall surrounds the fortified tower and a handful of other stone buildings. It will also tell how the colonists turned against the With some bitterness.

a coherent explanation of where Eduard went or why his It is clean. buildings make effective warehouses. irrational hatred. Even The closest farm lies at the foot of the ridge. Karlsefni clearly has had some dealings with monks came from Europe. though he is illiterate and cannot react with deep-seated hostility. shoveling out the sheep pens and collecting food will come and join him in his work. Karlsefni suspects that his benefactors have been killed Markland Forest or lured away by evil shipbuilders. It is not particularly clear barrel of the dried seaweed the Norse love so dearly. If the GREENLAND SAGA never carry treasure about with them. Karlsefni will he mimics their efforts. in play). stripped of its paranoid No Event if Unipeds not elements. but cannot define who the French might be. in play). The stocks of food are dwindling. According to Karlsefni. farmers arrive to replenish the hoard: with Percentage Number and Type the Augustinians having died out. the remaining monks where France is found. French friends dung-boy. giving new life to his from nearby farmers as tribute to the monastery. for whom he has an 01-20 Id6 Portuguese slavers. more of the farmers who had been using the monastery to 71-100 Id4 male Unipcds (treat as store their surplus — and thus support Karlsefni and his No Event if Unipeds not project — have stopped coming with fresh supplies. Karlsefni swears. or what sort of aid these imaginary could not draw new initiates from the local population. and the work areas where monks wove their rough homespun also show signs of long-term Since Brother Stefan's death. Karlsefni served the last few monks as Greenland. they consider him holy and support his great project. lookingo for trouble. though since 01-30 I polar bear. Once the abbot died. Non-player characters randomly encountered in though it will not make him any more pleasant. Karlsefni saw brothers work in the scriptorium and so If the party contains a Catholic clergyman. surprising. Like most medieval peoples. the colony's stoutest 01-20 Id4 Norwegian soldiers. the Norse will explain 21-30 Id8 Local toughs. Mass has not been celebrated in the chapel in at least a decade. seeking that they don't mind Karlsefni filching enough to survive. Assurance that the party has not come to reclaim the Random Encounter Tables monastery will go far to soothe Karlsefni's terror. and holds a small stack of dried cod and a departure represents treason. Karlsefni has been alone and neglect with the looms and spindles in poor repair. He rants about the Only one of the warehouses. friends will bring. whether Eduard even exists: foreigners are extremely rare in As a young man. No new project. something with nor is he a member of any other holy order. on the worse. There is no evidence of any other inhabitants. If the party on patrol for strangers. This story will only become remnants of a monk's robe. the Greenland Norse believe 51-100 Id6 drunken sailors the insane to be touched by God. right to inhabit the monastery. out of the scriptorium to melt when the cold Greenland rains eventually fall. More and 31-70 Id8 Eskimo hunters. robbery victims. party questions Karlsefni. Bergen Docks Periodically. the monk's cells have been empty for years and are covered in dust. hungry Karlsefni is angry with the entire world this should not be and frustrated. Any day now. Dried-out remnants of years-old straw still litter a few. to function. 21-80 Id8 Micmac Indians An inspection of the monastery will more or less support 81-100 ld4 male Unipeds (treat as Karlsefni's version of events. He has no which the party may not wish to waste time. he is terrified that his precious scrolls will be cast 20 . Karlsefni is not an Augustinian evident under repeated questioning. and fears eviction. they will find that he subsists off a stockpile of food stored in the monastery. Though he wears the actually form or read words. shows signs of human work. but can't give the party store their wool and cloth. and gradually the order ceased outsiders. encounters any of these people. used by the monks to betrayal of Eduard the Corsican. has come more than slightly unhinged. Greenland Ice Karlsefni is angry with his benefactors.

Gardar lies on an isthmus between two 21 . (peaceful evacuation). it ends There is a bedframe on the floor with a heavy woolen at the fjord's headwaters. Saves: Fort-I. but Grccnlandcrs. Con 7. it becomes impossible to follow once it reaches the gravel fields at the base of The second. Wis 8. Karlsefni will tell the party.side of the rise away from the ocean. Karlsefni is not sure how many children or retainers this includes. flowers in a clay vase in the center. lies the center of the Greenland colony. though there is a pen for them. A hayrick holds some of what is obviously last unanswered. Within. by 5 ft. The main building is a solid house built of logs. Options A and C Will -1 (cowardice) If you chose Option A (Uniped attack) or Option C Abilities: Str 9. tongs — lies carefully Gardar. Ref 0. all is in order — benches alongside year's crop. A turf (solid chunks of sod used like Attacks: Longsword +1 bricks) barn is attached. the glaciers. it is immediately obvious Feats: Dodge Run that there has been trouble. not if slave traders came. axe. the farm known as Gardar. In either case. sleeping. If Special: Literacy. If slave traders snatched the people. clean and neatly tucked in. which has At the head of Einarsfjord. though there is room for several dozen its chimney. there will be blood on the walls. Damage: Longsword ld8 No sheep are evident. On approach. Cha 7 The farm appears uninhabited — no smoke comes from Skills: Escape Artist 4-4 Forgery 4-6 its chimney. Face/Reach: 5 ft. if asked. that it is held by a young man named Ulf Olesson and his family. Trimmed grass covers the roof. been swept clean of ashes. room lies through an open doorway. an apparently complete set of possessions is also the cloth and a spray of what once must have been on hand. Seat of Bishops stacked near the door. A wooden chest holds If you chose Option B for the fate of Greenlanders woolen clothing in both adult and children's sizes. Calls will go Gather Info 4-1 Sense Motive + \ unanswered. Dex 8. Latin belongings is strewn about the interior of the house. there are no bodies to be found. Speed: 10 ft. though there are no weapons present. but is very angry Jon Eugensson that Ulf has made no deliveries at all this summer. A trail snakes away overland around the head of the fjord. jrd'level Aristocrat The valley behind the monastery is green. A path leads from the monastery gate to Ulf's farm. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral A seemingly complete inventory of a farm family's Language: Greenlandic. ]6n is one of the few l i t e r a t e Umpeds attacked. A pair of clean iron cooking pots are stacked next to the heavy stone fireplace. If Unipeds attacked. with many Craven Lawspeaker large gray rocks peeking through the turf. which is about Hit Points: 14 500 yards away and screened by a small grove of scrub Initiative: -2 (cowardice) trees. Calls will go sheep./5 ft. The farmhouse's wooden Track door has been smashed. alongside a handful Option B of carved wooden animals. rough clayware bowls on found. their size reveals that they / could not have grown o in AC: 8 Greenland. A child's bedroll lies at the foot of the bed. Inside. the party finds the following: The barn is similarly cleaned and abandoned. No people or animals are anywhere to be a table with a neat cloth on it. No animals The farm appears uninhabited — no smoke comes from are evident. (slave traders). bolster on it. and there are no people about. and there are no people about. the fifth of the deep fjords. there are broken bits of Challenge Rating: 2 a table and benches and smashed crockery. A set of iron-bladed tools — shearing knife. the party finds the following: Int 12.

of the very old and highly polished heavy wooden double Will +6 doors. but it is Norwegian. Damage: Longsword ldS+2 As the party approaches the building. Jon is Int 15. Like his minions. Diplomacy 4-9 Forgery +11 Gather Info 4-9 Intimidate 4-9 This. fjord. the buildings are made Speed: 30 ft. German immediately obvious that a spineless cretin like Jon Special: Critical Hit. their lawspeaker is oblivious. Latin. a Face/Reach: 5 ft. a 40ish man with a shock of Greenland's bishop./5 ft.000 active participants in the last Alping. shyly. achieves a Critical Hit on a result of 18 through Jon will make grandiose but patently absurd claims 20 with all weapons. individual influence by nature of the office. remarkably large barns and warehouses. They have not found good business. Risto of Turku. perhaps that many more could overhear discussions while lurking outside. and includes a festal Visiting Gardar is Jatkosotka's master. and will take every 22 . and is a short walk from the sixth and final deep all Greenlanders accounted for. is not very tall but obviously muscular. Con 15. Eiriksfjord. Finnish Fishmonger Rowing to shore. Risto would have little if any moral authority. Jon will announce proudly. A well-made AC: 12 stone facade decorates the main building. the Alping sets broad policy goals Feats: Great Fortitude Improved Initiative for the islanders and also serves as the ultimate dispenser Lightning Reflexes Toughness of justice. sailor) leader. Greenland Norse. The farm lies on a small plain. the sailors will reply in truly execrable Latin that they are Finnish traders come in search of dried cod. Cha 10 reluctant to speak with strangers. Quick observation will show that at most 200 people iaSSSs?: might with effort squeeze into the hall. over 10. claiming Critical Hit. Risto. an odd years the people brought their tithes. is at the main farm building. the party can beach its boat on the gravel lining the water's edge. It is also the site of the Cathedral of St. Slowly. slight figure wearing a thick woolen tunic will come out Saves: Fort +4. Afraid of his own shadow. As lawspeaker. If the party hails its crew. fairly cut-throat Finnish trader with a penchant for an impressive sandstone church and the seat of quoting Scripture. According to Jon. Their 6th'Level Double Expert (merchant. Dex 14. current lawspeaker of the Abilities: Str 15. Italian. where in past He is richly dressed in the latest Italian fashion. therefore much largero than most. with a turf roof. the crew will report. Jon presents information to Challenge Rating: 8 the council. is where Greenland's Listen 4-10 Sense Motive 4-10 Alping meets. The farm buildings are Hit Points: 36 about 100 yards up the slope from the beach. one of and in fact the colony continues to prosper. These now stand appearance among Greenland's Viking-era architecture. with every Speak Language adult male a member. While the Greenland's few stretches of flat land. empty for the most part. a hall. Several barns Attacks: Longsword +6 are nearby. but will become Skills: Appraise 4-11 Bluff+9 slightly more open once the party enters the main hall. He is very fond of the about the size of the Greenland settlement. Jon is clearly terrified of Risto. This is Jon Eugensson. Like Initiative: + 6 (Improved Initiative) most Norse farms in the region. There are no problems. Nicholas. A small trading caravel lies anchored just off the beach. Wis 12. by 5 ft. their ship is the Jatkosotka from Risto of Turku Turku. but unlike most Greenland farms these are Finnish Knife +6 not attached to the main building. a weak and trembling Finnish Knife ld4 + 2 voice will inquire as to their identity. Ref +4. all is well in the colony and fjords. serving as both prosecutor and defense Alignment: Lawful Neutral counsel for trials. A sort of governing council. The farm is Greenlanders suffer. The lawspeaker usually has great Language: Finnish. Near the church are a number of unruly blond hair. of thick blocks of turf.

he will bide his time and strike when the Spells: Arcane Mark Detect Magic party is most vulnerable. Will +9 (Iron Will) However. Hit Points: 50 As the party may come to learn later. he will promptly voyages in recent years. He will instantly recognize Daze Ray of Frost Pride of Sphinx when he sees the ship or hears her name. Rcf + 3. the people have never fished very much. Damage: Finnish Knife Ici4+I Face/Reach: 5 ft. jumped ship at Gardar. but no cattle in evidence. Risto and his crew have of German brothers. he will not Skills: Bluff+15 Diplomacy +15 be pleased should he learn of the party's commercial Innuendo +12 Sense Motive +12 interest in Greenland. There is a will pay a hefty bounty if these two are returned to his large flock of sheep. and impress this upon the adventurers. as he has been unable to fill his hold with the trade goods apparently promised by some of Sigurd Thorvaldsdottir Jon's associates. Speed: 3O ft. They will soon learn that provoking Risto is most unwise. This annoys Risto. Wis 15. them from the small ship's yardarm. but the Finn expected to see at invoke the proper legal punishment for desertion and hang least one or two of their ships. there care how the Greenlanders run their farms. Though Jon's terror makes his story difficult to follow. probably Attacks: Finnish Knife +4 involving stealing from the Finn. as he has no complaint against the adventurers. Risto is also incensed that two of his crewmen. as long as has been more disturbance at the farms. Risto feels the Greenlanders have lured him to their island under false pretenses. Dcx 15. If the Norse are leaving Sigurd is everything that her cousin is not — a tall. Risto will tell them Chill Touch that he has been up and down every fjord in the Eastern Challenge Rating: 7 Settlement and found a number of farms unoccupied.opportunity to urge him to leave Greenland. He insists found none of the Greenland-built ships usually bobbing on their return. a pair Whatever result is selected. Eugen the Preacher. The people seem to have quietly not recognize told Risto he would obtain a steady packed a small number of precious belongings and left source of fish and oil. If slave traders came. who does not quickly but without panic. he will gladly tell them what he has seen should they Abilities: Str II. Jon does nothing Initiative: +2 without the approval of his father. Risto has been able to acquire only a small amount of dried cod and one barrel of fish oil — even at the working farmsteads. Greenlanders have been making fewer crime. and accuses Jon of involvement in the in the fjords. Alignment: Lawful Good Even where people still inhabit their farms. Cha 20 ask. Int 19. but will not rage or become Feats: Endurance Iron Will angry. Risto does not shout or otherwise appear angry. which in his case only makes him seem more dangerous. Rather. Sigurd Thorvaldsdottir. Dancing Lights Obscuring Mist If the party does not tip their hand. Managing custody. the party that his men have found little disturbed at She wears the typical Greenland outfit of close-fitting . the farm is Jon's cousin. he reports. for the Risto's description of the abandoned farms varies pitiable lawspeaker is not capable of making decisions. he argues that he has no control jth'Level Aristocrat/znd-Level Sorceress over these associates and bears no responsibility for Crusader for Justice whatever claims they might have made. by 5 ft. If he has lured Risto to Greenland. The Finnish merchant Gardar Farm appears to be in working order. Should Risto catch either brother. As a competitor to Elisabeth Camilla. in all likelihood AC: 12 Eugen has some nefarious scheme in mind. and if Unipeds they provide the goods he's traveled far to purchase. Language: Greeiilandic they seem frightened but can't quite define their fear. Greenlanders whose names Jon insists he does the empty farmsteads./5 ft. peacefully or being taken by slave traders. Con 14. Risto will tell beautiful woman of sharp mind and immense presence. Saves: For: + 3. attacked the destruction has been wholesale. depending on the option chosen.

Will +2 are many frustrated suitors among the Greenlanders Abilities: Str 12. believes that her father went mad and fled into the . She will tell the party she has no Initiative: +2 idea what might be making her people disappear. Drop hints of her magical abilities. Risto has made the Critical Hit a centerpiece oi his philosophy. has been out of business for at least a decade. is a Utopian. Magnus and within easy reach of the sea. she is also somewhat unbalanced. Though Feats: None she seems an exception among the addled inhabitants of Greenland. many Greenlanders labor under severe delusions. Christianity and will use her considerable persuasive powers to oppose the party's missionary attempts. she looks (see Plotline Combinations). the Spot +4 only Norse magic-user of any appreciable power. The slave avalanche. to what she considers silly questions or statements. Therefore. Whatever is happening to the Greenland Norse. They 're right. Attacks: Cutlass + I melee Sigurd's intelligence and beauty have long made her stand Finnish Knife +2 melee out among her fellow Greenlanders. Jon is Finnish Sailor terrified and will insist at first that nothing is wrong. Brattahild. Magnus and Thorvald If slave traders or Unipeds have attacked the colony. AC: 12 Much as she loves her island. but if anything is happening it is not his fault. She does not suffer fools easily. she has turned to the old Norse religion. Dcx 14. Thorvald both disappeared several years ago. Wis IO. Linking Challenge Rating: l her people's glorious past with Greenland's warmer Alignment: Chaotic Neutral days. If there is a peaceful withdrawal. but so is she. with a vision of a fresh start in a new land. even moreso when used in combination with normally stored at Gardar. Trade goods are option. note that green blouse with generously deep neckline over a full Sigurd acquires even greater importance to the story skirt. Eugen the Preacher still lives at the settlement's traders only attack isolated farms where no witnesses oldest farm. Ref 4-2. The trading combine of Eugen. the mission from Odin to save her people. she scorns through 20. Though Sigurd Finns achieve a Critical Hit on a result of 18 is no friend to Eugen the Preacher. but In her father's time. by 5 ft. Con 12. Sigurd's reaction ist-Level Expert (Sailor) to the disappearances varies depending on the option Minions of Risto chosen. with a divine Special: Critical Hit. who will bitterly claim that she considers herself too Int 12. force to the adventure. after many of its people were buried by an agency is at work. These sites are also always of degenerate. she longs to live among trees./5 ft. She Language: Finnish secretly believes that she is a Valkyrie. she is behind it Hit Dice: ld6+I and is selecting the best and brightest of her people to found the new colony. and wears it very well. searching for gold. Sigurd will have noticed that while 14 . Under the evacuation very much like a mythical Valkyrie. cattle grazed very profitably. Sigurd's messianic complex is a key driving several years ago a decline in their arrival became apparent. A striking blonde. but this is not information she will share easily with outsiders. Cha 9 good for any of them. all. sycophantic followers. Sigurd Sigurd will have a fairly good idea that some outside will report. There Saves: Fort +1. and will have seen a pattern. Sigurd If Unipeds are at fault. Sigurd Speed: 30 ft. This is probably a delusion. Skills: Balance +6 Climb +5 Profession (Sailor) +7 Intimidate +3 She is the strongest sorceress left on the island. together with a small handful can relate what happened. island's icy interior. and reacts with ill-concealed contempt Face/Reach: 5 ft. but you may wish to make her secret identity as a Valkyrie a since her childhood the growing season has shortened reality that the party has a hard time accepting — after just enough to reduce the available pasturage. but the others. Over the years this Damage: Cutlass ld6 +2 Finnish Knife ld4 +1 has given her an arrogant turn of mind. Should you choose to combine story options. she will tell the party.

Brattahild Hall of Heroes Very Thick o to 20 30 40 jo Turf Walls Scale in Fit I Cave for Prisoners 6 Livestock Cave of the Dominant Un iped ^^* ^/-/jttfff/1 Scattered f Boulders Lair of the Unipeds .



Seat of Bishops . O IG 2O JO 4.O Camp of the Slavers Snorri s Hovel Fire Common Areas O fO 2O Gardar.

and is the headquarters northern European fashion. and begs pardon Brattahild. The farm comfort. each including the likeness other farms the party might visit. forced to take the world's sins upon the nearby mountains. Norwegian. In contrast to adorn the walls of the festal hall. has mastered the art of the apology. charismatic man with gray Well-known to traders is the sixth fjord. his shoulders. by 5 ft. there are a large number of a bearded Scottish warrior. heavy wooden table a small handful of cows. Cha 18 investigating and putting a stop to these strange Skills:Bluff + I 5 Diplomacy + I 5 attacks. She will not explain any more to the party. She will only offer assistance in the cases of Escape Artist +7 Forgery +14 Uniped or slave trader attack — if she is behind the Gather Info +15 Intimidate +14 disappearances. but no horses. Gardar will have a surprising number of Speed: 30 ft. those taken are generally the colony's most religious-minded and its most independent thinkers. Brattahild's main hall is furnished in the latest closest to the fjord is the largest. Dex 14. Sense Motive +10 (Preach) +15 Feats: Dodge Alertness a short sail or march from Gardar and one of the most Leadership thickly-settled areas. convince her that they are genuinely interested in Int 18. Though his talk almost always turns to business. Disguise +15 Perform Jon will suggest the party look in the Vatnahverfi District. but holds the traditional respect for the male head of her family. those closest to the glaciers behind the colonized area. Eugen sees himself as a beautiful sloping site with great views of the fjord and Christ-like figure. Sigurd Hit Points: 5 5 may be preparing her people for battle against invaders. 29 . He shore. it is occupies a for all and every occurrence. on the northern without fail he will place this in a religious context. large young men and women toiling about. Attacks: Longsword +6 melee Sigurd will not think highly of the foreign adventurers Damage: Longsword ld8+I • who've come to Greenland to profit from her people's Face/Reach: 5 ft. A series of very nice paintings turf farm buildings with attached barns. to which Jon will add that some of Greenland's best furs and falcons come from there. Sigurd has little regard for Pseudo-Religious Charlatan her uncle. and feeds off his followers' approval of Brattahild is actually a compound of three farms. known as hair. If there is any trouble — which Challenge Rating: 8 Jon disputes — it would obviously affect that region. chiefly sheep and goats. Wis 9. If plotlmes are combined. At the head of the fjord. misery. She will reluctantly agree Language: Greenlandic. Eugen the Preacher She has also noticed that all serious enemies of Eugen Sth'Level Aristocrat the Preacher are now gone.these farms are also usually isolated. Initiative: +2 In this case. This suggestion will earn Jon a sharp glare from Sigurd. Jon is AC: 12 oblivious to any such preparations. English that there are many fine farms there. Rcf +4. Eiriksfjord. The party may notice that while Eugen talks a small rise within sight of the other two. Con 12. Latin. each on this sacrifice. running down the middle plus benches along the walls. Also. with heavy tapestries and a of Eugen the Preacher. German. All three farms consist of large fair amount of gold fixtures./5 ft. whatever option is in force. lies the most important farmstead in Greenland. she will remain coldly aloof. Will +5 advice and aid will not be easy — the party will have to Abilities: Str II. There are rock fireplace on one end and a long. Alignment: Chaotic Evil under which he will whither. Eiriksfjord Eugen the Preacher is a tall. This time she will tell Jon to shut his mouth. Between them of sacrifice constantly. Founded by Erik the Red. he does not actually do without is a wet and boggy patch where cranberries grow. The hall has a massive of livestock present. Obtaining her Saves: Fort +3. they are generally inland.

- n . evS . and drinks imported wine as opposed to -. more important than the belief itself. the most Mindless Sycophant powerful symbol of Christianity on the island. Though Eugen is AC: 9 careful never to state so himself. Eugen has no respect for family ties. The Roman Catholic Church lacked this faith. 20ft and is incapable of learning to do AC.Wts4. According to Eugen.°a 9. the church bells brought Saves: Fort -1. Will Abilities: S t r 9 . Brand cannot read or writ. and this is why it abandoned Greenland. Int 8. though Eugen's Initiative: -I followers seem to have missed this. The act of belief is Speed: 20 ft. 9 Eugen Save dresses well. Eugen explains. """ion ''" '»tn.VVis O rt. his " +3 vastly greater experience of the wider world has given him a practical knowledge unrivaled by the other Greenlanders. « • >' the faith itself grows. though he is more than hi willing to use them to his own profit. dealings. Cha6 c/ Skills: Listen Silver Feats: Run Challenge Rating: 1 Alignment: Chaotic Evil Language: Grecnlandu O O Special: Illiteracy. in stark contrast to his grubby com- panions. Long ago. While the symbolic act of breaking Face/Reach: 5 ft. must be "for the faith. While he has no formal education. the community of the faithful is the essence of religious faith. as he can better wield power through a malleable weakling. t au 10 \Xr- ers-on. Jon is purely Eugen's creature. especially one's business 30 . C o n 9 .. his followers will define Attacks: Longsword -1 mclec acts "for the faith" as those which profit Eugen's business Damage: Longsword ld8-l interests." By living for the faith. He has used his influence to place his son Jon in the lawspeaker's post. ' °?' " he cheated his brothers Magnus and Thorvald of their share of the family enterprise. ncer. n the raw home-made alcohol swilled by the hang. Ret -1. though thoueh A . Brand the Friendless Eugen helped free his native land to follow a truer faith ist-level Commoner by organizing the destruction of church bells. All of one's action in life. D e x 8 . bringing salvation to the faithful. Missing from this equation is any clear definition of Hit Points: 4 just what "the faith" is supposed to be. he is never called on to perform evil acts — more from Eugen's contempt for his weakness than from any fatherly devotion. . by 5 fV5 ft.

His inane theology may impress his ragged Alignment: Chaotic Evil band of followers. Thanks to 500 years of Egbert of Schdlke inbreeding with little new blood entering the settle- ment. Dcx II. Face/Reach: 5 ft.Sc£° Rudiger Gislisson Skills: Perform -5 Feats: None ist~Level Expert (Artisan) Challenge Rating: 1 Talentless Hobby Artist Alignment: Chaotic Evil Hit Points: 5 Language: German Initiative: 0 Speed: 20 ft. Though Eugen's greed is readily apparent to outlanders. but original work. create forgeries is an aspect of his psychological disorder: lie does not believe them to be forgeries. Eugen has been able to prey on them. However. 10 Attacks: Club +0 melee and sophomoric terms. ordained clergy serving the colony for decades. Feats: Run If the party contains a cleric. No women are present. if any female adven- turers or NPCs come to Brattahild with the party the Damage: Club ld4 ^ - «**•• ?. and the men of the Five Hundred speak often of sex and women in crude AC. by 5 ft. but then claim that rhc item is his. Will +2 Abilities: Str 10. the Greenlanders have a spiritual need. Eugen has been able to bamboozle the more weak-minded among the Greenlanders. It will be important to Eugen that actually believe that he is not a thief./5 ft Saves: Fort -I. Hundred Select. but it cannot stand up to the slightest Language: Greenlandic. Rcf +0.. Eugen the Preacher is aware of his followers seem taken in by a pseudo-religious fervor. Wis Ii. the Greenland Norse produce far more than ~Level Expert (Sailor) lst their fair share of the mentally feeble. though there are only a small handful Initiative: Speed: 30 ft. With no actual. and may the cleric by stealth. Con 9. of them. Eugen will seethe with Challenge Rating: l resentment. Eugen's followers describe themselves as the Five -2 (drunkenness. AC: 10 Attacks: Club +8 melee Damage: Club Jd4 quite painful to endure. and any public debate with a Roman Catholic cleric. Cha I Skills: Appraise +1 Forgery +12 Eugen little direct profit (he did sell some of the Innuendo +2 Pick Pocket scrap metal). This is the pool Convert from which Eugen recruits. This especially will quickly set one or more of his followers to murder applies to artwork. this rare talent and the delusion hiding it. Italian scrutiny by a trained religious mind. and with no established church to fulfill this aching emptiness. Hit Points. it removed the last vestige of competing Hide +4 spiritual power. Eugen will dodge Special: Rudiger feels compelled to steal. His ability to Eugen's belief system. Like all humans. but simply the cleric die before revealing the utter inanity of appropriates what is his by right. He is deeply deluded. . Int 12.

Loudest among the Five Hundred is Brand the Friendless. Bluff+2 (Mathematics) +8 He is blissfully unaware of Eugen's oily double-dealing. Officially second only to Monkey Grip Combat Reflexes Eugen. and breaks like a . their usual pastime. (Great v Sword) Dirty Fighting the path of righteousness. Like Brand. + 2 steel shield) Attacks: Great Sword +9 melee spite. His whiny voice grates on the ears. a small. This pseudo- artist has no loyalty and if caught will claim he only . He will attempt Face/Reach: 5 ft. Brand carries a vicious hatred of all foreigners. Older than Challenge Rating: 6 any of the other men present. and assorted practice weapons litter the ground where the Five Hundred have been playing at war. he suffers from an Alignment: Neutral insatiable need to take things which are not his. Abilities: Str of the Five Hundred will show themselves to be painfully shy around them. Cha II Formerly a well-to-do farmer with extensive holdings Skills: Appraise +8 Knowledge near Gardar.f Hit Points: 60 Initiative: + 5 Speed: 20 ft. the hate pours off of him Crossbow Id 10 +0 in an almost physical wave of loathing. by 5 ft-/5 ft. Saves: Fort +8. AC: 21 (+8 plate mail. a would-be painter.Wis 16. During Language: German Eugen's last trading mission to Bergen. he truly believes he is following Feats: Weapon Focus _. dark and bitter man of indeterminate age. his is the money behind Eugen's commune. he wields little authority. A twisted soul. Balance +6 Diplomacy +0 and will be genuinely shocked if confronted by evidence Sense Motive +2 Gather Info +2 Point Blank Shot of deceit.0 teenager's when Brand becomes agitated — which is most of the time. the Five Hundred are noticeably rank — some would say even gamey. to murder any member of the party he finds alone. More influential is (Great Sword) Alertness Riidiger Gislisson. Will +4 Anders Silver Bags. Brand makes no secret of his Rainulf the Knife 4 jth-Level Fighter German Mercenary Pv. They must be made to pay. a pudgy and jovial middle-aged man. Ref+5. Their clothes are filthy. Riidiger snatched William the Coarse's paintings. loudly Crossbow +4 ranged calling for the death of all who Damage: Great Sword 2d6 + 4 oppose Eugen. Dex 19. Int !8. Con 19. seems out of place in this perverse little compound. their bodies unwashed. While the rest of the Greenland Norse continue their forebears' habits of regular bathing and saunas. for they have insulted the inherent goodness of Eugen.

However. Cha 8 Skills: Knowledge Listen+2 (The Faith) +2 Just as Eugen apologizes readily for all slights. and are usually inebriated. If Risto is present Saves: Fort +6. they will find themselves beset by constant demands to defend themselves. Unlike the others. Language: Greenland^ but his followers will continually challenge members of the party whether any insult has been offered or not. Ref + O. Ukewtse.ConlO. Cha 8 Skills: Hide +? Move Silently + 5 Intuit Direction Animal Empathy +6 +4 (see notes) reats: Endurance Toughness Challenge Rating: I Five Hundred Member Alignment: Neutral Good ut'level Commoner Language: Eskimo Deluded Fool Special: Esbmo jfcfc Arcdc life has given the average Hit Dice: 1 d4 Eskimo an rmprtssive array Ofskills for ^ f Initiative: -2 arsh cl mates. the two are surprisingly AC: 10 fat for having just sailed the North Atlantic."Wis7. by 5 ft./5 fr. Egbert and Dulmo of Schalke Initiative: +o will defend Eugen with all the fury of new converts.Will +o for this confession. Saves: Fort +0. to calmly and deliberately kill the craven lawspeaker. ist-Level Warrior Two new recruits round out the visible members of the Scorned Skraeling Five Hundred. a pair of German brothers who jumped Hk Dice: id8 +7 ship from the Jatkosotka. and Eugen praises them highly. Will -2 Abilities: S«8. and will usually back down from combat . calling them Riidiger's work of course. Eugen himself will never demand satisfaction. an Eskimo could nor use the AC: 8 3 is adventure . •e dogs. If caught and Damage: Longspear Id6 +1 pressured. he states. the two will confess that Jon Eugensson Face/Reach: 5 ft.D«7. Con 18. in common with their type in all societies. The paintings themselves adorn the walls of Brattahild's main hall. Riidiger. Int II. Eugen the Preacher. Ref -2. However. the Five Hundred have far more talk than fight in them./ 5 ft. Riidiger does not really believe Eugen's prattle. Dcx 11.copied the art. Wis H). by 5 ft. They Attacks: Longspcar +1 melee drink heavily. real or Feats: None imagined. Short.s combined wuh oth Attacks: None Face/Reach: 5 ft. and will bitterly resist a return to Risto of Turku's Speed: 30 ft. the Animal Empathy sk. blond Germans. so do the Five Hundred demand that outsiders Challenge Rating: 1 apologize repeatedly and profusely for insulting Eugen's Alignment: Neutral honor. ship.ll on y a ppll Arcnc animak F J Speed: 20 ft. the Finn will quickly return to Gardar Abilities: SIT 12. is the greatest Eskimo Warrior artist on the planet and Greenland is lucky to have him. enticed them to desert to Eugen's team. Should the party attempt to remain at Brattahild for any length of time. that Eugen committed the theft. Int 8.

Wis 12.-. a hard-bitten German >c"s: Call Lie mercenary. his Attacks: Longspear +3 melee followers have not been taken. Eugen has spent much of Anders' money to S retain Rainulf the Knife. he is unaffected by the Five Hundred's demands for apologies. Rainulf enjoys gambling. Rainulf is clearly an experienced veteran and is usually found tending to his weapons. Cha 9 Skills: Hide +10 Move Silently+10 -Level Sorcerer Intuit Direction Animal Empathy o Magic User +8 + 6 (see notes) Feats: Endurance Mobility Toughness Improved Initiative e: +6 Challenge Rating: 4 30f t . Saves: Fort + 7. Eugen the Preacher is the selfish collaborator who has AC: 14 brought this disaster to the Norse colony. In either the Uniped or slave trader option. Should one of these oafs be drawn into a deadly confrontation. They will continue o "c Silently +7 !°tUIt Dl +9' to sling insults even if they shy away from fighting. and will Damage: Longspear ld6 not be (at Face/Reach: 5 ft. Though a fearsome opponent. Rainulf can easily be persuaded to switch loyalties if offered greater pay. Dice games are his drug of choice. constantly oiling and SJClI . Speed: 30 ft. Hide quickly if their bluster is met firmly. Skill. Ref + 5. Though slightly built. Int 13. the higher Rating: 5 the stakes the better. He is rather scornful of Eugen's theology and the prattlings of the Five Hundred. by 5 ft. AC: Alignment: Neutral Good Language: Eskimo Special: Eskimo Skill restrictions apply here as well. they will have suffered no disappearances but are aware of the problem. His contract is with Eugen personally. As such. Dex 18. Con 22. Eugen insists that the missing Hit Dice: 3dlO +18 have been damned for their lack of faith. and have suffered Initiative: +8 accordingly. C -centrarion -fa Probably because the Five Hundred have no combat Feats: £ notes) skills. Eskimo War Chief The mercenary will perform his paid task and no more. Special: E5ki. Rainulf serves only for cash./5 ft. and uses his mathematical Neutral Good genius to win and his intimidating presence to language assure payment. jrd-Level Fighter When the party first encounters Eugen and the Five Scorned Skraeling Leader Hundred. and 34 . Rainulf will stand by and watch the wretch's messy death with no visible display of emotion. Will + 3 Abilities: Str 16.

If Snorri (or anyone else) tries to draw slave traders are lurking about. Sigurd has no use Saves: Fort +1. Once the party is incapable of learning to do so. Dcx 6. in this age before must make a saving throw as against poison (contact modern telecommunications and with no magical ability DC 16). and all Norse Trash approve (with the exception of Rainulf. Knowing that Eugen will only attempt to Skills: None warp her operation to his own personal gain. Eugen will target implacable hatred for anyone who can write. is most unpleasant to behold and the smell of rotting garbage is strong. The charlatan's minions are not alarmed by the disappearances — while the Five Hundred spew lies readily and often. hurled into the yard to join the other debris. The flowers atop Sigurd is behind the flight. Vatnahverfi District Piles of small bones. . difficulty of 12. or is taking too Language: Greenlandic obvious a role in solving the disappearances. The small number of sheep halfway up the fjord. Will -3 for her uncle and his sniveling minions. Eugen is just as curious as the party to discover the reason for the disappearances if he is not an underlying cause of them. The barn adjoins the dwelling. This consumes one entire action. Pools of known to the Greenlanders as the Vatnahverfi district. coordinating an which prevents any action for the next three rounds. the southern bank flattens out wander about without any apparent tending. Snorri bears an is at a farmstead away from Brattahild. Change can equal profit for the entrepreneur. This is and out of a broken gate to their nearby pen. some are not. If you chose the peaceful flight option. Sailing up Einarsfjord. o Alignment: Chaotic Evil If the party asks too many questions. attack with the slavers will be very difficult. Cha 5 bitter death. they must first make a skill check with a Hundred to fall on the party during a vulnerable moment. Just up from the water lies a small and rather ramshackle If the party attempts to leave without examining the farmstead. About manner of trash and garbage. Though the learning the reasons and keep very close watch on their views of the region are breathtakingly beautiful. Wis 4. If stretches up onto the top of the home. Stench Attack. this farm progress so as to make use of any knowledge gleaned. Sigurd has Feats: Endurance been proceeding in secrecy chiefly to keep him out of Challenge Rating: 1 the migration. passing in into a beautiful plain dotted with small lakes. any information but will freely answer questions if asked. If the party has the opportunity to wring truthful answers from a member of Initiative: -2 the Five Hundred.least initially) unless they displease Eugen. Ref-2. If the party Attacks: Longsword +0 melee hires Rainulf away from Eugen. Failure results in uncontrollable vomiting to send messages over long distances. the wretch will give out the details of Speed: 30 ft. probably from seals and caribou. the arrangement (see "Lair of the Uniped" or "The AC: 8 Slavers" below for more on this connection). Except for the Snorri Bjarnesson oblivious Anders. Eugen might set the Five his sword. rainwater mixed with sheep dung add to the aroma. Int 8. he will not volunteer Damage: Longsword IdS -1 (rust. Eugen will aid the party in the roof are uniformly brown and wilted./5 ft. and sense a threat to his twisted little empire. However. Characters who grapple with Snorri or call in the slavers to assist. The Rusty it for Uniped attack if that option is chosen. They will be left Abilities: Str 15. and so that the sparse cover of meadow grass and flowers if his neighbors are vanishing Eugen wants his cut. on the island to fend for themselves and die a lonely. one of the shutters will open to emit to contents of the combined structure slopes down to the ground of a slop jar. Face/Reach: 5 it. and the roof home. Snorri cannot read or write. by 5 ft. who doesn't Hit Points: 5 care where his pay comes from). there is evidence of numerous are strewn on the ground in front of the home as are all homesteads. all of the Five Hundred are aware of ut-Level Commoner their leader's connection to the evil outsiders. If the Scabbard. they are not particularly good at it. Eugen will Special: Illiteracy. Some are occupied. Con 12.

male members of the party. they will A typical bully. the Face/Reach: 5 ft. and and cast into eternal darkness. Changing Charisma. by 5 ft. Katrma cannot read or write. Initiative: -2 Speed: 20 ft.her charisma rises considerably if hearth. and she complains r Attacks: none constantly and bitterly about the farm. will bring forth the owner. She is almost as filthy as Snorri. huge hulking shapes. imposition caused by visitors and most of all about Saves: Fort -2. the slightly- like rage. She wears a brightly-colored woolen Greenlandic Abilities: Str 8/13. Or any other struggle. with scraggly blond hair and a moth-eaten beard. and display every 28 days. Snorri's victory for generations to come. Skills: none The pair will reluctantly invite the party into their Feats: none farmhouse. If He wears a sweat-stained gray woolen tunic. Snorri is a coward at heart and will back find several recently-buried caches of coins. Ref-2. but avoid actual physical conflict at all costs. There are down quickly when confronted. Katrina is able to invoke barbarian. to I 3 and she is also able to use the Improved Bull Rush feat. This obsession rules her actions. Language: Grccnlandic Katrina will bring them earthenware cups half-filled Special: Barbarian Rage. and even in the party examines the farmstead. he will assure the adventurers. the weather. and often. but noticeably. Giant were the enemies of Snorri. with a weak drink made of fermented berries. Many a warrior challenged Calling to the home. If the party Hit Points: 4 contains a cleric. Katrina is tall like most Greenland Norse. Will -3 Snorri. Snorri spread death about him like Thor himself. Meanwhile. She is no shrinking victim. demanding to know why there are outsiders on his farm. her strength increases drunk Snorri will tell the tale of their oppression. Her high-pitched. her wares at all opportunities. which if anything is even more filthy inside. Cha 6/14 allows this to fall open as she leans over near male members (sec notes) of the party. or pounding on its tilting. Katrina Jorgisdottir. The stench arising from Snorri is powerful. Dex 7. Skalds will sing of his long-time companion. exposing her small and very dirty breasts. they will find footprints the coolness of the Greenland summer he is sweating in the muck showing that many beings passed by. but fled at hearing Snorri's battle-cry. ist-Level Commoner however. Snorri is belligerent and crude. Con 7. he is able to indulge his need Katrina Jorgisdottir for power by smacking her. As the party Alignment: Chaotic Evil seat themselves amid the broken farm implements. Frost giants. Wis 5. the dead of night. these two are clearly in need of whatever aid he can offer. of course. During this period. and regularly strikes Snorri even in front of Norse Trash others. Striding forth into the night. He will bluster loudly many types of currency present. with equally little provocation. Katrma actually cleans Taking a rusted sword from a place of honor over their up quite nicely . only to be overthrown door. Alone. Katrina will offer to show the damage to one of the Lust: Katrina is consumed by lust tor any male of reasonable age and appearance who is nor Snorri. broken the awesome power of Snorri. Snorri Bjarnesson. no evidence of an epic battle. though he lacks the courage to do so in front of visitors. He is short and very Observation will show that Snorri's sword is rusted and stocky. perhaps. though she several sheep. Hidden under some . rising over the already rank smell of the badly-kept If the party has the opportunity to examine the farm farm and enough to nauseate those of weak constitutions./5 ft. but very AC: 8 thin. could learn to do so with i n t e n s i v e teaching. she "accidentally" Inr 11. his mighty sword hewing down foes. Challenge Rating: 1 A very smoky fire sputters in a small hearth. without interference from Snorri or Katrina. has not been drawn from its scabbard in many years. As Katrina's family apparently disowned her even before the disappearances began. Snorri will describe how their attackers came in she is bathed and out of the presence of Snorri. blouse. They broke into the stable and stole lllitercuy. screechingo voice grates & on the ears. If Snorri is not watching. For A period of three days.

/5 ft. Welsh If the Norse are peacefully leaving Greenland. If Unipeds or slave traders are involved in the adventure. Arni can read Latin. and under duress Snorri or Katrina may admit that they have been looting nearby empty farms after their inhabitants have disappeared. His table is equipped with his back and a full beard. Wilderness Lore +10 Search +9 Snorri.dung and straw in the stable are a number of iron tools and implements — very valuable in Greenland. this is The next farm over from Snorri's along the path belongs the famous weapon thar ended the knight's reign to Arni Ice-Farer. of the proper persuasion) is profound. they insulted the pair and Initiative: +2 then left. There and needed to cure his latest catch as quickly as possible. A weapon Arni acquired in trade. Longbow. For reasons she does not understand. Arni is well-off by Greenland the party. water to get rid of the worst of the reek before greeting Arctic fox. they are Longbow + 7 ranged abandoning Snorri and Katrina with it and these two Damage: Boar Spear ld8 +2 will never disappear. they will find a well. Snorri will not venture close to Ami's 3-foot arrow that will pierce armor at 300 feet. He will explain that he recently returned ordered house built of thick turf. Snorri and Int 14. lazy braggart out only for his own fame and fortune. Its farmhouse. Ref +4. are no farm animals evident. His effect on women (and men plates and cups — unusual in Greenland — and he is 37 . the looting engaged in by Snorri and Katrina will not Saves: Fort +8. It leads over some low hills behind Rapid Shot Challenge Rating: 5 Snorri's farm. Ami Ice~Farer If you chose the Uniped or slave trade options. reluctantly. farms is an activity reserved for the faithful. home and distribute drinking horns of imported mead. along with a bathhouse. she will be very eager to visit Ami's farm. by 5 ft. Eskimo here and everywhere else on Greenland a number of the Special: Literacy. but if Unipeds are the mystery Speed: 30 ft. Looting abandoned Abilities:Str 18. Arni will apologize for his covering of blood and guts. with long blonde hair cascading down European luxury goods. something Snorri will strictly forbid. He is a large and very muscular Greenlander standards. Latin. Katrina ^.th'Level Ranger will reveal — but only in an intimate naked moment Greenland's Bravest Son with a handsome male adventurer — that the attackers Hit Points: 54 caught Snorri and Katrina while they slept. Wis 9. If Katrina has come along. according to Snorri a despicable blight on the battlefield. but Arni is utterly If the party approaches the farm. She saw no one. from the main building. range increment is 100 feet. of choice the insults were quite pointed and made her AC: 16 cry. with many and plunge his naked upper body into a nearby barrel of fine animal skins adorning the walls — polar bear. Welsh trees seem to be dying. and others. The adventurers may deduce that the attackers simply Attacks: Boar Spear +8 melee found the couple too repulsive to be worth capturing. There is a barn separated from a hunting expedition into the Greenland wilderness. It is a fair haul of treasure. It fires the "clothyard s h a f t . oblivious to this. but will inform the party that Arni is a lying. It is a well-furnished and clean farmhouse. Cha 20 Skills: Animal Empathy + 12 Hide 4-10 Katrina have earned themselves a spot at the next Uniped Intuit Direction +6 Listen 4-6 feast or on the next slave ship. but there is a man inside Donning a tunic. Will +0 please Eugen and the Five Hundred. Arni will invite the party into his the barn working to clean several animal skins. If the party looks closely. they may notice that Language: Greenlandic. Welsh Longbow idlO +4 Face/Reach: 5 ft. Dex 16. Con I 8. and has apparently attempted to do so repeatedly in the past. trading his fine catches for all manner of in his late 20's. will show the adventurers the Feats: Point Blank Shot Precise Shot invaders' path. Katrina is quite eager to pay her respects to Arni. " a on humanity. through meadows and past small wooded Alignment: Lawful Good groves.

Jon Eugensson gave him no Uniped Male. who longs for the Int II. use your discretion as to already tracked and killed the most challenging prey in how and when you want to toughen the party's task. stalking and netting them. two were once betrothed. amiable sort. When last he took a load of furs to Gardar for trade." if only he were ever on his farm to be targeted. The honest Arni can't believe Loathsome Predator that Jon would steer him wrong. If Sigurd is organizing a peaceful Skills: Listen +2 departure. Many of the Norse consider this highly saving throw fails. as he has found more opportunities to wreck the ship./5 ft. Con 12. Ami is a friendly. If the party the island as far as he knows. but Arni scorns this reliance on others. He also captures the fine white Shipwreck! gyrfalcons of Greenland. convoluted and alien Eskimo tongue fluently. but the DC level is reduced byj one for each groups. usually by himself. As a result. Arni also dislikes the Five Hundred. by 5 ft. subsequent attack against the same target. Arni never thought things through that far - Damage: Bite Id8 +5 he only wanted to keep hunting. Cha 5 thrill of battle. Hit Dice: 4dlO+4 Being an open and guileless sort. with Sigurd's neo-paganism. and give the party his opinion that a new predator has indeed entered the region. and will eventually pile her up on some of the trains falcons for hunting. and is also one of the few Greenlanders who speaks the one of the few literate Greenlanders. Arm will have seen no their enemies in combat. he but will occasionally take them from fallen enemies or in tribute from human collaborators. If there are invaders about. A stunned character may take no actions mistakes. Dex 14. Knud will have The party's mission will intrigue Arni. dredging up the victim's evidence of their attacks. He has this at the whim of a die roll. Arni will sheepishly Initiative:+1 admit Sigurd's reason for animosity if questioned: the Speed: io ft. and he will provide whatever help he can. and longs for greater adventure. Abilities: Str 18. Special. would be at the top of Eugen's "hit list. A Uniped may make one verbal abuse attack per Both the Greenlanders and the Eskimos hunt in small round. but is not one given to Saves: Fore +7. but was out hunting for many weeks. Rather than placing his Greenland home stifling to his ambitions. Spending long stretches in the deepest shame or fear as a distraction. their reliance on talk rather than action. but Arni refused to give up AC: 15 his long. The target wilderness. Verbal Abuse Unipeds possess a crude sort of empathic telepathy. and is the only falconer on many rocks jutting into Greenland's fjords. . and suffers a +2 bonus for any attacks against him. If the with his neighbors. and an injured hunter is food for scavengers. Wis 9. though completely obsessed with tracking and killing animals. Adult indication of any trouble. Sigurd took this as Attacks: Bite +6 melee an insult. mocking them for Weapons: Unipeds do not manufacture weapons. he has seen no sign of this. the target is stunned for one dangerous behavior — the Arctic does not forgive round. Arni will be most eager to stalk and kill them. and believes it to be because her father went Claws +2 melee insane. solitary hunts on the ice. A party of adventurers who have crossed the ocean to seek new experiences will appeal to Arni. the region. she has left Arni behind because of her Spot +3 grudge against him. He is intimately familiar with the region. and fears marriage as a Claw Id4 +1 restriction on his freedom. Rcf +}. Arni has little contact must make a Will saving throw (DC 12). Challenge Rating: ? He will have seen evidence of ghastly killings on the Alignment: Chaotic Evil ice. uses the ship incessantly for local travel. Will +2 theological debate. If the party already knows of the Feats: Endurance Unipeds. Ami Vinegar Knud is a raving incompetent at the tiller of Pride is the only Greenlander the party will meet who actually of Sphinx. which they use to insult If slavers have struck Greenland. He's not entirely comfortable Face/Reach: 5 tt. The idea of invaders will excite Arni.

and believe that sea animals like the seal. Killing this Norse. Physically. and magic-users of their own. Certain animals left at farms they overrun. Norse livestock walrus and whale have especially powerful spirits which have no value for them as booty. The Eskimos are internal organs. Special: Female unipcds arc smaller than the Attack of the Eskimo male. More of them will be necessary if slavers are involved. temporary leader will have little effect on Eskimo You may wish to unleash an Eskimo attack to increase morale. if that option is in play. or turf houses during winter. fewer if the Norse are leaving Greenland by choice. The DC for their verbal abuse attacks begins ar 14- Along the western coast of Greenland. but instead trade with Norse hunting parties on occasion. The rest of the crew will not be so fortunate — such is the danger of trusting Knud as pilot. shelters. If Unipeds are about. Regardless of the damage inflicted on Pride of Sphinx. the Eskimos of this bows. It may to sea on ice floes is not one easily demoralized by be used in conjunction with any of the options chosen casualties in battle. though they toughness. but rather in family Greenland settlement. but meaner-tempered. driving Norse farmers before them. What Eskimos consider "sheltered" is therefore relative. especially the animal's bladder. such as hunting and battle. the Eskimos are among the toughest people on the planet. Later. They have wistful Zlst-Century activists. Eskimo settlements are found in sheltered locations. living in skin tents during summer and stone ally themselves with either Norse or Uniped.There are still other methods of returning to Norway — finding and using one of the Greenland-built ships secreted away by Sigurd or booking passage on the Finnish Jatkosotka. They do not have permanent chiefs. The Eskimos do not like the group efforts. if the party becomes too reliant on the easy transportation up and down the fjords provided by Pride of Sphinx. His kind always elude the consequences of their incompetence. however. Vinegar Knud will always survive. The party might also manage to board and capture the slave trader Devir. But if you want to make the party walk to the settlement. Only some of them will make it ashore. and their hatred is warmly returned. and so they slaughter must be placated if the animal is killed by man. must be . most of them lacking iron weapons Unlike the picture of peaceful Arctic people drawn by and making do with bone-tipped spears. But the Eskimos boast incredible physical continually with Norse hunting parties. but they choose a man with practical experience to lead them in are a small minority. They worship Sedna the The Eskimos will come in a silent but merciless wave. A people who routinely send their elderly out the adventure's hacking and slashing quotient. the Eskimos The Eskimos use their famous igloos only as travel know of them and despise them. capable of enduring extreme temperatures and physical hardships. They skirmish weapons. decide how many sailors the party will need to accomplish their mission. but these lack the range or power of Norse time are a tough and warlike people. very poorly armed. let Knud smash the ship on the rocky coast south or east of the Eastern Settlement. sea goddess. this is another opportunity for Knud to do what he does best. They will not. before play began. A handful of Eskimo bands will units. have never launched a full-scale invasion of the Eskimos do not live in tribes. Loathsome Predator Wrecking the ship on the voyage to Greenland could end the adventure rather prematurely.

It is especially useful in weapons from their human enemies. Previously they were content to prey on the Eskimos. Eugen's minions follow b e h i n d them. provided by Eugen the Preacher. As is By k i l l i n g the Norse. Dex 16. as the Eskimos wish the Norse Attacks: Bice 4-8 melee off the island and the Norse are not willing to give it Claws + 3 melee to them. Spot +4 if you feel the players are unraveling the mystery sooner Feats: Endurance than you would prefer. the lust for k i l l i n g controlling the weather. and pulled the Unipeds south as well. Norse have brought the wrath of the gods to Greenland. t h o r o u g h l y Norse and Eskimo magic come from such different looting the farm and carrying off a n y t h i n g of value to t r a d i t i o n s that counterspells have no effect. sending and two or three angakoks. They will kill men. their assault under the cover of a storm. It is unintelligible to the Hit Dice: 5dlO+4 Norse. Their homes are on the western coast I 50 Saves: Fort +8. as are European languages to them. even if they are planning to leave voluntarily. and the Eskimos may launch usually causes them to leave all belongings behind. choose a site Damage: Bite i d l O 4-5 which w i l l quickly bring the party into play. Eugen is An Eskimo war party will consist of 10 to 15 male warriors selecting the targets for the Unipeds to attack. Int 12. at any point. Challenge Rating: 5 Alignment: Chaotic Evil Lair of the Unipeds Special: The dominant Uniped has a longsword This segment should only be used if you chose the Uniped Option. and promised a steady flow of victims./ 5 fr. It is 40 . Unipeds may not make both claw and weapon attacks in the same round. The DC for caves on the eastern coast about 50 miles east of the the dominant Uniped's verbal abuse attacks is I 3 Norse colony. women and children without discrimination. and it was perhaps and stop the relentless advance of the ice pack. Cha 4 Note that Eskimo attack can also be used to obscure Skills: Listen + 3 the true nature of the difficulties afflicting Greenland. So different Initiataive: +4 are these civilizations that even magical means will not Speed: 30 ft. allow one side to understand the other. Dominant Uniped Male Their language is incredibly complex. evil tends to evil. so they will eventually Abilities: Str 19. The Unipeds had no contact w i t h the (reflecting his greater spite). Eugen's compound at B r a t t a h i l d . with multiple words for Arctic conditions but none for many concepts Loathsome Leader central to European thinking. There is little AC: l room for compromise. The Eskimos are bent on taking captives as slaves. Rcf +4. occupying a lair in a series of us use. Though Unipeds w i l l often seize Norse due to its alien origin. As the Claw Id6 4-1 Eskimos have far greater mobility on the snow and ice Longsword ld8 4-1 than the Norse. return to the coastal route on their journey homeward. as they call t h e i r sorcerers. but no training in These are Ice Unipeds. Con 16. The presence of Norse hunting parties alerted cast into the sea. Will +4 miles or so north of the settlement. making sacrifice to t h e i r spirits. Longsword 4-1 melee As the initial target for the Eskimo attack. i n e v i t a b l e that these two should join forces. Eugen has provided the Unipeds w i t h on k i l l i n g as many Norse as possible both to reduce weapons. Wis 9. by 5 ft. they came into contact with Eugen the Preacher. competition for the island's dwindling resources and to satisfy their goddess. out his minions from the Five Hundred to mark the Eskimo magic is l i m i t e d in its power. European. they can appease t h i s d i v i n e anger often the case. Increasingly cold weather has driven the Eskimos further to the south. and In exchange. they are capable of launching their attack Face/Reach: 5 ft. Norse settlements u n t i l their latest rounds of attacks began. By slaughtering these creatures without these vile predators to another potential food source. but frightens the farms for sacrifice. the Eskimos believe the At some point early in the Unipeds' lust for Norse flesh.

and though The party might find itself the victim of Uniped attack they do not often attack humans they are desperate.I. taking only what they need to sustain themselves. The sharp Uniped sense of smell will Attacks: Bite 4-2 melee lead them to the carcass. attacks./5 ft. it may Damage: Bite ld6 +1 take them several nights to find it. Those who ridiculed or slighted the Five Hundred. with surviving humans forced to and attempt to eat any living being they spot. Uniped assaults come on the night of the new moon. The player characters' actions will largely determine if the elderly or the infirm unable to match the speed of and how they come to meet the Unipeds. Human and animal bones lie stacked haphazardly outside The player characters will then have the opportunity to the cave mouths. will herd the humans and any farm animals back to the They cannot use weapons. forth Unipeds to attack the farm where the party is staying. Or the party might shadow the Five even at a hard pace. one of the Five Hundred will leave a Speed: 20 ft. The Five this death march and consumed in place. If party runs into some of the creatures outside their lair. There may be evidence left along the way of children. Uniped participates in the attack. Sometimes the attack is delayed by up to several days if the one-legged killing machines had trouble finding the marked farm. Along the way. If any Challenge Rating: 2 resistance is offered. action seems to be lagging. bloody piece of a sheep's carcass somewhere near the AC: 10 targeted farm. Int 4. when the skies are at their darkest. the party may Hundred as they mark the next victim. and have no special Uniped lair. In keeping with their agreement. But skilled trackers might still find a trail leading to the The journey will take three or four days to complete Uniped lair. The others will follow Feats: None through the opening. Any corpses empathic verbal abuse abilities. the follow the Uniped raiders back to their lair. rightmost of which is covered by a mesh of whalebones 41 . As they have no way of knowing where in the colony a farm might be targeted. There are three openings evident. unless restrained by the clan's females. and hundreds have been consumed. by 5 ft. trampling or brushing away Uniped tracks. Almost every adult Face/Reach: 5 ft. encounter polar bear attacks. As the first step in a Initiative: +0 Jniped attack. terrorizing the inhabitants. Abilities: Str 10. but as this is a small Saves: Fort +2. If not. Will +0 and dwindling clan there are only four to six attackers. Hit Dice: 2d8 Unipeds always attack by night. the weather will grow noticeably victims — they also do not want to overly cull their new colder thanks to the nearby glaciers. they might set themselves up as victims. The Unipeds set a herd. Unipeds are Hundred do their best to remove evidence of Uniped very messy creatures. and unless the is marked. they Special: Unipups are even uglier than rheir ciders. They will attack will also be carried off. Ref 4. feel free to cheat and send they will immediately recognize when they have arrived. if they run afoul of the bitter middle-aged men of the Five Hundred. do the heavy lifting. Con 6. as they spring along without seeming to tire. the Unipeds will be overcome by Alignment: Cluiotic Evii bloodlust and kill everyone in the home. Dcx 9. The bears have not fared well with the new competition for food. for consumption at leisure. but very popular with the Five Hundred as it has allowed them to target their enemies for extermination. harsh pace.not especially profitable. This arrangement has gone on for Spawn of Evil several years now. the Unipeds only The path leads over ice fields and along the gravel attack enough farms per lunar cycle to yield 10 to 12 coast. Cha 5 One of the largest Unipeds will then smash through the farmhouse door by lowering its head and springing Skills: None at the door at great speed. especially those who have mocked Unipup Eugen's faith. Even in summer. Wis 2. have found themselves featured on Umped menus. Or if they learn how the farm to be attacked Unipeds have no notion of camouflage.

/ 5 ft. In the last few years. Unipeds feed on a captive human every third or fourth day — varying the routine in order to maximize the victims' distress. and are periodically thrown plantations. meal. the Unipeds release one or two and the Atlantic islands ruled by that kingdom. Italian. two dozen abhorrent to politically correct denizens of the females and about 40 yammering Unipups. French. and with farm animals Joao Fernandez^ taken from the human settlement. The rest of the clan Hit Points: 41 resides in the leftmost cave. Attacks: Longsword +6 melee To rescue the captives. Latin. captives to perform tasks for them — feeding and Skin color has not become the key issue in determining watering the other captives or cleaning the caves. The Unipeds sleep a lot. leader. repeatedly w i t h t h e i r heads u n t i l they t a l l ) . 21st Century. they spend their time looking rather bored Speed: 30 ft. They who can be enslaved that it will be in the f u t u r e . it is a long walk Skills: Appraise + 1 3 Balance + 11 back to the settlement w i t h exhausted and probably Bluff +11 Diplomacy +11 injured settlers. the party will have to get past Damage: Longsword ld8 +2 the Uniped on guard and either spirit the people away Face/Reach: 5 ft. and keep their captives in a Language: Portuguese. Note that Vinegar Knud is probably Disguise +11 Forgery +13 not capable of navigating Pride of Sphinx very close to the Gather Info + i 1 Intimidate +11 Listen +11 Sense Motive +11 Arctic icepack. Wis 14. an Pitiless Slave Trader exceedingly large and ugly creature. M u l t i p l e Greenlandic guards surround both this lair and the slave pen. Con 12. and talking in their guttural Uniped language about AC: 18 humans and animals they wish to k i l l . Once past the Unipeds. using their Religion is the deciding factor — it is considered s i n f u l innate talent to f u l l extent. The Slavers This segment should only be used if you chose the slave trader option. Ref + 7. Portugal has taken a lead in t h i s area. Cha 15 a dozen pups. pen made of crudely felled trees (Unipeds do not use English. Though Joao's trade would be forest clan includes 12 to 15 male Unipeds. it is a perfectly legal profession in these times. verbally abuse these captives mercilessly. Merchant) The central cave houses the dominant Uniped. Speak Language If the Uniped and slave trader options are used in concert. f i r s t in the sale of Moslem and pieces of driftwood. near the Toughness Iron Will slaver camp. They supplement their diet with caribou. . Will + 7 incapacitate the entire clan. seals and bears they hunt. Initiative: +3 and enjoy tormenting their captives with insults. The Special: Alignment. A single Uniped traders have also begun to import small numbers of is always on guard immediately outside the cave mouth. three young male Unipeds. German. the captives are exempt from being chosen for the next But in the far northern reaches of the Atlantic. The clan consists of its Abilities: Str 15. Trade in h u m a n cargo is an ancient tradition. Feats: Alertness Lightning Reflexes a second clan of Unipeds exists in Vinland. more numerous Challenge Rating: 5 and considerably smarter than their Greenland cousins. The human captives are kept prisoners of war to Venice to work that republic's sugar here in wretched conditions. Dex 16. These Unipeds are larger. six females and about Int I 8. Otherwise. His evil nature comes from his will- ingness to slaughter those who stand in his way. though it has gained new impetus in the last century. Africans to perform agricultural work in both Portugal At random intervals. without alerting the others or somehow defeat or Saves: Fort + 5. Alignment: Neutral Evil They inhabit a forest glen. 6th~Level Double Expert (Sailor. tools to chop down trees. Portuguese slave pieces of raw seal to sustain themselves. In exchange for their work. but instead ram t h e m Norwegian. by 5 ft. to enslave other C h r i s t i a n s and a serious crime indeed.

Devir carries a crew of about 40. Though the Five Hundred have to be aware of what By smashing their church bells and failing to baptize happens to the sick. the very old or the very young. a former North Atlantic trader attack them. Wis 9. AC: 11 This is a secret worth protecting. he may set his associates to Eugen the Preacher. considerably more than are needed to man the ship. fishermen catch cod with unbaited Initiative: +1 hooks or by knocking them on the head with a club and hauling them aboard. Joao will argue that his actions also carried away. their children. and though the Attacks: Cutlass +0 melee Portuguese crown is aware of the new lands beyond the Damage: Cutlass ld6 +0 fishing grounds it has kept this information out of Face/Reach: 5 ft. are well-grounded in Portuguese and other European law. numbers that it seems one could walk across them.Portuguese law is far away and easily ignored. and thus they turned to a source of labor Abilities: Str l U D e x 12. carry away all the able-bodied. Joao cannot easily raid the you may want the party to simply spot the slavers and Greenlanders without help from collaborators ashore. Ref + T. The non-able-bodied are If pressed on this point. the Devir. is an explorer./5 ft. Con 12. There is no legal toughness is purely talk designed to convince themselves or moral barrier to forcing them to labor for the of its truth. chiefly English pirates. so As in the Uniped option. Inr n. or the opportunity. and their ancestors knew as Profession (Sailor)+ 14 lump + 4 Vinland. has been responsible for snatching actually Portugiu Greenlanders and carrying them off to work in this operation. gutting and cleaning cod to lay them on Challenge Rating: I drying racks. . benefit of real Christians. Her captain. There. In The Fernande^ Gang the shallows that later peoples will call the Georges and Hit Dice: ld6+I Newfoundland Banks. but because they enslave people bruisers. supplemented by Joao's they enslave people. have been defeated. their ship. not subject to any of their evil deeds. and loading this produce aboard ship for Alignment: Neutral Evil transport back to Europe. simply annoys Eugen. and relish of their raids. they could obtain nearby without embarrassing questions. public view. The extra manpower himself. merchant and slave trader well-known throughout the North Atlantic. Other methods of learning the truth could Those who have tried the direct assault option in the include breaking a member of the Five Hundred to past. If the party gets close to the truth. Portuguese fishermen have discovered incredibly rich fishing grounds off the coast of a large continent south of Greenland. fall on the farmers in the dead of night and who are nominally Christian. the Greenlanders turned their back on Eugen shields them from direct confrontation with Christianity. The tst-Level Expert (Sailor) abundance of the highly-sought cod is miraculous. The force a confession or stalking the Five Hundred on one Greenlanders don't get to fight very often. There are only so many fjords in the settled area. the ancient Greeks told of lands across the Atlantic. Language: Varies (not all arc A single ship. Will + keep it secret. by 5 ft. is an old business associate of Joao and helps comes in handy when subduing new victims. They have not Portuguese Slaver considered this new land remarkable. The fish appear in such huge Speed: 30 ft. Clia 9 The Greenlanders are being taken to the island later Skills: Balance +5 Climb +4 folk will call Nova Scotia. much of their the protections afforded Christians. Joao Fernandez. evil men by the standards of their day — not because Members of the Five Hundred. after all. For the last decade or so. Those involved in the trade are eager to Saves: Fort +1. These are target isolated farms in exchange for cash payment. they toil incessantly rendering cod livers Feats: Endurance for their oil. Like schoolyard bullies. They are apostates. but afterwards tossed overboard.

w i l l be at a distinct disadvantage in a Sigurd is organizing the voyages to Vinland from her high seas pursuit. Though an experienced crew will Face/Reach: 5 ft. Come spring. About two dozen slavers are stationed here permanently. Endurance Mobility northern end of Nova Scotia./5 ft. The slavers are using the well-protected harbor +6 that later inhabitants will call Louisbourg. they will North America is vast: locating Joao's fish factory by harvest more unwilling workers from Greenland. on the Feats. or find someone Sigurd's Journey who knows and sweat the information out of him. and her cousin Jon will gladly help if AC: 10 Risto has not killed him (in order to be rid of the Finn Attacks: Longspear 4-2 melee that much faster). outside the random encounters. and about two dozen more fishermen sleep in shelters outside the stockade at night. and hundreds of Greenlanders toil in harsh conditions. stockade. feel free to cheat) he might pull it off. Dex II. Here The party w i l l stand a better chance of beating t h i s ships can be loaded in some secrecy. by 5 ft. It is a heavily-wooded Toughness area. about 20 miles north of Brattahild. held in a Language: Delaware wooden stockade near the water's edge. The Norse prefer to skirt the coasts and Vinland). 44 . The rendering Special: Micmac warriors only appear through fires and drying racks are along the beach. and it is the most information out of a Devir crewman. if he has not yet managed to destroy abandonment option. There are about 200 slaves present. or Eugen himself logical jumping-off point for the Norse route to the (as a former mariner. be hard to come by. The party has several options. rowing out to the fishing banks at dawn. Wis ICV'Ch'a IO Once the site's location has been determined and Skills: Animal Empathy +2 Hide +4 transportation obtained. step is to liberate the captives. rather than risk the direct passage across the stormy and Should the party locate the slavers' lair. Will 4-2 by Vinegar Knud's incompetence there should be some surviving crewmen including her hardened captain. This segment should only be used if you chose the peaceful Vinegar Knud. Devir has struck the « s *•-•*. Con 10. Sigurd Initiative: +0 Thorvaldsdottir could be convinced to assist in raising Speed: 30 ft. Pride of Sphinx. Sigurd could also help in locate a Damage: Longspear ld64-2 Greenland-built ship. 'Iiit 12. Abilities: Str II. with huge trees coming down to a narrow beach. if Pride of Sphinx has been destroyed Saves: Fort -f I. Instead the party will have to either shadow Devir back to its lair. He will want his pick of any Hit Dice: Id8 +2 spoils. plus cash or other valuables in advance. Ref + I. cash to pay Risto. The fishermen work all summer. but is frustrated by his lack of profit on this Scorned Skraeling journey and could easily be bribed to participate in an assault on the Portuguese. them and return home as well. *. the next obvious unpredictable Labrador Sea southwest of Greenland. Greenland settlement many times already. Joao and his men will massacre party will have to find where they are being taken. Given good weather and a lot of luck father's farmstead in the area known as the Middle (once again. Eugen is capable of navigating to New World. if she is Micmac Warrior still afloat. Challenge Rating: I The slavers have cleared about five or six acres for their Alignment: Neutral Good facility. the party will face a well-guarded Intuit Direction +4 Move Silently facility. chance is impossible. and in early fall a series Rescue of the captured Greenlanders is trickier than of ships arrive to take them and their produce back to breaking them free of the Unipeds. Not wishing to feed and house their captives are not nearly as tough as the one-footed beings. Risto of Turku has no moral qualms about ist'Level Warrior slavery. They could use Pride of Sphinx. Though the slavers Portugal. They might also capture Devir and seize her icepacks between Greenland and the islands to the west charts. the through the winter. or steal them from the caravel. Settlement.

but does go over some very rough terrain. a hard day's walk with an early start and rapid pace. Abilities: Str 12. the party can learn of the Int 12. the Greenlanders have journeyed to the Micmac Indians living in Markland or Vmland. chiefly food and iron tools. Wis 9. Icebergs and colder. Those making to carve out a colony site. ut-Level Commoner Sigurd foresees several stages to the journey. The territory they call Markland and come back with Norse aim to seize the lands they want./5 ft. It is not a long journey. Con 12. understandable given the people she's known all Language: Greenlandic her life. Even some of the trees seem to be dying. Eugen and the Wilderness Lore Five Hundred will attempt to foil her plan. The Norse never seriously would agree wholeheartedly that cooperation is ridiculous. Initiative: +0 This will leave about 1. the ice retreats a and they loved their island. Greenland has been and sheltered fjords were a good home to the Norse growing steadily colder. Every summer. by 5 ft. considered moving their colony before. Though Greenland is a hard land.000 people or less in the 20 ft. the Norse could always return to If confronted. she may seek their aid. Large numbers of livestock are also held at the farm.000 settlers or so she wishes to recruit in one convoy. As in the other options. Dcx 10. Cattle have become more difficult to The idea of peaceful co-habitation with the Skraelings in feed on the reduced forage grown in Greenland's some multi-cultural Utopia of mutual respect is utterly meadows. she hunting and logging parties could not stand up against has yet to make many converts. Cha 12 evacuation through a number of routes. chiefly the degenerates. alien to the Greenland Norse. Sigurd believes. as the Skratlings and do their best to throw the invaders back into the defended their lands with insane fury and the small sea. its meadows best hope for her people's survival. "settling affairs" is Saves: Fort + I. The party may be able to track the disappeared over the ice to the Middle Settlement. weak among the Greenlanders and time is on her side. If they earn the Skills: Animal Empathy trust of Sigurd. the journey have taken very little with them. Sigurd will describe her plan as the last. Ref +1. Greenland Hopeful Dreamer no longer possesses enough cargo capacity to move the Hit Dice: IdIO 2. as it would be to the For centuries.There are several Greenland-built ships run up on the gravel shingle below Thorvald's farm. Speed: Eastern Settlement. even unarmored. The player characters will have to decide how this fits A force of several hundred adult Norse should be able with their directives from Marcello and Elisabeth. Sigurd's collaborators are loading them with supplies. But as the world grows little bit less than it did the year before. but Christian feeling is them. Should . and may instead try to set the party against Eugen without revealing the real reason. In prior years. insane and AC: 10 criminal elements who will probably die out rather Attacks: None quickly when the colony is shorn of its most productive members. the season each year. Greenland. On top of this is Sigurd's return to paganism. Will + ] likely to include a healthy dose of violence. and she may Feats: None ask the party to help her fend off their interference. The Micmacs to the south of Markland. The first convoy has already taken advance Damage: None parties to begin clearing land and settling affairs with Face/Reach: 5 ft. though these will be limited in practice to breeding Greenlandic Peasant stock when the ships depart. Challenge Rating: 1 But Sigurd has little faith in the competence of anyone Alignment: Neutral Good else. the Skradings. But experience has shown one Norse warrior. and exterminate shiploads of prime timber. It is time for them to go. Sagas tell of even better lands or subjugate any present inhabitants. Given the Norse way. to be worth several Skraelings in battle. many feel they could soon find themselves living bits of pack ice clog the nearby seas a day or so later in among the eternal ice.

there arc no horses in Greenland. However. psychology. She therefore organizes the the papal mission. the Unipeds sensed the truth in this offer and are Language: Grccnlandic. but would place make retribution from Monsignor that suffuses her entire being makes an ignominious Marcello h i g h l y unlikely. The Endurance Unipeds would be left without amusing prey or food. Damage: Longsword ld8 + 6 Over time the slavers have gained insight into Uniped Face/Reach. or even know of each other's existence. O living in Vinland. When the slavers started taking Greenlanders. This the Norse mythos. Deflect Arrows other animals on Greenland would freeze to death. Norwegian. Dex 22. and when the humans are all gone Challenge Rating: 9 we'll take you in our ship to Vinland. the Valkyrie Pagan Demigoddess Plotline Combinations The three options listed for Norse disappearance are Norse Avenger not mutually exclusive. she may invite them to The start of the Uniped attacks has convinced Sigurd join the expedition. the proud Viking heritage party. there is nothing left here for the ruthless merchant princess are formidable enemies. should the with each other. such as it is. and allow them to live in peace? • Combination #2. and this has given them the Saves: Fort + 8. where Unipeds Alignment: Lawful Good live in luxury and abundance. he and the rest of the Five Hundred have no idea that the Unipeds and slavers are in league the Norse simply be left to their plan? If so. by -5 ft. Early on they Skills: Bluff+18 Concentration +10 discerned that the Greenland Unipeds lived m a state Diplomacy +11 Handle Animal + 8 of unspoken fear because of the worsening weather. Con 18.Ray of Frost attacks on the Norse farms. Gha 24 encountered the Greenland Unipeds. and Special: Sigurd only appears in this form (see leave one or two of their number behind to guard some cover illustration) as part of a combined plothne. \igurd./5 ft. In exchange for immunity from chainmail stockings) Uniped attacks. The slavers are cooperating with a clan of Unipeds AC: 22 (chainrnail \ sitigiet. Some guidelines for combining Hit Points: 7° them follow. but far better to meet the enemy in a final 46 . Speed: 4O ft. party lie to its patrons. Even though Eugen is dealing with both the Unipeds and the slavers. each other. Will +10 ability to manipulate the Unipeds. Dancing Lights Obscuring Mist Chill Touch Resist Elements The canny slavers offered the Unipeds a way out. This would be in direct violation of that the colony is doomed. German. Initiative: +8 • Combination #r. Unipeds and Slavers. her magic cannot repel that of gives the party the possibility of encountering Unipeds Eskimo Angakoks. Spells: Arcane Mark Detect Magic in that order. the slavers give the Unipeds all of the Attacks: Longsword + 7 melee slaves who have been worked past the point of usefulness. Note that although Sigurd can and slavers at the same time. Unipeds and Peaceful Evacuation. they also Int 19. Rcf +5. Both the papal spymaster and retreat unconscionable. Cone of Cold Control Weather "Gather up as many humans as possible and let us take Spell Turning some for ourselves. This set off a wave of vicious Uniped Daze . Abilities: Str 19. The Innuendo +11 Intimidate +18 slavers fed this fear through guile and rumor. in obvious alliance with ride. If the party impresses Sigurd. Every time they attack a settlement they carry off some victims. Yes. her people. and soon Ride +10 Intuit Direction +5 had the Unipeds. As she is a figure out of captive humans until the slavers take them away. Wts 19. believing that all the humans and Sense Motive +6 Feats: Ambidexterity ." Using their empathic ability. and utter anathema to any cleric in the flight to Vinland. 5 ft. English eagerly doing the slavers' bidding. if you choose to do so. and if the adventurers have failed to complete their mission a trip to a new world might look inviting.

the Unipeds will defend the slaver camp. She has also revived the old Norse religion. is training them for battle. If the player than their body — far better to die a wretched Christian characters can convince Arni to come to Sigurd and ask than to live a free pagan. If the Greenlanders. where the upstart religion's greater power could be thwarted. No wedding in Vinland. Should the party gain Sigurd's trust. she will reveal that she really is a Valkyrie sent by Odin to save the Greenland Norse and establish them in a new land. They plan to kill a camp full of Catholic believes are up to the task of fighting the Unipeds and Portuguese and turn the Christian slaves there into pagans. the Portuguese are indeed criminal slavers and Ice-Farer at her side among these champions. Sigurd the Valkyrie • Combination #j.battle and destroy them. near the slavers' camp. You may have to lead the party by the nose to follow Sigurd to Vinland. Arni lair and kills the Unipeds before attempting to free the will accept. Arni and ask him to marry her so that together they Combine #1 and #3. where Sigurd and Arni will adopt fools. She manipulated Eugen into smashing the island's church bells: Odin demanded the destruction of Christianity in this distant outpost. embraced the old faith. If the expedition is successful. Any clerics in the party should argue him. She desperately wants Ami And yet. Leave hanging the question of just how deeply deluded Sigurd might be. but her have been massacring the Greenlanders the party has been pride is such that she can't bring herself to approach sent here to protect. Sigurd trains the evacuees in the arts of war so that they can rescue their brethren. and projects the belief convincingly enough to have won over a small band of devoted followers. Viking warband. the Unipeds will protect their food supply. the player characters. and the party will be invited to attend a slaves. Unless the party finds this adorn their hall with the pelts of strange beasts. There they will find Sigurd's base and her band of warriors. She established a secret base in Vinland them and put them to work gutting codfish. These people are worse than pagans in the eyes sung as the Greenland peaks disappear over the horizon of the church — they are renegade Christians who have for the last time. and they are led by a pagan She has selected a few men and one or two women she demigoddess. or provoke her into open conflict. She believes herself to be a Norse demigoddess. Sigurd will reveal all the details of the evacuation to • Combination #4. The Vinland Uniped lair lies may explore the vast new frontiers of Vinland.avalancbepress. Potentially. by her measure. He is therefore unaware of both the evacuation that a man or woman's soul is infinitely more important and the coming battle against the Unipeds. and began her party got to Vinland with the help of Risto. and banned Christianity. them into the This should present an unusual dilemma to the player 47 . that songs of victory may be characters. Unipeds. Any course that crosses Sigurd's to join her group. she will accept enthusiastically and Utopian vision will earn the party undying enmity from invite the party along for the final battle as well — a great a reborn Valkyrie (at least in her own mind) and her neo- reward. These men and women will welcome the party warmly and invite them to join in the glorious rescue of the slaves. Slavers and Peaceful Evacuation. and close to the slavers' camp. Historical Notes can be found on our web site: www. after the evacuation to keep the slavers from taking the best and battle the wily Finn may decide to enslave the lot of the brightest. Sigurd learned of this. Slavers and Peaceful Evacuation. and her Greenland Norse warriors could end up in a The slavers have been abducting the majority of climactic battle with the Unipeds and the slavers. But drop hints that she might simply be a beautiful and persuasive woman with unresolved personal issues.

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1434. A stand-along adventure. Avalanche Press. For level characters investigates the decline of Europe s most distant outpost. And find out just what has happened to the deluded. a small party of 2nd through j. their colony thrived on the very edge of the known world. Then they disappeared. Viking colonists came to Greenland.. or use its detailed background as source material for your own campaigns! ISBN m Avalanche Press. (f @f ^ORTH A <? w SCQ'I I.95 . Meet the mysterious angakoks. SRP $12. mythical foe of explorers. Almost five hundred years ago. Eskimo magic-users.AvalanchePress. VA. All Rights Reserved. In this dzo adventure in the spirit of LAST DAYS OF CONSTANTINOPLE. 1-800-564-90O8 / www. Face the bloodthirsty Uniped. LTD. Virginia Beach. Spring. LTD. degenerate remnants of a once-great warrior APL903 II II 9 790970 796126 11 Copyright © 2001.AM) ' Rerven ••>*' ^4 .