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Business Visa Documents Required:


Before applying please make sure you fulfill all the following requirements.

Generic Documentation for Visitor´s Visa for Business

• 2 printed copy of regular Schengen visa application form, it should be filled in all fields
and signed by the applicant – or, if the applicant is minor, by his/her parents or
guardians – (in pages 3 and 4) and two recent coloured photographs with white
background, in good quality sized 3x4 cm, with face looking at the front. Posted the
photos at visa application forms on the corresponding site.

• Passport with minimum validity of 6 months since expiration date of applied visa and
photocopy of passport. The passport should have at least two blank pages and should
be issued ten years before. There are no endorsement at endorsement page ( with
exception )

• Other valid and cancelled passports, in assumption that the applicants have them.

• Photocopy of applicant’s identity document (KTP for Indonesian nationality) and, for
applicants with Indonesian nationality, photocopy of family card.

• The travel insurance must be valid for all the Schengen zone and for all the stay in the
Schengen countries, and with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros for all the concepts.
The travel insurance also must be valid for emergency medical support or emergency
care in the hospital or repatriation for medical or death reason. Click Here to
download List of approved insurance companies
• In case of applicants who are younger than 18 years, notarized authorization letter for
travelling by both parents – or from person who have authority in the mother country
– in assumption that the applicant travels alone, or from parent who does not travel
with him/her. The authorization letter should indicate the traveling date and the country
or countries which will be visited. The original authorization letter will have to be
presented (which then will be returned to the applicant) as well as a photocopy of the
letter. Likewise, a photocopy of birth certificate of the minor and photocopies of identity
documents or parents’ passports should also be submitted.

• Lodging arrangement in Spain and in all the Schengen countries which will be visited (it
is necessary to show some of the following documents: reservation hotel in which
consist of: name, address and hotel telephone number, reservation number, complete
name of the tourist, and staying date in the hotel. Or housing rent contract.)

• Representation authority letter (Power of Attorney letter) and photocopy of passport or

identity document of the representative, in case that the submission process is
presented by representative.
• Round-trip airplane ticket reservationin all schengen countries and ticket reservation
within Spain. The reservation sheet should indicate the Passenger Registration Number
or reservation number, and the itinerary.

• Financial guarantees: applicant’s working certificate, in which consist of job position of

the applicant and his/her salary, and in which specified the travel purpose to Spain;
recent bank reference letter in which figure the account balance, or billing statement
with all the movements of the correspondent account for the last 3 months.

• A letter of invitation from the Spanish company, which is listed; company name, contact
information, full address of the company, details of the time period, the reasons invited.
In the invitation letter should refer to costs which are the responsibility of all travel

• If the purpose of coming to Spain to attend an exhibition or congress, should be

attached invitation letter from the organizer or the admission

• Letters from companies where applicants with details of positions as well as the purpose
of the trip to Spain

• In the case of the Spanish company invited back the same person, it takes a letter to
prove the continuation of trade relations with the inviter (a photocopy of the contract
signed by the Spanish company, the sale and purchase invoices, etc.)

• Financial availability (for 2018: minimum of 661.5 Euros per person; if the stay is longer
than 9 days, add 73.59 Euros for each additional day. Media to accredit the financial
availability: photocopy of applicant’s credit card, that should go along with the billing
statement to which the card is associated (billing statement from internet excerpt will
not be admitted); travel check; recent certificate of operation performed from foreign
exchange purchase.

• For all the non-Indonesian applicants, original and photocopy residence permit card in
Indonesia, with a minimum valid of one months dateleaving shengen area.

This note is for informational purpose only

• Official rate of visa: 60 euros (general regulation), applicants under 6 years: free,
applicants from 6 to 12 years: 35 euros. payment is in indonesian rupiah.

• Resolution period: 15 calendar days, which coud be extended to 30 or 60 days in

determined cases.

• The embassy has the right to require presentation of any other complementary
documentation or make an appointment of an interview with the applicant. the period
for presenting the required documentation is 10 days.

• The visa granted should be collected in period of 1 month, if not it will be considered
that the applicant has renounced the visa and the embassy will produce procedural
• The visa does not confer a right of automatic entry in all schengen state.