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Form of Application for an Arms License

(See Rule 51)

Part - A
Identity of Applicant
1. Name _______________________________________

2. Father/Husband Name _______________________________________

3. Place of Birth/Nativity _______________________________________

4. (a) Permanent Address _______________________________________

(b) Nearest Police Station _______________________________________

Part - B
Other Particulars of Applicant
5. Whether the Applicant

(a) Convicted (If so, the offences) the _______________________________________

sentence and date of Sentence
(b) Ordered to execute a bond under _______________________________________
Chapter VIII of code of criminal
procedure,1973 (2 of 1974) for keeping
the peace or for good behavior, if so when
and for what period
(c) Prohibited under the arms act 1959 or _______________________________________
any other law from having the arms /
6. (a) Whether the applicants applied for a _______________________________________
license before it so, when to whom and
with that result
(b) Whether the applicant's license was _______________________________________
over suspended or cancelled revoked if so
when and by whom and what account
(c) Whether any other member of the _______________________________________
applicant's family is in possession of arms
license, if so particulars thereof-
7. Whether the applicant -

(a) Is a licensee or exemptee, if so _______________________________________

description of the Arms held;
(b) Has a safe place to keep the arms; _______________________________________

(c) Is a bonafide tourist, if so; _______________________________________

i. Name of country to which belongs: _______________________________________

ii. Whether he is prohibited by the laws of _______________________________________

his country from having in his possession
any arm ammunition:
iii. The probable date of his arrival in _______________________________________
Note: A bonafide tourist is permitted to bring into India subject to the conditions specified in
section 10 and in rule 32 arms and ammunition in reasonable quantities for his use for
purpose only of sports and for no other purpose.
Part - C
Particulars of License
8. Head for License: _______________________________________

9. The forms in which the license is required: _______________________________________

10. Description of Arms / ammunition: _______________________________________

11. (a) Area within which applicant wished to _______________________________________

carry arms
(b) Place where arms/ ammunition will be _______________________________________
kept/ manufacture etc.
12. Other particulars required as in the _______________________________________
relevant license form
13. Any claims for special consideration _______________________________________

Part - D
For Applicant
14. (a) Whether the provisions sanctioned of _______________________________________
the concerned authority required and
under rule 50, if any has been obtained, if
(b) The evidence in support thereof _______________________________________

(b) Place etc. _______________________________________

I hereby declare that the above particulars given in the application are true, complete and
correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I undertake and understand that in the event
of any information to be proceeded against and action taken under the relevant provisions of
the arms act,1950, the arms rules 1962 and other general enactment the law for the time
being in force.

Place: Signature/ Thumb impression

Date of the application: