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parent material(s) specification and welded joint

2 quality and acceptance requirements for welds;
location, accessibility and sequence of welds,
3 including accessibility for inspection and for non-
destructive testing;
the specification of welding procedures, non-
4 destructive testing procedures and heat-
treatment procedures;
the approach to be used for the qualification of
welding procedures
6 the qualification of personnel;
selection, identification and/or traceability (e.g.
for materials, welds);
quality-control arrangements, including any
involvement of an independent inspection body;
9 inspection and testing;
10 sub-contracting
11 post-weld heat treatment
other welding requirements, e.g. batch testing of
consumables, ferrite content of weld metal,
ageing,hydrogen content, permanent backing,
use of peening, surface finish, weld profile
use of special methods (e.g. to achieve full
13 penetration without backing when welded from
one side only);
dimensions and details of joint preparation and
completed weld;
welds which are to be made in the workshop, or
environmental conditions relevant to the
application of the process (e.g. very low-
16 temperature ambient conditions or any necessity
to provide protection against adverse weather
17 handling of non-conformances.

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