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Book Dealers

National Association of Book Entrepreneurs
Vol. 40 No. 3 Fall 2018

Recession-Proof Book
Marketing Strategies
By Jake Olvido

When You Speak to

Community Groups,
You Sell Books
By Harriet Hodgson

Video Book Marketing

By Trish Collins

Book Marketing Tips

6 Golden Tactics
You Can't Ignore
By Simon Colin Lovell

Five Book Marketing Ideas

That Will Sell Your Book
By Hae Debenham

Publisher’s Profile

Linda Matthies author of the Pinnacle Award winning book, “Slaying a Harpy: Tales of Curtis Hall,”
the second book in her popular Young Adult series. Read about her and her adventurous new
adventure for teens in the Publisher’s Profile on page 3.
ISSN 1098-8521

Editor’s Our 38th Year

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Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Dear Friends,
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This issue of BDW spotlights our Summer 2018 Pinnacle Book
Executive Director
Achievement Award Winners, honoring many of our great members
Al Galasso
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winning books. This recent contest has the most award winners ev- Associate Director
er in our 38 year old history. Check out some of our wonderful en- Ingrid Crawford
tries and authors today.

In this issue of BDW, Jake Olvido unveils “Recession Proof Book

Marketing Strategies,” Harriet Hodgson tells us, “When You
Speak to Community Groups, You Sell Books,” Simon Colin Lovell re-
veals “Book Marketing Tips: 6 Golden Tactics You Can’t Ignore,”
Trish Collins tells us about “Video Book Marketing,” and Hae Deben-
ham teaches us about “Five Book Marketing Ideas That Will Sell
Your Book.” Plus there’s lots more.
National Association Of
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Here are some testimonials:
“L.A. Matthies writes a wonderful
tale for young adults. The writ-
PUBLISHER’S ing taking traditional tales such
as Achilles, Vampires, and Har-
PROFILE pies making them their own with-
out taking the core elements of
who the beings were in history.
Linda Matthies I enjoyed it because of the un-
Author of derstanding of the facts preva-
“Slaying a Harpy: lent in the writing. I would
Tales of Curtis Hall” recommend for young adults as
well as older adults because the
Linda Matthies characters are relateable to all
Linda Matthies began her writ-
ing career in an unconventional ages, everyone knows a Sasha,
way. Though she enjoyed a suc- In “Surviving Curtis Hall: the Tristen, and Billy.” Jessica Bone
cessful career as a Lure of Blood,” her first novel,
Hairstylist/Color Specialist, her she looks into teen minds as “Continuing the previous saga of
personal life had suffered. Lin- they navigate changing schools, her first book, the fantasy world
da’s passion to write came from new loves, and special secrets. of Curtis Hall continues. The
her strong will to reconnect with The book won a 2013 Pinnacle vivid imagery and intricate de-
her teenage children who were Book Achievement Award. tails transfer the reader to a
growing in other directions as world where they can relate and
teenagers often do. Linda’s old- Her follow up novel, “Slaying a picture themselves within. A sol-
er daughter was an avid reader Harpy: Tales of Curtis Hall” has id read for the science fiction
and became her most powerful just been released and has just and fantasy fan. I would highly
inspiration. won a 2018 Pinnacle Book recommend it.” JM
Achievement Award in the cate-
As her words and story line un- gory of Young Adult. For more information, dealer de-
folded, many conversations tails and author info visit
sprang forth and her relation- The story features magic, vam-
ship with her daughter grew pires and a harpy, an ancient
closer, deeper and more fulfilling. and terrible mythological crea-
ture who worms her way into the $10.00
At first, Linda doubted her abili- psyches of Curtis Hall students, Discount Coupon
ties, fearing her lack of formal bringing her own threat. You will
training would keep her from learn about human and vampire Combo Ad
being taken seriously as an au- love and Greek Mythology as Package
thor. However, thanks to her well.
newfound encouragement from On a Publishers Preview Ad
her teens and her brother, she The interaction of the characters in BDW Plus the Hot Books
got the confidence she needed is very interesting and makes To Promote Feature on our
to find a publishing house and for a great read. Young adults website for a Full Year.
editing team to bring her writing who enjoy this genre will defi-
dream into fruition. Sometimes nitely find this new book one Just Sign Up By Dec.15th
not knowing any better is a they will recommend to their 2018, include this coupon
great impetus. She learned from friends. It is refreshing vampire and take $10.00 off your
the editors and her first book fiction and continues the Curtis Combo Package
became a success. Hall saga.

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at the show. Cheryl Long, Culinary Arts, Ltd.

g Once you sign up, you'll receive the "We consider your showing of our books at the
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Recession-Proof Book Maintain an effective yet inexpensive Consign your book to relevant local
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By Jake Olvido
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The succeeding article is about Cost
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ing Strategies, Inexpensive marketing
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vant sites, registering at social net- florist may be more than willing to
ing and many other useful tips about
working sites, requesting and accommodate for a shelf display, a
book marketing.
arranging for virtual book tours, up- perfect compliment indeed for your
loading book "video-mercials" to video book.
A recession-proof marketing strategy
sharing sites, and sending online me-
is characterized by the sustainability of
dia releases. Promote your book to school libraries.
the book marketing plan through these
Regardless of your book genre, you
uncertain recession times and well
Write and submit online articles with can actually market to local or state
into economic growth and betterment
free reprint rights on a topic that is level libraries, if you are able to deter-
in the near future. The marketing strat-
book genre relevant. This inexpensive mine which schools are regularly up-
egy is not so much affected with the
marketing tool builds up, slowly but dating their catalogues with new book
cumulative displacements of the pre-
surely, an author's credibility and ex- purchases and acquisitions.
dominantly difficult economic situation,
pertise of the given subject matter. It
as much as it adapts efficiently and
also provides the author with a web If there is favorable action to your
functionally through it.
marketing presence that both online proposal, offer a reciprocal arrange-
researchers and book readers will ap- ment for the book acquisition, like vol-
In simple terms, the marketing strate-
preciate. unteering for free book reading
gy should be clear, feasible and practi-
sessions and creative writing discus-
cal. Take a hint: a recession-proof
Market your books to non-traditional sions.
book marketing strategy is something
sources to get closer to your target
that is long lasting, something that will
readers. Do a research on companies, Be consistent with your marketing plan.
transcend the ongoing recession.
clubs, associations, organizations, To save precious time, money and
Thus, a good book marketing strategy
foundations and/or similar groups that effort, study what works for your book
also makes the book publicist work
are book genre specific and see if subject; know your target market well
smarter, not more.
there is a gold mine somewhere for by determining what's important to
marketing. It is recession safe be- them and what influences them to
Here are some recession-safe book
cause you don't have to spend a great make a purchase. Learn the success
marketing activities that are guaran-
deal of money promoting; what mat- factors of fellow authors and analyze
teed to spare you from lots of promo-
ters is for you to show to them the the recessional marketing trends to
tional troubles caused by the far
many benefits they will gain by pur- establish a well researched marketing
reaching consequences of the ongo-
chasing your book. plan.
ing recession:
Send emails with book excerpts to Decide early on whether your manu-
Market the book's value rather than its
your relatives, friends, acquaintances, script is promising enough for publish-
price. In a time of economic recession,
school alumni, and neighbors who ing houses to consider or you would
consumer spending behavior be-
have email addresses. Never underes- rather self publish. Also, don't do so-
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timate the power of email to generate cial networking publicity online unless
For this, convince your readers why
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Address__________________________________________ sales info.
Telephone__________________Fax___________________ Final Deadline: December 30th, 2018
E-Mail____________________________________________ See Next Page For Publishers Preview

L.A. Matthies 1079 Westminster Ave. Dix Hills, NY 11746
Phone: 631-526-2427 E-Mail:

Tristen and his two best friends, Billy and Sasha, transferred to Curtis Hall so their
parents could enjoy peace of mind that their kids would receive the best education
while escaping the messy, complicated teen world of their hometown of Hibernia,
New Jersey, a half hour away. Little did their parents realize that although their boys
had received lacrosse scholarships to an incredibly prestigious school rivaling even
the most extravagant college campuses, they now had stumbled onto its secrets as
well. Starting to fit in at the elite boarding school, the teens find themselves faced
with an even more imposing threat than the immortal vampires who have
befriended them.

Retail: $18.95, Sample: $18.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Mary Mendenhall, PO Box 344, Davenport, WA 99122

Phone 509-630-3400 E-Mail
Web Site:

A 3-time award winner for historical and multi-cultural fiction, The

Wrong Side of Eternity follows Irish-Mexican American Stephen
O'Connell as he accidentally saves the life of a refugee fleeing Idi Amin
and engages in development projects in Uganda next door to the
Rwandan genocide. Clashing world views challenge his faith as power-
ful forces put at risk all he cherishes.
Retail: $14.99 Sample: $14.99 ppd.
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Rev. Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri, Mushtaq Publishing Company

919 Sonora Ct. San Dimas, CA 91773-1488
Phone 909-344-0167 E-Mail:
Web Site:

One of the most difficult things for people to realize is that we as human beings are more
than a body,mind, thoughts, emotions or feelings. Our Soul is who we are. It is the highest
aspect fo ourselves, where we and God are one. This book provides a variety of tools and
time tested techniques that allows you to experience yourself as Soul–and as one with God.
Dr. Jaafri takes readers on a journey toward enlightenment with the easy to understand
techniques that can be implemented quickly. This book contains the exact 30 days mind-
theory challenge that enabled him to experience himself as Soul not just in theory but a
reality in his daily life. Amazing secrets revealed. Results guaranteed. Full refund is available
if the mind training system does not work for you.
Retail: $13.99, Sample: $7.99 ppd.
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Gary B Haley Have
7191 Forest Ridge Circle Castle Pines, CO 80108
Telephone: 303-547-5121 E-Mail:

After dealing with a week of harsh, Mideast deserts, terrorists, ear-

splitting explosions and gunfire, there are still mobs to flee, friends to
make, mysteries, and getting home without a passport. Abandoned
in hostile lands, surviving is a priority. Will locals be friendly? Do rivers
offer escape, or death? Forests go on forever and wildlife might be
lethal. But if you knew you could make a difference, how far would
you go?
Retail: $11.22 E-Book: $2.99
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

John Joseph Teresii High Castle Publishing 24338 El Toro Road Suite E123
Laguna Woods, CA 92637 Phone: 949-422-7602
E-Mail: Web:

2018 Winner of 5 Awards, including Best Fantasy, Inspirational, and New

Age Fiction. "The Alchemist" meets "A Wrinkle in Time" in this mystical,
magical adventure where time-travelers seek a cure for aging and arrive in
Acronos, a land of beauty and harmony. They experience the power of nature,
unexplained energy waves, frightening, other-worldly characters, and
changes in time and space. A riveting, inspiring, spiritual journey that will
enhance your life and live in your heart.

Retail: $17.99, Sample: $17.99 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Peter J. Canavan Union Square Publishing NYC

512 Northampton Street, Kingston, PA 18704
Phone: 570-288-3536 E-Mail:
Web Site:

This proactive guide makes students aware of the multitude of unseen risks they
may confront in the course of their years in higher education. Information about
online concerns include identity theft, social media privacy, cell phone safety,
phishing, viruses, malware and cyber-security. Offline concerns include bullying,
hazing, active shooters, alcohol & drugs, travel safety, safe dating, dorm room
security, and even physical self-defense techniques are all covered.

Retail: $16.95, Sample: $16.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Ana Weber Balboa Press 3334 East Coast Highway #242
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 949-422-1830
E-Mail: Web:

THE DOXA METHOD, is providing revolutionary success formulas and tools to

empower you to find the success you individually seek for yourself, your organi-
zation and your loved ones. THE DOXA METHOD is giving you precise tips how to
get there fast track. Most importantly THE DOXA METHOD is giving you 3
tremendous benefits you can tailor to fit your life as an entrepreneur, profession-
al or student. THE DOXA METHOD IS directly reducing your anxiety and replace
it with personal liberty and freedom.

Price: $14.97 Sample: $14.97 ppd.

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Carole P Roman, Red Feather Publishing

1211 Stewart Avenue Suite 104, Bethpage, NY 11714
(516) 375-9550

Join Carole P. Roman and travel through time to visit the most interesting
civilizations throughout history in the first four books of her new series. Learn
what kind of food you might eat in Ancient Greece, the type of clothing you
might wear what your name could be, and what children in the olden days did
for fun. If You Were Me and Lived in...does for history what her other award-
winning series did for culture. So get on-board this time-travel machine and
discover the world through the eyes of a young person just like you.
Retail: $12.99 Sample: $12.99 ppd.
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Whitney J. LeBlanc Createspace 490 Sunset Drive Angwin, CA 94508

Phone: 707-965-9729 E-Mail:
Web: http:/

The Portrait is a story about three people from different cultures struggling to live through the
social evolution of the 1960’s. The lives of a Latino trapeze artiste, a Black man survivor-of-
the-streets, and the White daughter of a wealthy Bible publisher, were thrown together during
the tumult and the violence of bigotry and racial hatred, during the Civil Rights Era. The
challenges in each of their lives are not unlike the soul-searching that each of us faces in our
own daily struggle to remain true to ourselves, and maintain a connection to the biblical
commandment; “Love your neighbor as yourselves.” A challenge not easily embraced along
with the admonition that all men are created equally. This is a story that has echoes and
repercussions in our present day circumstances, as we struggle to bring truth, justice and
peace to our lives. This story is a repeat of the words from George Santayana, “Those who
cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Retail: $18.95 Sample: $18.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Mary Jayne Rogers, Ph.D. Createspace 13708 Canada Del Oso NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505-301-9064
E-Mail: Web:

From Overwhelmed to Inspired takes you on a journey toward health and

well-being. It is your personal guidebook on the road to health and wellness.
With Overwhelmed to Inspired, Dr. Rogers teaches readers how to recognize
personal wellness and empowers them to make healthy choices in their
daily lives. Dr. Rogers can help you discover peace, contentment, and
greater self-esteem as you nurture your body, mind and soul.

Retail: $14.99, Sample: $14.99 ppd

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Wesley C. Davidson and Jonathan L. Tobkes, MD

Sterling, 1166 Ave of the Americas Floor 17, Ny, Ny 10036
Phone: 212-532-7160 E-Mail:
Web Site:

Coming out can be difficult for both parent and child. However, co-authors Davidson,
straight mother of a gay son and Tobkes, a gay Manhattan psychiatrist, make
coming out and its aftermath easier to understand. The authors help parents
overcome acceptance barriers. In each chapter, Dr. Tobkes gives useful action
plans and conversation starters for parents so they can come to terms with their
child's coming out.

Retail: $8.,67, Sample: $8.67 ppd

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Ju Ephraime Envision Business & Computer School Publishing

West Haven, CT 06516

Widowed at twenty-two, Catherine Montgomery can’t live without her

husband, Cameron. Cameron would always tell her, “I’ll follow you to
eternity and beyond.” Now that he was taken her, she refuses to
accept his death. How could he leave her? To maintain her sanity, she
wears his pajamas to bed and will only fall asleep after the candle on
the nightstand goes out…His signal for going to bed.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Nanette V Hucknall MSI Press PO Box 1116, 175 Lang Street
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 Phone: 831-886-2486
E-Mail: Web:

Heart energy. It comes from an always loving and wise Higher Source.
Nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and all encompassing, heart energy
brings spiritual growth that fosters creativity, attracts loving relation-
ships, and engenders peace and happiness. This practical book not
only teaches you how to live from your heart but also provides scads
of activities to practice doing so.
Retail: $16.95, Sample: $16.95 ppd.
Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Joanna Charnas MSI Press

1760-F Airline Hwy #203 Hollister, CA 95023
Telephone: 831 375-9550 E-Mail:

Managing chronic illness demands constant mindfulness and management.

It's a process that constantly evolves over a lifetime. 100 Tips and Tools for
Managing Chronic Illness provides readers with one hundred different meth-
ods for accomplishing this task, offering personal examples that are humor-
ous, heartfelt, and insightful. Anyone who lives with chronic illness or knows
someone who does will benefit from reading this honest and entertaining

Retail: $12.95 Sample: $12.95 ppd

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

J. Bennett Easterling MSI Press 1760-F Airline Hwy #203 Hollister CA 95023
Phone 831-886-2486 E-Mail:
Web Site:

Jesus has not limited his miracles to people who lived when he was on earth.
Today, nearly every day someone somewhere reports one. Award-winning
author J. Bennett Easterling shines a welcome new light on the 36 miracles
of Jesus, supplementing them with helpful background information, power-
ful true stories of God touching people today, and reflection questions on
readers’ own faith journey. Ideal for both individual devotions and group
Bible studies.

Retail: $18.95, Sample: $18.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Irit Schaffer MSI Press 1760-F Airline Hwy #203 Hollister CA 95023
Phone 831-886-2486 E-Mail:
Web Site:

When she was a child, her father said that he had "good blood" and it was why
he and his wife survived and healed from the Holocaust. The author searched
for the meaning and significance of her father's words over two continents and
through four generations. Her journey uncovered a unique voice of wisdom
revealing mysteries of the healing powers within us and the existence of light
in every situation that helps us overcome and transcend any obstacle.

Retail: $24.95, Sample: $24.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Townsend Walker Deeds Publishing 2515 Larkin San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: 415-235-8090 E-Mail:

If you like your plots hard-boiled, your romances illicit, and your beautiful
dames worldly, look no farther than this fast-paced collection of gleeful
tales of trickery, murder, and slow-simmered revenge. This collection
spans centuries, where nothing is as it seems and twists are as abundant
as they are deadly. Written with crisp, precise prose, these twelve stories
are a stylish and modern take on noir fiction.

Retail: $45.95, Sample: $45.95 ppd.

Write for wholesale quantity discounts.

Jim Carroll Crosslink Publishing 2711 Hunter’s Crossing Augusta, GA 20907

Telephone: 706-421-5216 E-Mail:

Born into a Muslim family, Yacoub searches for truth in Islam. During his
spiritual struggle and battle with sin, he is buoyed by his wife Rabea (Arabic:
springtime), a believer in Christ through independent reading of the Bible.
Yacoub proceeds through misadventures and moral failures until he reaches
the end of his resources. Islam fails him. But God, in His mercy, rescues
Yacoub. See how much God cares for us.

Retail: $14.95, Sample: $14.95 ppd.

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When You Speak to Community This week I am speaking to a grief with Lois Krahn, MD is available
Groups, You Sell Books support group. These members from Amazon.
By Harriet Hodgson will not ask the same questions as
service groups members. I know Centering Corporation has pu-
Even if your publisher has a slick some of their questions will be pain- bished her 26th book, "Writing to
catalog and an appealing website, ful and will do my best to answer Recover: The Journey from Loss
you need to market your book. My them, for I understand bereaved and Grief to a New Life" and a
recent work focuses on loss, grief, people and they understand me. companion journal with 100 writing
and recovery, a hard sell in the jump-starts. Hodgson is a monthly
book business. So I signed a con- I recently talked with a new author columnist for the new "Caregiving
tract with a professional book mar- about book publishing and market- in America" magazine. Please visit
keting firm. I learned a lot from the ing. She paid for the printing, paid her informative interesting website
company, but its publicity efforts for the design, paid for a poster,
did not lead to a surge in sales. paid for conference advertising, and learn more about this busy
paid for travel to the conference, author and grandmother.
How do you sell books? Local pub- paid for lodging and food. Like
licity is one of the best ways. Dur- many authors, she knows she may
ing my 30+ years in the book not get this money back. "I sell
business I have come to realize books when I speak to small Author’s Secrets
that giving talks to local community groups," she explained. "But I Revealed!
groups -- churches, service organi- need to sell more." We agreed that Packed with amazing tips
zations, and support groups -- sells we do not write books to make and tricks, to get you un-
books. At the end of every talk I tell money, we do it to help others. stuck from writer’s block
and to improve your writ-
people that I enjoy speaking, ing in dozens of little
speak for free, and ask them to Book talks can spark sales. But ways, there are tips
refer me to another organization. this statement has several qualifi- about all aspects of writing, for both fic-
tion and non-fiction authors. For details,
ers. I think an author needs to have visit or
Several weeks ago I gave a pre- several talks on hand. You should send Kim Lambert an e-mail at
sentation to a Kiwanis group. The be able to modify these talks to fit
group met at 9 a.m. and I was a specific group. Though you
surprised at the huge turnout. After should cite information in your
a brief business meeting I spoke book, I think you should also ex-
for 25 minutes, which left time for pand this information. You may
questions and answers. Some Ki- add another story, for example, or Place Your Book in the
wanis members were surprised at cite new research. 2018-2019 NABE
the number of books I have written. BOOK SHOWCASE
Several thanked me for coming. I still speak for free. If I have to EXHIBITS
"Harriet's presentation should make travel, however, I ask the group to
us grateful for this day," one man pay my travel expenses and lodg-
commented. ing, but not for my food. I will pay
for that. And I will continue to give
I have several talks and all are book talks, to tell my story of grief,
about the multiple losses I suffered recovery, and hope.
in 2007, the year my elder daugh-
ter, father-in-law, brother, and for- Harriet Hodgson has been an inde-
mer son-in-law died. My daughter pendent journalist for decades.
and former son-in-law died in sepa- She is a member of the American
rate car crashes. Their deaths Society of Journalists and Authors,
made my twin grandchildren or- Association of Health Care Journal-
Complete Details on
phans and my husband and me ists, and Association for Death Ed- Pages 4 and 5
GRGs, grandparents raising grand- ucation and Counseling. Her 24th
children. book, "Smiling Through Your
Tears: Anticipating Grief," written

Video Book Marketing You can upload your video on vid-
By Trish Collins eo sites for people to view.

The Are you an author who have books

ready for marketing? Have you
You can upload the video on Face-
book, and a few other social media

Big ever considered marketing them

via video book marketing? If you
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Event first time you have heard about it,

then this is your chance to discov-
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search engines can easily be
read this article for a brief introduc- searched by anyone with Internet
tion on the overall experience. access.

SEPTEMBER You can upload the video on your

This type of book marketing strate- own blog or your own website and
Sept. 13-15: Southern Independent gy is more focused on allowing you your site will get more traffic that
Booksellers Alliance Annual Trade way.
to reach your target market online
Show and Conference, Tampa,
Florida, 803.994.9530 in a more convenient way. What
exactly is it about? How does it Video book promotion is truly one
Sept. 28-30, 2018: Pacific North- work? These questions may have helpful tool that you can count on
west Booksellers Show, NABE already popped into your mind. when it comes to promoting your-
Showcase, 541-942-7455. self as an author and your books
online. If you want to cater to a
OCTOBER This type of book marketing strate- larger market and let the world
gy involves author interviews on know that a talented writer like you
October 3-5 2018: California Book video. There are two ways you can exist, this is one excellent service
Trade Show, Oakland, California, do it. One way is to get someone that you should take advantage of.
NABE Book Showcase, 541-942-
to take a video of you being inter-
viewed by another experienced There are so many ways to market
October 10-14 2018: Frankfurt Book book author. Another way is to set your book but doing the marketing
Fair, Frankfort, Germany up a webcam and have yourself all on your own can be quite tricky.
Telephone: T +49 (0) 69–2102-0 interviewed online. That is how Visit and find out
easy it is. With the help of the how they can help you in getting
October 20-21 2018: Southern Internet and a few other online your book out for the people to
California Independent Booksellers resources, you can be the star of enjoy.
Assn. Annula Trade Show and the show and at the same time
Conference, San Gabriel, CA 909- have the chance to tell people
about your book and what it is

Nov.7-11 2018: California Library

Assn Show, Santa Clara, CA NABE Benefits of Video Book Marketing
Book Showcase, 541-942-7455. If you choose to take advantage of
this type of book marketing strate-
APRIL gy, your book will get more expo-
sure and will reach a lot more
April 17-19th: Oregon & Washington people than the traditional type of Enter Your Book in the
Library Assn. Combined Show, book marketing because videos
Vancouver, WA NABE Book
Fall 2018 Pinnacle Book
are easy to create and distribute. Achievement Awards
Showcaee, 541-942-7455

Black Officer White Navy by Reuben Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40 by
Keith Green is likely the first memoir of a Drs. Justine and Janice Doan, DDS shat-

Book Black naval officer who rose from high

school dropout to unrestricted line officer
in the post-Vietnam War era. The au-
ters the myth that plastic surgery is the
best way to rejuvenate your face. The
truth is, the best way to rejuvenate your

thor's unique career path and insightful face is to have a healthy smile. Most
analysis of both his personal experienc- people have no clue that they can pre-
es and those of others in the military give vent disease and reverse aging through
a clear picture of what was happening proper dental care. It’s not their fault, no

Diary both within and outside the Navy, and

how the forces of discrimination and insti-
tutional denial and damage control ef-
one has taken the time to explain the
truth. Until now. The doctors reveal why
you need different dental care after age
Fresh News Straight From Heaven by forts can make a career in the military 40. For more information, visit
Gregg Sapp is a novel based upon the fraught with obstacles, as well as oppor-
True Mythology of Johnny Appleseed. John tunities. For more information, visit
Chapman--aka Johnny Appleseed knows The Badass Girl's Guide: Uncommon
this land better than any white man. Every- Strategies to Outwit Predators by CJ
where he goes, he shares the "Fresh News Saying Thanks and Beyond by Ralph Scarlet is the one book criminal preda-
Straight from Heaven," which he hears Mosgrove explores ways to respond to tors don't want you to read! Filled with
right from the voices of angels who chat acts of kindness, to go beyond the words, critical information about how to empow-
with him regularly. God had promised him and to find possibilities. He offers ideas er yourself to keep from becoming a
personally that he could build peace by to inspire you to become a better person crime statistic, this definitive, comprehen-
growing fruit. Convincing people of that and give someone else that emotional lift, sive guide contains facts and strategies
vision, though, is no easy task. Most folks like an elderly person who lost their inde- not found in other personal security
consider him mad. For more information, pendence or a soldier who can't open a books. This edgy, remarkable book re-
visit door for himself because of a loss of limb. veals how predators select and groom
Mosgrove emboldens you to change their victims, and teaches women and
Aphrodite’s Tears by Hannah Fielding your world and give a legacy of yourself girls how to fail the predator interview to
tells the story of Oriel Anderson, who joins to the generation who is watching. For avoid being targeted in the first place.
a team of Greek divers on the island of more information and dealer details, visit For more info visit
Helios, a dream she has always wanted to
come true. Yet the dream becomes a night- Whisper in My Ear by John Henry Hardy
mare when she meets the devilish owner Healing Happens by Avital Miller brings is a story of two loving couples,with ordi-
of the island, Damian Lekkas. In shocked you insight and inspiration from health nary desires and passions, who are
recognition, she is flooded with the memo- and healing experts who cured them- called on to bear witness to an extraordi-
ry of a romantic night in a stranger’s arms, selves and others despite dire medical nary time as they serve in the US Marine
six summers ago. A very different man prognoses from over twenty illnesses Corps and the US Navy, and strive to
stands before her now, and Oriel senses ranging from cancer, diabetes, and multi- fulfill their duties and follow their orders,
that the sardonic Greek autocrat is hell- ple sclerosis to Hashimoto’s, hypothy- whether they agree with them or not,
bent on playing a cat and mouse game with roidism, bipolar personality disorder, while a gruesome and bloody war rages
her. For more information, visit stroke, and more. Enhance the power to all around them. For more information, heal yourself through natural healing visit
techniques and awareness in order to
The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by comfortably, energetically, and joyfully Fierce, Funny, and Female: A Journey
Award-winning Animal Communicator and live your passions. For more information Through Middle America, the Texas
Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, reveals visit Oil Field, and Standup Comedy by
tantalizing evidence that our pets communi- Marti MacGibbon delivers a sometimes
cate with us throughout their lives as well When Otters Play by Mara Purl is the heartbreaking, often hilarious, always en-
as after their physical death. Discover how story of Miranda Jones, who is captivat- gaging account of her passage through
deeply your pets love you and how the ed by the sweet faces of otters and their trauma, betrayal, and loss. As one of the
bonds of love never die as you journey into antics. She can hardly wait to interact first women to work as a laborer in the
the amazing afterlife of animals. For more with them on her kayaking expedition off Texas oil field, she set off explosives and
information, send an e-mail to California’s Central Coast. Yet nothing staked oil wells before realizing her child- could be more surprising than the contro- hood dream of becoming a successful
versy they’ve caused and the hatred standup comic. For more information,
Red Carpet Rivals by Bobbi Kornblit they seem to inspire among local fisher- visit
swirls around the glamour and chaos of the men. More info at
most celebrated movie awards ceremony. Divine Principles by Ken Ungerecht
The savvy, sexy, and funny novel provides Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them uses the tools of science to establish two
an inside scoop about the studios and the by Dr. Kerby T. Alvy clarifies the many fundamental principles of the spiritual
stars in Hollywood from the 1980’s to the and interrelated responsibilities of par- nature of that universe. It then applies
present. Secrets are revealed about their ents, defines what parenting errors are, the same methods to examine and evalu-
relationships, sexual harassment, health, and provides a unique approach to solv- ate a wide variety of related ideas in light
and blind ambition. For more information ing them. For more information, visit of those precepts. For more info, visit

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Best Book in the Category of
Summer 2018 Best Books in the Category of EDUCATIONAL
Pinnacle Book T-Rex: Generations John Mazurk
Ted Rechlin
Best Books in the Category of
Awards The Bear Bandit FANTASY
Jessica Urbanski Above The Star Alexis Marie Chute
Best Books in the
Category of ADVENTURE Best Books in the
The Legend of Dragonfly Pond Book 1 Category of CHILDREN'S INTEREST Light of Honor
Alene Adele Roy Bedtime Stories From the B.A. Vonsik
Land of Imagination Vol.1
Linda Hoard
www.pagepublishingcom Grim's Truth Book 1: Rota Fortunae
The Spirit of Crystal River
Arc 1: The Tainted
Michael Petellat
Jeffrey The Jittery Giraffe Isu Yin & Fae Yang
Janice Spina
The Colonel and the Bee
Best Book in the Category of
Patrick Canning
Dan Wellik The Sleeping King Laurel Colless
Best Books in the
Category of ANIMALS & PETS Best Book in the Category of
Timmy and the Money Tree
The Amazing Afterlife of Animals: FICTION
Gail Lockhart
Messages & Signs From Our Pets Coal Blooded
on the Other Side Ernie Bowling
Karen A Anderson Best Book in the
Category of CHRISTIAN SUSPENSE Best Book in the Category of
Wakanda Whooper: The Actress:
The Curious Cinnamon Crane A Christian Murder Mystery
One Wife Too Many
Sandia Kosmo Michael Hicks Thompson
Katherine Jones
Best Books in the Best Books in the Category of
Best Book in the Category of COOKBOOK
Seasoned With Gratitude: 250 Recipes
Category of BUSINESS From Overwhelmed to Inspired:
and Blessings Celebrating the Greater
The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Your Personal Guide
Game-Changing Archetypes for Founders, to Health and Well-Being
of Real Food
Leaders and Mary Jayne Rogers, Ph.D
Kathryn Lafond
Impact Investors
Carol Sanford Keep Away From GRAS
(Generally Regarded As Safe)
Best Book in the Marcela Popa
Category of CRIME
Best Book in the
Category of CHILDREN'S BILINGUAL A Case of Unique Proximity
The Popcorn Tree Keys To a Heathy Smile After 40: 7
David Random Secrets to Feeling 7 Years Younger
Catherine Green Drs.Justine & Janice Doan,DDS

Best Books in the Best Books in the
Summer 2018 Category of INSPIRATIONAL Category of MEMOIR
Pinnacle Book Saying Thanks and Beyond: But For the Love of
Is Saying Thanks Enough? My Father: A Memoir
Achievement Ralph Mosgrove Dr. Julia E Antoine
Select Inspirational Quotes Dealing with Demons:
Best Book in the Eric Chifunda Coping with Mental Illness
Category of HEALTH & BEAUTY Peter M Solstad
Beyond Beauty: Proven Secrets To Age
Well, Look 10 Years Younger and Live a The Accidental Yogini
Truly Happy Healthy Long Life Tracey L. Ulshafer 13 Diamonds: Life Before Death
Dr. Debbie Palmer with Valerie A Latona From a Child's Perspective Manon Rinsma
Best Book in the
Best Books in the Category of JUVENILE FANTASY
Category of HISTORICAL FICTION Through the Redwood Hollow The Fog of Faith:
Children of Covenant Kenna Paige Surviving My Impotent God
Fred Howard Dr. Leona Stucky
Best Books in the
The Attuned Category of JUVENILE FICTION Best Books in the
Gary B Haley Adam's Land Category of MILITARY Alison Pockat Black Officer White Navy Reuben Keith Green
Best Book in the
Sir Piggleworth's Adventures
Category of HISTORICAL
in Pigeon Forge Whisper In My Ear
JoAnn Wagner John Henry Hardy
Something About Ann
J. Everett Prewitt Timothy, The Shooting Star: A Social
Story About Autism Best Book in the
Best Book in the Christie Elam, Ed.D. Category of MILITARY
Falling For Elizabeth Bennet: The Jake Cutter Conspiracy
A Pride and Prejudice Variation Believing in Horses Too R. Kyle Hannah
Debra-Ann Kummoung Valerie Ormond
Best Books in the
Best Book in the Best Book in the Category of MYSTERY
Category of HUMOR Category of LITERARY FICTION 3 Women 4 Towns 5 Bodies
Fierce Funny and Female Once Upon a Time Off Broadway Townsend Walker
Marti MacGibbon Don Newman
The Choker
Best Book in the Lee Carl
Best Book in the
The Stump
GIFT BOOK Best Book in the
CSM Terry L Braddock, US Army Retired
Little Thoughts For Big Days Category of MURDER MYSTERY
Kay Jantzi
A Few Fruits and an Onion
Clifton Brusso

Best Book in the Best Book in the
Summer 2018 Category of Category of ROMANTIC NOVEL
Pinnacle Book PARANORMAL SUSPENSE Between Heartaches and Love
Achievement Awards Whisper In The Shadows: Amedeo Baci
A Dark Night Thriller Book 1
Jason La Velle
Best Book in the Best Book in the
Category of NEW AGE Category of SCIENCE FANTASY
Divine Principles Best Books in the Grimseeker 1: Book 3
Ken Ungerecht Category of POETRY of the Dead Path Chronicles Poems of Sorts Richard A Valicek
Bob Rutzel
Best Book in the
Category of NON FICTION Best Books in the
A Family Torn Apart Poetry For the Family Category of SCIENCE FICTION
Jeffery Tracey Sr. Mark Jastrzembski Exiles' Escape Walter C Boutwell
The Poetic Vibrations
Best Books in the of a Matured Butterfly Riters
Category of NOVEL Arthur Lee Conway Roy Harris
Fresh News Straight From Heaven
Gregg Sapp Best Book in the Best Book in the
Category of RECOVERY Category of SCIENCE
Something Missing Paradigm Change:
Glenice Whitting FICTION ROMANCE
The Collective Wisdom of Recovery A Lunatic's Guide L. Georgi DiStefano,LCSW to Interplanetary Relationships
R.L. Andrew
Red Carpet Rivals: The "Reel" Story
About Hollywood Awards Best Book in the
Bobbi Kornblit
Category of RELATIONSHIPS Best Books in the
Around Seattle in 80 Dates: an Online Category of SELF HELP
Dating Journey Calm in the Midst of Chaos
Best Book in the Renata Lubinsky Kiran Dintyala MD MPH
Category of NOVELLA
The Fixer: The Naked Man
A Katrina Mills Novel Best Book in the Healing Happens: Stories
Jill Amy Rosenblatt
Category of RELIGION of Healing Against All Odds
His Truth in Living Words Avital Miller
Ruben R. Garza
Best Books in the
Category of PARENTING & FAMILY The Badass Girl's Guide: Uncommon
Why Did Daddy End His Life? Why Did Best Books in the Strategies To Outwit Predators
He Have to Die? A Suicide Bereavement Category of ROMANCE CJ Scarlett
Book for Children and Parents Aphrodite's Tears
Samantha Pekh Hannah Fielding A Bubble Shy of Plumb:
How to Listen to Your Guides
Parenting Errors: A Psychic Affair Teresa Janz
How to Solve Them Astrid Brown
Dr. Kerby T Alvy http://www.astridestella.inf

Summer 2018
Best Books in the
Pinnacle Book
Achievement Awards
Category of WOMEN’S INTEREST Book
Calling All Women:
From Glass Slipper to Glass Ceiling
Cristina Carballo-Perelman, MD
Best Books in the
Ten-Five You're Going Home Marine!
And Other Short Stories Pickle To Pie
Glenice Whitting Beyond Beauty by Dr. Debbie M. Palmer
Darrell Bartell with Valerie A Latona explains exactly
what you need to do to look and feel years
younger. But this is more than just a book
Hidden Women: A History of Europe about how to get healthy, radiant skin.
Celts and Freedom Beyond Beauty digs into the latest re-
Sandra Worsham
Jacqueline Widmar Stewart search to offer doable strategies to make- over your diet, your exercise regime, your
spiritual life, and even the quality of your
sleep. All work synergistically, says Dr.
When Otters Play Palmer, to keep you energized, healthy,
Best Book in the A Milford-Haven Story and happy. For more information, visit
Category of SPACE OPERA Mara Purl
The Dragon's Harvest
Jason F Boggs Seasoned with Gratitude by Kathryn La- Fond is an innovative cookbook infusing
Best Books in the mouth-watering recipes with reverence for
Category of YOUNG ADULT the sacred gift of life. A cookbook for all
Best Book in the Slaying a Harpy: dietary persuasions vegetarian and carni-
Category of SPIRITUAL vore, paleo and gluten-free, which encour-
Tales of Curtis Hall ages the use of fresh, sustainably-raised
Finding the Hope in the L.A. Matthies ingredients. In recipes from breakfast
Darkness of Grief through desserts, discover morsels of sci-
Diamante Lavendar entific research and folk wisdom, as well Star City Book One as blessings and practices to share and
nurture awareness of our place in the
Edwin Peng circle of life. For more information, visit
Best Book in the
Category of TEEN TimeWorm BFFs (Best Friends Forever) by Alexan-
BFFs: Best Friends Forever Jimmy Adams & Brenda Heller der Rutherford is a fascinating story of
teenager Alex and her friends. Capturing
The First in Alex's Dreams Triology the everyday lives of a colorful cast of
Alexander Rutherford characters moving into young adulthood, including dating, relationships, and aca-
demic and social pressures, this memora-
List Your E-Book In ble novel also delves into highly intriguing,
Best Book in the
the Next Edition of more complicated territory. All the passion
Category of THRILLER of emerging sexuality, and the intensity
Devil's Den:
and confusion it can stir up, are highlight-
A Nephilim Thriller DIRECTORY ed. Written with honesty and gritty reality,
Jeff Altabef this is a book that will thoroughly entertain, One Year Listing surprise, and engage teen and young
Reaches Thousands adult readers. For more information visit
of Book Buyers All
Best Book in the Over The Internet Wakonda Whooper by Sandia Kosmo is
Category of WOMEN’S FICTION a magnificently illustrated story of one
See Page 21 For whooping crane, Wakanda, who, through
All The Tomorows her curiosity and questions to her parents,
Nillu Nasser Complete Details shares the story of an incredible species being saved by caring biologists. Includes
full page artwork, hands-on activities, and
crane trivia pages. For more information,

Book Marketing Tips - 6 Golden to get sales. The media will simply 3. Forums - Overlooked Book Mar-
Tactics You Can't Ignore ignore you if they think you're out keting Tactic
By Simon Colin Lovell to promote your book, you have to
have some information of value. This has been a bit of a gem for me
In this post I wanted to touch on over the past couple of years and
what I feel are 6 vital elements of Offer your local or national news '7 you can get a great deal of interest
book marketing that you really Top Tips on' your subject and send from people who are already chat-
must implement in order to maxi- them across. Talk to the editors, ting in web site forums about the
mise your book sales. It's easy to get to know the local news and topic of your book, but you have to
sit back and wait for sales of your become someone who they go to. be careful. Spamming is a big prob-
book to come in via traditional It's then a case of 'dropping in' your lem for a lot of forum owners, in-
channels. Maybe you're expecting web site address and promoting cluding me for some of my web
for your book publisher to sell your your book after the story. sites. You have to be genuine and
book for you or your self published go and provide good quality infor-
book has been submitted to online 2. A Good Web Site, That Converts mation to people who need it, but a
directories. Chances are you're not lot of the time you'll be able to add
going to see a great deal of sales It's very easy to get a mate to put your details and web site address
that way. By implementing just one up a web site for you, or to buy a into the signature of your profile so
of these tactics you should see a freebie package online and expect that every time you post, a link will
significant increase in sales - com- to sell your book. But I'm afraid I'm appear at the bottom. Not only will
bine all of them and I you'll be going to have to be honest with you you be interacting with your target
certain to increase your chances of here - it's not going to happen. audience, you'll be generating con-
selling more books. There are a few reasons for this fidence in them which is huge if
and it's based on years of experi- you want to create a buyer who
1. Public Relations - Getting Into ence. Number one, most web de- trusts you. So, my advice would be
The Media signers don't know how to market, to go and find some forums on your
they don't know how to bring visi- topic, create some accounts and
You don't have to hire an expen- tors into your web site and most of spend a few hours a day replying
sive public relations firm to get all, they don't know how to 'convert' to people offering good quality in-
yourself into the media and sell a visitor once they get there, this formation.
more books. In fact it's a lot easier means - when someone arrives at
than you think when you know how. your web site, does it say, look and 4. Lead Generation. What's That?
Public relations is about creating a feel right for the person to buy it.
story that a newspaper, magazine, Things have really changed over
radio or TV journalist will see as Don't worry, I've spent many years the years when it comes to market-
news worthy. Let's say you've writ- with online without testing varia- ing, especially online. These days
ten a book about health. Do you tions of headlines etc and it's cost you can't just expect the majority of
have an example of how your book me money. By investing properly in people to just visit your site and
has helped someone overcome a your book with someone who buy, although this can happen with
condition and helped them with knows not only how to give you a sites like mine that covert more
their lives? This would be a great good web site, but who can also visitors into customers. Lead gen-
case study for the media - they help you market your book, you'll eration is about grabbing an email
love 'real life' stories. Maybe sell far more diets and the free vs address but not through the tradi-
you've written a book about help- paid ratio becomes clear. tional 'newsletter' angle. By offer-
ing babies overcome sleep prob- ing a unique document such as tips
lems. Do you have some You want sales and this comes sheet or report that the visitor can
interesting statistics that a newspa- from this special three-pronged ap- get for free, you can start to gener-
per would find interesting, or is proach that's tried and tested. ate a relationship with your audi-
there something in the news that You've put the hard work into your ence. You can also offer a first
would directly relate to your book. book, you'd had it published, now chapter free or a mini online course
Always be on the lookout for ways you don't want to fall at the last that works quite well. Lead genera-
to get your book out there, but hurdle and be frustrated with no tion, when implemented correctly
position yourself as an expert on sales. will transform your business. Why?
your topic rather than simply be out .

Because you'll have a list of poten- 6. Social Media - Facebook,
tial clients or customer who may
buy from you again. This now
Twitter Etc ENJOY
means not only have you written a
book, but you have a potential
This is a great way to drive free
traffic to your web site. Social me-
business model to work from. dia is growing massively and it's
What other products can you sell not going away, so if you ignore it,
to your list of leads and customer. you'll be behind other book author
This is a very powerful marketing who are doing it. Do you want
tactic that has transformed my that? Oh no! All of my web sites
business and will for you too. have social media abilities built in,
but there's a lot that happens on
the back end to make it all work
5. Seminars and a system that works really
well. It combines Twitter with Face-
If you're confident about talking book, YouTube, blogging and lead
about your subject then seminars generation and together, it's a
can be a great way to promote force that your competitors cannot
your book. Who can you link up compete with.
with locally to offer them a free or
paid talk on your subject. Who Learn about social media and un-
would benefit from what you'd derstand how it can work to help
have to say. If you write fiction, your book marketing and sales. Monumentally true yet
who would be most interested in Start by using any social media little-known story of the
that kind of story? platform you're on and telling peo-
ple about your book. Maybe you soldiers’ courage and
Alternatively, non-fiction lends it- use Facebook or Twitter - great, tenacity during the
self to so much potential, you just this is a good place to start. But second half of the
need to sit and brainstorm ideas. you need to remember that it's
If you're not confident about talk- pointless in using social media if
American Revolution.
ing in front of large groups then you don't have a web site that sells
either learn or start off with smaller a visitor when they get there. I, B&
groups and build up gradually. know it all sounds quite complicat-
ed, but it's not when you really
The secret here is to get going and start to learn it all. In fact it be-
overcome the fears you have. The comes very easy and think about For reseller rates,
more you do it, the easier it be- all the books you'll be selling.
comes. All positive change comes
from being outside your comfort So there you go. But listen, I've
zone. What's more, the more confi- only touched on 6 areas of book
dent you get in this area, the less marketing and there are hundreds
likely you are to get nerves when of potential ways to build your
it comes to media interviews. book sales. The secret is, take
action - invest some money and
Seminars are also a great way of start making money with your book.
generating 'leads' (see above). If
your first seminar is free then may- Simon Lovell is an expert in book
be you could offer a paid upgrade marketing and author of his own
to your second topic. The possibili- books including The Lunch Box
ties really are endless, so just get Diet bestseller. He how helps au-
out there and get going, you won't thors like you. Head to
regret it.
for more information.

Five Book Marketing Ideas profits to $1.27 billion and chil- Marketing an ebook or market-
That Will Sell Your Book dren's ebook revenue have tri- ing a book for online market can
By Hae Debenham pled today. With 84 million units create profitable effects. You
of iPads delivered worldwide just need to work at it. Be Web
No best-selling book has ever and reading tablets stepping up savvy. Count on an expert to
achieved success without some delivery of their own products, help you with your campaigns.
sort of hard work. Even re- you shouldn't disregard the prof- Create your brand. And who
nowned authors were put itable opportunities of electronic knows, the book you finished
through the wringer before final- book marketing. several years ago might just
ly getting published and being help you become a best-selling
widely read. It takes efforts, pa- Let a professional deal with your writer today.
tience, and book marketing ebook strategy. For a smallest
ideas that will take you from investment, you can get numer- Got big dreams for your book
unidentified writer to best-selling ous submissions of your book to but don't want to spend a lot of
author. Listed here are five of topnotch ebook promotion web- money? Learn how to obtain the
those marketing suggestions to sites, get Twitter campaigns, best advertising tools for your
consider. and benefit from other strategic book, check out our website
campaigns, such as a competi- for
Grow your online presence. If tion for a fan review, to improve more information.
you don't have a website yet, get awareness for your book. .
one made. If you aren't in any
social media community, join in Tour your book on the Internet.
one. You can drum up more Promote your book on blog sites
attention for your book if you that are connected to your genre
include a testimonial page on or to your particular market. This
your website, persuade folks to is an excellent way to get people
review your book on your Face- to take a look at your book and
book page, become visible on allowing them to sort of distrib-
Twitter, consider having Q and A ute the good word about it to
sessions on Google+, and opti- others in their network. When
mize your web page for SEO. you grow a community, you
People find out more about new eventually build a group of fol-
books on the web compared to lowers.
what they do from friends, book
shops, or the advertising. Social Build your online credibility and
networking sites build a new become an expert. This is espe-
amount of word-of-mouth mar- cially important for authors of
keting that has allowed readers self-help or "how-to" books. De-
to take discover of new authors. velop web videos. Discover
So, increase your online pres- about becoming active on Linke-
ence. dIn Answers. Don't ever ignore
an opportunity to respond to fan
Don't be put off by technology questions about your book.
and trends, and apply ebook Eventually, when you develop
marketing. Plenty of writers now ample awareness about your
have ebook versions of their credentials and knowledge on a
pieces. In the past couple of particular topic, your book (or
years BookStats reports that books) will effortlessly get pro-
adult fiction has pushed ebook moted, too.

Google Alerts and Book Marketing solely about you (or anyone else named show or interview you for their newspaper,
By Irene Watson Natasha Smith), you will want to put quota- etc. Fiction authors might want to be more
tion marks around your name in the specific regarding genre and use terms
Google Alerts is a simple and free tool that Search query field: "Natasha Smith". like "vampire books," "historical romance,"
is available to anyone for tracking topics or "time travel books" to find places where
on the Internet. For authors, it is a great The big question now is: What do you do people are discussing similar books; you
advantage because you can have it pro- with the results you receive from Google can then contact those people or enter
vide you with results whenever a new Alerts? Three main reasons exist for au- their conversations.
mention appears on the Internet of your thors to use Google Alerts:
name, book title(s), or topics relevant to If you are researching your book, Google
your book that you can capitalize upon for 1. Tracking your marketing efforts. Alerts can also work the same way be-
promoting your book. This information can cause you'll be able to contact people
be delivered to you via email in a timely 2. Capitalizing on hot trends relevant to interested in the same topic as you and
matter-as it happens, daily, or weekly - so your book or topic. share research or simply follow what oth-
you are aware of the latest conversations ers are saying about your topic so you
and topics that may interest you. 3. Protecting your reputation. have up-to-date information, as well as
make sure you're not repeating what has
It's easy to sign up for Google Alerts. Let's look now at how each reason can be already been said and instead come up
Simply go to Google Alerts and fill out the helpful for you in your quest to sell your with a new spin or angle for your topic.
simple form, which will ask you for the book.
"Search Query," meaning the word you Protecting your reputation
want to track. Here I would enter your full Tracking your marketing efforts
name. Next it will ask for the Result Type; Hopefully, your reputation will never need
"Everything" is probably the best choice The results you get back will tell you how protecting, but while it may hurt your feel-
here, but if you have reason to be specific, well your online efforts are succeeding. ings to know people are saying unkind
you can choose to receive only results in For example, if you have a blog and you things about you or simply misrepresent-
a specific category: News, Blogs, Videos, blog on Monday about your book and you ing you or your book, it is definitely to your
Discussions, or Books. Then you choose get a Google Alert on Tuesday showing advantage to know about such situations.
how often you want the results and how your blog as one of the results, you know You can then determine whether you need
many results you want to receive, which is your blog is getting out there to the search to take action.
either All Results or Only the Best Results. engines. More importantly, you will find
If you are unsure what to put for any of out who else is talking about your book. Google Alerts allows authors to stay on
these categories, to the right on the For example, another blogger, to whom top of the marketing game for their books,
screen as you select them, Google auto- you have no connection and who simply is to find new markets and avenues for their
matically shows you the current results a book lover, might write a review of your books, to watch their reputations and
you would get based on that selection so book on her blog, or you might find that fame grow, to find ways to increase that
you can determine whether "All Results" someone who blogs on your topic men- fame, and when needed, to protect them-
might be more than you want or precisely tions your book on his blog, or perhaps selves and their books. For a few short
what you want. there's a newspaper that prints a review of minutes spent setting up search terms
your book, and because the newspaper and reading the results, the benefits can
As you select the categories, consider how also has a website where it prints its con- be extraordinary.
likely your results will be to fit what you tent, Google Alerts lets you know about
really want to know. For example, if your that book review. You then will know how Irene Watson is the Managing Editor of
search query is George Washington be- well word is getting out there about you Reader Views, where avid readers can
cause you wrote a biography of Washing- and your book. find reviews of recently published books
ton and you only want to find out when as well as read interviews with authors.
your book is mentioned online, you might Capitalizing on relevant hot trends Her team also provides author publicity
want your Result type category to be only and a variety of other services specific to
Books. However, if you want to see every Google Alerts will probably be more effec- writing and publishing books.
mention of George Washington to see tive for nonfiction authors than fiction au-
whether there's a discussion on a blog, or thors for capitalizing on hot trends or
a conference about him being held that current discussions, but it can be helpful
you can participate in, you might want to to both. If your book is about autism and
select "Everything." As for your actual you use "autism" as one of your Google
Search Query term, if you use more than Alerts terms, you'll be getting constant
one word, Google will present results results, maybe more than you want, but
where both or all words appear, although you'll be able to see when new information
they may not be consecutive. For example, comes out about autism, who is interested
if your name is Natasha Smith, you might in it, and where it is being talked about.
get results that list everyone who ran in a You can then contact the people chatting
marathon because in that marathon were or blogging about it to let them know about Enter The Fall 2018 Pinnacle
Mark Smith and Natasha Johnson. To your book and see whether they will re- Book Achievement Awards
solve this issue by limiting results to be view your book in their publication or on
their blogs, or have you as a guest on their

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