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Quantum TRON RTF

Package Price: 44.900 €

excl. VAT

• Quantum TRON UAV

• Battery Pack
• Battery Charger
• Accessory Kit (Strategic Spare Parts)
• Drone2Map Trial Version
• Rugged Transport Case
• Warranty (1 year)
• Quantum-Systems Mission Planner
• Technical Support (Service Hotline, Updates)
Max. Take-Off Weight 14 kg
Flight Endurance/ Range 70-120 min/ Up to160 km
Command and Control Range Up to 15 km
Payload Up to 2 kg
Cruise Speed 65-80 km/h
Max. Speed 160 km/h
Wingspan 3500 mm
Transport Case Dimensions 1775 x 325 x 428 mm³
Wind Resistance Up to 45 km/h
Ingress Protection IP44 (Water and Dust)
Temperature Resistance -12°C to +40°C

Quantum TRON is a professional and high-performing The transition combines long range and efficiency
UAV offering outstanding efficiency and elegance. The with the ability to vertically take off and land without
system has been designed to flexibly, quickly and safely additional equipment.
integrate different sensors in order to meet the needs The Quantum TRONs robust and shock-absorbing
of a variety of applications. sensor mount is able to securely accommodate even
the most sensitive sensors. Thanks to its vertical take-
The high quality standards of Quantum-Systems GmbH, off and landing capability the risk of damages is
combined with the extremely simple operating concept reduced drastically compared to competing systems.
and the high aerodynamic quality, make the system The uncompromising optimization on long range with
unique in its comparative class. To meet these high minimal energy consumption makes the Quantum
demands Quantum TRON was designed from the TRON the undisputed market leader among electric
outset as a fully electric transition aircraft. transition aircrafts.

Included in Quantum TRON RTF

Accessories Available Sensors

Transport Case 2,4 Ghz Safety Pilot RC Spare Parts & Service

42 MP Sony RX1R II EO-Sensor All DST CONTROL 135 Gimbals

Drones2Map License Pico Digital Video Link PIDSO Video Tracking

MicaSense Red Edge or Sequoia

Toughbook Toughpad High Precision RTK GPS October 2016 – Subject to change without notice