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Choose the correct answer from The Answer Marked A, B, C, D or E.

1. Marta : It’s very hot here ….

Sinta : Sure. I’ll open the window.
A. Could you open the door, please?
B. Do you mind turning on the fan, please?
C. Would you open the window, please?
D. May I leave now?
E. May I open the door?

2. Agus : Bram, ….
Bram : I’d love too, but not now. I’m very busy. You can go there by taxi.
A. Do you mind taking me to the hospital?
B. Could you possibly take this packet to the hospital?
C. I’d be very grateful if you could take me to the school.
D. Do you mind taking to the supermarket?
E. Can I go with her?
Text 1 (For questions 3 – 6)
Since that animals do not wear shoes in the wild, why is it necessary to wear shoes in a
civilized world? There are many explanation. Before the animals were domesticated, they did not
have to carry anything on their backs. Nor pulled any heavy loads. Like a wagon load of wood
weighing tones. After they were domesticated, the situation changed, they were forced to travel
miles on hard roads that wore down their hooves. To overcome this problem, shoes were
introduced to protect and safe guard their hooves when pulling carts.
The thought of having metal shoes nailed on to your feet is enough to make you eerie.
This is how to fix the horse’s shoe but it does not hurt the horse, if done correctly.
For centuries, this is the way to protect horse, mules, and event oxen with iron shoes. A
horse shoe is made of metal plate shaped like a ‘’U’’ and specially cast to fi t the horse’s hoof. In
principal, an ox or a mule is having the same ‘’U’’ shape metal shoe except the size is different
due to the various hoof size from different animals.
Before the automobile age, horses were the only source of transporting people and
goods. Teams of to, four or six large horses were used to pull stage coaches and heavy freight
wagons. Horses, mules and oxen were used on farms to plough rice fields and harvest crops. In
cities and towns, horses pulled milk wagon, bread wagons, and tourist carriage through the
Blacksmiths made and nailed horse shoe on horse’s feet, because horse hooves grew like our
fingernails. Thus, the horses needed to have their hooves trimmed and their shoes refitted in
every two months.
3. In the passage, the horse needs shoes because ….
A. They help to carry light loads
B. They provided sufficient traction
C. They help it to jump well
D. They provide noise when galloping
E. They live longer

4. Besides being a mode of transport, horses, mules, and oxen were also used to ….
A. Deliver household appliance
B. Replace big trucks and cars
C. Carry animals from place to place
D. Plough land and harvest the crops
E. Be given as dowry to bridegroom in some societies

5. In paragraph 5, why are horse hooves have to be maintained so regularly?

A. The horse suffers from wear and tear.
B. The shoes get rusty.
C. The shoes grow bigger.
D. The hooves are like our teeth
E. The hooves out grow the shoes.

6. ‘’…. They did not have to carry anything on their backs. ‘’ (paragraph 1)
The synonym of the underlined word is …
A. Take’
B. Bring
C. Load
D. Put
E. Pull

7. Tari : what should I do for this headache?

Heni : ….i saw you have a chat with susan till late last night
Tari : thanks for you advice

A. If I were you, I wouldn’t eat too much ice cream

B. Why don’t you eat fruits
C. Maybe you should sleep for a while
D. I think you should drink medicine
E. You should do jogging.

8. Farah ; The company needs a secretary…..

Susan : Well, there’s no harm in trying.

A. Should I study secretary?

B. Should you advise me to ignore it?
C. Should I apply for a nurse?
D. Can you help me?
E. Do you think I should apply for the job?
Text 2 (for questions 9 – 11)

Boxing – sport or spectacle ?

Boxing, amongst other hand –to-hand fighting, has been with us for thousands of years.
Originally, it was nothing more than bare fist fighting between two willing ,and sometimes
unwilling , competitors for the entertainment of others. Some people argue that it is relatively
safe, disciplined ,highly skilled ,and technical support that brings enjoyment and employment to
a great many people .Others claim that it is dangerous and barbaric spectacle that has no place
in civilized world. This article will explore each side’s claim in more detail . It will talk about the
damage that can be inflicted when two men stand face-to-face legitimate assault, has no place
in the twenty first century.
The bell goes the two warriors approach each other. They are quick. They are strong. They
are hard. They are ready to hurt and be hurt.
A left fist launches and connects with a nose. The crowds are on their feet. Cheering.
Wanting more. Wanting blood
So, boxing; what’s it all about? All animals, Mostly the males, fight from time to time.
Sometimes it is playing but at other times it is serious . Lots of people, including me, enjoy
watching boxing. It is disgusting at times though, especially when there is a lot of blood and
some boxes died in the ring.
In conclusion, both sides of the debate have solid foundations. As has been shown, the
arguments for and against have been put forward since boxing began. And it would seem, the
argument will continue for at least foreseeable future, as compromise seems unlikely. Both sides
do agree, however, that the debate is better held whilst boxing is licensed and controlled rather
than not. The letter would make it, in my opinion, both sport as well spectacle.
9. Which statement is implied in paragraph 2 and 4?
A. Boxing means hurting each other
B. Men, are like animals, fight from time to time.
C. Some people think that boxing is disgusting.
D. Boxing should be banned in twenty first century
E. The two warriors have the same courage and strength

9. Why do some people claim that boxing is dangerous, barbaric, uncivilized? Because ….
A. It brings enjoyment
B. It is quick and strong
C. It can entertain other
D. It creates employment
E. It can cause death in the ring

10. When is boxing disgusting?

A. When Someone Wins
B. When There Is Lots Of Cheering
C. When Nothing Happens
D. When There’s Lots Of Blood
E. When There Is A Big Applause

Text 3. This text is for question number 11-13



Get a great job now!
Is hiring full – time representative for
Sales & Reservation. Talk to our employees and
Discover why we’re the best thing in the air

National Air Headquarters
Southeast Regional Airport
Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m.

11. What is the purpose of this ad?

A. To meet new people
B. To sell ticket
C. To find job applications
D. To show of the new headquarters
E. To open new house

12. Where will the event be held?

A. At their headquarters
B. At the owner’s house
C. On a plane
D. At the regional office
E. At national air

13. What job does airline have available?

A. Baggage handles
B. Pilots and co-pilots
C. Reservations and sales
D. Operation and management
E. Headquarter keeper
Text 4. This text is for question number 14 - 16.


HEALT & LIFE CARE Product Inviting Professional for NATIONAL SALES
MANAGER position:
1. Age 30-35 years old & active in English or Mandarin
2. Graduated SI min. GPA = 3.0 from reputable university
3. Min 3 years experience involving the same field
4. Lead & train the sales team
5. Promote product awareness
6. Develop new market, generate sales & active sales target
7. Willing to travel within Indonesia

Candidate interested in challenging position, please send your application letter,

cv, recent photograph (4 x 6), contact telephone number within two weeks after
advertisement to:

Graha Ajidharma

Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan Blok O/IV

Kav. 25-26 Sunter Agung Podomono
Jakarta Utara 14360

14. What occupation is offered by the company?

A. Area Manager
B. Personal
C. Marketing Manager
D. Health and Life Care
E. National Sales Manager

15. What is advertise in the text above?

A. Health and Life Care
B. Vacancy
C. New products
D. Marketing Goods
E. Entertainment
16. “Graduated S1 min GPA = 3.0 form reputable university”.
The underlined words means….
A. State
B. Private
C. Good
D. Dedicated
E. Well-known

Text 5. This text is for questions number 17 – 18

There was a lot of discussion about whether boxing should be banned.

The people who agree with this idea, such as Sarah, claims that if they do carry on
boxing they should wear something to protect their heads. They also argue that people who do
boxing could have brain damage and get seriously hurt. A further point they make is that most of
the people that have died did have families.
However, there are also strong arguments against this point of view. Another group of the
people believe that boxing should not be banned. They say that why they invert it if it is a
dangerous sport. They say that boxing is a good sport, people enjoy it. A furthermore reason is if
they ban boxing it will ruin people’s careers.
17. The text is discussing …
A. The rule of boxing
B. The boxing game
C. The ban for boxing
D. The place for boxing game
E. The boxers themselves

18. Which statement is not true according to paragraph 3?

A. Boxing should not be banned
B. Boxing is a good sport.
C. People enjoy boxing
D. Boxing can make boxers die
E. The boxers are still fighting although it is a dangerous sport.

19. Wina : I’d like to buy a present for my grandma her birthday is next week …
Nita : I think it’s a good choice. Cotton or wool scarf ?
A. Do you think this dress good ?
B. What do you think about this scarf ?
C. What do you think of these shoes ?
D. What do you think of going to a restaurant?
E. Could you buy me a scarf?
20. Jaya : what do you think of being a politician ?
Agus : … being a politician would be awarding.
A. For me, it’s disgusting
B. According to me, it could be awful.
C. I think it could be great.
D. I feel that it’s bad.
E. I can’t say so.
Text 6. This text is for questions 21-25


This story comes from Tana Toraja, is South Sulawesi (Celebes). Landorundun was a
young beautiful girl with long hair. One day she took a bath in the river, and combed her hair.
One of her hair was fallen’ and when she put it on a stone, the wing flew it to the river bank and
it reached the middle of she.
Landurundun’s hair was glowing in the sunlight, an and adventured, Bendurana saw it
from his ship. He order ed his companions to take that come back wounded.
Bendurana then walked on water, took the hair himself. He rolled the hair over his arm,
and the hair turned to be very long. When he wondered the origin of the hair, a bird said to him
where it come from. He followed the flock of the birds, and finally dropped the anchor to a stone,
nowadays called Batu Sangkinan Lembang.
Then Bendurana planted a mango tree, instantly grew and had fruits. Then Bendurana
planted a mango tree, instantly grew and his fruits. He walked around the plece and found a girl,
Landorundun,. Bendurana asked Landorundun to marry him, but she said her father Solokang
and mother Lmba Susu aren’t redy to be separated from her.
Then Bendurana walked away, but the kept stalking Landurundun.
When Landorundun took a bath at the river, she saw the mango, and Landorundun said
the shepherd boys did it, but they said Landorundun did. Finally Landorundun surrendered and
agreed to merry Bendurana. To trick her mother Lambe Susu, Bendurana gave her a bottle with
large hole on its bottom, and ordered Lambe Susu to fill it with water. When she realized she had
been tricked , Lambe Susu just saw her daughter sailed away.
At their wedding ceremony, Landorundun wasn’t happy, and kept quit. But when a man
brought a crow with invalid leg, she laughed seeing she crow jumping in an odd way.

21. What is the paragraph 3 talking about?

A. Batu Sangkinan Lembang is a name taken from an anchor dropped to a stone.
B. Bendurana can walk on water.
C. Bendurana can’t run his short hair to be very long.
D. Bendurana acts like the flock of flying birds.
E. Batu Sangkinan Lembang is the nickname of Bendurana.

22. The word “him” in paragraph 5 refers to...

A. Solokang
B. Lambe Susu
C. Bendirana
D. Landorundun
E. Lembang

23. What did the professor use to do? He used to...

A. Cut his hair short
B. Shorten his hair
C. Ask somebody to cut his hair short
D. Cut somebody ‘s hair
E. Ask somebody’s hair

24. Who is wounded (in paragraph 2)?

A. Landorundun
B. Bendurana
C. Landorundun’s father
D. Landurundun’s mother
E. Bendurana’s companions

25. What makes Landorondun happy (in last paragraph)?

A. The wedding ceremony
B. A man brought a crow
C. The crow jumping in an odd way
D. Lambe Susu, Landorundu’s mother who is filling in a bottle with water
E. Bendurana, her bridegroom

Text 7. This text is for questions 26-28


We are the largest foreigner company (Electronic Component & mold maker) project location at
LIPPO CIKARANG BEKASI. We are looking for employment for the position as like as :

1. Marketing molding (M-M)

2. Marketing Accessories Mobil (M-AM)
3. Translator Bhs Korea (TRS)
- Experience (min) 2 years in similar (for all-position)
- Good in health, attitude, relationship, leadership, etc.
- 1 female, max 25 years old in age, D III any discipline
- 2 & 3 Male/Female, max 30 year old in age, D III technician
- Computer literate is a must
- 3 (he/she) ever worked in factory (min 2 years)
Interested, send CV & photograph (new) to : HRD DEPARTEMENT
E-mail: Telp: 021 89735950-51

26. The text belongs to …

A. Memo
B. Letter
C. Announcement
D. Advertisement
E. Pamphlet

27. Those who have opportunity to apply the job are the following, except …
A. You have experience in similar position at least 2 years
B. You are 25 or 30 years old in age
C. You should be female if you apply marketing molding position
D. Male or female is welcome for translator position
E. You are excellent in English both spoken and written

28. What should you attach to you application according to the text ?
A. The latest resume and cover letter
B. The new cv and resume
C. The latest resume and photograph
D. The application letter and cv
E. the new photograph and application letter

text 8. This text is for questions 29 – 30

people generally use drugs for positive reasons but there are some people who use drugs
for recreation. Recreational drugs, even though illegal in most countries, are commonly found in
many place devoted to entertainment such as discotheques or pubs. Some people use drugs such
as marijuana and cocaine for relaxation, but recreational drug use can lead a serious drug
Other people use drugs for different purpose. Take athletes, for example. Some of them
consciously take drugs commonly known as steroids to boost their performance. Generally, this
is not a crime, but the use of such drugs can disqualify athletes. World-renowned Canadian
sprinter, Ben Johnson, was accused of taking drugs during the Olympics. This charge was
proved by means of a blood test administered after the games. There are many other sports
figures who have taken drugs for similar purpose. Can you name athletes you know of who have
taken drugs?
People have different views concerning the benefits and of recreational drug use. What one
person may is wrong about the use of certain drugs may be considered acceptable to another.

29. The best title for the text above is …

A. Say no to drug
B. Drug abuse
C. Recreational drug
D. Drug use
E. Drug for positive reason

30. The word “them” in paragraph 2 refers to …

A. Other people
B. Sprinters
C. Athletes
D. Drugs
E. Criminals

Text 9. This text for Questions 31- 35

How is dust Useful to Us ?
Most people think text that dust is very harmful to us. But this is not always true. Dust is,
in fact, very useful, and therefore, it is essential to know what dust is and how it is formed .
Every solid substance is composed of very small particles. When these small particles of
matter are scattered, they become dust particles. For example, if we go on breaking a brick or
a-stone into small particles.
These particles get mixed with the the air and they are called dust particles. The air then
carries dust particles from one place to another.
There are different ways by which dust is formed. When solid substance breaks, dust it
formed. Smoke generated by the burning of coal, mood, petrol, etc. also produces dust. Dust
particles also come from dead plants, sea salt, desert, volcanic sand, and many others. The
particles of the earth’s surface also fly in the air in the form of dust.
The biggest use of the dust particles is that they help in the formation of the rains. The
water vapors in the clouds condense on the dust particles in the from of water-drops. These
drops fall on the earth as rains. The absence of dust particles can delay the rain. Likewise, mist,
fog , etc. are also formed due to the presence of dust particles.
31. Paragraph 1 of the is called as the ….
A. Issue
B. Orientation
C. Identification
D. General statement
E. General classification
32. What is paragraph 1 about? IT ….
A. Informs what dust is
B. Introduce the participant
C. Describe how dust is formed
D. Explain why dust is not useless
E. Describes how most people think about dust
33. What is very solid substance made of?
A. Very small particles
B. Small pieces of matters
C. Scattered dust particles
D. Dust particles mixed with air
E. The particles of the earth’s surface

34. A stone becomes dust when ….

A. Dust is formed
B. It is burned
C. It flies in the air
D. It gets mixed with air
E. The goes on breaking into very small particles

35. The following can form dust, except ….

A. Solid substance
B. Smoke from burning coal
C. Petrol
D. Volcanic sand
E. Living plants

36. Rocco : ….
Rizza : I think it is a big and attractive match.
A. What about the food
B. What do you think about of this match
C. How’d do you feel about the election
D. How about watching movie
E. Don’t you think I look good

37. Faris : What do you think about the new rules of school hours ? I really don’t like the
idea that I should wake up earlier than before.
Tanti : I don’t know what to think about. I’m still confused with the announcement.
From the dialog, we know that …
A. Tanti is against the new rules.
B. Faris likes the new rules.
C. Tanti has no opinion on the new rules.
D. Tanti makes the new rules.
E. Faris doesn’t understand the announcement

38. Wina : I’d like to buy a present for my grandma her birthday is next week …
Nita : I think it’s a good choice. Cotton or wool scarf ?
A. Do you think this dress good ?
B. What do you think about this scarf ?
C. What do you think of these shoes ?
D. What do you think of going to a restaurant?
E. Could you buy me a scarf?

39. Jaya : what do you think of being a politician ?

Agus : … being a politician would be awarding.
A. For me, it’s disgusting
B. According to me, it could be awful.
C. I think it could be great.
D. I feel that it’s bad.
E. I can’t say so.
Text 10. This text for question number 40.
Room Facilities

The hotel provides 82 comfortable guest room that consist of Superior Room, Superior
Room and 22 deluxe Cottages with modern Balinese style architecture, private balcony,
and international standard facilities. Each room has a private balcony, full air
conditioned, telephone, mini bar, radio/music, international tv channels, in house
movie, tea & coffee making facilities, hair dryer, slippers, umbrella, bath/shower with
hot and cold running water, and safe deposite box.

For information and reservation please feel free to contact us soon:

Phone: +62 361 751961, Fax: +62 361 751961

E-mail: or sale@kutaseaviewhotel
Website :

P 15/A/No. 20-22/UN 2009

40. What does the advertisement promote?

A. The location of the hotel
B. The hotel’s room
C. The cottage
D. The sea view
E. The facilities

*** GOOD LUCK ***