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Narrator 1: Macbeth is very frightened. He goes to the witches again.

Witch 1: Double, double let’s make trouble

Witch 2: Into the Caldron and make them bubble!
Macbeth: Now you evil creatures! Tell me if I’m safe
Witch 3: Everything will be okay as no man born of a woman can kill you
Witch 4: No man born of a woman can kill you
Witch 5: But when the forest comes nearby
Witch 6: It will be time for you to die
Macbeth: Ah! I am safe. Forests don’t move and all men are born of women
Narrator 2: Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth that he is safe but she is sleepwalking.
Lady Macbeth: I wanted to be queen but now I feel terrible
Narrator 3: Lady Macbeth falls ill and dies.
Duncan’s son, Malcolm marches to Scotland with an army.
A messenger comes to tell Macbeth
Messenger: Majesty, Malcolm’s army is approaching.
Macbeth: Let them come! I am not afraid. Nothing can hurt me until the forest
Narrator 4: Malcolm orders his men to cut down branches to use them as a
disguise and they march to Macbeth’s castle. One of Macbeth soldiers comes
to tell him that the forest is moving
Soldier: Majesty! The forest is moving!
Narrator 5: One of soldiers called Macduff wanted to fight Macbeth
Macbeth: You cannot kill me. No man born of a woman can.
Macduf: I’m not born of a woman. My mother died before I was born.
Narrator: They fight and Macbeth is killed
Malcolm becomes the new king of Scotland