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6 peo Game Bisihow ara ay FINANCIAL INTRALIGENCE UNIT Obligation of Reporting Suspicious Transactions to the Financial Intelligence Unit Under Secon 29 rend with Section 7 ofthe Financ TransationsReprting Act, No.6 2006(FTRA) the Hon Minster of Finance has ised Bxraorary Gazette Notation No. 205/56 date Apl 71, 2017 presrbing Suspicious Transactions (Format tobe flowed insiutons defined under Section 33 ofthe FTAA ‘Te purpose ofthis notice I o Inform the following Designated Non-inance Businesses (ONFBS) of ter obligation fo report any transaction where thee fs reasonable gourd suspect that the transartion may be relate commision of ny urantlacontyferninal tence defined Seton 330 Ue FRA (2) individual and callective prtolio management (ovlmvestng, administering or managing funds or money on behalf of other pesons (© Safekesping and administration of csh or uid scutes on behalf of ter parsons (esate custody services (7) Trustee administration or Investment management oF a superannuation sche (o)Casinos, gambling houses or conducting of a lottery, cuding @ peson ‘io eres on sucha business trough the internet when ther customers engage nfinnclwansators (tea esate agents, when they are involved in transactions fr ther lens in relation the buying and sling of eal estate: (0 Dealers in precious metals and dealers in precious and semi-precious stones nclng but nt led to, metals and stones covered by the Gem Bd Jer Ac, NO. 50 of 193 when they engage nash transactions 0) Lanes, nota, other independant legal professionals and accountants 35 deinen the Section 33 ofthe FTAA (0 Trstor company service provers as defined in the Sctlon 3 ofthe FIBA (0 Offshore units in accordance wth the definitions provided forthe same in other writen lan ‘According, ONFs ae advise to ue Schedule Vf the sid Gant report any suspicious transaction tthe Fane neligence Un Director, Financial nteligence Unit ‘Central Bank of Stank No.0, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo, SeiLanka,