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FOG HORN October 2018

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Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro-CMR-204

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Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro CMR-204

Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro – and although the Railmaster Pro has been
around for 4 years, it still deserves a
considerable amount of ink.
By: Sal Palma
I could talk about a 100 lumen light and a red or
green laser, adjustable for wind and elevation
and pre-zeroed at the factory for 50 feet, but
that’s just data. What I would like to devote
some time to is the approach Crimson Trace
took in implementing its rail mount and the
subsequent benefits.

One of the challenges faced by CTC’s

competitors is their lack of flexibility positioning
a laser-light on the very chintzy accessory rails
found on compact and subcompact frames.
Laser-light accessories with fixed Picatinny
mounts result in the laser-light being placed
well forward of the muzzle usually on the first
slot. In that position, the shooter is then forced
Today’s conceal carry customer has a broad to reach forward to operate the paddles, which
range of firearms to choose from and whether breaks the grip. This is not an unbearable
your cup of tea is a pistol or revolver, there is a condition but Crimson Trace engineers found a
veritable cornucopia of platforms to choose better way.
from, and chances are that Oregon based The Railmaster mounting architecture consists
Crimson Trace Corporation offers a light, laser- of two important features, the rail key (CTC calls
light combination to fit each and every one of them inserts) and an adjustable clamp.
them. This review is about one of CTC’s
products, the Railmaster Pro laser-light

Crimson Trace rolled out the Railmaster Pro in

2014. It was a significant event because prior to
its introduction, the company’s focus was on
firearm specific laser grips. So, the launch of a
rail mounted laser-light accessory created the
You’ll note that the insert can be pressed into
company’s first universal fit product. The
the body’s well in one of two orientations. This
Railmaster and Railmaster Pro are at home on
feature alone allows the shooter a degree of
the accessory rail of a pistol, shotgun or rifle,
front to back flexibility in the rail placement.

Copyright 2018, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved

Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro CMR-204

• Laser with Light Strobe

To select the desired mode start with the laser

and light being off then hold both activation
paddles down for 3 seconds to cycle through
the modes. Release the buttons when you have
the desired mode selected.

Last, but not least on the list of highly desirable

features, is the 5 minute auto shutoff feature.
When left on, the Rail Master Pro will remain on
The adjustable clamp can be moved along the for 5 minutes before automatically shutting off,
length of the body to adapt the Railmaster or an event indicated by a quick pulse of the laser
Railmaster Pro to different rail lengths. This and light at the end of the five minutes.
adjustment, in combination with the insert
orientation, makes it possible to get the In closing, Crimson Trace engineers have
activation controls close to the trigger guard created a very tidy and compact light/laser
overcoming a particularly pugnacious problem accessory that will gracefully adorn just about
with rail equipped conceal carry pistols. any Picatinny accessory rail on even the most
difficult platforms. The Rail Master Pro is
robust, reliable and effective even in
challenging environments.

With the introduction of the Railmaster and Rail

Master Pro, Crimson Trace has a uniquely
universal weapon mounted accessory. No other
weapon mounted accessory provides the
Notice that the clamp positions in the images adaptability and flexibility that you’ll get from
above allow the ambidextrous activation CTC’s Railmaster line. -SP
paddles to be placed just forward of the trigger
guard, so they’re accessible with either the Manufacturer Specifications
trigger finger or the support hand thumb  GREEN BEAM INTENSITY: 5mW peak, 515-532
without breaking your grip. nm, Class 3R laser
 BEAM DOT SIZE: Approximately 0.5 inches
The Rail Master Pro has been programmed with diameter at 50 feet
4 Activation Modes but has been factory set to  BATTERIES: One (1) CR2 lithium battery; two
the Light/Laser Constant On Mode. hours of illumination
• Light/Laser Constant On  ACTIVATION: Instant Activation™ - Tap on, tap
off with auto shut
• Laser Constant On  off at five minutes
 WARRANTY: Three-year full warranty
• Light Constant On  This product complies with 21 CFR 1040.10

Copyright 2018, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved