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Akilas Mebrahtom 
(206) 434-6463 GitHub: 

Language​: C++ (proficient), Java (proficient), SQL Language(Some experience), Javascript(limited experience) 
Systems​: Windows(xp,vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux(ubuntu) 
Software/Tools​: Visual Studios, Netbeans, Bash, Arduino 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) 
University of Washington Bothell (UWB), Bothell 
Graduation: August 2018 

Simple File System w/Java​ - Operating Systems December 2017 
● Collaborated with a teammate to implement a miniature Unix-like file system. 
● Implemented the base version of all classes which my partner improved. 
● Programmed Read/Write commands to allow access of blocks on the disk. 

Assembly Decoder w/68000 Assembly ​- Hardware and Computer Organization May 2017 
● Collaborated with a teammate to program a decoder that takes machine code and translates it into assembly. 
● Created some of the opcodes that could be translated by the decoder. 
● Designed a User Interface to allow the user to specify the address range to be decode. 

Back Chair Sensor w/Pedometer for Arduino ​- Embedded Systems December 2017 
● Collaborated with a teammate to develop a device that senses how much pressure is put on the back of a chair and functions as a 
● Programmed the pressure sensor to display results on an LCD hooked to an arduino device. 
● Performed multiple tests to ensure there was a consistent reading from the pressure sensor. 

Creating a Game w/Javascript Game Engine ​- Game Engine Development March 2018 
● Collaborated with 3 teammates to create a 2D boss bow shooter with the game engine provided for us. 
● Programmed the majority of the arrow class for the game. 
● Implemented the hero animations using the sprite sheet that one of my teammates created. 

Creating a Leaderboard w/SQL ​- Databases May 2017 

● Collaborated with 2 teammates to develop a leaderboard based off of Smash Bros. 
● Co-Designed a tier system that was to be implemented within the leaderboard to allow a leaderboard for each tier. 
● Incorporated triggers to automatically adjust a players placing in the tier system. 

Adding Features to a Javascript Game Engine  August 2018 

● Built Fire, Smoke, and Snow Particle Presets for users to use. 
● Implemented UI Objects created by partner and created 3 additional UI Objects. 
● Wrote tutorials and documentation for all newly created features of the game engine. 
● Links to this work can be found here: