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Survesh Saini1

1. Design Engineer, Electrical Department, Takalkar Power Engineers &

Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Takalkar Power Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
Wing-B-424-430, Monalisa Commercial Complex,
Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat-390011, India
Mr. Survesh Saini – +91 99742 81750;

ABSTRACT - Saving energy is another way which also

contributes to our very environmental
“Energy Policies can provide far long objectives and also reduces energy cost
productive development in developing and losses. Good for Country like India,
countries like India and can generate where individuals and corporate sectors
amount of employment in the sector. accept such responsibilities. When
However, limited policies can mean loss implementing energy savings, renewable
of development of new technologies and energy and more efficient conversion
untenable growth. Good and prolific technologies can have positive economic
energy policies are already in place in effects and potentially lead to large
India, but for supernumerary energy earning on exports.
opportunities, it is required to have
continuous expansion and examination TOWARDS 100% RENEWABLES
of supporting system which will
promote growth and lead us to secure In Today’s scenario, it is impossible to
imminent energy requirements. Smart replace all the fossil fuels which currently
energy system is required while have already been used. In order to save
integrating various different sectors to further burning of fossil fuels, more and
utilized 100% renewable energy more renewable energy has to be
present in different renewable energy introduced into the energy system. Use of
infrastructure.” biomass will stay controversial due to its
high transporting cost. But for future use,
ENERGY SECURITY AND it is equally important to save biomass as
SUSTAINABLE GROWTH saving fossil fuels.

With increase in energy demand and less There is also emphasis on climate change
available resources, energy security has in recent decades. Excess utilization of
originated on demand. To ensure this, fossil fuels has played major part in it by
vital parts like stable and secure energy emitting carbon-dioxide gases due to
infrastructures are required. Renewable burning of fossil fuels known as
energy, which is capable of increasing anthropogenic gases along with other
Energy security will require careful and hazardous gas. This highlights the
systematic development for reliability. standing of using renewable energy. If
factors such as health effects are also
Energy infrastructures are required to studied, wide-ranging benefits can be
account for all available renewable observed.
energy and utilize it very carefully and
systematically. If environmental and Although, 100% renewable energy
climatic effects are also taken into system is technically possible and
account, renewable energy would come practically tough but is economically
up competitive and can contribute to beneficial compared to easily available
energy security in a long-run. raw based energy system.
Mr. Survesh Saini – +91 99742 81750;


To utilized all the energy generated from
Smart-Grid is intelligent, self-healing and renewable energy, the consumers have to
efficient system with high end be cognizant about the available
communication and information system, alternative energy resources or say fuel.
integrated all together. Efficient To present it to users, tactics are to be
integration of renewable energy system is planned to boost the use of alternative
possible as system itself can act and plan fuels and energy and its transport. This
the flow of electricity or say energy. task of educationalization won’t be easy
Smart-grid is the requirement of today as as the use of alternative energy is itself a
the grid stability is much more dependent non-stop evolving activity.
on coal based generation supplies. In
short, Smart-grid scilicet “Grid for Smart Use of alternate energy vehicle will be
People and Smart Use”. helpful in arriving to this destination to
realize or comprehend the full extent of its
While integrating renewable energy to the likely benefits. An awareness cum
power grid system, stability and control information center can be put-up to help
issues arises when renewable energy users understand availability and full
generation is in huge quantity as variation potential of benefits of using alternative
in generation always results to variation energy and alternative vehicles.
or fluctuation of mechanical spinning
(torque). This has a direct impact on BIOMASS
forecast management and planning
systems. When safety of the grid Principally in renewables, solar energy
operation and operation capabilities are to was the method to fulfil human being’s
be to be ensured, it is vital for a system basic needs. Using biomass-energy was
operator to anticipate by foreseeing the turning out insufficient. Although fuel for
next few hours. biomass was cheap and comparatively
Forecasting is required to give free, but what actually governed the
appropriate information to the grid economics was the cost of transportation
managing system in advance. This is done of fuel. This diverted the focus onto
based on historical data, topological hydropower, oil and gas, wind, tidal
features around the area and a continuous energy and so on. The search was so
day-to-day tracked data. Forecasting intense and strong that nuclear based
methods have been gradually improving energy was developed and introduced in
day by day over the years. Good to the system.
forecasting can result to improvement in
integration of grid at regional, state and This never changed the fact that best
national level. The aim here is, increase of available form of renewable energy we
grid’s capability, reliability and its have is still biomass irrespective of the
stability. problems related to it such as its
development and transportation along
Mr. Survesh Saini – +91 99742 81750;

with its sustainability due to consuming organized approach on energy security

most of the nutrients / energy present in will be required for managing and
soil which may contribute to soil erosion productively using all the available types
in a later date. of renewable energy present at all the
different places.

Renewable energy’s beneficial effects are Born on 15 Aug 1988, Survesh has to his
wide-ranging and a much intense credit almost 8 years of experience in the
economic impact may have to be looked field of electrical engineering for
upon. This may include development of a Transmission Lines and Substations up to
domestic industries by developing or 765 kV and have constructed various
creating opportunities for employment in Biogas Plants. Presently he is working as
both urban as well as rural areas. This can Design Engineer in the consultancy firm
be achieved when renewable energy is named “Takalkar Power Engineers &
hooked up with traditional source of Consultants Pvt. Ltd.”. The Firm is
energy supply. engaged in Design & Engineering of
Power Evacuation Network (Lines and
A cost effective smart energy system has Substations) for Wind, Solar, Hydro, Coal
to be presented by means of developing & and Biomass based power generation
testing new technologies. Information and plants up to utility point and associated
communication technologies will play a works.
vital part as grids are not just required to
be interconnected but also co-ordinate in
the manner that operation of the grid can
proceed by making decision on the basis
of data collected and by analyzing the

With renewable energy connected with

the grid, the increase in prices of energy
(electricity in particular) can be
controlled. Alternate energy vehicles can
directly assist as they will have the liberty
of using fuel based on its price and
availability. Renewable energy can also
generate revenue for farmers in the rural
region affected with soil erosion by
creating employment opportunities.

Irrespective of various challenges in using

renewable energy, a more strategic and