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BED150 Professional Experience Evaluation

Form - ECE/Primary/Secondary
Due Date: 03/09/2018 12:00


Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary
Pre-Service Teacher First Name:

Pre-Service Teacher Surname:

Van Rensburg

Student ID:

Teaching Area/Year level:

Year One


Mentor Teacher:
Hennessy, Roslyn

1. Know students and how they Learn

1.3 - Shows awareness of students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and
socioeconomic backgrounds.
Does Not Meet Developing

 2. Know the content and how

to teach it
2.2 - Content selection and organisation.
Does Not Meet Developing

3. Plan for and implement effecting teaching & learning
3.2 - Plans, structures and sequences learning programs.
Does Not Meet Developing

3.3 - Uses teaching strategies.

Does Not Meet Developing

 3.5 - Uses effective classroom communication.
Does Not Meet Developing

4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environment
4.3 - Manages challenging behaviour.
Does Not Meet Developing

4.4 - Maintains student safety.

Does Not Meet Developing
5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
5.2 - Provides feedback to students on their learning
Does Not meet Developing

6. Engage in professional learning
6.3 - Engages with colleagues and improve practice.
Does Not Meet Developing

7. Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the
7.1 - Meets professional ethics and responsibilities.
Does Not Meet Developing

7.2 - Complies with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements.

Does Not Meet Developing

Further unit requirements:

A. Attendance

Taygan attended Dalyellup Primary School for five full days . She completed her first professional
teaching experience in a Year One classroom. Taygan arrived early to speak with the classroom
teacher and was there to welcome the students once the classroom was opened.

B. Professionalism
Throughout the entire practicum, Taygan demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She
maintained an appropriate standard of dress and consistently behaved in a positive and mature
manner. Taygan demonstrated respect for the classroom and adhered to all class routines and
procedures. She used her initiative to assist the classroom teacher where possible, helped students
who required assistance, praised and encouraged students as she wandered around the classroom
and marked written work. She marked the Attendance Register and assisted the Educational
Assistant with "Father's Day activities. Taygan walked with the mentor teacher during Recess
and Lunch duty, observing different ways of managing negative behaviours in the playground.
C. Completion of Lesson/s (Micro & Macro)
Taygan successfully completed the required Micro & Macro teaching sessions. The lesson plans
were detailed and demonstrated Taygan's understanding of the curriculum requirements for Year
One, in the particular subject areas she was preparing to teach. She sought advice from the class
teacher regarding the students' prior knowledge, special needs and the specific outcome hoped to
be achieved. The planning documents were prepared in advance and were viewed by the
classroom teacher. Taygan ensured her teaching resources were prepared before the lesson and
worksheets printed. The lessons ran smoothly with all students eagerly participating and remaining
on task. Taygan reflected on her lessons by discussing the observations outlined by the mentor teache
and accepted all advice in a professional manner. She also reflected on the lessons by
completing her self-evaluations.

D. Ability to relate to Students and Staff

Taygan demonstrated a sincere and genuine interest in the students and their learning. She
quickly developed a positive rapport with the students who were eager to speak with Taygan.
They were comfortable to approach Taygan with their concerns or with requests for assistance.
When interacting with other staff, Taygan demonstrated professionalism at all times. She treated
all staff in the school community with respect regardless of their work position. A need for
confidentiality was recognised by Taygan as she spoke to students and staff. Taygan was able to
relate to students with special needs and understood the frustrations experienced by a new
student with a different language background. She took extra time to develop a positive
relationship with these students.

E. Adequacy of pre-service teacher's literacy and/or numeracy levels:

Taygan demonstrates excellent literacy and numeracy skills.

F. Were there any issues with mobile device use?

Yes No

Suitability/Potential for Teaching

Taygan has completed a successful first teaching experience. She displays a genuine interest
the teaching and learning process and an eagerness to develop her knowledge and skills in these
areas. Taygan demonstrated confidence and a willingness to assist in the classroom. She was
keen to develop her understanding of classroom routines by asking questions and documenting
observations made. Her ability to relate to the students in a positive and caring manner is to be
commended. Taygan understands the importance of effective planning and preparation. She
demonstrated her knowledge of the curriculum documents used for planning and assessment
and her ability to locate various teaching resources available for schools on the internet.
Taygan is to be congratulated on her commitment to this practicum and the professional
attitude displayed throughout. She exhibits many of the qualities necessary to be an effective
classroom teacher and I wish her every success as she continues her studies.

Overall Evaluation