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Welcome to Blanc NRI, a unique Indian dining experience that

tantalizes your senses with beautiful food and stunning dining

We welcome you to a truly devine destination to enjoy the wide

variety of mouth watering Indian Cuisine at Blanc.

We are not afraid to explore uncharted waters and so, travel,

reseach, innovation, are only some of the ways we achieve this
end. The result of this is that we keep our dishes different from
what anybody else has to offer thus ensuring you always have a
unique experience.

The Indian restaurant specialises in serving kebabs and curries

ranging from the north west, Awadh. South and streets of Delhi
specially prepared for you by our seasoned chefs.

Our endeavour is to bestow on you the bliss of the sublime blend

of aroma, texture and spice with each preperation.

The chef has crafted the menu to create a balance of taste and
flavour that stimulates the palate.

Your rendesvous begins with enjoying some soothing beverages

coupled with an impressive starter selection.

The main course indulges you in a heavenly culinary pleasure

while we present our extensive dessert menu to wind up.

Hues of gold and versace exude the warmth in the décor, while
our hospitality makes your experience truly memorable.

welcome to blanc nri

is a theatre on
a grand scale.”
marian burros

dietary information

G Contians Gluten D Contains Dairy N Contains Nuts

E Contains Eggs V Suitable for vegetarian NH Non-Halal

If you have allergies or special dietary requirements, please let a member of staff know.

thank you

• Tiger Prawn Malabar Style d 7

Crispy fried tiger prawns in yeracud pepper masala.

• Crab Cakes 6
Crab patties shallow fried with malabar spices.

• Fish Bread Pakora 5

Masala coated tilapia fillets rolled in bread and shallow fried.

• Jalapeno and Olive Tikka d v 5

Basil and birds eye chilli pesto.

• Chicken - 65 d 5
Succulent chicken morsels crispy fried tossed in yoghurt and spices.

• Kali Mirch Tikka d 4

Boneless chicken cubes in a marinade of black pepper, cream and cheddar grilled in a clay oven.

• Raunaq-E-Seekh 4
Traditional seekh kebab of minced chicken flavoured with coriander, tomatoes, mint and spring onion.

• Shahi Gilawat Ke Kebab d 6

Smoked baby lamb mince with awadhi masala / flaky bread.

• Lamb Potato Chops 6

Potato patty stuffed with diced lamb coated with breadcrumbs and peri peri tomato sauce.

• Lamb Ganderi Kebab d 6

Baby lamb mice skewered on sugarcane sticks and deep fried.

• Palak Pokori Chaat d v 5

Crispy fried baby spinach with date and tamarind sauce, mint chutney and fresh pomegranate seeds.

• Beetroot and Peanut Butter Chop d n v 6

Kasundi and goat cheese raita.

• Kaffir Lime Leaf Paneer Tikka d v 6

Spiced kacchumber and pesto.
main dishes

• Butter Chicken d 10
Tandoori masala marinated succulent chicken, makhani gravy, fenugreek.

• Chicken Tikka Labadar d 11

Boneless morsels of tandoori chicken makhani gravy, tomato and onion.

• Kozhi Varha Curry 11

Boneless grilled chicken with a distinct flavour of chettinad masala.

• Chilgoja Murgh d 13
Chicken breast coated with pinenut paste cooked in clay oven, simmered in a cream sauce.

• Murgh Awadhi Handi d n 12

Chicken drumsticks simmered in brown onion, yogurt gravy with a dash of heady lazzat-e taam spice powder.

• Venison Dum Koorma d n nh 18

A stunning dish of venison fillet in almond, yoghurt sauce awadhi spices cooked dum style in a sealed pot.

• Nalli Nihari d 16
Lamb shank, lamb stock, yoghurt and potli masala.

• Hyderabadi Gosht Achari Quorma d 12

Diced lamb in a yoghurt base pickling spices gravy.

• Lamb Chops Bhuna Masala 13

Succulent baby lamb chops in a robust onion and tomato masala flavoured with cinnamon.

• Railway Lamb Curry 13

Taste of the Raj. Flavoured lamb curry with a stamp from spencers railway catering services at victoria

• Kumaragom Duck Roast nh 15

Gressingham duck breast braised in keralan spices, roasted and served with baby carrots, broccoli and
potato podimas.

• Goan Fish Curry 14

Monkfish fillets in a spicy coconut sauce flavoured with ginger, molgapodi mash.

• Lobster Moilee 18
Lobster meat in a rich coconut sauce flavoured with ginger, molgapodi mash.

• Grilled Sea Bass Malabar 14

Fillet of sea bass grilled, served on steamed rice cake with malabar sauce.

• Malai King Prawns 14

King prawns simmered in poshto daana, kasundi mustard and coconut served in fresh coconut shell.

• Fish In Banana Leaves 12

Tilapia fillets in a spicy marination wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

• Jhinga Hara Pyaz Kalimirch 14

King prawns in a heady onion and tomato masala with scallions and black peppercorns.

• Paneer Tikka Lababdar d v 10

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a clay oven on a bed of rich tomato sauce.

• Palak Paneer Khatta Pyaz d v 10

• Plantain Kofta Pukhtan Style d v 9

Raw plantain and cottage cheese dumplings in a flavourful velvety sauce.

• Mawa Aloo Jeera d v 9/6

Baby potatoes tossed in cumin seeds and spices with reduced milk.

• Jaipuri Bhindi v 9/6

Crispy fried okra tossed in scintillating dry spices.

• Dal Tadka v 9/6

Pigeon peas tempered with fresh garlic and red chillis.

• Raita d v
Plain. 3
Boondi (gram flour dumplings). 4
Doodhi (grated bottlegourd 4

• Green Salad v 3

• Tandoor Roti g v
Plain. 2
Masala (with onion and spices). 3
Missi Roti (gram flour and spice mix). 4

• Naan g v
Plain / Butter / Buknu. 3
Khurmee Naan (with a glaze of apricot and tomato). 4
Cheese and Chilli 4
Garlic and Coriander. 4

• Amritsari Kulcha g v 4
Stuffing of mashed potatoes with pommegranate seeds.

• Chur Chur Paratha g v 4


• Kaas Degh Biryani d

Lamb. 14
Chicken. 12

• Jeera Pulao v 4
Fragrant long grain basmati rice cooked on dum.

• Safed Basmati Rice v 3

Steamed long grain basmati rice.

• Blueberry Shrikhand Parfait g d 5

Blueberry frozen yoghurt. Boondi Streusel.

• Apple Jalebi g d n e 5
Fresh apples in a crispy jalebi batter, bed of reduced milk and nuts.

• Husn-E Ara g n 6
King Akbars delight, crispy friedbread stuffed with kesari pineapple compote topped with nutty rabarhi.

• Hot Gulabjamun d n 5
Kesar pista gulab jamun.

• Kulfi Falooda d n 5
Rich and creamy kulfi topped with falooda and pistachio.