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Suraj Tirkey (150744) Address:

Aerospace Engineering, Hall 1, IIT Kanpur

4th year Undergraduate,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Email-id: ,
Mobile no.: 8863814811
Alternate Mobile no.: 6203946376


Examination Institute Year CPI/%

Bachelor of IIT Kanpur Present 4.72
Higher Secondary J.N.V Ranchi, 2014(CBSE) 86.4%
School Jharkhand
Secondary School J.N.V Ranchi, 2012(CBSE) 10 CGPA

KEY COURSES UNDERTAKEN (*courses to be completed in November )

 Fundamental of Computing(ESC101)
 Linear Algebra and ODE (MTH 102)
 Introduction to Electronics(ESC201)
 Dynamics(ESO209)
 Partial Differential Equations(MSO203)
 Complex Variables(MSO202)
 Mechanics of Solid (ESO202)
 Fluid mechanics (ESO204)
 Engineering Graphics(TA101)
 Experiment in Aerospace(AE251)
 Introduction to Aerospace Structure(AE331)
 Flight Mechanics 1 (AE321)
 Flight mechanics 2: Control system (AE322)
 Incompressible Flow(AE211)
 Compressible Aerodynamics(AE311)*
 Rocket propulsion(AE441)*
 Turbulence(AE621)
 Aircraft design(AE461)*
 Experiment in aerospace Engineering 1(AE351)
 Experiment in Aerospace engineering 2(AE451)*
 Rocket & missile structure(AE673)
 Aircraft materials and process(AE684)


Languages C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Octave, Adobe

Software and Tools MS Office, Photoshop, AutoCAD, MATLAB, Autodesk

Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Ubuntu

Other Skills  Strong analytical skills; support operations through analysis of
key performance indicators and trends.
 Rapidly adapt to new technologies and possess expertise with
MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and broad range of
statistical software.


Box transporting machine

TA202A (Manufacturing Processes) Course Project [3rd semester] under prof. Niraj Sinha
 Boxes pushed forward using an oscillating piston, powered mechanically by a handle, and
conveyed through rotating teeth.
 Designed CAD model on Solidworks
 Turning, milling, drilling, fitting and machining process.

Two in one: helicopter +submarine

TA201A (Manufacturing Process I ) Course Project[4th semester ]
 Structure was designed such a way that it can be transformed form helicopter to submarine
and vice-verse. Tail rotor of helicopter work as a propeller for submarine and main rotor in
the main body
 Welding, brazing, soldering, drilling and sheet metal process.

VTOL Aircraft
AE361A (Aeromodelling Design & Fabrication) course project [6th semester] under prof. Debopam das
 Designed CAD model on AutoCad.
 we used 4 propeller for vertical motion and 1 propeller for horizontal motion.

Two seater aircraft design and simulation

AE461A (Aircraft Design) course project [7th semester: Working on it in current semester] under prof.
A.K. Ghosh
 Design and simulation of a 2 seater aircraft with payload 300kg and cruise velocity 40 ms-1.
 SM=5%,Endurance=3hour,IC engine
Voyager interstellar mission
AE673A (Rocket and missile structure) term paper, course reading project [5th semester] under prof.
S. kamle
 Gathered information about VIM mission, focused mainly voyager 1 and voyager 2.

Mars and alpha centauri

AE673A (rocket and missile structure) term paper, course reading project [5th semester] under prof. S.
 Gathered information and read about mars and alpha centauri and their characteristics.
 Went through research paper and also learned to calculate RA, declination, azimuth and altitude
on a particular date and time.
Turbofan and Super alloy
AE684A (Aircraft materials & process) term paper, course reading project [6th semester] under prof. S.
 Learned about working process of turbofan engine
 Read research paper and learned about the importance of super alloy in turbofan engine

Core Competencies
 Strategy Development
 Risk Management
 Performance Optimization
 Relationship Management
 Concept Implementation
 Financial Accounting
 Documentation & Reporting

Mother Tongue Hindi
Intermediate English

Interests and Hobbies

 Analyzing social media and social systems.
 Analyzing Data, finding patterns and estimating outcomes.
 Playing around with stuff and finding unconventional uses.

 NCC [2015-16](Under course PE101 & PE102)
 NCC[2009-2010] in JNV Ranchi,Jharkhand