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Now you can SPECIAL EDITION July 2016

perform the VANISH Internatonal Magic Magazine
routine that
went viral.


Paul Romhany & Joomag
by Shin Lim
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF t is no secret that I am a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin. I’ve been a Chaplin fan
Paul Romhany: since I saw his masterpiece “The Circus” (Academy Award, 1928) as an eight-
ASSOCIATE EDITOR year-old boy in New Zealand. That film inspired a lifetime love for Chaplin
Ben Robinson movies and for my passion about magic. Today I can sit down with my four-
...every trick ASSOCIATE EDITOR
year old son and watch a Chaplin movie and see his eyes light up whenever
Chaplin walks on screen. The power of a Chaplin movie is that it can reach any
revealed... Nick Lewin
age; and break down all cultural barriers. His work is still as relevant today as it
was when these films were first shown over 90-years ago. There are very few
BEN ROBINSON movies today that have, or will have, the same impact when they are shown
COVER ARTWORK 90 years from now.
HAIM GOLDENBERG When lecturing to magicians live around the world I always give this piece
EDITORIAL SUPPORT EXECUTIVE of advice: “Sit down and watch a full-length silent comedy movie by Charlie
Richard Webster and Mick Peck Chaplin, Harold Lloyd or Buster Keaton.”
Paul Romhany & Sydnie Anderson
You will learn so much about how to craft your own show from these artists.
CREATIVE DESIGNER & LAYOUT If you watch closely, you’ll see these movies have a structure that draws you
Paul Romhany in and takes you on a journey filled with humor and pathos. These great
MARKETING EXECUTIVES filmmakers knew how to tell a story and connect with the viewers that give
Steve Hocevar them meaning and a power that makes them last for eternity.
Harry Morgan Imagine, as a magician, if you could take these powerful elements and
ADDRESS bring them to your show. It doesn’t matter if you are a close-up magician, a
1183 Blind Bogey Drive kid’s performer, a comedy magician or illusionist. By studying Chaplin and
Qualicum Beach, BC. watching his story telling technique you will find yourself connecting with
V9K1E6 your audience in a way that will make a huge difference to your show and
CANADA leave a lasting impression on their minds. My personal suggestions for Chaplin
would be The Kid, The Circus and The Gold Rush. Watch as he takes you on
this incredible ride and study how Chaplin really uses the characters to bring
out the story. Chaplin makes you feel on a gut level and not only is this terribly
difficult to do, but he does this primarily without words. All performers need
to think about that. It is not pantomime in the current definition. It is silent
Created by Paul Romhany & Mike Maione storytelling. There is a great gulf of a difference.

When Ben Robinson told me he and his wife An were going to the opening of
Chaplin’s World in Switzerland I knew it would make a perfect Special Edition
for VANISH. This is a place everybody must visit, not just Chaplin fans but
anybody who loves movies, magic and the arts. Ben has given VANISH a world-
exclusive and insight in to a truly magical place and an insight in to a man who
COPYRIGHT made the world a much happier place to live.
All rights reserved. None of this magazine can be
IMAGINE being able to perform at reprinted electronically OR in hard form without the
least SIX DIFFERENT routines from permission of the editor. We need Chaplin today just as much as the world needed him back during the
one pocket calendar. World Wars and the Great Depression. The world needs to learn how to smile
and laugh and love again. Enjoy this very special edition of VANISH.

Paul Romhany
Now available at your favorite MM dealer. Visit for more.
CHAPLIN’s WORLD, a Foundation Museum, opened
to the world April 17, 2016. It was one day after
Charlie Chaplin turned 127. The museum rests in
Corsier-sur-Vevey, subsidiary to the larger town of
Vevey, Switzerland. Population twenty-thousand
in the off-season, and ballooning to fifty-thousand
in the Summer for those who want to water ski the
majestic Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman
when viewed from the North. The lake, views, Alps
and the estate are indeed—magical. This is magic of
BY BEN ROBINSON a different order; poetic, transcendental, blissful—yet
with mountainous calamity always just a step away.
Switzerland—the heartbeat of Europe. The peaceful
center of the clock spring that never moves, yet,
drives the entire show...

CHAPLIN’s WORLD is the most telling example of one

man raising himself from poverty; and conquering

ap li n’
the world in many respects. Chaplin’s fame rests in a

category by itself. No other artist of the 20th century CHAPLIN’S WORLD
has been as noted. His Academy Award presented IS THE MOST
to him in 1972 is on display and the scripture reads TELLING
(in part): “For his profound insight into the human
condition.” In one wry observation, no other world

figure adorns as many different postage stamps. His
birth centenary wrought the US government to issue HIMSELF FROM
one collector’s edition stamp in 24 ct. gold. Over fifty POVERTY; AND
nations have issued stamps in honor of Sir Charles CONQUERING THE
Chaplin. Full-blown statues in cast metal inhabit at
least five countries (Ireland, Switzerland, France, the WORLD IN MANY
US, and England). RESPECTS.
1918: Chaplin was without question the most
famous man in the world. That year he also co-
founded United Artists along with Mary Pickford
and Douglas Fairbanks and D. W. Griffith. As well,
the police estimated over seventy-five thousand
people came to lower Manhattan to see Chaplin and
Douglas Fairbanks at Federal Hall in New York City.
This was when raising money for the War Bond effort
concerning WWI.

When Chaplin first returned to England in 1922, he

recounts in his first autobiography, My Trip Abroad,
daily he received over two-thousand letters, many
of which asked him for help of one kind or another.
His son, Charles Chaplin Jr. (1925-1968) wrote in the
opening pages to his biography of his father, “...even
your rankest enemies concede that in your realm of
talent you have no peer.”

PHTOTOS: Ben with Chaplin statue. Middle An with Buster

Keaton. Bottom Ben with opening day sign.
“ “
Entryway hello from Charlie

Executed brilliantly by the Grévin Company, The face is

CHAPLIN’s WORLD is a museum unlike any other
the mirror of
the world over. How delightful to be able to report
to the masses of Earth ——— Charlie Chaplin is the mind, and
alive! eyes without
confess the
secrets of the
April 16, 2016, the night before earrings that almost dragged on the heart.
the official opening to the public, floor. No one said anything when
a party was held on the premises he showed up like this during the
honoring (and being attended 1950’s at parties or when leaving
by) notables from every sphere of the FBI building in Washington
the world. Swiss papers reported DC. (This was the time of the
one hundred and fifty journalists, largest, most profane and patently
from seventy-six countries also ridiculous adventure in fetid
attending. As well, twenty members politics man can offer. Hoover was a
of the Chaplin family were present, hypocritical, social malcontent who
including four of his children (Swiss had various assignations with Roy
Chaplin’s original TRAMP suit from THE KID
papers noted) and at least two of his Cohn, a mafia lawyer. )
grandchildren. On April 17th, nearly
every newspaper and TV show in
Enough darkness—step into the
Europe held prominent mention of
light of CHAPLIN’s WORLD!
the great Charlie Chaplin, and the
majestic creation CHAPLIN’s WORLD.
Executed brilliantly by the Grévin
Company, CHAPLIN’s WORLD is a
Opening Day, April 17, accompanied
museum unlike any other the world
by my wife, being fifth and sixth on
over. How delightful to be able
line, we entered CHAPLIN’s WORLD
to report to the masses of Earth
at precisely 10am—when the doors
——— Charlie Chaplin is alive! If
of CHAPLIN’s WORLD opened to the
poetic essence is the intense energy
rest of the world!
of life, then Charlie Chaplin is not
dead. Was he ever? At this very
CHAPLIN’s WORLD is situated on moment, while you read, thousands,
his estate, his home, the Manoir de if not millions, are watching a
Ban. The thirty-six-acres focal point Chaplin film right now, all over our
where he began living in 1953, planet.
after leaving the US under less than
favorable circumstances that befell
The man who lived, and became,
his kingly stature.
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin
(1889—1977) may have achieved
Chaplin was hounded unethically, Gandhian mythology, but,
unmorally and with venom worthy better. (Interestingly, Gandhi
of a man who clearly hated himself, and Chaplin met in the 1930’s
J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the swapping philosophy.) While Lord
(US) Federal Bureau of Investigation Mountbatten said of Mahatma
(FBI). Hoover was a man who Gandhi, “Generations to come will
regularly held covert meetings with scarce believe such a one as he
Hedda Hopper, the larger-than-life walked among us,” this statement
female Hollywood gossip journalist also applies to Chaplin. Now,
and social miscreant. Hoover was CHAPLIN’s WORLD proves this
a cross-dresser complete with indelibly. Ben with Chaplin’s bowler hat
Ben with an original
Chaplin cane

Map outside
showing Chaplin’s
Part of the exhibition from Chaplin’s youth in London

including his son Michael, who is the President

of this museum, and the Vice President, his sister
Victoria, who would have starred in his final film,
had it been made. (See Sidebar: THE FREAK).
Victoria Thierrée Chaplin tours the world with
her angelically dramatic wonder show called Le
A Map of Chaplin’s World
Cirque Invisible (“The Invisible Circus”), with her
clown-illusionist husband Jean-Baptiste Thierrée.
This couple’s children also have theatrical tour de
force extravaganzas that bring repeat standing
ovations the world over for the artistry of James
Thierrée (currently seen in Tabac Rouge) and Aurélia
Thierrée (see Vanish cover story #11) and her
spectacular show Murmures des Murs. The Thierrée
family conspicuously bestill the heart and charm
the mind with the gifts passed on by their famous
forebearer. Victoria Thierrée Chaplin is the recipient Outside the Chaplin Studio
of one of France’s most esteemed theatrical honors:
The Moliere Award. Her eloquent artistic vision Overview of the
interactive studio
designs the sets, costumes, and directs some of her
progeny’s performance. It cannot have been easy
to have grown in the shadow of Charlie Chaplin. Yet
Original hat, boots and the task of the family to create CHAPLIN’s WORLD
cane from Chaplin
with Grévin is now an astonishing accomplishment.

Chaplin to the minds, hearts and Upon entering Manoir de Ban, the Chaplin family is
resultant smiles of children of the shown, dating back to the 1700’s, in a genealogical
CHAPLIN’s WORLD will infuse, His home in Corsier-sur-Vevey,
21st century. While this is a serious timeline which alerts the viewer that the home they
delight, enthrall, bedazzle and Switzerland, a large mansion,
museum, children are inspired are entering is the son of a man named Charles
cherubically entrance the viewer hidden on a hilltop is truly a
every step of the way. Many exhibits Chaplin who was the son of a man named Spencer
to this spirit who walked among paradise worthy of such a world-
encourage child-like curiosity. Chaplin. The family is respectful of names, and
us for eighty-eight years. This admired figure. According to
The Studio at le musée du Charlot Chaplin’s great grandson carries the Spencer name.
“living effigy” also determinately newspapers in Switzerland, nine
invites hands-on fun! Therefore, we now understand that the original
and charmingly introduces Charlie of his children were involved,
Spencer Chaplin has a namesake over 150-years
later. The man the entire world has come to love and respect, was named “The Chaplin we are
Charles Spencer Chaplin but more simply known as “Charlie Chaplin” and in mainly concerned with
Europe, simply as “Charlot.” The Chaplin we are mainly concerned with here
made nearly one hundred films we know of, and many that the expectant
here made nearly one
viewer will see for the first time — family films abound in this museum.
Imagine seeing an Easter magic show with multiplying Easter eggs by the
hundred films we know
of, and many that the
master himself!? Cineastes and first-timers will rejoice in the warmth of the
family shown in a variety of situations; while vacationing, on picnic, playing
expectant viewer will see is used not
for the first time - family
sports (Chaplin was an avid tennis competitor); and during the mundane.
films abound in this just as an
Film Director Jean Renoir (The Grand Illusion) called Charlie Chaplin “the
master of masters” and in so-called retirement (though he was anything
but “retired”) Chaplin is seen rowing a boat while wearing a tie as well
as creating clever hilarity by becoming an impromptu boxing referee here. It is also
counting out his infant son Eugene as he relaxes on a baby blanket on a
well-manicured lawn! When he was not being feted internationally, taking a verb.
a round the world tour in 1961, writing essays or working on his final film
(see sidebar) Chaplin was a very busy and attentive father. A look into
his life at home shows a man quietly possessed to create, explore and
enlighten. Though, he always stated his life’s purpose was simply as “a
theatrical figure that made people laugh.”

Life size wax figures of Chaplin and his wife Oona (formerly Oona O’Neill,
the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill) adorn the interior of the two
floors of the mansion open to the public. All is carefully watched over by a
staff nattily dressed in casual black slacks and tops with the perfectly royal
purple waistcoat marking their stance as minders, guides and insuring the
security of a family home now turned into an entertainingly educational

The “execution” or “réaliser” of CHAPLIN’s WORLD is accredited to “Grévin.”

This is a company that has engineered the sleek modernist architecture
and layout of this amazing museum.

“Amazing” is used not just as an adjective here. It is also a verb. When one
enters a bath on the second floor, the viewer is literally made to disappear
— further explanation would rob the ticket-buyer of the genuine surprise
they have in store.

There are family photographs, films, programs, letters, his gold watch and
much, much more stored in this elegant turn of the century (19thcentury)
building called Manoir de Ban. (The previous owner of the Manoir died
just six months before Chaplin bought the home. More than one person
claimed that spirits walked the hallways.) The Chaplin family took up
residence in this petite/palatial Shangrilah in 1953 after leaving the United
States by sea on the Queen Elizabeth ocean liner leaving port in New York,
after a cross-country trip by train.

Chaplin did not live in seclusion. Hardly. He was nary off the boat at Dover
Cliffs in England before Italy, France and his native England all festively
welcomed him with open arms, and a legion of statesman awards inclusive
of his World Peace Prize, presented to him by Russia, and actually given to
him at his home, the Manoir.
Part of THE KID exhbition

Interactive KID scene

Manoir de Ban is just one structure housing Chapliniana that is mind-
Chaplin’s bedroom where he died Dec.25th 1977

Part circus, film theatre, and historic

recreation of the past, one of the
biggest surprises one can possibly
have begins at the end of the film
attendees’ watch.

Manior de Ban
Imagine falling into one of Chaplin’s
Chaplin’s World celebrated all over Switzerland. films!
Imagine walking the streets of A view of Lake Geneva by the author.
Harold Lloyd famous scene Chaplin’s boyhood London!

It is all there, including an almost

bending to any Chaplin fan. One not overwhelming, it is inviting. Part full-scale one-ring circus complete
can tour the grounds and see the of the woods surrounding Manoir might have to be widened to
with seats and the wax figure of
trees Chaplin loved, talked to and de Ban have been cleared to make accommodate the traffic. (Only
Transformist (“quick change” artist
nurtured. Some are now over three- way for a parking lot for several a Chaplin knows the depth and
for the US readers) Arturo Brachetti
hundred years old! The girth of some hundred vehicles, the curators and breadth of the family name.)
(who attended opening night).
of the beautifully attended to trees producers — head of the Grévin Opening day estimates varied from
As well, actor, director and writer
are as big as a small skyscraper. Co., Mons. Pigeon perfunctorily eight hundred to twelve hundred
Roberto Benigni, sits applauding,
A moderate guess is that the estimated — that three hundred attendees, and other numbers.
while iconic film Director Federico
circumference of one tree may have thousand visitors are expected Ticket price for adults is 23CHF, or
Fellini stands in creative perch
been as spacious as ten meters. One yearly. about twenty-three dollars.
directing the action on stage.
cannot imagine the sheer spirit the Clearly the presence of these three
grounds possess until you feel it for The Studio is a very simply named great talents are just one example
Michael Chaplin quipped during
yourself. The majesty of the estate is dreamland; a true wonder world. of the spectacular generosity
one interview that the roads
(and friendships) shown in this are not for sale from a stand, it is an
museum. One can “assume a place” in exhibit). Tramp. It has table and self-service, and an
Chaplin’s movies by inserting outdoor patio with large umbrellas that
Harold Lloyd hangs from a himself or herself into the gears that Opening Day CHAPLIN’s WORLD protect from sunlight or fierce rain (such as
clock-face in near life-size consume Charlot in Modern Times engaged several live entertainers, on Opening Day). Of course, there is the gift
replica. Laurel & Hardy, W.C. (1936), or receive a shave from reminiscent of the soirées Chaplin shop. One enters CHAPLIN’s WORLD through
Fields, Georges Melies, the Marx The Barber in The Great Dictator held on Sunday nights in his living this commercial walkway, and exits same. It’s
Brothers and others are shown in (1940). These are just two examples room. Silhouette artists dressed worth all of the time spent to see, and pay
full force as spectators watching among the many opportunities similarly, a lightening sketch the price for, an unforgettable adventure
the action in the one ring circus. the delighted spectator has when artist, and two balloon artists (one in not just a man’s world, but, indeed, an
Even Woody Allen is seen in one either trying on a Chaplin-like magician-balloonist Cornelius immersion in his life. One gets the feeling
area called The Bank, where his chapeau (while learning its origins Magou decked out in a dashing not just of Chaplin and the things he owned
life-size figure attempts to pass as a “melon hat”), twirling a replica purple and silver silk suit) kept the and what he spent his life doing. The feeling
an illegible note to the bank teller bamboo cane or standing in line to crowds delighted as they waited on of CHAPLIN’s WORLD is far deeper.
as he does in his first film comedy buy a magazine that offers over one line in some areas.
Take the Money and Run (1969). hundred different issues all with Mr. On Opening Day, the very first person
Chaplin’s face on the cover (these admitted to the property was a French
There is a restaurant called The
Buster Keaton (1895-1966) is woman named Anouk Benbunan from
praised and presented with all Nice, France. A lifelong Chaplin fan, she
the glory due the great clown arrived in time to attain the first position
in his one screen appearance of those entering. She was interviewed by
(Limelight, 1952) with Chaplin, a documentarian, and photographed. She
and as a figure one may sit, later told me when we met in Mr. Chaplin’s
converse with and have a photo living room that she had asked Chaplin’s
taken with if one so chooses. spirit to:
Photography is allowed on
the premises within reason. 1. Be the very first person from the
Those wishing to shoot video outside world admitted.
should check with authorities 2. To have a “magical experience.”
beforehand. (Caveat emptor: the
eye in the sky watches all.)
Given that she did enter first, and she then
met a magician (me) who created magic for
If you want to be imprisoned her, I’d say her wish was granted. As well, the
with The Tramp, you too can ever-lasting wonderment of Charlie Chaplin
exercise similar escape skills by not only persists iconically, but is in full force
being surprised at one way out of for all those who make the trek to Corsier-
the theatrical, life-sized cell. Such sur-Vevey. There, the viewer will revel in
are the really clever, genuinely what many believe to be the most important
interactive exhibits. A great artist of the 20th century. Be sure—surprises
bow must be taken by whoever abound.
thought up each “set piece” and
the brilliant rendering. One man
visiting from Essex England, CHAPLIN’s WORLD is the most profound
Ian Knowles, a professional statement of familial reverence one can see.
special effects consultant, and From the Chagall Museum, in Nice, France,
his consort Mandy, repeatedly to the Tower of London, to the Emperor’s
expressed to me how “knocked Palace in Bangkok, Thailand and the Morgan
out” they both were by the Museum in New York City the intriguing
extensive nature of the exhibits, sterility honoring its subjects of the
right down to the unclean sheets aforementioned doesn’t “place” in CHAPLIN’s
on the prisoner’s bed. The Studio WORLD. Rather, CHAPLIN’s WORLD is a
is a wow. Make that a “double genuinely interactive museum. It contains
wow.” such detail it all cannot be apprehended
at one viewing. There is warmth and a
presence of mind that really thought about PHTOTOS: TOP - Signed autograph on Chaplin boot.
Middle - a series of Chaplin dolls
the statement to be made in honor of this
exceptional individual. The display of the
that the best statement made about
CHAPLIN’s WORLD was made by
his son Eugene. When asked by
an on camera reporter for Italian
TV how long the entire creation
took to implement, Eugene quietly
replied, “From start to finish the
entire project took about sixteen
years once we decided to do it.
There were many hurdles and
complications. But, in the end we
knew we could do it. After all, we
are Swiss!”

If you want to treat yourself to a

once in a lifetime view of a man’s
achievement, one who literally
changed an art form, and did too
Interactive dressing exhibit
many remarkable things to list in
this brief space, I encourage you to
go and learn what true genius is, by
visiting, and reveling in this grand
testament, worthy of its subject —

A scene from the The Tramp - one of many moving

images throughout Chaplin’s World.

items and film accompaniments is world peacefully in his sleep on applauded Charlot and showed
riveting. Christmas Day, 1977. From your very artwork, collages, posters, puppets
first step inside Chaplin’s home you and dolls, large photographs and
are beset with thunderous energy. It chinaware that all praised the great
If Chaplin’s perfectionism in making
is inescapable. clown-filmmaker. Like the residents
films has continued through history,
of Monte Carlo being very prideful
one cannot do better to experience
and mindful of The International
such delightful detail than to enter The “212 bus” in Vevey takes one
Circus Festival that takes place in
and relish in CHAPLIN’s WORLD. The directly to CHAPLIN’s WORLD, the
January, where petite Monte Carlo
attention to detail is worthy of the bus stop appropriately called, quite
steps out on the world stage, so too
man it represents. simply “Chaplin.” From there, one
does CHAPLIN’s WORLD take a well
needs a minimum of three-hours to
deserved bow on this premier.
experience CHAPLIN’s WORLD.
One is greeted immediately upon
entering his home by the striking
This writer spent a week in
figure of the master of the Manoir CHAPLIN’s WORLD, Mr. Chaplin’s son
Switzerland taking in the Alps, Lake
himself; with his gorgeous wife Michael tells us, was created with
Geneva, eating in many restaurants
looking attentively on from just sixty-million Swiss francs (almost
and talking to many Swiss residents,
behind him in an oversize black the equivalent of 60-million dollars),
some who had lived in the great
and white photo. One cannot help and one could not walk a half-block
country since before the Chaplin’s
but to wipe their shoes, remove in either Vevey or Geneva, opening
arrival in 1952.
their hat, and offer thanks for the week, without seeing an image
invitation to enter this celebrated or announcement of the Grand
man’s home. You are entering where Opening on April 17th. Shops too While the details of the creation
he spent his final twenty-five years, caught the Chaplin mania. Display of this unparalleled museum are Kissing Chaplin

raised his family and also left this windows throughout Switzerland unending, I can assure the reader
Foreword. Adolphe Nysenholc wrote The Preface. Pierre
But, she is not without great presence of mind. Mixing Etaix supplied the Preface Drawing.
magic and ugly human traits is perfect counter point
told by the master of mixing pathos with broad The book by Call Me Edouard Press is most impressive
humor. with gentle black, white and grey hues inviting the

The We are meeting an angel. We are meeting an animal

of myth. Chaplin’s mind may have altered a South
American tale of the Colo Colo bird the author
informs us. This fills out the text with many scholarly
viewer into the most private world of unfinished work by
Charles Chaplin. Yet, can it be, that this “incomplete film”
in book form is actually a completion of sorts? In film
restoration, it is commonly agreed that the project is not
finished until an audience sees the film projected.

details that will enthrall the reader. The time in which
Chaplin lived during the creation of this film and
script is also admirably described. This provides a
lovely, humanly detailed element, to the story of a film
in development (almost to production), when The
Fates changed direction.
The collaborators and Pierre Smolik have succeeded
in bringing at least a great vestige of this otherworldly
presence to our current day! Was The Freak indeed
Chaplin himself? It’s an easy guess made by many.

The surprises that await the reader finish this story in

Little of Chaplin’s grand idea was ever committed style. As well, included is the gentlest understanding of
to actual film. Some in colorful rich Super-8 by growing older, in a world that is different from the past.
Published by Call Me Edouard
his son-in-law-to-be Jean-Baptiste Thierree (who It is likely that The Freak would have been unlike most
would marry the eventual star of the film, Chaplin’s anything produced by Charles Chaplin in his sixty-year
daughter Victoria). She runs and takes flight with

involvement with making movies.
feast for the eye! The her appendages festively displayed by modern
translation from the French mechanical wizardry. The other film is taken in 16mm
by Philip Freyder of Mons. by Chaplin’s wife Oona. It is well written, beautifully assembled and cleanly
Smolik’s erudition is transcribably printed.
great. It is copiously illustrated and Highest recommendation.
We see the master gesticulating, edifying his
footnoted by this former Chaplin
statement that “space is only felt by the absence of it.”
biographer. We are entreated to a Cost: 28 Pounds, 38 Euros.
We learn that the feathers of the wings, supported by
detailed examination of what might
the bodice worn by Ms. Chaplin, was made of swan
have been Charles Chaplin’s final film,
feathers. The story is complex, not just of a flighted
simply titled The Freak. He referred
being, prescient message and futurism, but a story of
to it in interviews with the press
shortly after the premier of his film A
Countess From Hong Kong (1967).
What to be without religion, if all religions are in fact
one? The author is clearly pondering. We have no
The film was never made. Though
idea what would have been included. Chaplin was
copious notes by Chaplin, and
able to change his mind broadly and with significant
two incomplete scripts have been
impact at any time during his creative process. Yet, the
assiduously assembled to provide
1960’s were not the 1920’s when he could suspend
a final picture of what “the master
shooting for over a hundred days, not a frame of film
of masters” may have had in mind.
being exposed with actors on full time salaries. It was
Along with the Chaplin archives in
a time of social change and teen rebellion. In the
Italy, a slim reproduction of part of a
final decade of his life (1967 – 1977), the work kept
script of The Freak adorns the exhibit
him alive, but when the work ceased due to physical
of the actual wings made for this film
discomfiture, and the adventurousness of the film, the
in CHAPLIN’S WORLD (Corsier-sur-
entire project receded into memory.
Vevey, Switzerland).

And now, almost four decades later, we meet The

We meet Sarapha, half-bird with
Freak in practical philosophic dissection and poetic
wings, half-female human. She is
intellectual without sexual curiosity,
or assignation, in the ensuing story.
The cast of contributors is amazing and many will
be thankful of the insights this work provides film
students of all mediums. Aurelia Thierree wrote The Wings from The Freak.


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Loops New Generation by Yigal Mesika: Now, get even more - Shin Lim
Loops! Get 8 loops for the price of 5.

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