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2018 Foal

Production Sale

LoneRidge Quarter Horses

Cody and Leanna Bailey
Reference Stud

2001 AQHA #4095506

Bay Roan Stallion
This is a very nice stallion with strong size,
excellent mind, calm and sensible disposi-
tion, and produces awesome color! He
continues to amaze us with beautiful off- Thank you for attending this year's sale. We appreciate all our past
spring every year. and future customers. We hope you enjoy our horses as much as we

We are a family owned farm and take pride in raising quality all around
Joe Quincy quarter horses. We have prospects for any discipline or desire.
Blueboy Quincy
Black As Pitch Little Blue Lass
Contact Us
Pay Me Hancock
Miss Jewel Hancock
Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Miss Cody Jewel
T9A 1X2
Laico Bar
Laico Leo Bar
Laicos Zsa Zsa Mimi”s Baby Phone: 780-352-6144

Docs Major King Email:

Zsa Zsa Dox Find us and like us on Facebook for updates.
Zsa Zsa Kilebar
Reference Stud

2004 AQHA #4488119

2018 Bay colt out of grade Buckskin Stallion

mare We would like to introduce this gor-
geous buckskin stallion’s 2017 foal
June 1, 2018
crop. He keeps proving to us that his
Sired by CJC Snuffies Wages foals are top quality. They show ath-
leticism, quiet disposition, confor-
mation and lots of color!

Zan Parr Bar

This is going to be a big, solid colt. Don't let him not having papers scare Zan Jack Two
you away. We have a full sister to him in our breeding program, which we Rhl Zans Navajo Gold Four Jacks High
bred to our new palomino stud this year.
Docs Summer Wages
This mare's babies have been some of our highest selling foals.
Docs Navajo Kate
NU Flash
Cool Buck
Snuffie Buck
Isle Not Be Snuffie Come Quickly Blue
Passum Black
Isle Pass Ida
Fortune Isle
Reference Stud

Sire 2007 AQHA #5137737

2018 Bay Roan colt out of
Bay Roan Stallion LR Laicos Foxy
Digger keeps proving to us what a
great horse he is turning out to be. This May 3, 2018
is a very quiet, easy going and loveable Sired by CJC Snuffies Wages
stallion. He loves people and is always
the first up for a visit. His way with peo-
ple has passed on to his foals and we
cant say enough good things about him!

Blueboy Quincy
Hy Blue Bar Black As Pitch
Teddy Blue Bar Laicos Blueboy Miss Jewel Hancock
Jbar Hancock Ky Strawberry Dream Laico Leo Bar
Reynolds Blue Jack Laicos Zsa Zsa
Lady Blueberry Zsa Zsa Dox
Strawberry Hilltop Fintry Drift Hancock
Docs Regal Blue Fintry Drifty Cat
Docs Regal Ike JBar Two Foxy Fintry Kitty Hancock
Ima Oakie To Go Cassey Rose Lee King Ky Hancock
Shellac Iam Foxy Two
Shesa Daveys Babe Jacks Classy Blue
Oaks Stardust
Lot#10 Lot#1
2018 Buckskin colt out of 2018 Bay roan colt out of
MS Nashville Feature LRQ Snuffies Jema
May 1, 2018 May 14, 2018
Sired by Laicos Blueboy Sired by LR Ima Digger

Page Bonanza
Feature Em Blue ZanJack Two
RHL Zans Navajo Gold
Bonanza Feature Buck Skip Em Badlands
CJC Snuffies Wages Docs Navajo Kate
Mr Hancock Jack Snuffie Buck
Hancock Lady 152 Isle Not Be Snuffie
Ill Lady 152 Isle Pass Ida

Teddy Blue Bar

Black As Pitch
Teddys Rascal Laicos Blueboy
Lady Bertha Hancock Pretty Lady Doll Jbar Major Jewel Laicos Zsa Zsa
Major Rene
Mr Roan Hancock
Jbar Majorette
Berthoud Hancock
Teddys J Bar
Nashville Berthoud
Lot#2 Lot#9
2018 Bay Roan filly out of 2018 Chestnut filly out of

LRQ Laicos Spirit Peppy Bee Sonja

May 11, 2018
May 9, 2018
Sired by CJC Snuffies
Sired by LR Ima Digger

Blueboy Quincy Jackie Bee

Black as Pitch Tee J Jacks Pep

Miss Jewel Hancock
Laicos Blueboy Steeldust Dollars Irvin’s Peppy
Dollars Cloud
Laico Leo Bar
Laicos Zsa Zsa Cloudy Memory
Zsa Zsa Dox
Foxy Skeet Mccue
Sonny’s Super Star
Feature Em Blue
Bonanza Feature Buck Sonnys Jet Star
Hancock Lady 152
Ms Nashville Feature Sonnys Skippin Jet Quick Baby Jet
Teddys Rascal
Lady Bertha Hancock Coys Eternal Lady
Berthoud Hancock
Heidi Bar Twist
Lot#8 Lot#3
2018 Buckskin filly out 2018 Bay roan colt out of
Blow By Easy
of Jumping Uni Rebel
May 5, 2018
May 1, 2018
Sired by Laicos Blueboy
Sired by Laicos Blueboy

Kilo Jack Copy

Kilo Kat Copy Bar None

Lobstick Joe Twist Shelly Pen Copy Be Easy Bar U None

Sir Poco Dan With Ease

Cameos Glitter Flash Ease On Jet

Bardells Cameo Jet Cadence

Speedy Roan Man Chiefs Dandy Skip

Fintry Roan Hancock Dandy Dan San

Hancock Rebel Miss Della Hancock Peppys Jacks Blow Eddie Be Quick

Collin Tar Bee Broadway Jack

Tars Rebel Rum Jacks Ribbon Blow

Miss Pritsy Blow Ribbon

Lot#4 Lot#7
2018 Palomino colt out of 2018 Bay Roan filly out of
JBar Major Jewel
AV Triggers Lynn
May 4, 2018
May 12, 2018
Sired by CJC Snuffies Wages
Sired by LR Ima Digger

Blueboy Quincy Wimpy Eyed Fox

Black As Pitch Trigger Bar Wimpy

Laicos Blueboy Miss Jewel Hancock Triggers Beau Bar Sue Jacky Bars

Laico Leo Bar Echo Sandys Pride

Laicos Zsa Zsa Sandy Jill Bar

Zsa Zsa Dox CW Lady Jay

Major Bonanza Wayword Laico

Major Rene Order Me Beer

JBar Majorette Tiger Rene Jay Don Buck Cricket Sheridans Order

Teddys Rascal Nowata Fox

Teddys J Bar Nowata Winie

Docz JV Dianna Toy Lynn

Lot#6 Lot#5
2018 Bay filly out of 2018 Bay filly out of
LR Laicos Rebel AV Montoyas Dawn

May 6, 2018 May 8, 2018

Sired by LR Ima Digger Sired by CJC Snuffies Wages

Blueboy Quincy King Fritz

Double Truble Chex
Miss Jewel Hancock Montoyas Leo Chex Aloha’s Gal
Black As Pitch
Scotts Twist
Laicos Blueboy Laico Leo Bar
Ima Firefly
Montoya Firefly
Laicos Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa Dox

Davy’s Express
Kilo Kat
Boogers Express
Cameos Glitter Flash Alder Valley Angelo Call Me Ms Cimota
Lobstick Joe Twist
Winning Zombet
Jumping Uni Rebel
Fintry Roan Hancock Allie Betawin
Angelo Zombet
Hancock Rebel
Tars Rebel Rum