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Internship Report On
Business Development and Customer Retention Policies
A case study on Banglalink

Submitted to
Mrs. Farhan Shazia
Department of Finance,
Jagannath University,

Submitted by
S. M. Shahidul Islam
BBA 3rd Batch

Date of Submission: October 31, 2013

Letter of Transmittal

October 31st 2013

Professor Dr. M. Abu Misir

Department of Finance,
Jagannath University,
Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Sir,

With due Respect I would like to submit my internship report titled “Business Development and
Customer Retention Policies Practiced by Banglalink”. I have prepared this report as a partial
requirement of successful completion of my Internship Program.

In the process of writing this report I had the opportunity to learn about the leading
telecommunication company Banglalink and its different operations. My experience has given
me thorough insight into the activities of a Multi-national organization. I also learned, in details,
about the role and activities of the Business Development and Customer Retention (BDCR)
Department, and its importance for sustainable advancement of a company.

The whole project has been a great learning experience for me. I hope you will find this report
objective, precise and useful. I am available at all times if you need any assistance with the


S. M. Shahidul Islam
ID: 091622
BBA 3rd Batch,
Department of Finance,
Jagannath University, Dhaka.

At the very beginning, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Almighty Allah, who has
given me the strength to complete my internship program in a very comfortable manner. I want
to mention special thanks to Professor Dr. M. Abu Misir, Honorable Chairman, Department of
Finance and Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, Jagannath University, Dhaka. My gratitude and
thanks goes to my respected supervisor Mrs. Farhan Shazia, Lecturer, Department of Finance,
Jagannath University, Dhaka, who co-operated me all through the times for completing my
internship report.

I have conducted my report on “Business Development and Customer Retention Policies

practiced by Banglalink.” For which; I want to mention special thanks to Mr. ANM Atiqur
Rahman, Head of Business Development & Customer Care Retention(BDCR). I also want to
express special thanks to all the employees of BDCR, Banglalink. I would also like to give
special thanks to Md. Mamun Al Zahid, Assistant Manager & Line Manager, Mrs. Rubana
Mahjabin, Senior Executive & Team Leader and Epsita Tanin, Senior Executive & Team
Leader of BDCR, Who helped me in the entire period of three months whenever I need them. I
also like to give thanks to Mr. Kaiser Chowdhury, Senior Manager, HR and Mrs. Shahnila
Rehnooma Ahmed, Senior Executive, HR to help me by processing and approving my
application for Internship program in Banglalink.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend gratitude to all those who supported me to complete this
report. These people gave me their valuable time. I express my special honor to them.

Table of contents
Serial no. Contents Page no.

1. Acknowledgement 3

2. Executive summary 5

3. Introduction 7

4. Origin of the report 7

5. Problem statement 8

6. Company overview 10

7. Organizational structure 20

8. Functional Departments 21

9. SWOT analysis 30

10. Literature review 34

11. BDCR Details & Its Policies 36

12. Methodology 44

13. Data analysis & Findings 45

14. Summary of findings 65

15. Recommendation and 66

16. Appendix 68

17. Bibliography & References 72


In Bangladesh a large numbers of people are using mobile phone now. Almost every class of
people has a mobile phone with a sim connection. As technology is developing day by day the
demand of mobile phone is also increasing day by day. Mobile communication makes our life
more and more easy.

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited is one of the leading telecommunication companies

of Bangladesh. It has over 26 million subscribers now. It is the second largest telecom operator
in Bangladesh. It has a vast and clear network all over the country. Banglalink is very popular for
its cheap call rate and fantastic value added services. This company is also famous for its
excellent customer service. On 10th October, 2013 Banglalink has launched 3G service for its
customers with attractive packages.

In this report I have tried to find out how Banglalink develops its businesses and retains its
customers in this one of the most competitive telecom markets in the world. Grameenphone,
Robi and Airtel, these three telecom operators are most important competitors of Banglalink.

The objective of the report is to find out the policies, practiced by Banglalink to win in the
telecom market, to hold its existing customers and to expand its market share. Banglalink do this
hard job through its Customer Care Department, and Marketing Department. Basically this
responsibility is performed by Business Development and Customer Retention (BDCR), which is
a special wing of Customer Care Department.

BDCR develops businesses and retains its customers through four (4) units named Telesales Unit
(TSU), Campaign Management Unit (CMU), Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) and
Churns Recovery Unit (CRU). Telesales Unit is largest unit among these four.

I have worked with all these four units and gathered huge knowledge about the units’ activities
and goals. But I have a concentration on the largest unit Telesales. Banglalink is earning
Goodwill and Customer Satisfaction through providing quality services and maintaining up-to-
date business strategies.

As Banglalink is one of the biggest companies of Bangladesh, I am fortunate to do complete my
internship in such a big organization. Through my internship period I have learned so many
things from the organization which I have not learned before. As Banglalink has so many
departments, I was placed in Telesales Unit to complete my internship. A brief description is
given below about my internship experience:

Duties and responsibilities within the organization

In telesales department, I got a job as a Researcher. So I have too many responsibilities there. My
working days are Sunday to Thursday, 9.30am-6.30 pm. We have to offer Banglalink Sim to
other operator’s customers over the phone and try to convince them. Sometimes I visit other
units like Campaign Management, Enterprise relationship Management and Churns Recovery
unit to learn about those units’ activities.

Origin of the Report

This report has been made as the course requirement of Internship in BBA course. The topic for
this report has been chosen by my both supervisors, organization’s supervisor ANM Atiqur
Rahman, head of business development & customer retention And institutional supervisor, Mrs.
Farhan Shazia, Lecturer, Department of Finance, Jagannath University, Dhaka. This report
contains the consumers’ reactions towards the business strategies adopted by Banglalink (BL)
like purchasing BL sim card, using it and their satisfaction level about BL Product and Services.

Contribution to the organization

As an intern I have little to contribute for the organization. My topic was research based so I had
to conduct a research on which strategies Banglalink used in past, is currently using and will be
used in future through Business Development and Customer Retention (BDCR) to earn
customers’ satisfaction and to expand market share.

Problem Statement

Finding out the Business Development policies and actions taken by Banglalink and its
effectiveness to attract new customers and holding existing customers which means Customer
Retention. As I have a concentration on Telesales Unit and most of time of my Internship period
has been spent with Telesales team I had an opportunity to understand the behavior of Customer
towards choosing Banglalink connections. So I have done a detail analysis on it and want to
present the total procedure of new connection offering by Telesales. The behavior of customers
in purchasing Sim Card is unknown. Because there are many telecom brands in the market and
different customers prefer different connection for their mobile phone. Some customer buy sim
for low call rater, some buy for good network overage, some buy for low price or more FNF. So
it’s very tough to predict customers’ behavior in case of buying sim. Infect these customers who
are now user of Banglalink sim may switch to another telecom company in future for their better

Objectives of the Research

There are two types of objective behind conducting this report. These are as follows:

Broad objective:
The broad objective of this research is to find out Business Development and Customer
Retention Policies practiced by Banglalink and the effect of those policies through behavior of
customers in case of using Banglalink and purchasing sim from Telesales department.

Specific objectives:

The specific objectives for this research are as follows:

1 To find out the telecom brand that consumers prefer for their cell phone

2 To find out the reason for purchasing the brand.

3 To find out from where they would like to purchase the Sim.

4 To find out the advertisement media that helps the customers most.

5 To fide out what customers think about Telesales.

Limitation of Study
Despite of my highest effort the internship is not free from limitations. Some of those limitations
are mentioned as follows:
 One of the major limitations faced while conducting the study was to communicate with
the selected customers and officials of Banglalink because they were very busy with their
regular jobs.

 Respondent’s unavailability.

3 month is a short time to make the report incorporate with the internship task. So I faced time
limitation and unable to give enough time to make my report. A longer time period would have
ensured a much better result for the study findings.

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited is fully owned by telecom ventures ltd. (previously
Orascom Telecom Ventures limited) of Malta, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Global
Telecom Holding S.A.E. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.)
( Following business combination in April 2011 between
Vimpelcom ltd and Wind Telecom s.p.a, Vimpelcom owns 51.92% shares of Global Telecom
Holding s.a.e. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.). Vimpelcom
( is one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications services
operators providing voice and data services through a range of traditional and broadband mobile
and fixed technologies in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia,
Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Pakistan, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic,
Canada and Bangladesh. Vimpelcom is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and listed
as an ad on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "VIP".

Since Banglalink’s launch in February 2005, its impact was felt immediately: overnight mobile
telephony became an affordable option for customers across a wide range of market segments.

Banglalink’s success was based on a simple mission: "bringing mobile telephony to the masses"
which was the cornerstone of its strategy. Banglalink changed the mobile phone status from
luxury to a necessity and brought mobile telephone to the general people of Bangladesh and
made a place in their hearts. The mobile phone has become the symbol for the positive change in

This positive change that is quite correctly attributed to Banglalink, has become the corporate
positioning of Banglalink and is translated in their slogan "making a difference" or "din bodol"-
"making a difference" not only in the telecom industry, but also through its products and
services, to the lives of its customers. This corporate stance of "making a difference" has been
reflected in everything Banglalink does.

Banglalink attained 1 million subscribers by December 2005 and 3 million subscribers in

October 2006. In less than two years which is by December 2007, Banglalink overtook Aktel to
become the second largest operator in Bangladesh with more than 7.1 million customers.
Banglalink currently has 27.07 million subscribers as of June 2013, representing a market share
of 25.7%.

Banglalink’s growth over the preceding years have been fuelled with innovative products and
services targeting different market segments, aggressive improvement of network quality and
dedicated customer care, creating an extensive distribution network across the country, and
establishing a strong brand that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink.

10 | P a g e
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Banglalink remained committed to play its role as a responsible corporate citizen to contribute in
making a difference in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. The company
undertakes several projects each year for the welfare of community and preservation of the
environment. These initiatives consolidated Banglalink’s reputation as forerunner in the
corporate social activity. Banglalink social activities include the following initiatives:

Cox’s bazar sea beach cleaning project and international coastal cleanup day

Since 2005, Banglalink has been cleaning world’s longest sea beach, cox’s bazar. Under this
project, 26 female workers clean the 3 km long beach 363 days a year in 2 shifts. In addition to
that there is another team of 7 male workers who support to move all heavy dirt and rubbish from
the beach. Banglalink has been truly making a difference in preventing environmental pollution
at cox’s bazar beach and preserving the environment. Moreover, Banglalink is educating and
generating awareness among the visiting tourists and encouraging them to join hands in making a
difference. This initiative is considered as one of the iconic CSR activities in Bangladesh, which
has a far reaching sustainable impact in the community.

11 | P a g e
To generate further awareness and create hype, especially among youth, Banglalink observes
’international coastal cleanup day’ since 2005. Almost 500 volunteers from prominent
universities, colleges and different organizations from Dhaka, Chittagong and cox’s bazaar joins
hands to clean the beach- which makes this the largest voluntary initiative. Through this
initiative, Banglalink seeks to make positive change and promote water pollution prevention

Donating Blankets at Orphanages

Since 2009, to help underprivileged children, Banglalink has taken this special initiative to
distribute blankets among the orphan children of many orphanages around the country- which
are in great need for it during winter season. Last year we distributed 5,000 blankets among the
destitute children of 101 orphanages across the country. The districts covered were- Dhaka,
Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barisal, Narayanganj, Mymensingh, and Tangail.

12 | P a g e
Special Arrangements for Hajj Pilgrims at the Hajj Camp

Since 2009, Banglalink took several initiatives to provide free services to hajj pilgrims at hajj
camp where they gather to depart for hajj. This includes arranging air-conditioned busses for
pilgrims, water distribution zone, phone counter for making free phone calls, free charging units
etc. Other than these, to further aid the pilgrims, Banglalink provided them with trolleys,
signage, information through vas & a hajj guide booklet to facilitate quick and easy
understanding of hajj rituals.

13 | P a g e
Water & date distribution and Iftar at orphanage during Ramadan

Since 2009, Banglalink distributed free water and dates for the fasting people who got stranded
at major traffic points of selected metro cities around Iftar time during Ramadan. Banglalink also
took initiative of arranging regular Iftar & dinner in different orphanages around the country. In
2011, we provided water & dates to almost 85,000 people and Iftar and dinner for more than
12,000 orphans of 123 orphanages across the country.

ICT support for underprivileged children: computer lab set up

To remove the curse of illiteracy from society and to enlighten the students who will become the
hope of tomorrow, Banglalink has successfully set up computer labs in 270 underprivileged
schools at different parts of the country in 2011. The computer labs are equipped with pc, laptop,
internet modem, multimedia projector, speakers and microphone. Now, the newly established
computer lab is offering them a ray of hope. If anyone just walks into some of these computer
labs, a buzz of activities can be seen in an otherwise unexciting establishment of learning, and
stories of lives being transformed can be witnessed.

14 | P a g e
Who is behind Banglalink

Global telecom holding s.a.e. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.)

Global telecom holding s.a.e. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.) Established itself as
a global brand and is considered today to be one of the largest and most diversified telecom operators.
Operating in eleven emerging markets, the company has a population under license of approximately
512 million with an average mobile telephony penetration of approximately 50% as of June, 2010.
Global telecom holding s.a.e. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.) Operates GSM
networks in Algeria ("Ota"), Pakistan ("Mobilink"), Egypt ("Mobinil"), Bangladesh ("Banglalink"),
Burundi (Leo burundi), namibia (Leo namibia), central African republic (Telecel car), North Korea
("Koryolink") and Canada ("Wind Mobile") through its indirect equity shareholding in Globalive
wireless and its indirect equity ownership in Telecel Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe). In 2009, the company was
also awarded the management contract of one of the two Lebanese mobile telecommunications

15 | P a g e
operators ("Alfa") from the government of the republic of Lebanon. Global telecom holding s.a.e.
(formerly known as Orascom telecom holding s.a.e.)’S parent company "wind telecom" is owned by

Vimpelcom is the 6th largest telecom operator in the world, providing service to over 186 million
subscribers, as of 31st march 2011, through its operation in 20 countries. It provides services via a wide
range of wireless, fixed, and broadband services in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,
Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burundi,
Zimbabwe, central African republic, Italy and Canada. The brands under which the company operates
are "Beeline", "kyivstar", "Djuice", "Wind", "Infostrada" ,"Mobilink", "Leo", "Banglalink", "Telecel",
and "Djezzy"

Vimpelcom ltd.’s reporting structure is divided into five business units - Europe and north America,
Russia, Ukraine, the commonwealth of independent states (CIS), and Africa and Asia, all of which
report to the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam.

In September 2004, oth purchased 100% of Sheba telecom (pvt.) Limited in Bangladesh. Global
telecom holding s.a.e. (formerly known as Orascom Telecom Holding s.a.e.) Re-branded and launched
its services as "Banglalink" in February 2005. Immediately after the launch, oth started its aggressive
plans to develop Banglalink into a leader in the mobile sector by rapidly expanding its GSM network to
provide high quality communications services at affordable prices. Banglalink serves over 20 million
subscribers with 27.03% market share (as of April 2011).

16 | P a g e
Making a Difference
When Banglalink entered the Bangladesh telecom industry in February 2005, the scenario
changed overnight with mobile telephony becoming an extremely useful and affordable
communication tool for people across all segments.
Within one year of operation, Banglalink became the fastest growing mobile operator of the
country with a growth rate of 257%. This milestone was achieved with innovative and attractive
products and services targeting the different market segments; aggressive improvement of
network quality and dedicated customer care; and effective communication that emotionally
connected customers with Banglalink.
Banglalink entered the market with a promise of making mobile phone affordable for people.
This promise was kept and Banglalink was the first operator to introduce a flat rate for all calls
(inside own network and to other operators) for the convenience and ease of customers.
Banglalink focused heavily on enhancing service and quality during 2006.

Banglalink also became a leader in terms of its advertising quality and setting very high
standards for competition and others. The corporate TV commercial of "din bodol" based on the
theme "making a difference in people's lives", touched everyone throughout the country and was
adjudged the best TVC of the year according to the leading dailies of the country like Prothom
Alo and New Age. This TV Commercial has become a matter of national pride for Bangladesh
as it has been nominated for the best TV Advertisement of the year with 4 other international
television commercials at the GSMA Award 2007. GSMA Award is considered the Oscar of
mobile industry. Banglalink continues to play an active role in the area of corporate social
responsibility. Banglalink has given Dhaka International Airport - the gateway of Bangladesh a
completely new look. Provision of high quality passenger trolleys, phone booths, emergency
charging station and beautification of the premises is an exemplary initiative, which no other
multinational has taken. Banglalink also contributed to an important tiger conservation project in
the Sundarbans, and continues to support the Cox's bazaar beach cleaning program.

17 | P a g e
Mission, Vision and Values
Our Shared Value

Banglalink aims to understand peoples' needs best and develop appropriate communication
services to improve peoples' life and make it simple. All our work is aimed towards meeting our
vision. All members of the Banglalink family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed
to achieving the vision that we have set ourselves. Our customers' needs matter most to us-
making their life simple and improving it is all we want. To ensure our vision is achieved, we
have set ourselves a few values, we want to be:

Straight Forward




All the Banglalink family members have one thing in common- a passion to serve. We want to
go that extra mile, so that you can have the best possible service Investing in the future of
Bangladesh .The biggest barrier today for people is the cost of handsets. We will strive to lower
the total cost of owning a mobile. We are here to help make a difference in people's lives by
providing affordable and reliable connectivity solutions. We will strive to connect people and
link their lives by listening to them and by understanding their needs. We are here to help you
speak your language.

‘To deliver innovative, customer focused products and to be the benchmark for customer service
Banglalink understands people's needs best and will create and deliver appropriate
communication services to improve people's life and make it easier";

18 | P a g e
Management Team

Management Team

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ziad Shatara

Interim Chief Financial Officer Yasser Hakim
Chief Technical Officer Perihane Elhamy
Chief Commercial Officer Shihab Ahmad
Strategy & Business Planning Director Mahmoud Mohamed Hosny
Customer Care Director Muhammad Arshad
Human Resources & Administration Director Riviera Ho Rathore
Head of PMO & Supply Chain Abdus Saboor
Regulatory and Legal Affairs Director Zakiul Islam
IT Director Nizar El-Assad
Company Secretary M Nurul Alam

19 | P a g e
Organizational Structure



Chief of Chief Chief Head of Head of Head of Chief Head of

corporat Financial Market Human Engine Technic Billing
e Affairs Officer
ing er Care Resour ering al & IT
Strategic Officer Dept. ces Officer

20 | P a g e
Functional Department

Banglalink has the following functional departments

Customer Care Department: Care:

Customer Care Department is responsible for coordinating all sorts of customer support
activities. Its primary task is to ensure that challenging goals are set for each sub-department
according to the organizational aims and each employee understands his or her role in supporting
the customer. CCD has a responsibility to ensure smooth coordination between the activation,
servicing and bill collection activities. CCD operated in different sections such as front office,
activation and Verification, collection and retention, call center etc.
This department is responsible for installation and maintenance of all the telecommunication
equipment’s and the telecom channels required for providing services to customers.

This department is responsible for coordination of various finance and Fund management
activities of Banglalink. This Includes LC and purchase fund

Management payment of deposit paid by customers, cash flow management, and insurance cost
management, forecasting and budgeting, negotiating with Banks etc. Different sections under
this department are Commercial, Fund Management, and Budgeting.
This department also looks after the functioning of Central Stores from where mobile sets, all
other accessories and all sorts of stationeries are issued.

21 | P a g e
Corporate Affairs & Strategic Planning:

This department has been introduces recently to facilitate the following activities:

 Secretarial Activities ensure proper implementation of relevant laws of company acts and
ensures proper reporting to various regulatory bodies.
 Tax & Vat Managing and controlling corporate tax and Vat related issues and co-ordinate
with the tax regulatory boards.
 Business activates regularly meets regulatory bodies and different stakeholders to ensure
smooth running of operational activities of the company.
 Revenue Assurance ensures revenue of the company and develops strategy to increase
revenue as well as protection of revenue leakage.

Human Resources:
Human Resources Department functions in the following distinct sections:

Banglalink, believe that our teamwork is our greatest asset. Useful contributions made by each
individual bring us that much closer to our goals. The Banglalink family is made up of a group of
passionate individuals, uniquely qualified from diverse disciplines but working towards our

Billing and IT:

Billing activities include bill generation, dispatch of bills and risk management. The bill
generation area is responsible for the actual process of preparing the bills for the customers and
sending those bills at the necessary time to allow for delivery time and payment by customers. IT
section provides all sorts of systems or technical support i.e. troubleshooting, installation of
computers, maintaining the computerized attendance system etc.

22 | P a g e
The Sales& Marketing department:
The Sales& Marketing department functions in different categories such as Research & Product
Development, Marketing Communications, Corporate & Direct Sales (telesales), Channel
Management, FWT & Backbone Solutions, Logistics & Trade Support, International Roaming

Sales and marketing is responsible for setting up of the sales channels and mechanisms by which
the services packages are actually sold to the customers. This department also deals with
corporate sales. This department however deals mainly with sales to corporate customers and
maintenance of relations with both current clients as well as counting out potential new corporate
clients, whereas the after sales service and other issues are dealt with by the customer services
operations section of the company.

23 | P a g e
Different services of Banglalink
Banglalink being one of the fastest growing mobile telecommunication companies in Bangladesh
have conducted detailed surveys of consumer behavior to come up with specific products for
different segments according to their usage of the mobile phone.


Based on the research, it is observed that the mass population tends to prefer pre-paid packages
more so Banglalink has come up with different types of pre-paid packages like Desh, Desh 7
FnF, Play, Ek rate, Rangdhanue etc.


This segment caters to the people who have a fixed expenditure for mobile bills per month and
do not want to take the trouble of using pre-paid cards. Banglalink Inspire is a post paid pageage.


It is a premium telecom brand using segmentation strategy. The main aim of Icon is to attract a
certain group of people that are giving the company a substantial amount of revenue and giving
them some premium facilities/services in return. Apart from voice activities, Banglalink
currently has the highest number of products in the Value Added Service (VAS) division
realizing that people are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile phones. Examples
of these products are music station; voice portal, ‘Amar tunes’, GPRS (internet), sms, mms etc.

These products increase the convenience of the people and make information readily available to
them. Other VAS activities include M–Commerce activities like Mobile Remittance and Train
Ticket. In addition, Banglalink also focuses on the agricultural sector of Bangladesh through
strategic projects like ‘Krishibazaar’ service facilitating buying and selling of agricultural
products over the mobile phone.

24 | P a g e
Banglalink made a revelation in the telecommunication sector. City cell was the first to start
telecommunication business in Bangladesh in 1989. GP and Robi started their business from
1997 & 1998. The service charge was great but the facilities were few. Banglalink made the
history by inviting variety of services at a very cheaper rate.

 Grameenphone
 Robi
 Airtel
 Teletalk
 Citycell

Grameenphone is the leader of the mobile market but Banglalink is the second biggest
company in Bangladesh. Banglalink is the main competitor in the mobile market.

The market research also concludes that although Banglalink is not the market leader in
telecommunication market, they are the Market Challenger, as the following figure shows
the market share of Banglalink in the telecommunication market 1


55 Robi

Figure # 9: Market share of Banglalink in compare with others

25 | P a g e
The firms that are not in the top most position but quite large, this runner up firms can
challenge the leader and other competitors in an aggressive bid for more market share, and it is
challenging the market. A market challenger first must define which competitors to challenge
and its strategic objective. A challenger can attack the market leader, a high-risk but potentially
high-gain strategy that makes good sense if the leader is not serving the market well. To succeed
with such an attack, a company must have some sustainable competitive advantage over the
leader—a cost advantage leading to lower prices or the ability to provide better value at a
premium price. It could include a strategy of market challenger. Banglalink‘s competitor to
challenge the market is GRAMEEN PHONE (GP) and their strategic objective is “To receive an
economic return on its investment

Call Rate Of Banglalink Relatives To Other Operators

Operator Airtel Robi Banglalin Grameen TeleTalk

s k phone
Package Tk. 1.20 Tk.1.19 Tk.1.15 Tk.1.50 Tk.1.20
Off-Pick Tk.1.00 Tk0.30 Tk.0.45 Tk.0.75 Tk.0.30

26 | P a g e
Market Needs:
Banglalink is providing a wide range of services for its valued customers. The company seeks
following benefits that are important for its customers:

Quality Service: Banglalink is providing quality service to the employers. The customers don’t
like the network problem and slow networking system. Banglalink recruits high professional
employees and experts to make the network available for the customers. It is the company which
expands its network all over the country within the shortest period of time after starting its
operation. Banglalink is committed to its customer about the quality service.

Customer Service: Banglalink has both online and physical customer care service for its
customers. The valued customer can solve the problems over mobile phone dialing 121. It has
also customer care service all over the country mainly in the city areas. But the centers are too
limited to meet the huge demand. Now at this Banglalink is expanding its customer care centers
and upgrading its quality. Banglalink is committed to meet the customer demand and problem as
soon as possible.

Service at Low Price: Before Banglalink starts its operation the tariff was higher than any other
period. At that time the three mobile companies charged tk. 6 for per minute outgoing calls and
tk.2 for per sms. But the company was committed to provide quality service at a lowest price.
As a result Banglalink is the fastest growing telecom company in Bangladesh. This is because of
providing quality service at a lowest price.

27 | P a g e
Market Growth
Though the call rate tariff is reducing due to the heavy competition in the telecom market, the
market is widening day by day as the number of mobile users are increasing and there is a lot of
scope to develop this sector. Banglalink is the fastest growing telecom sector in Banglalink.
Sheba Phone became Banglalink in 2005 when ORASCOM graphed the company. At the time
launching as the name of Banglalink there was only a few thousand customers but within the
three years its number of customers has raised more than 4 million. Banglalink is the second
largest telecom company operating in Bangladesh.

Product Life cycle

The process of developing and maintaining a fit between an organization’s goals and the
dynamic environment is the strategic planning. Marketing strategy is the means by which a
marketing goal is to be achieved under the observation of the position of the product.

Today understanding customer is crucial, but it is not enough. Under the marketing concept,
companies gain competitive advantage by satisfying target consumer needs better than
competitors do. Thus, marketing strategies must consider not only the needs of target consumers,
but also the strategies of competitors. To prepare a marketing strategy it is necessary to know the
position of the product in its Product Life Cycle.


2 sale
1 s

Figure # 8: Product Life Cycle of Banglalink

28 | P a g e
Comparing the external environment BANGLALINK’s product is placed at the growth stage of
its life cycle. Knowing this position will help to determine which strategy is to apply.

Market share of BANGLALINK is growing at a positive rate in total market. That means the
overall growth rate compare to overall market BANGLALINK is in the Growth Stage. From the
information provided that BANGLALINK is in DOG situation.

Company’s objective must be profitable growth. Since marketing has the main responsibility to
achieve profit and lay down strategies for capturing them, BANGLALINK has followed the
same technique in the operations. The company position dictates the company’s growth

29 | P a g e
SWOT Analysis

• Low cost provider

• Banglalink all connections are ESD and EISD
• Banglalink is the only indigenious company
using GSM service
Strength • From the very begining it is providing free
TNT incoming and outgoing
• It has also provided incoming facilities up to

• Lower number of human resources

• The progress of development of network is
far below rather than subscriber
Weakness expectation
• Failed to identify difference between
developed market and developing market
• Weak management system

• Banglalink can use the image of

multinational organization
Opportunit • Introduction of new technology and
y • Expand the market of rural area
• Banglalink can use strong network facilities
• Banglalink can use soft switch network

• Lots of strong competitor

• The invention of technology whgich is
Threats modern and cosumer oriented
• Another invisible threat is land phone

30 | P a g e
Network Coverage

31 | P a g e
Advertising & Promotion
Banglalink basically undertakes advertisement on basis of their product. They use mainly non
personal advertisement communication like

1. Print Media (Newspaper, Magazine, etc.)

2. Broad Cast Media (TV Media, FM radios)
3. Online Media(Internet)
4. Display Media (Sign Board, Bill Board, etc.)

Their advertising strategy is like Brand Promotion, Sales Promotion, Good Will building,
Network extension notice, Inform Value added service etc.

They also use personal or direct marketing only for their corporate client’s usage; this
will help them to get discounts in different shops and stores.

On the occasion of different religious and cultural festivals Banglalink can provide greetings
through leaflets, festoons, banners and so on as a public relation to their existing and potential

Another kind of promotion they can initiate to make their existing customers loyal who make a
remarkable level of revenue, Banglalink can provide offerings, such as Discount Card. They will
provide subscribers discount cards, as a reward of their substantial use of the service. Banglalink
also became a leader in terms of its advertising quality and setting very high standards for
competition and others. The corporate TV commercial of "din bodol" based on the theme
"making a difference in people's lives", touched everyone throughout the country and was
adjudged the best TVC of the year according to the leading dailies of the country like Prothom
Alo and New Age. This TV Commercial has become a matter of national pride for Bangladesh
as it has been nominated for the best TV Advertisement of the year with 4 other international
television commercials at the GSMA Award 2007. GSMA Award is considered to be the Oscar
of mobile industry.

32 | P a g e
33 | P a g e
Project part
As we already know that, there are many telecom companies which are providing different
types of facilities and services to the customers. Customers prefer different telecom company for
different reason. And it is quit impossible to understand the customer’s psychology in time of
buying sim. There are many things which influence customers in purchasing service from
Telecom Company like low call rate, network, promotion, process, physical evidence, and
people. Therefore, it is very important for a telecom company to know the factors that affect the
customers mind to purchase service.

Literature Review

I have already discussed about my report’s topic. As it is based on Business Development and
Customer Retention Policies, we have to understand what are Business Development and
Customer Retention and things related to it like Consumer Behavior. All these are described

Definition of Business Development & Customer Retention

Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at
developing and implementing growth opportunities within an organization. It is a subset of the
fields of business, commerce, and organizational theory.

Customer retention is the activity that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce
customer defections. Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization
has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. A company’s
ability to attract and retain new customers, is not only related to its product or services, but
strongly related to the way it services its existing customers and the reputation it creates within
and across the marketplace.

34 | P a g e
Definition of consumer behavior
Consumer behavior has changed dramatically in the past decade. The term consumer behavior is
defined as the behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating,
and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs.
Consumer behavior focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources
on consumption related item.

Consumers are the main assets of any company. Every company need both things- earn profit
and satisfied their customers through their products. It is very hard to find out whether the
customers are fully satisfied or not. The behavior of consumers changes over time and whenever
there is new or different products in the market consumers may changes their behavior toward
existing products.

If any company wants to keep their customers for long time and make them loyal to their
products every company have to understand their customer’s behavior. It is very important to
understand the behavior of customers and then providing the products or services according to
the customers need and wants.

So I think this is an important issue, that’s why I have decided to do research on customer’s
behavior in case on purchasing Banglalink sim from telesales department.

Types of consumer
There are two types of consumer. They are:
1 Personal Consumer: Who buy goods or services for his or hers own use, for the use of
households, or as a gift for a friend.
2 Organizational Consumer: It means profit and non-profit business, government
agencies, and institutions, all of which must buy products, and services in order to run
their organizations.

35 | P a g e
Consumer behavior and decision making are interdisciplinary
Consumer behavior was a relatively a new field of study in the mid to late 1960s.Marketing
theorists borrowed heavily from concepts developed in other scientific disciplines such as

1 psychology- the study of individual,

2 sociology- the study of groups,
3 social psychology –the study of how an individual operates in groups,
4 anthropology- the influence of society on individuals, and
5 economics - rationally maximize their benefits

To form the basis of this new marketing discipline All these factors combine to form a model of
consumer behavior that reflects both the cognitive and emotional aspects of consumer decision

Business Development and Customer Retention (BDCR) of Banglalink:

Business Development and Customer Retention (BDCR) has a vision to achieve highest position
in the telecom market of Bangladesh through expanding market share by increasing new
subscribers and holding the existing customer by giving better service.

BDCR has four units-

1. Telesales
2. Campaign Management
3. Enterprise Relationship Management
4. Churns Recovery

36 | P a g e
Brief Details about the units:

Telesales: Telesales is the largest unit of BDCR. It is a hidden project of Banglalink.

Because, in this project callers offer a dial duplicate number to other operators’ customers. And
provide very attractive offers. If customers want to get this connection he/she don’t need to go
anywhere for it. This is a home delivery process. Telesales is a type of telemarketing which uses
call centers with telemarketers who call on the telephone to sell company’s product or service.
Banglalink has a Telesales unit within the Customer Care under Business Development and
Customer Retention. The strength of Telesales is selling, customer acquisition and the emphasis
is on customer retention. Telesales is made to establish the customer service as a major sales
channel. The objective is to build the framework in customer service regarding inbound and
outbound selling, and to acquire competition customer offering duplicate dial. If customers want
to get this connection he/she does not need to go anywhere as there is a home delivery process.

Some talented people are being chosen from all around the contact center for this department.
They are working hard as they come up with different sales target over the time according to the
business needs. They organize sales competition from time to time to boost up the sales. They
regularly update sales report to evaluate the performance. Moreover they are in regular contact
with the management in order to bring new dimension within the organization.

Telesales is already running its operation in 4 districts (Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna)
including Gazipur, Savar, Narayanganj, Narsinghdi, Comilla, Kushtia, Jhenidah, Chuadanga and
Munshigonj with Business Development Officers and covered most of the district with around
450 Banglalink Service Points (BSP). At present 45 Callers and 60 BDOs are working. Telesales
have a team of highly trained and experienced telemarketers who are experts in leading a non-
scripted, two-way conversation with customers to reaching great results. Their offices are
equipped with the latest contact center technology designed to meet their goal to help Banglalink

37 | P a g e
Campaign Management:
Campaign Management is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing
campaigns. Campaign Management unit plays a vital role for Banglalink through proving
important information about market conducting different campaign and research. This unit has
some callers who call the customer directly to take their opinion for research purpose. Campaign
Management also ensures quality of customer service provided by customer care agents from
Banglalink Care line 121 and from Banglalink Customer Care Centers (CCC), Banglalink Points
(BP), and Banglalink Service Point (BSP). The campaign Management callers ask the customers
who take the service about the service given by Customer Care Representatives. The callers ask
the customers about their satisfaction. If customers have any complain callers note that and
forward this to concern department for proper step.

Moreover Campaign Management runs various projects required from Chief Operating Officer
(CEO) and mostly from Marketing Department. The projects run by Campaign Management are
as follows.
1. BP/ BSP Quality Assurance
2. Care line Quality Assurance
3. Customer Data Collection
4. Network Survey
5. Media Survey
6. New Customer Survey
7. Icon Customer Survey.

38 | P a g e
Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM):
Enterprise relationship management or ERM is a business method in relationship
management beyond customer relationship management. Enterprise Relationship Development
Management keeps good relation with different medium and small enterprise who are using
Banglalink service. An officer of ERM continuously supports the business customer at their
need. The officers also have the target of expanding the market. They also assist the customer
about their bills payment; value added services, international roaming etc.

ERM officers perform their responsibility zone wise in Dhaka and Chittagong. After their work
they directly report the Head of the Enterprise Relationship Management. ERM plays an
important role in the revenue of Banglalink.

Churns Recovery Unit (CRU):

Churn Recovery means reactivate the customers who discontinue the services for long period.
In Banglalink Churns customers are those who discontinue its services for 3 months or more.
Banglalink considers these churns customer can be recovered by proper treatment of their
feedback. In this purpose Churns recovery team contacts the churns customers for knowing the
reason of discontinuing the service. There may have many reasons like High call rate, Network
problem, Balance cutting through hidden value added services etc. CRU team members call the
customer and try to understand the reason of the churns and also customer’s attitude towards the
services. Then they try to convince the customers by offering proper treatment of their problems
also with some free facilities for them. By this process CRU able to recovers the churns
customers who make recharge and start using Banglalink services which is a remarkable source
of Banglalink Revenue.

39 | P a g e
Business Development and Customer Retention Policies:
On above discussion we have got a clear idea about the four Units of Business Development
Customer Retention (BDCR) and their Responsibilities, Process of working, and policies
practiced by them. Business Development Customer Retention Policies practiced by Banglalink
are given below.

1. Offering new connection to other operators customers with attractive benefits

2. Offering different Handset Bundles including Smartphones with attractive facilities.
3. Offering new connections to Business Customers with their convenience.
4. Conducting market research of customers’ demand, customers’ attitude, and competitors’
5. Finding out popular Print and Electronic media where Banglalink can give their
advertisement to get maximum population coverage.
6. Finding out network problem and inconvenience of the customers and reporting the issue
to concern department in order to hold customer.
7. Ensuring customer care representatives’ quality standard and reporting the finding to
concern department to take proper steps.
8. Customer Profiling through Customer Data Collection (CDC) project.
9. Promoting Internet service to existing customers via telemarketing.
10. Finding out the reason of Churns, proper treatment and pursuing to re-activate the
11. Knocking the customers politely pursuing them to pay the due bills.
12. Conducting various projects of Top Management and Marketing Department to assist
them to take up-to-date Marketing and Business policy.

40 | P a g e
Present Structure/Organogram of BDCR

Head of BDCR

Telesales Manager

Tele-Caller BDO Back office

Commission Budget Commission Budget BL Payroll
Headcount - 44 Headcount - 25 Headcount - 04

BDO Allocation (Including Narayanganj / Gazipur / 21
Chittagong 4

Tele-caller: there are 44 Tele-callers works in telesales department. They receive call from
IT department in a software system. Then offer a duplicate number or any special number with
many attractive offers. If customers want to get a new connection they just write down the name
and address of the customer and put it down in software. By this software delivery officers get a
sms with this information in their cell phone.

41 | P a g e
BDO(Banglalink Development Officer): After got the sms delivery officers
again do contact with the customer to make him/her ensure. Then he goes to customer address
and gives them the sim. Positive side is BDOs have direct communication with the customer. So
sometimes customers just call them for a sim. So they sell more than callers. But both have a
monthly target, 44 for callers and 80 for BDOs.

Working process of Telesales Dpartment:

Data Source

Internal Data Bank Reference

Data (Third Party/ (Internal - WMS
Warehouse /Personal BL)
(DDMS) contact

Sales Lead

Appointment reconfirmation by

Sale Stand by Rejection

Here Data means the mobile numbers of other operator’s sim users to whom the new connection
is offered.

42 | P a g e
Data sources:
1. From Internal Data Warehouse means data from SAF forms and other documents.
2. Data Bank means Telesales creates a digital data bank by collecting the Flexi loads
Books used by Mobile top up retailers from all over Bangladesh and entry the numbers of
those books.
3. Internal customers also refer the number of people who are interested to take Banglalink
4. WMS is a special module used by the Customer care representatives (CCR). Sometime
interested external customers call Banglalink helpline. Then CCR put the number in
WMS module.

Offering Process:

Telesales team leaders start a job in the calling system by setting data at the beginning of the day.
Then Tele callers join in job in system. Then calls are going to the customers. When a customer
receives the call, the Tele-caller get an indication and able to see the numbers and location of the
customer in the dialing module. The name of this module is Avaya IP Contact. The Tele-callers
offer the customers’ current number starting 0197 from Banglalink. Tele-callers express the
facilities which will be given after taking the sim. If customer agree to take the sim that Caller
agent generates the lead, makes an appointment. Time and place are mentioned in the lead. That
lead was transferred to a Business Development Officer (BDO) to execute the order.

Responsibilities of BDO:
As per order or lead Details (Appointment date, time and place) Business Development Officers
meet the customers and receive necessary documents 1 copy passport size photo, photocopy of
National Id Card or Passport or Driving License and payment of 500 taka as a Security Deposit.
He also assists the customer to fill up the Subscriber Form. After receiving all documents and
payment BDO give the sim. He also informs the customer about the various facilities and
services of Banglalink.

43 | P a g e

The behavior of the customers in purchasing service from Banglalink Telecom Company is
unknown because there are many Telecom company in this country are offering different
attractive things and providing so many different services. a And different types of customers
prefer different type of company for their providing service and facilities. And those customers
who are now purchasing sim from Banglalink may switch to another company in near future for
the providing new and better services of that company.

To complete this report successfully I have to follow some methods. These are as follows:

Research Type: This research is descriptive in nature

Sampling Plan: The sampling for this research is as follows:

1 Sampling Frame: The research was conducted in different parts of Dhaka and
Chittagong city.

2 Sampling Element: Other operators sim users living in Dhaka city were selected as
sampling element.

3 Sampling Procedure: For the research I have used non probability Convenience
sampling technique.

4 Sample Size: My sample size for this research is 50

44 | P a g e
Sources of Data

Data were collected from two sources. They are as follows:

1 Primary data: Primary data were collected directly from the customers of other
operator’s sim users. I have asked some questioned to them and use their responses as
primary data.

2 Secondary data: The secondary data were, company’s Business Review Report,
Marketing Report, information from internet etc.

Data Analysis

For analysis of data MS Word, MS Excel has been used. Parametric and non- parametric
statistical tools has been used to derive a meaningful conclusion from the empirical data.

After completing the research I have found the following things about Banglalink customer’s
behavior and things related to it.

45 | P a g e

Table 1: Age

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid 18-22 3 6.7 6.7 6.7

23-27 9 20.0 20.0 26.7

28-32 16 35.6 35.6 62.2

33 above 17 37.8 37.8 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

Analysis: from the frequency it can said that 17 respondents that means almost 37%
respondent’s age are above 33 years, 16 respondents are between 28-32 years. 9 respondents are
between 23-27 years. And 3 respondents are in between 18-22 years.

46 | P a g e
Table 2: Occupation

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid Businessman 14 31.1 31.1 31.1

Student 10 22.2 22.2 53.3

Service Holder 16 35.6 35.6 88.9

housewife 5 11.1 11.1 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph it can said that 16 respondents are service holders that means
35%. 14 respondents are businessman, 10 respondents are student and other 5 respondents are

47 | P a g e
Present Sim
Table 3:Present sim connection

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid Grameen Phone 18 40.0 40.0 40.0

Robi 9 20.0 20.0 60.0

Airtel 13 28.9 28.9 88.9

Teletalk 5 11.1 11.1 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From this frequency table and graph, it is clear that among 45 respondents18 respondents are Gp
user, 13 respondents are Airtel user, 9 are Robi and 5 are Teletalk user.

48 | P a g e
Connection Type
Type of Sim connection used by subscribers

Table 4: Which type of sim connection you are using now

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid prepaid 22 48.9 48.9 48.9

postpaid 23 51.1 51.1 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From this table and graph we can say that almost 51% respondents are postpaid user; other 49%
are prepaid user.

49 | P a g e
Connection Preferred Most
Type of connection customers prefer for their mobile phone

Table 5: Which type of sim connection you prefer for your mobile phone?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid prepaid 16 35.6 35.6 35.6

postpaid 29 64.4 64.4 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

The frequency table shows that 29 respondents prefer postpaid sim for their mobile phone and
other 16 respondents prefer prepaid sim.

50 | P a g e
Postpaid Better Than Prepaid
Postpaid in better than prepaid

Table 6: Do you think Postpaid connection is better than prepaid sim?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid yes 30 66.7 66.7 66.7

no 15 33.3 33.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table we can say that 30 respondents think that postpaid sim is better than
prepaid sim. And other 15 respondents like to use prepaid sim.

51 | P a g e
Preferable Brand
Sim connection customers prefer most

Table 7: Which branded sim connection you prefer most for mobile phone?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid Grameenphone 22 48.9 48.9 48.9

Banglalink 23 51.1 51.1 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and the graph it is clear that GP and Blink has very tough competition.
Because 23 respondents prefer Blink sim and 22 respondents prefer GP sim.

52 | P a g e
Reasons of Purchasing Banglalink Sim
Reasons for purchasing Banglalink sim

Table 8 What is (are) the reason (s) for purchasing Banglalink sim?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid quality product 21 46.7 46.7 46.7

low price 20 44.4 44.4 91.1

brand image 3 6.7 6.7 97.8

pattern of product 1 2.2 2.2 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph it shows that almost every respondent want to purchase
Blink sim for quality product and low price. 21 respondents are buying Blink sim for quality
product, 20 for low price, 3 for brand image, 1 for pattern of product.

53 | P a g e
Who Takes Decisions
Decision taken by whom
Table 9: Who takes the decision for purchasing Sim?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid head of the family 33 73.3 73.3 73.3

other 12 26.7 26.7 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and the graph, we can say that most of the time head of the family take
decision for purchasing sim. 33 respondents said that head of the family take decision and 12
respondents are said other people take the decision.

54 | P a g e
Who Influence
Customers are influenced by whom

Table 10: By whom you are influenced to buy the product

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid relatives 6 13.3 13.3 13.3

friends 19 42.2 42.2 55.6

colleagues 3 6.7 6.7 62.2

callers 17 37.8 37.8 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph, it is clear that most of the people influenced by friends to
buy this sim. 19 respondents are influenced by friends, 17 by caller, 6 by relatives and other 3 by

55 | P a g e
Advertising Media
Advertising media helps customers to know about the brand

Table 11: Which advertisement media helps you to know about the brand?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid television ad 36 80.0 80.0 80.0

print media 6 13.3 13.3 93.3

bill board ad 3 6.7 6.7 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and the graph we can say that 80% respondents know the product from
TV ad, among 45 respondents 36 said TV ad helps them to know the product, 6 said print media,
3 said bill board ad.

56 | P a g e
Customer’s favorable place to purchase the sim
Frequency table 12: From where do you like to purchase the Sim?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid Banglalink service 6 13.3 13.3 13.3


Banglalink office 6 13.3 13.3 26.7

home 27 60.0 60.0 86.7

shopping mall 6 13.3 13.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph we can say that most of the customers that mean 60%
customers like to purchase the sim from their home. 13% like to buy from Blink service point,
13% from Blink office, and 13% from shopping mall.

57 | P a g e
Home Delivery
Customer is thinking about home delivery system

Table 13: What do you think about the home delivery system?

From the frequency table we can say that 62% respondents think that telesales home delivery
policy is an easy process to buying sim. 13% think it is an effective process, 5% think this
system is hampering their privacy, and 6% think it is difficult to trust.

58 | P a g e
Calling Process
Calling process of telesales is more effective.

Table 14: Do you think this calling process of telesales is more effective?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid yes 39 86.7 86.7 86.7

no 6 13.3 13.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph it is clear that 86% respondents think that the calling process
of telesales is more effective. And 13% think it is not an effective process.

59 | P a g e
Privacy Hamper
This type of call does hamper customer’s privacy
Frequency table 15: This type of call does hamper your privacy.

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid sometime 23 51.1 51.1 51.1

no 16 35.6 35.6 86.7

yes 6 13.3 13.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and the graph it is clear that 51% respondents said that this type of call
sometime does hamper their privacy, almost 36% said no and 13% said yes.

60 | P a g e
Preferable number
Customer’s preferable number

Table 16: What kind of numbers you prefer most?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid dial duplicate 22 48.9 48.9 48.9

silver 1 2.2 2.2 51.1

golden 22 48.9 48.9 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table it is clear that 49% respondents want to get dial duplicate number, 2%
want silver number and 49% want to get golden number.

61 | P a g e
Buying Sim Over Phone
Customer trust on buying sim over the phone

Table 17: Do you trust on buying sim over the phone?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid yes 39 86.7 86.7 86.7

no 6 13.3 13.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph it is clear that 87% respondents said they believe on buying
sim over the phone. And 13% said they don’t believe on buying sim over phone.

62 | P a g e
Deposit Money
Reasonable deposit money system
Table 18: Is the deposit money system reasonable?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid yes 30 66.7 66.7 66.7

no 5 11.1 11.1 77.8

almost 9 20.0 20.0 97.8

amount is big 1 2.2 2.2 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and the graph we can say 67% respondents think that the deposit
money system is reasonable. 20% think it is almost reasonable. Other 11% think the deposit
money is not reasonable. And only 2% respondents think the deposit money is really big.

63 | P a g e
Switching Reasons
Reasons for switching present sim
Table 19: Why you want to switch your present sim?

Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent

Valid dial duplicate number 13 28.9 28.9 28.9

low price 8 17.8 17.8 46.7

more attractive offers 24 53.3 53.3 100.0

Total 45 100.0 100.0

From the frequency table and graph it is clear that 53% respondents want to switch their present
sim to Banglalink sim for more effective offers, 29% change their present sim for dial duplicate
number, and other 18% switch for low price.

64 | P a g e
Summary of Findings:
1. Most of the customer’s age is 28-32 and 33 above. Its mean 73% customers are in this
age group.
2. Most of the customers are service holder and their percentage is 36%

3. Most of the customers are using Grameenphone now.(40%)

4. Half of the respondents are using postpaid sim (51%) and other half are using prepaid
sim (49%)
5. Majority of the respondents are like to use postpaid sim connection.(64%)
6. Most of the respondents said yes that post connection is better than prepaid
connection. (68%)
7. Customers like to use Banglalink sim most (51%), as well as Grameenphone sim
8. Quality of the product (47%) and low price (44%) are the main reasons of purchasing
Banglalink sim.
9. Majority of the customers said that most of the cases head of the family takes the
decision for buying sim. (73%)
10. Most of the time customers do influenced by their friends to buy the product. (42%)
11. Maximum respondents think that television media helps them most to know about the
12. Home delivery process is a very effective process to buy a sim. Moreover, most of the
respondent’s think that they would like to buy sim from their own home. (60%)
13. Maximum respondents think that home delivery process is a very easy way to buy a
sim. (62%)
14. Half of the respondents think that this type of calls does hamper their privacy (51%)
15. Maximum customers would like to buy dial duplicate numbers (49%) or golden
numbers (49%).
16. Almost every customers trust on buying sim over the phone. (87%)

65 | P a g e
17. In postpaid sim connection, deposit money is very important part. And, maximum
respondents think that the deposit money system is more reasonable. (67%)
18. Giving offers that are more effective is main reason to switch their present sim, most of
the customers think that. (53%)


As Banglalink is one of the reputed companies in Bangladesh, there are very little to recommend
about their products and services. Banglalink has very low call rate and their connection price is
also very low. But customer likes to buy their postpaid sim because they can get it from their
home. So I think they can start home delivery system for some of their prepaid sim also. If they
do some attention to their network system I think they can get more customers. Another thing is
most of the customer get information about it from TV ad; they should give more billboard ad
because billboard is now a popular media part. Some recommendations given below
 Should make strong their network system
 Callers should have more convening power.
 Should more careful about customers privacy
 Deposit money should be low
 Should give any special gift to their high users.

66 | P a g e

After analysis the whole report I can conclude that as the aspiration statement Banglalink as a
novice cellular company has improved its condition within a very short time. It was done
because of the right and proper marketing policy of the company. The marketing plan of the
company has proven right for the organization because it’s spreading its business gradually.

But still it’s not the biggest cellular company in the country. GP is the leader in the market and
Banglalink has got lot of aspect to improve the situation. So be the market leader Banglalink
must be very careful in the field of marketing plan and the success of the company is a matter of
subject that how they are implementing the plan.

As a result the Business Development and Customer Retention Policies implementation

consumers’ behavior towards Banglalink is very positive and their satisfaction level is very high.
The consumers of sim connection are preferred The Banglalink most. The consumers believe that
Banglalink provides high quality product, but the call rate, connection rate are not so high.
Consumers are mainly got information from television ads.

So, at the end I can conclude that Banglalink is one of the finest companies in Bangladesh. They
provide high quality of product and consumers are satisfied with Banglalink’s products they
bought, especially postpaid sim connection. Consumers are satisfied by Banglalink sim category.

67 | P a g e


Dear Respondent,
I am a student of BBA of Jagannath University Bangladesh and now doing my internship at
Banglalink Digital Telecommunications Limited. As a part of my internship I have to prepare a
report on the following topic “Business Development and Customer Retention Policies Practiced
by Banglalink” I am assigned by the company to do a research on this topic. For the educational
purpose I need some information from you which will help me in preparing the internship report.
I will be grateful if you give me some of your valuable time. For every question you have to
choose any one answer from the options.
Thank You
Name: ……………………………….
1. 18-22
2. 23-27
3. 28-32
4. 33 above
1. Businessman
2. Student
3. Service holder
4. Housewife
1. Present sim connection:
1. Grameenphone
2. Robi
3. Airtel
4. Teletalk

68 | P a g e
2. Which type of sim connection you are using now?
1. Prepaid
2. postpaid

3. Which type of connect you prefer for your mobile phone?

1. prepaid
2. postpaid
3. corporate
4. Do you think postpaid connection is better than prepaid sim?
1. yes
2. no
3. Other ………………
5. Which branded connection you prefer most for mobile phone?
1. Grameenphone
2. Banglalink
3. Airtel
4. Robi
5. Teletalk
6. What is (are) the reason (s) for purchasing the brand?
1. Quality Product
2. Low Price
3. Brand image
4. Pattern of product
5. Company image
6. others………………………..(specific)
7. Who takes the decision for purchasing Sim?
1. Head of the family
2. Children
3. Wife
4. Others……… (Please specify)
69 | P a g e
8. By whom you are influenced to buy the product? (If any)
1. Relatives
2. Friends
3. Colleagues
4. Callers
5. Others………………. (Please specify)

9. Which advertisement media helps you to know about the brand?

1. Television ad
2. Radio ad
3. Print media
4. Billboard ad
5. Others………….. (Please specify)

10. From where do you like to purchase the Sim?

1. Banglalink service point
2. Banglalink office
3. Home
4. Shopping mall
5. Corporate agreement
11. What do you think about the home delivery system?
1. Easy to buy
2. Effective process
3. Hamper privacy
4. Difficult to trust

12. Do you think this calling process of telesales is more effective?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Other……………………
70 | P a g e
13. This type of call does hamper your privacy?
1. Sometime
2. No
3. Yes
14 What kind of number you prefer most?
1. Dial duplicate
2. Silver
3. Golden
15 Do you trust on buying sim over the phone?
1. Yes
2. No
16. Is the deposit money system reasonable?
1. Almost
2. No
3. Amount is big
4. Yes
17 Why you want to switch your present sim?
1. Dial duplicate offer
2. Low price
3. More attractive offers
4. Tele-caller’ forces


71 | P a g e
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