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revised 6/13

Portage Middle School Harassment/Bullying Guidelines

Bullying shall be defined as any written, verbal, or physical act, or any electronic communication that is
intended or a reasonable person would know is likely to harm a student. Intimidation or harassment is defined
as discrimination or intimidation based upon, but not limited to:
● Physical appearance
● Sexual orientation
● Attire
● Social or economic status
● Ethnicity
● Religion.

Bullying, intimidation, or harassment may be manifested through:

● A written, verbal, physical or electronic communication with the intent to harm
● Wrongful physical contact with another person
● Destruction of personal property
● Name calling and other slurs
● Threats by word or acts.

Any staff or students violating this policy shall be subject to discipline.

Staff or students are prohibited from retaliation or false accusation against a target of bullying, a witness or
another person with reliable information about an act of bullying or harassment.

The building administrator is assigned the duty of ensuring implementation of the policy and to investigate
concerns. If the administrator concludes that bullying or harassment has occurred, the building administrator
● Inform the parent or legal guardian of a victim of bullying
● Inform the parent or legal guardian of a perpetrator of bullying
● Record the infraction in our discipline database;
● Shall follow the Code of Conduct discipline recommendations as determined by the severity of the
● Recommend the perpetrator seek counsel

Any individual who believes he/she is a victim of sexual harassment, discrimination, or ethnic intimidation shall
report such immediately to a building administrator or a District Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) officer.

PPS Regulation 5400
MCL 328 Section 147b
See Regulation #4050
Student Harassment/ Bullying Intervention
Students will be taught a 3 step response to harassment/bullying behavior including “Stop”, “Walk”, and “Talk”.

Ask them to: “Stop doing what they’re doing”and use our school’s stop signal.
Then Walk away form the problem behavior.
If the behavior doesn’t stop, Talk to an adult.

The “Stop” command has a hand signal that will be taught to students. Planned practice and instruction on 3
step response will be provided for students and staff at the beginning of each quarter.

1. Report incident of Bullying to trusted adult.
a. In person
revised 6/13
b. Online Bullying Report Form
c. Written Form
2. Report to police if situation imposes an immediate threat.
Harassment/Bullying Intervention Options
1. Harassment/Bullying letter sent to perpetrator from administration.
2. Anonymous intervention protecting the reporters.
3. Consequences per code of conduct.

14. Harassment/Bullying: Harassment/Bullying shall be ● Inform the parent or legal guardian of a victim of
defined as any written, verbal or physical act or any harassment/bullying
electronic communication that is intended or a reasonable ● Inform the parent or legal guardian of a perpetrator
person would know is likely to harm a student. Intimidation harassment/bullying
or harassment is defined as discrimination or intimidation based ● Detention or suspension 1 - 10 days
upon, but not limited to: ● Possible meeting with Student Assistance Coordinator; must
● Physical appearance follow his/her recommendations satisfactorily
● Sexual orientation ● Possible referral to Police-School Liaison Officer
● Attire ● Possible referral for Risk Assessment
● Social or economic status ● Possible restriction to access of Portage Public Schools’
● Ethnicity grounds or attendance at extra-/co-curricular activities
● Religion. ● Possible recommended change of placement
● Possible recommended expulsion
Harassment/Cyber: Use of social network/electronic
communication device to bully, harass, or intimidate
others during school hours..

Harassment/Threatening Language: A written and/or

verbal communication with the intent to harm.
● Name calling
● Slurs
● Fighting words

Harassment/Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome sexual

advances; or requests for sexual favors; or other verbal or
physical conduct or communication of an intimidating,
hostile, or offensive sexual nature or sexual gestures.

Middle School Harassment/Bullying Education

“Giving students the tools to reduce bullying behavior by blending school-wide positive behavior support, a
simple response to problem behavior, and a functional approach to the bullying construct.”

Portage Middle Schools will use the Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Supports as part of our district Multi-
tiered System of Support to teach the expected behavior and responses in the event of a harassing/bullying

The educational materials are laid out in a user friendly format, logically divided into six lessons, providing a
uniformed approach to proactively addressing harassment/bullying with students, staff, and the community.

During the course of the school year, the lessons will be presented to and reviewed with students by school
staff to ensure a cohesive universal approach. Before intervention, there is common language and signs
taught to each student; STOP-->WALK-->TALK! This three step process in most cases will halt a
harassing/bullying situation from escalating when used with fidelity.