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566 We Plow the Fields, and Scatter Every good sift and every perfec gifts from above, Janves 1:17 Matthias Claudius. [782 WIR PFLUGEN 7 67 6 D. Ref ‘ears. by Jane M: Campbell 1861 Johaan AP. Schulz, 1800 - Tre good sood on the and, But it is @ plow the field t on-ly is ‘the Mak - er Of all things near and far, He paints the thank Thee then, O * + ther, For all things bright and good, The seed-time } Jet SSS | = ae + et God’s al-might-y hand; He sends the snow in lights the eve -ning star;’‘The winds and waves o - lite, our health, our food; Accept the gifts we b. a = eee | 24 = PTT rer ee it to swell the grain, The breez-es and the bey Hi Him the birds are fed; Much more to us, His of all Thy love im-parts, And what Thou most de jie n 4 $2 dd 1 4 —- — = Refrain soft re-fresh-ing rain, tives our dai - ly bread. All good gifts a-round us Are sent from heav'n a ‘hum-ble, thank-ful hearts, z tT eos * bove; ‘Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord For all His love. A-men. SPECIAL TIMES AND SEASONS