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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein or well known as a major physic theoritical of Relativity Theory is
one of the greatest scientist of the 20th century. He was born from the Jewish family in Ulm.
Wurttembreg, Germany on March, 14th 1879. He was a son from Hermann Einstein and
Paulina Koch that have a small buisness for electric device.

In his childhood, many people thought Einstein has a develovment backwardness,

because when all the child in his age could talk but Einstein could not do that. When he was
5th years his father gave him a compass, that make him amazed. He couldn’t understand why
the the needle of the compass always show to the north although the compass has turning to
all direction. When Einstein studied in Catholic elementary school, he likes all the leason that
contact with physic and mathematic theory. He loves physic and mathematic. He also like
reading, thingking and learning by himself than joining the leason that is given at school. He
was considered as a stupid, lazy and shily boy because he was not like to socialize with his
friends and just want to study math and physic.

When his father buisness was bankrupt, his family and him moved to Swiss. In Swiss
Einstein continued his study at Luitpold Gymnasium for junior and senior secondary
education when he was 8th years old. Then Einstein went to high school at the age of 21st
years at Thehnische Eidgenossische Hochscule (ETC). In 1905 Albert Einstein got his
doctorate after completing his dissertation at the University of Zurich. Then he got the title of
professor in 1909. In 1916, Albert Einstein found a relativity theory which becomes
inspiration for scientist after him. Then in 1921, Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his

In 1933, Albert Einstein move to USA with his whole family because Hitler told him
to catch and kill the Jewish people in Germany. Einstein didn’t have a religion, but he was
believe that there is a God. On August 2nd 1939, Einstein wrote a message to USA President,
Roosevelt to ask USA to make a atom bomb for stop the bettle before Germany. But he was
so sad when knowing that the atom bomb is use to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki city by
the Americans. Sadly, he wrote a letter to Roosevelt President and said “creating nuclear
weapons is a fatal mistake. If I know the consequence as bad as this, I’d better become a
watch repairman”.

On April 17th, 1955 Albert Einstein suffered internal bleeding. He refused to do

operation and said “ I want to go because i wanted to. I have done my part, now it’s time to
go. I’ll go elegantly”. Albert Einstein close his age on April 18th , 1955 at the age of 76 years
at Pricenton Hospital in the morning. Until now he reputed into one of the genius people
because his IQ passed from the avarage. The normal IQ was 115 but his IQ was more than
200. Eistein hasn’t have a general brain structure. His brain was very big whitout pariental,
operculum and lateral sulcus that usually there in the brain of a normal people.