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P2P operation manual 3

Check if you get the IP address.

enable P2P
Note: x00000000 is serial number.

1 X00000000

Right-click the mouse,

and click P2P in the
pop-up menu.

Check if you get the serial number.

In the pop-up window, click the OK
button to restart to complete the setup.

5 Internet Explorer
Enter the URL
Sure you are connected Enter the serial number ID
to the external network. Name Admin
In the pop-up window,
enable DHCP.

Make sure that IE allow ActiveX control to download and install successfully.

Mobile Connection

Android devices can download the app from Google play, Live View
or you can also copy the soft Smart
“ meye.apk
. ” from the cd.
iOS devices can download the app from “App Store” directly.

Add device Live View

Dh a 120 DEM... abc

Add device
Cancel Add device Done 1 2 3 4

Any characters that you like Device list

Name to identify this device.

Address Target’s IP address or URL.

Port DVR’s Mobile port. PTZ Snapshot Start/Stop

Snapshot and
User DVR’s user name. Record files
Local User
Password DVR’s password. Settings guide
Channet Number
auto 1 4 8 16 32 Select the channel number,
when assign, the app will set
the number automatically. Query
Delete Audio Remote Talkback
For detailed instructions,please read the super
meye user manual in the cd.