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SUBJECTS: Social Science
TOPIC: What is Resource?

The Teacher: Good Morning Students
Students: Very Good Morning Sir
The Teacher: It seems me that you are quite happy today.
The Teacher: Yes Sir
(Teacher will write the date, standard, name of subject, topic on the blackboard) (SBBW)
The Teacher: That is a good sign. Well. Would you like to enjoy geography class today?
Students: Yes Sir….
The Teacher: Let’s play a short Skit. (SRAB)
Students: Wow…..
The Teacher: Very Good (SR)
(Teacher will select few students and allocate their roles, handing over the following dialogue paper) ( SIPP)

Skit on Resource
(Swati returned from her school trip to Bakrol, late night. Next Morning at her home.)
Joyal is brushing his teeth, while tap is running.
Swati: Why do you leave the tap running while you brush your teeth? You are wasting water.
Close the tap when you don’t need it.
Joyal takes his breakfast and leave some food in his plate
Swati: ‘Joyal, Don’t waste food’.
Joyal is busy with his mobile on Facebook while TV is on.
Swati: ‘Switch off the TV, if you are not watching any programme’.
Joyal drinks Coke and wants to throw the coke can.
Swati: Don’t throw the coke can. I will make pen stand for you with this.
Joyal wonders at the change in Swati, after she returned from school trip and says to his
Mom: What has happened to Swati? Please tell her not to boss over me all the time, he yells
Mom: What’s wrong Joyal? She does not want you to waste coke can. That is all.

(Swati was going through her painting she had made at school. Joyal come over to see them.)
Joyal: In this painting why have shown children planting trees on one side and parched land on
the other.
Swati: Explains: I was trying to capture the tree planting ceremony we did in our school trip and

TV. Water are Natural and TV. SIPP) Students: Most of the things by which we complete our everyday needs is from nature. The Teacher: Nice. Animals and Electricity. Swati: Shows him some more painting and explains. electricity. Joyal: Can we call trees. Do bring your Textbook and notebook. Trees. Students: Thank you Sir. Look at these paintings. This is reality that I witnessed. Buffalo. For Example: water. land. vegetable etc. SRAB) Students: Trees. air. So let’s learn today about resources. The Teacher: Very Good. So we can say that by both resources we satisfy our everyday needs. (SR. pond and animals as resources? Swati: “Certainly. Joyal. (SQ. The Teacher: Very Good analysis. anything and everything that enables you to satisfy your need is called a resource. Now let me ask few questions.the same time show how the land would become barren if we cut down all trees. its types and some measure to conservation measures. The Teacher: Excellent. SP) Student: Water. BLACK BOARD SHEET 15TH July 2018 Standard: VIII SUB: Social Science TOPIC: What is Resource?  Resources Definition: Anything that can be used to satisfy a need is a resource. Pond. Coke Can Student 2: Pen Stand. Pond. Some people are taking water from the same pond for their domestic use. (SQ. Buffalo. This one shows some children studying under a street lamp (the only one village had). We will continue in the next class. Joyal You know that trees are of immense use to us. What are the most important resources mentioned here.” The Teacher: This was a nice description about resource. (SR. this is why I get angry when you forget to switch the lights off. Have a nice day. That one shows a man bathing his buffalo in a pond. The Teacher: Let’s see the first page of this chapter: What is Resource? (SRAB) (The Teacher will write the title of the topic and teaching points on the blackboard) (SBBW) The Teacher: Thank you very much students. SSV) Student 1: Water. . All your answers are correct. textbook. List out the things mentioned in this play. Coke Can Pen Stand. Can we classify all things in Natural and Human Made? (SQ . Painting Student 3: Trees. We cannot afford to waste our precious resources. Painting are Human Made. SSNVC) Students: Okay…….

The Teacher: Very Good. The Teacher: Good. soil. But Natural Resource can be further classified in the four different ways. Actual resources: Those resources whose quantity are known and are being used in the present. Now on the basis of origin it is grouped into biotic and abiotic. Let me tell you about next classification. Are you? (SQ) Students: Yes Sir. Students: Very Good Morning Sir. Soil. This is what we mean by Ubiquitous and Localised. It shows that Natural resources are classified into different groups depending upon their numerous ground. There are two more classification. Example of Actual resources is the dark soils of the Deccan plateau in Maharashtra and example of Potential resources is the uranium found in Ladakh that could be used in the future. SIPP) Students: Yes Sir. SQ) Students: Air. SQ. Minerals. Example includes Soil. The Teacher: I am sure that everybody present over here is exited to know more about the Resource. (SQ. Renewable resources are hose which get renewed or replenished quickly while Non-renewable resources are those which have a limited stock. Water. The Teacher: Very Good. The Teacher: Resources can be broadly classified into Natural. Will you list out biotic and abiotic resources? (SSV. Sunlight. SSV) Students: Renewable resources: For example solar energy. Let’s learn about types of Resources. Can anyone give few example of Natural Resource? (SSV. The Teacher: Exactly. (Teacher will write the date. name of subject. STAGE-02 The Teacher: Good Morning Students. Human-mad and Human resources. Can you think of some example? . standard. Can you find out some example? (SQ. Non-renewable resources: For example: Coal. But if you muse on above resources you will realise that some resources are found everywhere and are found in only certain places. Potential resources: Those whose entire quantity may not be known and these are not being used at present due to the present level of technology is not advanced enough to easily utilise these resources. forest etc. SP) Students: Abiotic resources: Non-living resources. Resources derived from nature are called Natural Resource. You are right. Biotic resources: Living resources. topic on the blackboard) (SBBW) The Teacher: That is a good. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife etc. rocks etc. Petroleum etc. Example includes Plants and animals. Look at the Flow Chart. Now I ask you that do our country have such types of resources. SSV.

Students: Air. (SR.Renewable  On Basis of Development: Actual & Potential  On Basis of Distribution: Ubiquitous & Localised . wind and sunlight are found everywhere while Copper. We will continue in the next class. Iron Ore are found in certain places. Have a nice day. SP) (The Teacher simultaneously jot down all the important points on blackboard and students will write down the points from board) (SBBW) The Teacher: Do you have any doubts? We will do some activities in the next class. The Teacher: Exactly. (The Teacher will recapitulate all the important points discussed in the class) (SAC) The Teacher: Thank you very much students. BLACK BOARD SHEET 15TH July 2018 Standard: VIII SUB: Social Science TOPIC: Types of Resources Natural Human Made Human  On Basis of Origin: Biotic & Abiotic  On Basis of Utility: Renewable & Non. it is because distribution of resources is unequal over earth and depends upon number of physical factors. Students: Thank you Sir.

Renewable and Non-Renewable. It is a timeless piece that will be used for years by children and even adults to swing. SP) Students: Biotic and abiotic. (SRAB. It is made up of plastic and . The Teacher: How are you students? Students: Very fine Sir. Scissors are used to cut hairs and it is made up of metals. The students will be given only 3 minutes to discuss and one of them will make presentation) (SRAB. Combs are used to settle the hair and it is made from plastic and other materials. Slides: Children race up to the top to quickly slide down in a matter of seconds. (SRAB) G-01: Desk: Students usually sit at these and it is made by wood. chalk. Nice collection. (SR) G-02: Chairs usually needed to sit and it is made from wood and metals. The Teacher: All right. (SRAB) (Teacher will write the date. SIPP) The Teacher: Let’s listen to each groups and their conclusion. Eraser: This tool can erase marker. The Teacher: Very Good. The Teacher: So students what are the types of Natural Resources? (SQ. SSV) The Teacher: Very Good presentation. topic on the blackboard) (SBBW) Students: Ok Sir. Chalkboard: The teacher usually writes on this large. The Teacher will instruct them to identify and name the various items they use in their classroom. Mirror is used for to produce image and it is made from glass. Chalk with which teacher write on chalkboards and it is made from soft limestone. We must praise this group too. black or white or green panel at the front of the classroom and it is made from wood or metals. The Teacher: I am sure that everybody is ready for the activity to grasp this topic very well. It is most commonly made of felt strip attached to an ergonomically designed handle. Let’s clap for the Group. (The Teacher will ask the students to sit in a group of three students for the activity. Etc. Students: Very Good Morning Sir. salon and playground and enlist the primary resources from which each is produced along with describing its various usage in our everyday life. Etc. Actual and Potential and Ubiquitous and Localised. (SR. or pencil. STAGE-03 The Teacher: Good Morning Students. standard. SSV) G-03: Swings: It is a seat attached to a thick chain or rope and hangs from a metal frame. Let’s open the Textbook and notebook. name of subject.

The Teacher: Thank you very much students. Students: Thank you Sir. All the groups have done well. We will carry on some more activity in the next class. Playground Climbers: are used to climb up by children. Let’s clap one more time for all.metals. now I am sure that you have understood the topic very well. (SR) Students: Thank you teacher. The Teacher: So students. and ropes are fun for children as they challenge their body and encourage exploration. Is there any doubt? (SIPP) Students: No Sir. Boulders. BLACK BOARD SHEET 17TH July2018 Standard: VIII SUB: Social Science TOPIC: Types of Resources  Group Activity G-01: Classroom G-02 : Salon G-03: Playground  Identification of things  Primary Resource  Various Usage  Oral Presentation Only one representative will make the presentation . Have a nice day. Everything is clearly understood. rock climbers. The Teacher: Very nice presentation.

SQ. topic on the blackboard) (SBBW) The Teacher: Now let’s see how much you have understood. Second? (SR) Student 2: Abiotic Resource The Teacher: Very nice. The Teacher will continue doing the evaluation in the same way. The Teacher: What have we studied in our previous class? (SSV. (SRAB) The Teacher: Very Good. (SSV. Keep it up! Now write down your homework. (SIPP. (Teacher will give small objective types of test to the student. Students: Sir… please wait…Ok The Teacher: Distinguish between the following:  Natural and Human Made Resource. STAGE-04 The Teacher: Good Morning Students. (SIPP) The Teacher: Let’s solve the second exercise. SAC) Students: We are ready Sir. SAC) Students: We did an activity on Types of Resource. . (Teacher will write the date. After two minutes The Teacher will as students to answer) (SAC SIPP) The Teacher: What is answer of 1st question? (SP) Student 1: Natural Resource The Teacher: Very Good.  Ubiquitous and Localized Resource. The Teacher will continue doing the evaluation in the same way. name of subject. SR) The Teacher: Now let’s see who score the most. The Teacher will distributes an evaluation sheet to the students and give them two minutes two solve it. The Teacher: Very Good. Second? (SR) Student 2: Potential Resource The Teacher: Right answer. standard. What is answer of 1st question? (SSV) Student 1: Actual Resource. Students: Very Good Morning Sir. (SSV) Student: Some would raise the hand. The Teacher: How are you students? Students: Very fine Sir.

Students: Thank you teacher... 5) ____________________ resources do not exhausted with use. Exercise: 02.... v) c.. (a) Thing (b) Value (c) Resource (d) Utility iv) Resources created by human beings are called . 2) Potential Resource 3) Ubiquitous 4) Resource Conservation 5) Renewable Resource Evaluation Sheet Social Science TOPIC: What is Resource? Standard: VIII M....... has been identified..... The Teacher: I am sure all of you enjoyed this lesson.. Thank you. (a) Natural Resource (b) Useful Resource (c) Industrial Resource (d) Man Made Resource v) A thing becomes a resource when it's .. Choose the correct answer i) Resources that we find in nature and are used without much modification are called . (a) Character (b) Area (c) Utility (d) Availability Exercise: 2. 1) Actual Resource. BLACK BOARD SHEET 18TH July 2018 Standard: VIII SUB: Social Science TOPIC: What is Resource? Evaluation Ans..... . Fill In The Blank 1) ____________________ resources are those whose quantity is known.. Have a nice day...  Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Students: Thank you teacher... Exercise: 01.......... iv) d...... (a) Biotic Resource (b) Exhaustible Resource (c) Abiotic Resource (d) Human Resource iii) Anything that can be used to satisfy human needs is a .. ii) c. (a) Human Resource (b) Natural Resource (c) Renewable Resource (d) Human Made Resource ii) All non-living things are known as . I will check your homework tomorrow..................... 4) Using resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed is called ________________________.. Marks: 10 Time: 20 Min Exercise: 1. 3) __________________ resources are found everywhere.. Ans. i) b.. 2) ____________________ resources are those whose entire quantity may not be known.... iii) c.............