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SXP Floodlight Series

Explosion Proof • UL 844 & 1598A • Marine Outside Type • Factory Sealed

Components and Accessories

Hub Shipping Globes Shipping
Outlet Size Catalog Weight and Catalog Weight
Boxes Description (In.) Number (Lbs.) Guards Description Number (Lbs.)

3/4 SXPP 2.15

Prismatic Glass Globe SXP25GL 6.50
Pendant Assembly for 70-150W HPS,
1 SXPP1 2.15 175-250W MH

3/4 SXPC 4.0

1 SXPC1 4.0 Prismatic Glass Globe SXP40GL 9.40
Assembly for 250-400W HPS
and 400W MH
3/4 SXPW 6.20
1 SXPW1 6.20
Stainless Steel Wire Guard for SXP25WG 1.50
70-150W HPS, 175-250W MH
1-1/4 SXPS 3.20
Stanchion 1-1/2 SXPS1 3.20

Stainless Steel Wire Guard for SGU40SS 2.25

250-400W HPS, 400W MH
Catalog Weight
Reflectors Description Number (Lbs.)
Standard Dome Reflector SR40D 3.00
Fiberglass Filled Polymeric
Connector Shipping
Blocks and Catalog Weight
Sockets Description Number (Lbs.)
30° Angle Reflector SR40A 4.50 Replacement 26641 1.00
Fiberglass Filled Polymeric Female Connector
Block (for Outlet
Boxes 70-400W)

High Bay Aluminum Reflector

with Baked on White Enamel
SR40HB 5.00 Replacement
Socket 70-400W 70043 1.50