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Invisible Mannequin

How To Increase Apparel Sales With This
Editing Technique And Choose The Best
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T he “invisible mannequin” effect, also known as the

“ghost mannequin,” is neither mysterious nor
Mannequins allow your products to hold their shape,
which can make product images seem more
complicated to use. It’s a simple and powerful add-on professional and consistent — thereby increasing their
for apparel that removes distractions and can help you desirability to customers.
connect to your customers intuitively.

Using mannequins for your product images is an However, mannequins can be distracting, so a great
efficient and cost-effective way to promote your alternative is to create a ghost mannequin effect for
products. your product images, like the ones below.

The “Invisible Mannequin” effect creates shape without distraction.

How To Create
The Ghost/Invisible Mannequin Effect
A ghost mannequin effect gives a product dimension and shows parts of the product that would otherwise be obscured
by a mannequin or model in a single shot. It’s an easy way to give your eCommerce store a professional touch and
makes it a lot easier for potential customers to visualize products in their minds.
In this article I’m going to walk you through the process of setting up your shoot, capturing the right photos and editing
your photos in Adobe Photoshop to produce the ghost mannequin effect. By the end of this blog post, you’ll know
exactly how to capture photos that make it look as though your clothes are floating on an invisible body. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose a mannequin

The first thing you need to do is prepare your studio for the shoot.

First, make sure you have a good-quality mannequin. You can use a model,
but a mannequin will give you the most consistent photos. Even if you use the
same model for all your products, it’s not easy to shoot them standing in the
exact same position every time. You also need to remember that for a ghost
mannequin effect you must digitally stitch two shots together.

Step 2: Set up your studio

Set up a white backdrop. This will help ensure the clothing colors aren’t overexposed and that
each one remains true to the color of the actual product. The white will reflect light back onto
your image and keep your camera’s white balance calibration accurate. It also makes it much
easier to remove the background later in Photoshop.

Use a tripod to position your camera in a steady, consistent position. Shoot all of your tops
together, then shoot your bottoms, and finally shoot your ‘full body’ outfits to make the process
more efficient. Ideally, you want the camera positioned so the entire frame is filled by the white
backdrop and the product.

Make sure the lighting is sufficient to show off your product.

Finally, get that mannequin ready! Position it at least five feet away
from the backdrop so your final image is very clear and evenly lit.
When you dress the mannequin, make sure you take the time to
check for creases, smudges and stains. Though you can always edit
these later, it’s easier to have a wet cloth and iron ready to save you
the trouble. Also, having an extra pair of hands when dressing the
mannequin will help; adjusting the arms and clothes while holding it
up can be challenging.

Step 3: Take your photos

The first step is simple: take a picture of the front of the garment, with the front of the mannequin facing the camera.

The second step. Take off the garment, Use your hands to stretch the back of your garment. The reason you’re doing this is so you
can get a clear view of the tag area (behind the neck or waist), as well as the lower back of the hem.
Font Image Neck Image Font Image Neck Image

Take this second photo with the same settings as the first, and without moving the camera. This is why you should use a tripod. You
can follow this same process for a rear view of any garment.

After taking the photos, we have to head into editing to stick these parts together.

Step 4: Edit To Create A Ghost Mannequin Effect

fter you have captured the necessary views, creating a Outsourcing this work may save your company a great
ghost mannequin effect is actually quite simple –– given deal of time and frustration in the long run, but if budget
that you own the proper post-production software (e.g. constraints require you to make the edits yourself, follow
Adobe Photoshop) and that your products have been these seven simple steps to create your own ghost
photographed correctly. mannequin effect in Photoshop.

1 2 3
Open your files in photoshop and Use a Pen Tool to Select the Product Combine the Images
create layers in the Mannequin Image When both images contain tight,
First, you will need to open the You’ll need to use the pen tool to clean masks, drag the mask from
mannequin image and the neck create a path around the product the neck image over to the image
image in Photoshop. Select your on your mannequin image and of your ghost mannequin product
mannequin image and create a neck image. Once you have image. Organize the layers so that
new background layer. selected the entire product. You will the neck image is lower than the
Fill that layer in with white; it will serve as your create the mask from clipping path you just created. the mannequin image. Then, adjust the positioning of
overall background when you’re finished. It’s At this point, you should see your product floating freely the neck layer and adjust its proportions so that it fits
also helpful to label your layers so that you can on the white background that you created in the perfectly behind the mannequin layer, just below the
tell them apart and remain organized. beginning. shoulder in a rounded curve.

4 5
Remove Unnecessary Parts of the Neck Layer Add Shadows and Save
At this point, it’s a good idea to hide your Finally, Add a shadow between the two layers to give the product
mannequin layer and brush out the unneeded parts some depth, and save a copy of the Photoshop file with all of the
of the neck layer. You really only need to keep that layers intact, just to be safe.
neckline triangle between the shoulders. In the Once you’ve saved the layer file, flatten or merge all of the layers
video below, notice how the string across the back together and save the image again as a different file. This final step
is showing as well. will make your image look professional and realistic.
It’s important to remember to remove that piece in the neck image If the editing job is done well, you will end up with an amazing 3D effect like the ones
because it’s already in place in the mannequin shot.Once you’ve below that will improve your product photography and help you increase sales for
done this, double check that your layers are clean and that nothing is your online store. Want to see all five steps in action? Watch the tutorial below for a
out of alignment — especially in the neck and shoulder area. step-by-step guide to the process.
Want to see all five steps in action? Watch the tutorial above for a step-by-step guide to the process.

s you can see, if you follow the steps, you can create your own professional apparel product images having the ghost
mannequin effect. Remember that this effect on your product images will not only make your products look more attractive
and unique, it will also bring the look of your online store to a highly professional level. You will elevate your brand in customers’
eyes, and that will elevate sales.

Most invisible mannequin images are
made from only two other images,
but sometimes it’s necessary to use
more. It all depends on the shape
and cut of your product, and how
much detail is covered by the model
or mannequin in the on-body shot

The best way for us to explain how

the effect is created is to show you,
so take a look at some invisible
mannequin product images and the
photos that went into their creation.
A fter watching our workflow. You may be capable of editing images yourself to create an invisible mannequin effect in Photoshop, but it is often cheaper and more
efficient to use outsourced professional image editors like Manradin. We’ve made it quick, easy, and affordable

O n ly $1.5 Ea ch Im ag e, Yo u Wil l G et Im ag e s W it h Th e Inv i sib le M a nn equ i n Eff ec t

That Price Will Include : Covering All The Standard Editing You Need For Ecommerce: Background Removal, Alignment & Straightening, Cropping, Resizing, Compression
File Format, Color Profile, Dpi, File Size, Meta-Data And Watermarks.

To place an order for the invisible mannequin service, please upload files through platforms In the order, please let me know your technical specifications

such as Google Driver, Dropbox or WeTransfer ... etc. Then send me an email via about this service. If you have not got an idea for this, I can give or skype : anvu.photoeditor you some suggestions

1. File Type : Jpg, Png, Tift, Psd
Background : White, Keep Existing, Color, Background Image
Clipping Path : Save Path Or No Clipping Path
4. Dpi : No Change, 72, 150, 300, Or Specify Select A Size Format For Your Images
5. Color Profile : sRGB, Adobe RGB, CMYK Or No Change
o Most Polular Options : Square, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3
6. Auto Rotate : Yes Or Do Not Rotate
7. Max File Size (KB) : No File Size Requirements Or Specify Max File Size o Other Options : Custom Ratio, Exact Pixels, Crop Tightly, No Change

Margins will be ignored on sides where the object is cropped

1. In Percent 2. In Pixels

 Top : 5%  Top : 150px

 Right : 5%  Right : 150px

 Bottom : 5%  Bottom : 150px

 Left : 5%  Left : 150px

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