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BDA 20103 Dynamics

Semester II 2017/2018 _______

25 marks

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1. Please answer all questions. The individual assignment 1 consists of 5 questions that relate
to Chapter 2 (Kinematics of Particle).
2. Submission deadline: THURSDAY, 29 MAC 2018


Q1. Automobile A starts from O and accelerates at the constant rate of 0.75 m/s2. A short time
later it is passed by bus B which is traveling in the opposite direction at a constant speed of 6
m/s. Knowing that bus B passes point O 20 s after automobile A started from there, calculate
the when and where the vehicles passed each other.

(5 marks)

Q2. Rod OA rotates counterclockwise with a constant angular velocity of 6 rad/s. Through
mechanical means collar B moves along the rod with a speed of 4t2 m/s, where t is in seconds.
If r = 0 when t = 0, calculate the magnitudes of velocity and acceleration of the collar when t =
0.75 s.

(5 marks)
Q3. The truck travels at a speed of 4 m/s along a circular road that has a radius of 50 m. For a
short distance from s = 0, its speed is then increased by a = (0.05s) m/s2, where s is in meters.
(a) The truck speed when it has moved s = 10m.
(b) The truck magnitude of acceleration when it has moved s= 10m.

50 m

(5 marks)

Q4. A cameraman standing at A is following the movement of a race car, B which is traveling
along a straight track at a constant speed of 24 m/s. Determine the angular rate at which he
must turn in order to keep the camera directed on the car at the instant  is equal to 60.

VB = 24 m/s

30 m

(5 marks)
Q5. Racecar A is traveling on a straight portion of the track while racecar B is traveling on a
circular portion of the track. At the instant shown, the speed of A is increasing at the rate of 10
m/s2, and the speed of B is decreasing at the rate of 6 m/s2. For the position shown, determine
(a) The velocity of B relative to A
(b) The acceleration of B relative to A.

(5 marks)