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Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for a 50 MW Solar Power Project

Broad Scope of Work

The scope of work broadly includes basic and detailed study, design, configuration, specification
and engineering leading to mechanical completion, commissioning and performance guarantee
of the solar project. This shall include preparation of work contracts, project management,
complete engineering, procurement services, inspection & expediting, construction supervision,
testing and performance guarantee test run of required facilities. To elaborate further, PMC
services will include:
 Site assessment including soil testing, topology, seismic survey reports, etc.
 Study of grid interactive space and open ground space for module installation
 Feasibility of implementation based on strength, shading, evacuation availability, cover
and space availability
 Assessment of solar power energy generation potential using standard data
 Study of Owner’s electrical system on both HT and LT side for identification of solar
power injection into the system including protection for accidental back feeding during
power outages /blackouts.
 Determination of most optimum grid interactive solar power plant size that would
maximize solar energy output
 Configuration of the solar plant with/without storage, grid connected with net metering
/ Gross metering etc.
 Determination of orientation, specification and sizes of various components like solar
panels, PCU, mounting structures, AC/DC cables, string combiner boxes, DC connectors,
remote monitoring, transformer, etc.
 Study and assessment of National / Local policy framework and regulatory aspects and
suggest development of grid interactive solar plant under such policy
 Design and detailed engineering including drawings, specification and data sheet
 Preparation of SLD for electrical system including power evacuation schemes
 Estimation of detailed project cost and preparation of DPR for financial closure
 Develop project strategy and schedules
 Establish monitoring system, review / reporting system, quality control system and
project information system
 Establish and maintain project procedures
 Prepare overall quality assurance and quality control procedure
 Selection of suppliers / vendors (for non-EPC contract)
 Tender document preparation for selection of EPC contractor (for EPC contracts)
 Tendering, Bid Evaluation and Selection
 Review and approval of EPC contractor’s documents
 Procurement and inspection at manufacturer’s premises before despatch
 Pre-project phase infrastructure and utilities support
 Prepare detailed and customized operations manual
 Construction scheduling, monitoring, management & QA
 Inspection, progress report, spares procurement, etc.
 Services for testing, commissioning and performance guarantee

In general, PMC shall act on behalf of the Project Owner and report to the Owner and be
responsible for carrying out the Project as envisioned by the Owner.