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Free Tutorials After having taken other VBA courses, I can

say with certainty that this is the best by far,
it is amazing the amount of tips, tricks and
Browse through my free Excel tutorials to discover dashboard tips, chart tricks and shortcuts that Leila teaches us and others do
advanced formula techniques. not. It shows the effort and love that Leila
delivers in each course she does.
Free Tutorials Felix Valecillos (Excel VBA course)

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This is a great course that taught me new things
and also demonstrated new ways to apply existing
Favorite Resources techniques in ways I had not previously considered
or knew where possible. I really enjoyed and
benefited from the teaching style. Leila chunks the
Check out my list of favorite resources. It includes links to Excel books I've found more complicated subject matter to make it easier
helpful, courses on topics I'm interested in such as Power Query, data science and to grasp. As a result my Excel capability just
more. increased significantly and I have no hesitation
recommending this course.
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INDEX & MATCH - Perfect for Complex Lookups

Basic Example

Division Apps Revenue Profit Select App: Misty Wash

Game Fightrr 11,649 802 Division Utility
Game Kryptis 7,718 876 Profit 787
Game Perino 15,033 469
Game Hackrr 18,701 985 Revenue 30,400
Productivity WenCaL 14,432 240
Productivity Blend 17,990 1,166
Productivity Sleops 11,022 550
Utility Accord 17,760 800
Utility Misty Wash 30,400 787
Utility Twenty20 20,400 614

More Complex
Actual Actual Budget Budget Select KPI:
Division Apps Revenue Profit Revenue Profit
Game Fightrr 11,649 802 10,593 554 WenCaL
Game Kryptis 7,718 876 6,409 654
Game Perino 15,033 469 12,724 530
Game Hackrr 18,701 985 19,102 1,302 Array Solution with CSE
Productivity WenCaL 14,432 240 15,113 363
Productivity Blend 17,990 1,166 18,181 1,223
Productivity Sleops 11,022 550 13,112 474 Array Solution without CSE
Utility Accord 17,760 800 16,854 572
Utility Misty Wash 30,400 787 30,237 932
Utility Twenty20 20,400 614 18,477 1,120


List 1 List 2 List 3 Select List 1 1

WenCaL Fightrr Commuta WenCaL WenCaL
Blend Kryptis Infic Blend Blend
Voltage Perino Accord Voltage Voltage
Inkly Five Labs Misty Wash Inkly Inkly
Sleops Twistrr Twenty20 Sleops Sleops
Kind Ape Hackrr Tanox Kind Ape Kind Ape
Pet Feed Pes Minor Liar Pet Feed Pet Feed
Right App Baden Mosquit Right App Right App
Mirrrr Jellyfish Atmos Mirrrr Mirrrr
Halotot Aviatrr Scrap Halotot Halotot
Flowrrr deRamblr Motocyco Flowrrr Flowrrr
Silvrr Arcade Amplefio Silvrr Silvrr
Dasring Strex Dasring Dasring
Rehire Rehire Rehire
Didactic Didactic Didactic

ay Solution with CSE


ay Solution without CSE


Misty Wash