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Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

Originally published October 1 2010

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In a recent TED conference presentation, Microsoft billionaire

Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine
efforts, speaks on the issue of CO2 emissions and its effects on climate
change. He presents a formula for tracking CO2 emissions as follows: CO2 =
P x S x E x C.

P = People
S = Services per person
E = Energy per service
C = CO2 per energy unit

Then he adds that in order to get CO2 to zero, "probably one of these
numbers is going to have to get pretty close to zero."

Following that, Bill Gates begins to describe how the first number -- P (for
People) -- might be reduced. He says:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive
health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

You can watch this yourself at:

Reducing the world population through vaccines

This statement by Bill Gates was not made with any hesitation, stuttering or
other indication that it might have been a mistake. It appears to have been a
deliberate, calculated part of a well developed and coherent presentation.

So what does it mean when Bill Gates says "if we do a really great job on
new vaccines... we could lower [world population] by 10 or 15 percent?"

Clearly, this statement implies that vaccines are a method of population

reduction. So is "health care," which all NaturalNews readers already know
to be more of a "sick care" system that actually harms more people than it

Perhaps that's the whole point of it. Given that vaccines technology help
almost no one from a scientific point of view
(, it raises the question: For what
purpose are vaccines being so heavily pushed in the first place?

Bill Gates seems to be saying that one of the primary purposes is to reduce
the global population as a mechanism by which we can reduce CO2
emissions. Once again, watch the video yourself to hear him say it in his own

How can vaccines actually be used to reduce world population?

Let's conduct a mental experiment on this issue. If vaccines are to be used to

reduce world population, they obviously need to be accepted by the majority
of the people. Otherwise the population reduction effort wouldn't be very

And in order for them to be accepted by the majority of the people, they
obviously can't just kill people outright. If everybody started dropping dead
within 24 hours of receiving the flu shot, the danger of vaccines would
become obvious rather quickly and the vaccines would be recalled.

Thus, if vaccines are to be used as an effective population reduction effort,

there are really only three ways in which they might theoretically be "effective"
from the point of view of those who wish to reduce world population:

#1) They might kill people slowly in a way that's unnoticeable, taking effect
over perhaps 10 - 30 years by accelerating degenerative diseases.

#2) They might reduce fertility and therefore dramatically lower birth rates
around the world, thereby reducing the world population over successive
generations. This "soft kill" method might seem more acceptable to scientists
who want to see the world population fall but don't quite have the stomach to
outright kill people with conventional medicine. There is already evidence that
vaccines may promote miscarriages

#3) They might increase the death rate from a future pandemic.
Theoretically, widespread vaccination efforts could be followed by a
deliberate release of a highly virulent flu strain with a high fatality rate. This
"bioweapon" approach could kill millions of people whose immune systems
have been weakened by previous vaccine injections.
This is a known side effect of some vaccines, by the way. A study
documenting this was published in PLoS. Read the story here:

Here's the study title and citation: Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
Increase the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus?
Viboud C, Simonsen L (2010) Does Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Increase
the Risk of Illness with the 2009 A/H1N1 Pandemic Virus? PLoS Med 7(4):
e1000259. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000259

The short answer is yes, seasonal flu vaccines do cause increased

susceptibility to the H1N1 pandemic virus. In other words, seasonal flu
vaccines could set up the population for a "hard kill" pandemic that could wipe
out a significant portion of the global population (perhaps 10 to 15 percent, as
Bill Gates suggested).

Conveniently, their deaths could be blamed on the pandemic, thereby

diverting blame from those who were really responsible for the plot. As yet
another beneficial side effect for the global population killers, the widespread
deaths could be used as a fear tool to urge more people to get vaccinated yet
again, and the entire cycle could be repeated until world population was
brought down to whatever manageable level was desired... all in the name of
health care!

The more people around the world are vaccinated before the release of the
"hard kill" pandemic virus, the more powerful the effect of this approach.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has
funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into vaccine programs targeting
people all over the world. One such program is researching the development
of "sweat-triggered vaccines" that could use specially-coated nano-materials
to deliver vaccines to people without using injections.

More interestingly, his foundation has also invested millions in sterilization

technologies that have been called a "temporary castration" solution.

It seems that the actions of the Gates foundation are entirely consistent with
the formula for CO2 reduction that Bill Gates eluded to in his TED conference
speech: CO2 = P x S x E x C.

By reducing birth rates (through sterilization technologies) and increasing

vaccine penetration throughout the world population (by using sweat-
triggered nano-vaccines), his stated goal of reducing the world population by
10 to 15 percent could be reached within just a few years.

Who will be left alive? The smart people

The interesting thing about all this is that this campaign to reduce global
population through vaccines will obviously not impact people who consciously
avoid vaccines. And those people, by and large, tend to be the more
intelligent, capable people who actually have an improved ability to move
human civilization forward with thoughtful consideration.

I can only imagine that those people designing this vaccine-induced

population control measure might be sitting around a table chuckling to
themselves and saying, "It's only the stupid people that are going to be killed
off anyway, so this is actually helping the future of humankind!" (Their words,
not mine.)

In a weird world government kind of way, this effort might actually be based
on some distorted vision of philanthropy where some of the most powerful
people in the world quite literally believe the way to save humanity is to kill
off as many of the gullible people as possible. Vaccines are, in effect, an
"evil genius" kind of way to conduct an IQ test on the population at large: If
you go get vaccinated every flu season, you're not too bright and probably
don't engage the kind of strong mental faculties that humanity will no doubt
need if it is to face a future where it is now all but obvious we are not alone in
the universe.

If humanity is to save itself from its own destruction and compete as an

uplifted species in our universe, killing off the least intelligent members of
society (or making them infertile) may appear to the world controllers to be a
perfectly reasonable approach. I disagree with that approach, but it may be
precisely what they are thinking.

In any case, choosing to receive a seasonal flu shot is undoubtedly an

admission that you have failed some sort of universal IQ test, whether or not
this is the intention of world influencers such as Bill Gates. More importantly,
it is also a betrayal of your own biology, because it indicates you don't believe
in the ability of your own immune system to protect you even from mild

Perhaps the world vaccine conspirators figure that if people are willing to
betray themselves anyway, it's not much different for governments and
institutions to betray them as well. In other words, if you don't even care
enough about your own health to take care of your health, why should any
government care about protecting your health, either?

As you ponder this, also consider something else: The U.S. is going broke
due to sick-care costs which are rising dramatically under the new federal
health care reform guidelines. Can you guess the fastest and easiest way to
reduce those health care costs? If you guessed, "unleash a hard-kill
pandemic that takes out a significant portion of the weak or sick people" then
you guessed right. Sadly, killing off those most vulnerable to sickness could
save the U.S. government literally billions of dollars in sick-care expenditures.
Plus, it would save Social Security yet more billions by avoiding ongoing
monthly payouts. (Again, I am completely against such an approach because
I value human life, but I also know we live in a world where the people in
charge have little or no respect for human life and will readily sacrifice human
lives to achieve their aims.)

As far as Bill Gates goes, consider his statement in the context of what we've
discussed here: "The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to
about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care,
reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15

It suddenly seems to make a lot of sense when you understand that reducing
the population reduces CO2 emissions, and using more vaccines on more
people increases the death rate of the population.

My advice? Try to avoid being among those 10 to 15 percent who get culled
through global vaccine programs. You will not only save your life, you'll also
pass the "universal IQ test" which determines whether you're smart enough to
know that injecting your body with chemicals and viral fragments in order to
stop "seasonal flu" is a foolish endeavor.

Be healthy and wise, and you'll survive the world depopulation effort that
victimizes conventional thinkers who don't have the intelligence to question
what they're being told to do by their own corrupt governments.

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