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Date : 28th September 2018

Time :
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Moving Forward
Focused Skill : Listening and Speaking
Content Standard : 1.1 By the end of 6-year primary schooling,
pupils would be able to pronounce words and
speak confidently with the correct stress,
rhythm and intonation. (I’m not sure if this is
1.2 By the end of 6-year primary schooling,
pupils would be able to listen and respond
appropriately in formal and informal situations
for a variety purposes.
Learning Standard : 1.1.3 Able to speak with correct pronunciation,
stress, rhythm and intonation. (and this. Your
learning objectives have nothing to do
with pronunciation……)
1.2.4 Able to participate in conversation with
Learning Objectives : By the end of this lesson, pupils would be able to
1. Identify the use of computers in three different places through the listening text read by the teacher
2. Verbally state the use of computers by answering the questions posed by the teacher through the game
“Musical Chair”.
3. Converse the dialogue stated in the
worksheet during discussion activity.

(I dunno if madam would accept this CS LS and

LO, cus this is the part where I have to redo all
over again. But honestly, I like your
Stage/ Content Activities Remarks
Set 1) Teacher brings a laptop to the class. - Materials:
Induction Tell what you’re 2) Teacher shows the students how does a laptop look like. - Laptop
(5 minutes) teaching. (eg: 3) Teacher poses several questions regarding the laptop towards - Speaker
vocab, the pupils.
grammar…) Example:
a. Do you have a laptop?
b. Do you know how many brands of laptop are there?
c. Do you know how to use a laptop?
d. Do you know the parts of laptop?
4) Teacher turns on the laptop and plays a 2-minute video on an
introduction of a laptop to the pupils.
o Video link:
5) While pupils are watching the video, teacher will ????
Presentatio - vocabulary 1) Pupils paste the mahjong paper on the wall. (group work or??) - Mahjong Paper
n related to the 2) Teacher reads the text on the use of laptops on three different
(15minutes topic places
) - the reading part 3) Teacher emphasises on the pronunciation of each word and
of the text explains the unfamiliar vocabulary to the pupils.
- To enable the o Example of unfamiliar vocabulary to the students:
students to read a. role
the text with b. options
correct c. imagine
pronunciation d. effective
(NOT shown in e. oversea
your L.O) f. efficient
g. decision
h. itinerary
i. assign
j. pedestrians
k. convenient
4) Pupils will read aloud ?? the text after the teacher finish reading.
5) Teacher will correct students’ pronunciation immediately if they
make any mistake. (not shown in L.O)
If I’m not mistaken, mdm wants this table
to be in horizontal (landscape). So I’ve
helped you to make it into horizontal

Practice - listening and 1) Teacher divides the pupils into five groups. (how do you group - worksheet
(20minutes speaking skills them? remedial & enrichment??) or the materials used for
) through the game weak and strong pupils are different??
“Musical Chair” 2) Representative of each group is asked to take out one chair and
make a circle at the back of the class
3) Teacher will place a piece of paper on each chair.
4) Representative of each group will stand at the edge of each
5) Teacher will explain the rules of “Musical Chair” verbally before
the game starts.
6) Teacher reads the questions to all the representatives and play
the music. Once the music stops, each representative must write
down the answer and read them aloud.
- Example of questions being ask during the game “Musical

1.) ????
Closure - - ……teacher To recap and close the lesson
(5 minutes)

I like it, cus it’s simple and straight forward. But honestly and seriously, these are just my comments and my opinions. I’m
also not sure what madam wants actually. Thats why I’ve no idea on how to redo my lesson plan. I’m sorry. But hoping that
these comments would help you. Jia you o. You can do it!!
Feel free to think of the “Production” stage and let me have a look. Goodnight and see you later. hehe