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Issue 2/2017
Employee and business partner magazine

Ever increasing speed

Logistical process optimization

High-profile insulation 6 Perfect movements 10 System changeover 12

40 years of insulbar Injection moulded components for SAP launched
ergonomic kitchens
Editorial Perspective

Among the best

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago, along with our US team, I on firms, while customers will benefit
attended the International Association of from the ability to purchase semi-finished
Plastics Distribution annual convention in products over the internet more easily, che- Ensinger is one of the 32 Premium Suppliers of Continental and Schaeffler
Chicago. The IAPD brings together distri- aply and quickly.
butors, fabricators, manufacturers and ser- I foresee Ensinger will see new opportuni- For the fourth time in a row, Continen- The Premium Suppliers will be in a good demands made on the entire supply chain.
vice providers. One particular presentation, ties linked to digitalization as well. In Ger- tal and Schaeffler have designated Ensing- position, they say, to meet the additional
“Where Will We Be in 2032?” very much many, we have introduced a new ERP sys- er as “Premium Supplier”. The 32 part-
impressed me. tem. With this foundation, over the next ners, including both the Injection
The presenter was Mark Kramer, the long- fifteen years personal contact and the abili- Moulding Division and the Rottenburg-Er-
time CEO of a large US distributor group. ty to provide solid expert advice will be even genzingen plant, which constitute the
Mark will be retiring at year end and he more vital than today. High-temperature “Premium Supplier Circle”, were systemat-
used his opportunity at the podium to bid plastics continue to advance into applica- ically assessed and chosen by Continental
farewell to “his industry” with some pearls tions, with teams engaging in extended, and Schaeffler from more than 1,200 stra-
of wisdom for “our future.” Early in his ca- complex discussions of the possibilities tegic suppliers. As well as looking at per-
reer, Mark served as a U.S. Navy officer. and limits of state-of-the-art materials with formance in terms of quality and logistics,
While a refined sense of humor was clearly customers and end users. Ensinger will the two automotive suppliers also evaluat-
present in his IAPD speech, there was also make a major contribution to the process, ed global competitiveness and capacity for
a serious message at its core: the impact with digitalization providing critical sup- innovation.

Photo: Continental Automotive

and opportunity of digitalization. port to our teams, not replacing them.
Mark first discussed social media platforms Drawing his address to a close, Mark bid In the future, with the automation of
and their influence. He anticipates in fif- farewell to his audience with the style and driving functions, increasing digitisation
teen years, “everyone will think they know manner of a respected officer and leader. and electrification and an enhanced service
everything.” In his view, Twitter, Facebook, Yet, from my seat near the podium, I think offer, more stringent requirements will be
and others will increasingly dominate pub- I was able to catch a glimpse of honest attached to quality assurance, risk manage- Award ceremony in Frankfurt am Main. Continental and Schaeffler’s “Premium Supplier Circle” gives Ensinger
the advantage of becoming involved at an early stage in development and digitisation projects run by the auto-
lic opinion to the point that any balanced emotion beneath the disciplined military ment and networked collaboration, explain motive suppliers. Reimar Olderog (Head of Injection Moulding Division, 3rd from left) and German Baur (Head of
debate of facts will be suppressed into the exterior. On this note, Mark, I wish you fa- Continental and Schaeffler. Sales and Project Management, centre) accepted the award on behalf of Ensinger.
background. Anyone following current po- rewell and thank you very much for all you
litical affairs is already aware of this impen- have done for our global industry. We will
ding trend. miss you!
As a representative of the distributor trade,
Mark envisions the greatest impact of digi-
To my Ensinger colleagues and all custo-
mers, I wish you and your families Happy Wilfried Ensinger prizes for
talization on the industry will lie in the re- Holidays and my very best in the New Year!
volution of supply chains. His future sees
Amazon absorbing companies such as Fe- Yours,
research into thermoplastics
dEx or DHL by 2032. Through their global In Chemnitz, Dr. Marc Schöneich been involved in the processing of man-
presence and integration of high-powered (2nd from left) and Christian Kaufhold made cellulose fibres in polypropylene.
IT systems, market drivers will create new (2nd from right) have been awarded the
problems for local dealers and transportati- Ihr Roland Reber Wilfried Ensinger prize for their outstan- Hermann Krämer (right, Head of the
ding scientific research. Dr. Schöneich Toolmaking Service Center at Ensinger)
Questions, suggestions, different opinions? Write to us at received the award for his doctoral thesis gave a speech and presented the prizes.
carried out at the University of Dortmund Professor Alois K. Schlarb (left, Professor
Imprint Ensinger GmbH Publisher: Editorial staff: Titel photo: on short glass fibre reinforced thermo- of Composite Materials at the University
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 8 Klaus Ensinger Jörg Franke Christian Schlüter
plastics. Christian Kaufhold is a graduate of Kaiserslautern) acted as moderator of
Employee and 71154 Nufringen Dr. Roland Reber Maria Baur Printing:
business partner Tel. +49 7032 819 0 Layout: Druckerei Maier, in plastics technology from the University this WAK event (Scientific Alliance of
magazine of Fax +49 7032 819 100 Corinna Kohler Rottenburg of Kassel, and at Master’s level he has Polymer Technology).
Ensinger GmbH

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Title Title

Keeping the goods flowing

Nufringen: process optimisation in logistics

ble to transfer driving jobs directly to the In the Outgoing Goods department, the
forklift truck terminals via SAP and packages, which all feature barcodes, are
WLAN,” beams Team Leader Gerald Wil- uniquely identified using handheld scan-
helm. ners. In this way, this successful project has
even reduced the error rate in dispatch lo-
The heart of logistics gistics. The layout of the unheated ware-
The ERP changeover also resulted in chang- house has been rearranged so that the ship-
es to the logistics control centre in the new ments intended for specific recipients can
building. Here, Mike Guadagnino is re- be compiled in defined storage spaces. Be-
sponsible for planning and managing cus- fore the lorry arrives, the team in the Order
tomer orders together with his colleagues. Processing department has created the
He calls this area “the heart of logistics” shipping documents and dealt with the cus-
because the warehouse management sys- toms procedures for export.
tem is maintained in the control centre,
with close communication with the neigh- Outgoing goods with delivery guarantee
bouring logistics departments. There are The timing of the lorries has been opti-
further interfaces for stock shape produc- mised according to the pearl necklace prin-
tion, for quality management and for sales. ciple: since they began to specify fixed col-
Process transparency was increased signifi- lection times, the throughput times have
cantly by integrating a loading module into got shorter. Direct data transfer to the for-
the warehouse management system. “As all warding companies enables shipments to Kai Faller is aiming for further process op-
the work steps are controlled by scanning be permanently tracked. “Because we work timisation: “At the moment we are working
Photo: Katrin Spannblöchl
the packages, we can track the material flow closely with our transport providers, we are on moving away from being a pure logistics
The management team in the logistics department of the Shapes division (from left to right): Mike Guadagnino (Team Leader Logistics Control Centre), Florian Maiwaldt at any time and correct it if need be,” ex- able to react quickly to external issues,” says service provider and towards integrated
(Special Consultant Plant Technology & Logistics Projects), Rainer Grzella (Head of Dispatch Logistics), Dieter Scharf (Head of Intralogistics), Kai Faller (Head of Global
plains Florian Maiwaldt, who managed the the Head of Dispatch Logistics, Rainer Gr- management of the supply chain,” says the
Supply Chain Management) and Gerald Wilhelm (Team Leader Control Centre Raw Materials Warehouse/Incoming Goods)
project. “Now we are always aware of the zella. “We are able to supply 95 percent of Industrial Engineer. “For us, this means
current processing state of a customer de- our European customers with their goods that in the future we will map both the ma-
When it comes to logistics in the stock objective and therefore delivery reliability is affects all departments, including the raw livery, from an order being released and within 48 hours. Likewise, we supply over- terial and information flow, from incoming
shapes division, new buildings, modern the ultimate key figure,” explains Dieter materials warehouse. Each day, lorries de- picked right through to the packing and seas customers by air and sea freight within goods right through to the end customer.”
plant technology and qualified skilled per- Scharf, Head of Intralogistics, Shapes divi- liver plastic granules to the Incoming loading stations,” he adds. specified time frames.”
sonnel have paved the way for further sion. “The delivery quality is just as import- Goods department for supplying the pro-
growth in the largest business segment at ant. This means that the customer must duction divisions in Nufringen. The poly-
the Nufringen site. “Revised key figures receive the goods, in full, undamaged and mers which are processed in large quanti-
systems, consistent project management with all documentation.” The processes ties are mainly temporarily stored in silos,
and improved internal communication and key figures are permanently monitored the remainder are packed in sacks or in
have all boosted efficiency in recent years,” at the logistics control centre so that any Octabins. The variety of basic plastics and
says Kai Faller, Head of Global Supply faults can be resolved at an early stage by the compounds produced in Nufringen
Chain Management in the Shapes division. working together with specialists from the gives rise to a continuing need for individu-
various departments. al containers, whose storage and transport
Specialists use a variety of terms and key must be organised. Following on from con- The commissioning of the modern plant technology
for the expansion of the Shapes division four years
figures, such as delivery reliability, delivery Variety of materials in the Incoming Goods tinuous improvements that had already
ago was a huge leap forward for internal logistics at
performance and delivery times, to describe department been made in previous years as part of the the Nufringen site: in the high-bay warehouse, the
the effectiveness of logistics operations. With increasing volumes of goods to be EVI programme, the storage location man- inflow and outflow of plastic stock shapes is mainly
automatic, onward transport can be carried out effici-
Operation is also based on such KPIs at handled, ensuring a smooth material flow agement system was integrated in the new ently with the aid of computer-controlled conveying
Ensinger. “Timely dispatch is our primary poses a challenge for internal logistics. This ERP system. “Since then it has been possi- systems while the picking system is paperless.

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Business unit Business unit

High-profile insulation
Interview with Wilfried Ensinger to mark 40 years of insulbar

needed were low thermal conduction ca- Working in cooperation with BASF, we
pacity, alongside high stability, shear also tested the compatibility of the plastic 1977
Delivery of the first series
strength and thermal stability. We opted to with almost 70 different substances and insulating profile developed
„At our first use the glass fibre reinforced polyamide processes which commonly occur in the by Wilfried Ensinger

trade fair in 1978, 66, whose coefficient of thermal expansion construction of windows.
even our precisely corresponds to that of alumini-
Invention of the coex sealing 1992
um. This allowed us to minimize the Your first customer was then your develop-
competitors wire for perfect sealing of the
stresses occurring with changes of tem- ment associate Wicona, today a premium composite system
were sending perature. In addition, it was possible to brand of the Sapa Group.
customers who coat the aluminium-plastic assembly using That's right, we went into series produc-
had tricky prob- heat treatment at up to 200 C. tion in 1977 for Wicona. This type of part- 1994 Ensinger patents fire protection
profiles for the first time with
lems to solve over nership tends to open doors: The whole of
heat-resistant continuous fibres
What challenges did you face from the first the industry was keen to use our solution.
to our stand.“
prototypes through to the series manufactur- This meant that our business grew rapidly,
ing stage? naturally offering individually adjusted
Back in the mid seventies, we planed and profiles. In 1980 we opened our factory in
Patented manufacturing 1995
technique for hollow chamber
Wilfried Ensinger invented the world’s first series produced insulating profile. milled the first prototypes out of a panel. Cham, where we have been series produc- profiles

We threaded these into the guides in the ing our insulating profiles under the insul-
aluminium profiles and they fitted just bar brand ever since.
With the development of insulating There was a movement towards the idea of fine. But the aim was for the assembly to be 1997 Market launch of insulbar® ESP
profiles made of polyamide, Wilfried improving thermal separation. But system permanently seated without wobbling. As How big was Ensinger when insulbar with special electrostatic
properties for an optimum
Ensinger laid the foundation stone for the manufacturers encountered major prob- well as friction locking, positive locking launched, and what was the extent of the de- painting result
effective insulation of metal windows, lems with the plastic solutions. By the time was also required. So I filed a toothed sec- velopment department?
doors and facades back in 1977. During the the component went for anodizing or stove tion into the aluminium guide. The signifi- Oh, I took care of development and tooling
decades that followed, the company drove enamelling the elements had become de- cantly better thrust this created proved a for many years myself – up until the intro- Invention of highly insulating 2000
profiles with closed-cell structure
forward the field of thermal insulation formed or no longer sat perfectly. compelling argument. duction of the hollow chamber in 1995. I in the core

with a string of inventions and patents. In spent long hours at the drawing board, in-
this interview, Wilfried Ensinger throws Why do you think people had confidence in a So you paved the way for the rolling and cluding Saturdays and Sundays. Initially,
light on the history of insulbar’s evolution. solution that came from a newcomer? knurling method in widespread use today? the product was further developed by our 2011 Ensinger launches insulbar® LEF
We were the only provider capable of sup- Yes, this wasn't the commonly used meth- application engineers. When things took with applied Low-E film for
outstanding Uf values
Mr Ensinger, what was it that drew your plying glass fibre reinforced plastic prod- od beforehand. However, if the profile is off with insulbar, it was almost like found-
attention as a plastics engineer to the subject of ucts to the required degree of precision. simply pushed in, even the smallest toler- ing another company – and its rapid expan-
energy efficiency in the construction industry? With our extruded semi-finished products, ances can add up to significant weak spots. sion meant we experienced growth pains.
The enormous energy savings potential. At we achieved far narrower tolerances than By knurling and rolling, these can be mini- Market launch of insulbar® RE – 2013
the profile with 100 % recycled
the beginning of the seventies – I remem- would have been possible with machined mized. In the presence of the ift Rosen- Was there already an export market or were polyamide for energy and
resource savings
ber this very precisely – I had a very large plastics. And word got around. At our first heim and the Federal Institute for Materi- insulating bars for metal construction mainly
oil tank installed in my house. In those trade fair in 1978, even our competitors als Research and Testing, we extensively something taken up by the German market?
days, we still paid under ten cents for a litre were sending customers who had tricky tested the new type of assembly. In the German-speaking countries, expec-
2017 Market launch of insulbar® LO –
of fuel oil. Then came the oil crisis. That’s problems to solve over to our stand. tations are high. This gave us and the in- with porous core and = 0.18 W/m.K

when everything changed radically. Turning theory into practice: How was the in- dustry a good grounding in preparation for
What was your suggestion for window, door sulating profile tested? export. Soon, we had customers in Italy,
The prices for crude oil shot up in 1973 and and façade construction? We subjected the profiles to exhaustive me- Spain, France and the UK. Meanwhile, the Mr Ensinger, thank you for taking the time to The complete interview is available at
again in 1979/80. Energy costs just kept going When the system manufacturer Wicona chanical and temperature testing, and ex- importance of energy efficiency is on the talk to us.
up. Was the world of metal window construc- approached us, our engineers were in no amined the shear strength. The results rise in the USA and China, too. There is My pleasure.
tion prepared for this? doubt about what was required: What we formed the basis for standardization. plenty of potential yet to be uncovered!

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Employees Employees

A warm welcome Outstanding

Employees who have joined Ensinger: Process mechanics in Nufringen and Cham are “best in state” and “best apprentice”

Nufringen Apprenticeship Ergenzingen Those completing their training programmes at the

IT Specialist Nufringen, Ergenzingen and Cham locations regularly pass their
Compounds Evgenij Stickel Injection Moulding Apprenticeship final Chambers of Industry and Commerce exams with flying
Steffen Bühler Stefan Bok Process mechanics colours.
Roberto Ferro Apprenticeship Daniel Buchmüller Tanja Elkner This year junior staff in the industrial and commercial profes-
Viktor Gassert Process mechanics Serap Güllap Denis Kuschtscha sions were especially successful, particularly three process me-
Waldemar Schweizer Stefan Glaser Felix Paul Speichert Martin Späth chanics fresh from their training in plastics and rubber
Murat Yilmaz Arbnor Halimi Patrick Supper Markus Roider technology:
Tim Marquardt Vladimir Vasic
Facility Management Jannik Mau Josef Wilhelm Apprenticeship Axel Philippin has been awarded the accolade “best in state” in his
Pedro Miguel Dinis Soares Dominic Rudolph Natalia Wirt Machining mechanics apprenticeship occupation by the Baden-Württemberg Chambers
Julian Willmann Korbinian Bachl of Industry and Commerce.
Industrial Profiles and Tubes Tony Feil Axel Philippin (left) has been named Baden-Württemberg’s top trainee in the voca-
tional profession of Process Mechanic for Plastics and Rubber Technology. The
Waldemar Janzen Apprenticeship Nico Kiefl David Wittmann has received the state prize of the Oberfranken
Chamber of Commerce invited the trainees voted the State’s best candidates in
Tooling mechanics Cham Tobias Niermeier government district for his exceptional academic achievements. their individual fields to the Rottweil Power Station to receive their awards. Ralf
insulbar® Johannes Maier Marius Willmann Grammel (right) is the tutor in charge of training process mechanics in the injection
moulding plant.
Yvonne Goppel Anna Roll Construction Infrastructure Marco Steudle is “best apprentice” of the Oberpfalz (Regensburg
Julian Schweitzer Christoph Serwuschok Chambers of Industry and Commerce) test district. Tobias Lehrer (tool mechanic) and Kerstin Janker, Julija Mull and
Shapes Onur Sülük (all process mechanics). The Company founder and
Maximilian Attenberger Bachelor programme insulbar® Ravensburg Within the Company, these top achievements were also honoured benefactor congratulated the prize-winners and thanked all those
Selina Beser Mechanical engineering / Sandro Hodosi with the Wilfried Ensinger prize. Other students who received this who had supported and encouraged those completing their train-
Johannes Steli Plastics technology: Sebastian Bach Thermix® honour were Lisa Marie König (specialist in warehouse logistics), ing programmes during the course of their training.
Marius Graf Rolf Friedrich Buhl
Tooling Human Resources
Fabian Bürgler Bachelor programme Gigi Garcia
Industrial engineering and
Apprenticeship management Shapes/Cast Nylon
Industrial management Evelyn Widmaier Carola Götze
assistant Christoph Kopitzki
Marina Pavlovic Bachelor of Science
Business Informatics / Main office

Photo: Claudia Peinelt, MZ

Apprenticeship Application Management Kerstin Jagemann
Specialist for Warehouse Nils Niemann
Logistics Machining
Tobias Jentzsch Michael Haller
Wilfried Ensinger prizes are awarded in Nufringen (left to right): Sven Heidinger Wilfried Ensinger prizes and Chambers of Industry and Commerce certificates are
(Head of Personnel), Sven Birk (Commercial/technical Trainer), Mike Guadagnino awarded in Cham (from left to right): Stefan Schichtl (process mechanic), Kerstin
(Trainer for specialists in warehouse logistics), Heinz Lehmann (Commercial/ Janker, Edith Holzberger (Chair of the Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation),
technical Trainer), Lisa Marie König, Julija Mull, Wilfried Ensinger, Axel Philippin, Wilfried Ensinger, Andreas Alsfasser (Head of the Technical Management Service
Tobias Lehrer, Onur Sülük and Miriam Fiedler (Head of Personnel Development Center), Michael Jokisch (Head of the Training Workshop), Jessica Braun (Personnel
and Training). Assistant), David Wittmann, Josef Graf (Deputy Head of the Training Workshop),
Marco Steudle and Werner Bachl (Works Council).

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Business unit Business unit

In search of the
Fitted kitchens with purist handle-less
furniture fronts have been in vogue for some
years. Furniture fittings from Blum ensure

perfect movement
that cabinets and drawers open and close
with maximum convenience. Engineering
plastics play a key role in keeping things
moving effortlessly. Ensinger is commis-
Kitchen equipment company Blum makes increasing use of high-performance sioned by Blum to manufacture different
plastics for its new developments precision components for hinge, lift and
drawer systems using injection moulding.

Whether wall-mounted or base cabinets in

kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms

Photo: Blum
or living rooms – the family firm Julius
Blum based in Höchst on the shores of
Lake Constance in Austria develops, pro- produces a range of different components Many of the fitting solutions from Blum set worldwi-
de standards in the field of lift, hinge and drawer
duces and sells innovative lift, hinge and under contract to Blum. These include a
systems – in every area of the home.
drawer systems designed for maximum roller carriage for a drawer runner, a return
convenience in every area of the home, and unit for furniture hinges, as well as hous-
also develops suitable electrical and me- ings and buffers for soft-close systems.
chanical movement technologies. This is Ensinger also produces the motor retainer
an application in which metals and for the electric Servo Drive system. Once
high-performance plastics work perfectly in installed, the simple exertion of light pres-
tandem. sure on the furniture front prompts the
relevant drawer to open with a quiet,
Two family firms working in partnership smooth action. Servo Drive can also be ac-
Because the fittings are required to with- tuated by pressure from a knee or elbow.
stand serious loads in practical application, This is a particularly handy feature in a
particularly to cope with heavily laden busy kitchen – not only when it comes to
full-extension drawers, clearly the injection disposing of waste.
mouldings manufactured in large quanti- It is just this type of invention that has lent
ties have to provide a high level of fitting Blum an excellent reputation among kitch-
accuracy. Blum, which was founded back en manufacturers and interior architects.
in 1952 and employs a workforce of 7300 Worldwide, the fittings specialist holds
worldwide, takes a far broader approach to around 2,600 patents.
the issue of quality than merely the prod- Around four per cent of its annual turn-
ucts themselves. When looking for a part- over is ploughed back into research and
Photo: Blum

ner with many years of experience in the development. So it’s no coincidence that
injection moulding of thermoplastics, the Blum is among the international market
The electrical Servo-Drive system makes opening specialists from Blum encountered a very leaders in its field today.
handle-less fronts even simpler. A light pressure on
similar approach to quality at Ensinger –
the surface causes lifts and drawers to open as if by
magic. Integrated soft-close systems ensure gentle, a characteristic which could be considered
effortless closing. universal among medium-sized family-
owned businesses.

Electric drives for enhanced convenience

In its injection moulding factory in
Rottenburg-Ergenzingen, Ensinger now

10 impulse 2/2017 impulse 2/2017 11


Job done!
Key date: April 1st – ERP system changeover in the German locations
– by Dr. Erwin Schuster (CIO) and Jochen Genterczewsky (ERP Project Manager)

On April 1, 2017, a Saturday, the time out saying that these two days were just part the TECAspeed project to the next project
had finally arrived: Go-Live weekend at of a complex transition planning process. phase: Optimization.
Ensinger GmbH. In keeping with the plan Our cut-over plan was launched as early as The optimization phase entailed intensive
drawn up at the start of the TECAspeed IT the beginning of the New Year, and was troubleshooting, optimization of processes
project more than two years ago, this day completed two weeks after the go-live. and master data, as well as continuation of
was marked out for the grand switchover Alongside precise day-to-day planning, over team training by the key users. This phase
from BaaN to SAP in the German locations. the switchover weekend the schedule was – which focused particularly on the first
The existing ERP system had already been mapped out on an hour-by-hour basis. three months (this part is designated the
blocked for operational activity since the Fri- stabilization phase) – will run until the end
day afternoon, marking the start of work on No go-live without its challenges of the year.
the cut-over which continued over the whole For the go-live, this extended to changeover
of the weekend. Alongside the Project Man- of the various interfaces, for instance con- Where do we go from here? While the opti-
agement, Service Center IT and key users, nection to the in-house production and mization phase is still on-going, the project
the company’s external consultants were warehousing systems. All interfaces were team will be counting down to the interna-
also involved full time. In total, almost 70 technically migrated, subjected to intensive tional rollout. Initial workshops are already
specialists were at work. Added to this spe- testing and optimized for SAP. taking place in the international subsidiar-
cialist team, hard-working assistants were
fully engaged throughout the company sup-
porting key users in their respective divi-
Immediately after the go-live, our on-site
support service kicked in. The key users
changed back to their specific divisions, IT
ies. And of course no ERP system is ever
really finished: new modules are continu-
ously being introduced and existing solu-
“A committed community”
sions. A big thank-you to everyone involved! and specialist advisors were distributed tions improved. However, clear priority is Ulrike Reichardt (3rd from right in this group photo, front row) is one of the 50 key users who have taken on a leading role
How were this number of specialists coordi- across the Nufringen, Cham and Ergenzin- attached to positive completion of the opti- in the ERP project TECAspeed. Ulrike Reichardt manages the introduction of SAP to Sales and Logistics in the Injection
nated over a single weekend? It goes with- gen locations. This marked the transition of mization phase. Moulding plant in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen. In her role as Assistant to the Division Manager, she is also responsible for
divisional controlling at the location. She talks to the editor of impulse, giving us her view from the user’s perspective.

What was your experience of the preparation of the go-live deadline stressful introductory phase, it was invaluable that a divisional
and the weeks that followed? mindset didn’t exist any more. Whenever a department said that it
Consistent international e-mail addresses It was obvious to us that demands on our time would increase was at times overwhelmed before or after system migration, key
again this year. And this proved to be correct, since even in the users who still had unused capacity offered them technical and
Whether you’re in Germany, name, a Company-wide conversion of e-mail accounts is the early phase of the ERP project, the IT advisers and key users had operational support.
Brazil or China – at Ensinger every- obvious next step,” explains Rupert Holzer, Head of Infrastructure given their attention to the adjustment of master data. As a precau-
thing revolves around plastics. So it in the IT Service Center. Based on the international standard, the tionary measure, as early as the end of 2016, we in the Injection What have you personally learned from the TECAspeed project?
can only be an advantage for internet address style of e-mail address will in the long term be Moulding plant had created detailed delivery plans for the time In January 2015 at the start of my first key user training, I never
users who do not know the Company for all staff in the following the go-live deadline. This meant that in the Injection expected to be able to accumulate the necessary know-how in such
and its sphere of activity to gain an idea, Group. Moulding Division we were able to enter, produce and deliver the a relatively short time. It was hard at the beginning, but a few
right from the very first contact, of what prod- majority of orders straight away in the first week after the intro- months later I was able to take on a part of the user training in the
ucts and what services the Ensinger brand stands So within the Ensinger GmbH company, a.anyone@de.ensinger- duction of SAP. Injection Moulding and Thermix Divisions myself. Working on
for. Our new international domain name is the logical upshot of will become TECAspeed has been really rewarding, and not just because I have
this notion, since combines the Company As Rupert Holzer explains, the technical and organisational prepa- How important is the collaboration with key users from other divisions learned such a lot in terms of technical knowledge and method.
name with the type of materials we work with. In the meantime rations have already been completed. Within the GmbH, the im- and service centers? I have really enjoyed the team working, the collaboration, and the
the new home page of our website brings together the websites of plementation is scheduled to take place by January 2018. Custom- Over the course of time we have become a fully committed project management too. I wouldn’t have missed this ERP project
numerous subsidiaries and foreign branches as well as ers do not need to change addresses straight away because in the community: we exchange ideas for solutions and offer each other for the world, however stressful it might sometimes have been.
Ensinger GmbH (see impulse 1/2017). “Since the majority of the transitional stage Ensinger will be running the former e-mail mutual help. We are all pulling together. Particularly during the
old web addresses such as, addresses in parallel for a minimum of six months.
and have recently been replaced by the new domain

12 impulse 2/2017 impulse 2/2017 13

Locations CSR

Construction projects Graduation 2017

in Germany The first cohort of students have passed their final exams in Nimo

The Viktor Frankl New Dimension Secondary School in the Ni-

Combined production and logistics hall gerian village of Nimo was officially opened in the year 2011. This
summer for the first time, the most senior students were able to
The planning authorities in Cham have given the green light to “Every division of the company will benefit directly or indirectly take their final exams at this secondary school. 31 graduates can
the proposed resolution for Ensinger’s new building project. As from the new hall and optimization of the logistics area, which is now gain the university entrance qualification meeting the stan-
soon as the project is approved by the district administration, work why the implementation of the building project represents a liber- dards of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).
can begin on construction of the planned production and logistics ating move for the Cham factory,” says Andreas Alsfasser, who as
hall on the site in the Altenmarkt industrial zone. Building work is Head of Technical Management has already coordinated a number With the support of the church, the construction of both the Viktor
set to start in the spring, and be completed by the end of 2018. of construction projects at the site. “With this expansion project, Frankl School and the Unity Model Primary School located on the
The new hall will substantially expand the space Ensinger has Ensinger is not only addressing its current requirement, but also same plot was largely made possible by means of private dona-
available for its compounding facilities and also its logistical oper- gaining reserve space for further organic growth in Cham.” tions. The Ensinger Foundation has been supporting the school
ations. Currently, material processing takes place in one building, The new building represents an investment of around 12 million project for two decades, and has also funded a borehole for drink-
which it will be used by the Machined Parts Division in the future. Euro. Added to this will be infrastructure costs such as investment These young people are some of the pioneers of the Viktor Frankl Secondary School.
ing water and the purchase of medical equipment in Nimo.
Nylon casting will also occupy a part of the storage and provision- in new conveying technology, in a new power supply system and A total of 31 students successfully passed their final exams.
ing area in the new building. outdoor facilities.

© Kerschberger Architekten GmbH The secondary school’s band The construction of the school buildings was sponsored by donations
Southern elevation of the planned production hall. The new building at the Cham site will accommodate compounding lines and logistic facilities.
Both these well-appointed schools have become models for suc-
cess, not least thanks to their dedicated and well-qualified teaching
staff. Several students have recently won cups in competitions for
speaking, mathematics and essay writing. Those who are not aim-
ing for university admission can gain a vocational qualification at
the secondary school.
Additional four-storey building in Nufringen

Building plans are far advanced in Nufringen too: in the The ground floor has been designed with a height of more than 6 Further information:
south-eastern section of the Company premises an additional metres so that it can be used for cranes, and will be linked with
building will be constructed in the coming year to house the Tech- both existing halls. The upper floors will have a modular construc-
nical Management, Toolmaking and Training Departments. tion and will contain new offices and meeting rooms to provide
Ensinger is planning a four-storey building with a total floor area of space for other Service Centres and Divisions at this location.
2,500 square metres.

Pre-school children are in good hands in Nimo

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How to insulate aluminium windows
When constructing a modern building like the head office of aluminium windows. But: metals are extremely conductive. Valu-
measurement equipment manufacturer Testo, aluminium win- able energy is being lost through the frame. Preventing this from
dows, doors and facades are a popular option. Benefits of this ma- happening is where we – Ensinger – come in. A new video illus-
terial are its light weight, stability, durability and weather resis- trates how thermal separation works.
tance. Large facades and sash widths can only be achieved using

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