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TESOL Certificate Programs

Rubric for Written Assignments V4

Student Name: Claudia Walukouw Date: September 3, 2018 Instructor Name: Sapir Levin Class: Grammar Structure/Methods Assignment: Lesson Plan

Overall The lesson plan was The lesson plan may The lesson plan evidences The lesson plan demonstrates The lesson plan clearly
performance not submitted, or not demonstrate an some understanding of the understanding of the demonstrates a thorough
(approach, the submitted understanding of how approach, methods, and approach, methods and understanding of the
methods, lesson plan was not to teach the skill(s) at techniques used to teach the techniques used to teach the approach, methods and
techniques) relevant to the hand. It may not reflect skill at hand. It somewhat skill at hand. It reflects the techniques used to teach the
approaches, the methods or reflects the methodology methodology as covered in skill at hand. It clearly
methods, and techniques from the prescribed in the course. It the course. It includes reflects the methodology
techniques used to course. The connection may include some techniques techniques for teaching the prescribed in the course, with
teach the skill. The between theory and for teaching the skill. The skill. The connection between effective techniques for
connection between lesson plan is not connection between theory theory and lesson plan is teaching the skill. The
theory and lesson apparent or not and lesson plan may not be apparent. connection between theory
plan is missing. accurate. apparent or may be inaccurate. 26points and lesson plan is obvious
0points 20points 23points and accurate.

Lesson Plan The lesson plan was The lesson plan may The lesson plan may not The lesson plan describes The lesson plan clearly
not submitted, or not clearly describe clearly describe setting, level, student setting, level, L1, age. describes student setting,
the submitted setting, level, L1, age. L1, age. The objectives may The lesson plan has level, L1, age. The lesson
lesson plan was not The objectives may be not follow the prescribed objectives that are plan has objectives that are
relevant to the inaccurate or missing. format. LP may have some observable, measurable, and observable, measurable, and
assignment. LP may be hard to timestamps and grouping student-centered. LP includes student-centered. LP includes
0points follow, and may lack strategies, but they may be notations for time and notation for time and
appropriate activities. inaccurate. The activities may grouping strategies that are grouping strategies, which
Activities may not fit the lesson somewhat, but feasible for the lesson. The are both very appropriate for
support objectives. may be unorganized or may activities follow a logical the lesson. The activities
20points not fully support the progression and support the follow logical progression,
objectives. objectives. and are effective,
23points 26points appropriate, and engaging for
the students. The activities
clearly and effectively
support objectives.
Materials/ The lesson plan was The materials, The materials, resources and The materials, resources and The materials, resources and
Resources/ not submitted, or resources and technology used in the lesson technology used in the lesson technology used in the lesson
Technology the submitted technology used in the plan may reflect some plan reflect an understanding plan reflect a thorough
lesson plan lesson plan may not understanding of the content, of the content, learning understanding of the content,
included materials, reflect an understanding learning context, and students. context, and students. They learning context, and
resources and of the content, learning The materials are somewhat improve upon the lesson by students. They are
technology that context, and students. relevant or authentic for making it more engaging. implemented seamlessly into
were not relevant to The materials may not students. The technology or The materials are be relevant the lesson in a way that
the assignment. be relevant, interesting, resources may be outdated. and authentic for students. enhances student engagement
0points or authentic for 15points The technology and resources and learning. The materials
students. The are updated. are relevant, authentic, and
technology and 17points interesting for students. The
resources may be very technology and resources are
outdated. cutting-edge.
13points 20points

Writing The lesson plan was Linguistic features of Linguistic features of the Linguistic features of the Linguistic features of the
not submitted, or the writing (syntax, writing (syntax, usage, word writing (syntax, usage, word writing (syntax, usage, word
the submitted usage, word form, form, tone/register, spelling, form, tone/register, spelling, form, tone/register, spelling,
lesson plan was not tone/register, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, capitalization, punctuation, capitalization, punctuation,
relevant to the capitalization, etc.) are somewhat effective. etc.) are effective and etc.) are highly effective. The
assignment. punctuation, etc.) are The errors may be distracting professional/academic. There writing is very professional
0points not effective. Errors are and/or interfere with the may be a few errors, but they and academic. There are no
very distracting and/or comprehensibility of the do not interfere with the apparent errors.
interfere greatly with message. comprehensibility of the 20points
the comprehensibility 15points message.
of the message. 17points
13points .

Score: 100/100