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Mai 68 - L'Etat Des Lieux

Andre Frere Editions 2018 ISBN 9791092265705 Acqn 2855
Hb 24x19cm 84pp 80ills £39

Claude Dityvon's photographs offer a unique look at the events of May 1968, when France was
gripped by civil unrest, with massive demonstrations, general strikes, and the occupation of
universities and factories across the country. Upon first hearing of the initial clashes on the radio,
he went out into the streets and snapped pictures for himself; to participate, to make memories,
not seeking to be present at the crucial moments or to follow the protagonists of a revolution in
progress, but rather to show the general state of things, to capture the atmosphere. Dityvon's
images realistically portray this incredible period of social upheaval, with its graffiti, posters, and

Useful Photography 014 - A Bloody Issue

KesselsKramer 2018 ISBN 9789070478490 Acqn 28811
Pb 21x30cm 64pp 64col ills £27.50

'Useful Photography' features overlooked and underwhelming images taken for practical
purposes. This issue presents the meticulous work of the "script continuity supervisor" on a film
set, where details about every shot have to be recorded: camera angles, dialogue, sound,
lighting, weather, gestures, and makeup and wardrobe. A battle scene, for instance, may take
days to shoot, so the costumes of the actors and extras and their wounds are photographed to
ensure they can be accurately recreated the following day. Hence the pictures featured here,
allowing a bloody glimpse into this less glamorous side of a Hollywood production, without good
lighting or flattering post-production.

Erik Kessels - Human Zoo

KesselsKramer 2018 ISBN 9789934876042 Acqn 28853
Pb 13x18cm 120pp col ills £21.95

Erik Kessels delves into the zoological collection of the Museum of the University of Latvia, Riga,
purportedly to remind us that we, as humans, are also predators. Humans collect and catalogue
examples of their animal counterparts, immortalising them in death for the education and
enjoyment of human generations to come. In an abrupt switch, Kessels gives human animals "a
taste of their own medicine" by juxtaposing found examples of our species with those from other
animal categories: arthropods, birds, butterflies, coral, fish, insects, invertebrates, mammals, and
reptiles. 'Human Zoo' was commissioned by the 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary

Stijn Cole - Entre Terre Et Meer

Stijn Cole 2018 ISBN 9789090309491 Acqn 28817
Pb 24x31cm 250pp col ills £33

Stijn Cole uses contemporary techniques to investigate recurrent classical themes. Ostensibly a
landscape artist, he expresses himself exclusively in images of and derived from landscapes.
This self-imposed limitation does not impact the coherence of his body of work, nor the versatility
of his output across different media: video, sculpture, installation, painting, graphic work, and
mixed media. The perception of the environment is made abstract in his work, whereby it gains a
universal and conceptual value. This publication documents several of Cole's artistic projects,
such as 'Colorscapes', 'Blue Prints', and '12 stops to Santiago', and includes an interview with the

Simon Brugner - The Arsenic Eaters

Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051356 Acqn 28611
Pb 21x30cm 144pp col ills £39.50

In 'The Arsenic Eaters', Simon Brugner investigates the widespread historical belief that the
consumption of arsenic, one of the most potent mineral poisons, is beneficial to one's health.
Many "poison eaters" were found among the pre-20th century rural population in the eastern
parts of the Alps (especially in Styria, Austria). Still accessible arsenic mines in that region date
back as far as the 14th century. Arsenic eaters were robust people, usually from the lower
classes of society. They ingested arsenic to be strong and healthy, to look rosy and to boost their
sexual potency. Living off the mountains subjected them to physical hardship. Eating arsenic
made them more resilient.

Jos Jansen – Universe

Eriskay Connection 2018 ISBN 9789492051363 Acqn 28683
Pb 20x32cm 150pp col ills £43.95

Jos Jansen's artistic work interrogates the relationship between people, science, technology and
nature. In Universe, he visually examines fascinating and groundbreaking research topics in the
'beta domain', such as gravitational waves, new galaxies, soft robotic matter and the latest DNA
technology. In this almost incomprehensible world, Jansen constructs a parallel and artistic
universe, using his own images, found footage, and data visualisations. 'Universe' is a book full of
traces referring to a world where science, fantasy and art meet.

Ives Maes – Sunville

Ludion 2018 ISBN 9789491819841 Acqn 28627
Hb 25x32cm 160pp col ills £43.95

Ives Maes grew up in "Sunville", a free translation of the Flemish village of Zonhoven. After his
brother's suicide, Maes returned to his homestead and wandered the countryside with a camera
and stacks of accidentally expired film. The colour shifts in the photographs he took during these
walks suggest an indefinable time. He combined them with snapshots from the family album and
images found in the village's historical archive, and continued to photograph his childhood home
during six successive seasons, until a partial solar eclipse put a symbolical end to these
recordings. Sunville is a personal quest into Maes's memories, and explores the peripheries of
the medium.

Rein Jelle Terpstra - Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train, The People's View
Fw 2018 ISBN 9789490119607 Acqn 28807
Pb 21x28cm 152pp col ills £52

On June 8, 1968, amidst a year wracked by division and violence, the casket of assassinated
Senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was transported on a funeral train from
New York City to Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of people united along the tracks in a
spontaneous expression of grief. Visual artist Rein Jelle Terpstra diligently collected snapshots,
film stills, and accounts of that muggy summer day, presenting a poignant photographic
reconstruction of the historic train journey in this beautifully designed and bound book. Included is
an essay by David Levi Strauss on photography, remembrance, and the hope that "Bobby"

Filippo Romano - Residents Welfare

A+M Bookstore Edizione 2018 ISBN 9788887071740 Acqn 28816
Pb 16x24cm 32pp 28col ills £23.50

"Residents Welfare" is a journey through the gated communities of Nairobi and the booming "real
estate" that has since recently gained a foothold in Kenya's capital city. Photographed and
compiled by city and architecture photographer Filippo Romano, the publication is filled with
images of gated communities with grey concrete walls and electrified barbed wire, of cookie-
cutter villas and lush, manicured gardens, as well as the prolific residential construction
developments marketed to the city's wealthier citizens. This is the first publication of a long-term
project on Nairobi which began in 2011.

The Photograph That Took The Place Of A Mountain By Taco Hidde Bakker
Fw 2018 ISBN 9789490119621 Acqn 28864
Pb 16x23cm 144pp 65ills 10col £27.50

This diverse collection of writings by Taco Hidde Bakker addresses the philosophy, politics, and
art of photography, with topics ranging from the tension between artist and model to the
landscapes of the American West and the predicament of transcultural photography. Bakker
selected and revised sixteen pieces of writing from a variety of publications spanning the past
decade of his journeys through photography and art. In addition, he penned four new pieces
especially for this book. Often engaging in close collaboration with the artists about whose work
he writes, Bakker explores different literary forms in response to their views, with a recurring
reference to poetry.

Michael James Fox – Plastics

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780995358676 Acqn 28622
Pb 21x27cm 48pp 31col ills £29.95

Plastic is a densely loaded material and concept. One of the great scientific and industrial
innovations of the late 19th and 20th centuries, plastic has become the all-pervasive staple of
modern manufacturing, technology, and their speculative futures. In the same breath, plastic has
become laden with a flood of negative connotations; it is the talisman of environmental
degradation, the detritus of an unsympathetic petrochemical industry, and a signpost of global ill
health. New York photographer Michael James Fox's debut artist book 'Plastics' takes a very
different vantage on this most complex of materials and ideas.

Tim Coghlan - Hell's Gates

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780995358683 Acqn 28623
Pb 12x19cm 226pp 200col ills £28

Melbourne-based designer and publisher Tim Coghlan has built his body of work around the
results of both erratic and strategic searches using Google Images. Comprising lo-res, amateur,
and public domain photographs of burning churches found online, 'Hell's Gates' poses questions
of iconography, typology, and the implications of images. How does mythology affect the way we
read images and make meaning, and why are some images deemed impossibly offensive, while
others not? Coghlan searches for the limits of the democracy of images in his work, addressing
the ubiquity of digital images and other visual information incorporated in the contemporary

Clare Rae - Never Standing On Two Feet

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780648262824 Acqn 28624
Hb 20x26cm 96pp ills £42

Known for her engagement with domestic and institutional spaces, Clare Rae explores ideas of
performance and gesture to interrogate and subvert dominant modes of representation. Her
photographic work is informed by feminist theory and presents an alternate and often awkward
experience of subjectivity and the female body, usually her own. Published in conjunction with an
exhibition of her work, 'Never standing on two feet' serves both as an ode to the legendary avant-
garde queer artist and writer Claude Cahun and an expansion of Rae's own performative
practice, repositioning her particular mode of self-portraiture to the windswept Jersey landscape.

Dafy Hagai – Spring

Perimeter Editions 2018 ISBN 9780648262831 Acqn 28626
Pb 21x30cm 28pp 24col ills £25.95

In her latest zine published by Perimeter Editons, Israeli photographer Dafy Hagai captures the
drag and gender fluid scene in her hometown of Tel Aviv. She adds a new layer of complexity
and fluidity to the visual languages and queer motifs with which she already established herself,
with portraits of young queens shot amid the marginal urban spaces that punctuate Tel Aviv and
Jaffa, and interspersed with images from the more lush surroundings of Sakhne (national park)
and the Dead Sea. The series offers a glimpse into a gender dynamic that is as equally hard to
define as its socio-geographical context, weaving the narrative of drag into the fabric of Israeli