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The Development of Bangladesh: Some Aspects

The development and improvement of Bangladesh absolutely depends on the will,

support, taste, sincerity and consciousness of the common masses where the
authorities concerned should prepare themselves as the guide, mentor, instructor
and facilitator of the development initiatives.

The demand for development certainly relies on the education and training based-
consciousness where the role of education is to enhance the taste, sincerity and
consciousness of the beneficiaries to realize the necessity of improving the
condition, state and environment from what we receive at all.

Bangladesh is yet to emancipate from its socio-economic, socio-political and

socio-state limitations like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, maltreatment,
political uncertainty etc. if Bangladesh wants to improve the basic condition of its
common masses who strive and struggle for ages to turn the wheel of their fortune.

Sustainable development should be ensured to carry on a regular, disciplined,

expected and accepted course of development initiatives for the future assurance of
peace, progress, flourish and equity for the general people of Bangladesh who are
waiting to watch the sun of hope and aspiration behind the cloud of grief and

The people of Bangladesh have the blessings to work hard to achieve their
livelihood and other necessities but, unfortunately they are yet to receive the
reward of hardship because of different socio-economic, socio-state complications
like corruption, exploitation, lack of ethics, lack of transparency, accountability
and reliability in various sectors of the country.

Bangladesh is yet to fulfill the basic needs of its common people as there is a lack
of balanced development and equitable distribution of resources. Besides, there is
drastic shortage of productivity and consumption of resources as there are
unemployment, mismanagement of resources, and other sorts of problems from
which Bangladesh has been suffered for long.

The increase of per capita income, the increase of average age of Bangladeshi
citizens , the decrease of child and maternal mortality rates—are some of the
positive aspects of Bangladesh , but it has to go far and far. Bangladesh has
recently achieved the status of developing country where it needs to prove its
competence in the stipulated time.

The development of ethics, the assurance of transparency, accountability,

reliability, good governance and proper management in the personal and
institutional levels are some of the aspects Bangladesh must re-think and re-
experiment to implement and ensure the sound social and economic development
for years.

Bangladesh has to establish a culture of tolerance, co-operation, co-existence,

communal and political harmony for the betterment of its peace-loving people.
Violence, conflicts and strife , mismanagement, corruption and such types of
socio-economic, socio-political problems should be managed with proper
professionalism, sincerity and consciousness.

The people of Bangladesh need to realize their interests and objectives of peace,
progress, flourish and equity and any forces or factors who strive to step against
these good achievements are their real foes who must be corrected, punished and

Any person or any group who does wrong-doing or evil-doing in the name of
religion, politics or other factors must be brought under severe scrutiny,
accountability and exemplary punishment.

The people and the institutions should develop good, sound and ethical
environment in which the future generations will build up with proper guidance,
instructions, ideology and training.